Mad Scientists Experiment with Xenobiology: Engineer Dead Things and Strangers into Human DNA

  • Commercial Space Attack Revealed
  • Dead Strangers or guests inserted into human DNA
  • Designing and animating life never seen in nature
  • Engineering Novel Biotechnological Properties in Cells
  • Turning your cells into surveillance tools for tracking
  • Encoding tortilla recipes and other messages into DNA for "fun"
  • Privileged Genetic Alphabet
  • Messing with the biblical concept of cleaving to God

The following article is a bit technical but the implications to life as we know it, biblical prophecy, and our spiritual walk compels us to examine the evidence of experimentation being conducted behind closed doors so that we not find ourselves ignorant of Satan's wiles and that we might take prudent precautions.

Faith Lesson:  Today I will use my access to revealed news so that might God might put a protect barrier between me and my adversary.  "Lest Satan take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices." 2 Corinthians 2:11

NASA, DOD, and other agencies are funding astrobiology, exobiology, and a host of xenobiology enterprises. This article was inspired by Andrew Ellington a professor of molecular Biosciences.  He is an "evil" mad scientist who told attendees at a recent military conference that "somebody" was going to by a proxy commercial company conduct a space attack. 

Faith Lesson:  I will not be afraid of wars or rumors of wars for Jesus said:  And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  Matthew 24:6

At this conference he talked candidly with attendees the military applications of xenobiology.  Xenobiology is a subfield of synthetic biology, the study of synthesizing and manipulating biological devices and systems.. Xenobiology derives from the Greek words enos which means stranger or guest.  Synthetic biology is a new interdisciplinary area that involves the application of engineering principles to biology. It aims at the redesign and fabrication of biological components and systems that do not exist in the natural world. Synthetic biology combines chemical synthesis of DNA with growing knowledge of genomics to enable researchers to quickly manufacture catalogued DNA sequences and assemble them into new genomes.  The field is sometimes called XO biology or astrobiology.

As mankind aims for the stars he is asking key questions on how can we describe life off planet, if the only thing we know about is life here.  It  makes it a little difficult when you know we have one existence proof (us) and then where do we go from there so in this regard?

Faith Lesson:  God provided to us the example of the fallen angels, nephilim, who cohabitated with earth women and other creatures in part for an example for us, so that we might avoid this behavior as is being experimented with today.  I need to resist and stand firm against such practices. 

A laboratory is trying to manipulate biomolecules and living systems to create devices and organisms that have never been seen in nature.  This is similar to what scientist believe life would look like elsewhere.  These lifeforms were derived from dead things and living systems, but were significantly different from those that currently exist. 

One project manipulates the genetic alphabet by bizarrely evolving dead things and then manipulating the genetic code to create cells with novel biotechnological properties.

How Does One Evolve Dead Things?

How does one evolve dead things?  Let us take a bacteria that produces  a polymerase now polymerase.  It is a great little enzyme made up of nucleotides and makes your DNA and your RNA.  If it is expressing a polymerase, then it can potentially amplify its own gene, if it is put inside a bubble. These are the steps:

The goal is to transform the polymerase libraries.  Scientists make a bunch of different polymerase. 

They then put them inside of emulsion bubbles. An emulsion bubble is like water and oil for your salad.  That's is what an emulsion is and so they have a cell inside the cell- so to speak.

The thermal cycle is raised to high temperature and then is dropped below temperature.

This process blows up the cells and it gives the "good or should we say desired" polymerases access to the materials they need to amplify their own genes.  Think of it as a million little bubbles and some of the bubbles are filled with good enzymes and some are filled with bad (know the drill, God made enzyme's are considered bad in this upside down world) enzymes.

Researchers then move the enzymes to a new place, to a new property, by just amplifying their own genes- putting them in again and again- amplifying their own genes and repeating. This basically mimicking a self replication process not unlike the ones we undergo as our cells and organs heal and replicate tissues.  Except in our case, there is no cell to cell explosion while our polymerase are amplifying themselves. 

This is how my lab evolves dead things. It evolves new polymer races with new properties by letting the molecules amplify their own genes.

Faith Lesson:  The Word says:

And as they were afraid and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?  Luke 24:5
We can infer from this passage and other passages on the living and dead that there is a barrier that should not be crossed.  So why is mankind hell bent on seeking to engineer the dead to life?  It is a Satanic preparation for the animation of the beast and habitation of mankind who take the mark by demonic spirits and entities.

After freeing the biological molecules from the Laws of Nature a graduate student inquired why don't have reverse transcriptase-- that which comes off of the DNA polymerase lineage?  This is the lineage of all natural polymerases and where most reverse transcriptase have come from is from.  The RNA polymerase portion of the lineage and reverse transcriptase are our enzymes which converts RNA into DNA.  They are typically found in viruses.  It a nutshell scientist are experimenting with DNA and RNA lineage.

The student wanted to make a new reverse transcriptase off of the DNA polymerase lineage which would have in his estimation good properties that would be better at error correction.  It would be able to go longer and it wouldn't just be a weak viral enzyme.  Rather, it would be a powerful genome synthesizing organismal enzyme. This is similar to GMO production of herbicides within our intestines when we consume GMO products.  They take on a life of their own-so to speak.

Faith Lesson:  While we are to:

But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.Titus 3:9

The Bible highlights the genealogies of the righteous and wicked throughout its pages.  Modifying the lineage that God provided to us can have vest consequences that may ripple through our physical and spiritual existence.

Evolution of a Dead Thing

To do this the student carried out the evolution of a dead thing.  He evolved the polymerase that could utilize RNA as part of its biological template.  He accomplished this over a series of iterative cycles.  This demonstrated the process of evolution where he began with an enzyme  and then accumulated a few mutations with the RNA template. As the RNA template increased in size scientists saw accumulated mutations begin to cluster around the RNA template.  Basically, what this student had done was to engineer a new enzyme never before seen on the face of the earth.  It was a reverse transcriptase that evolved from a DNA polymerase lineage which can now copy RNA very faithfully.  It can produce much longer faithful genomes than a viral enzyme could because it's come from a lineage that knows how to do that.  But once again, this has never before been seen before.

Faith Lesson:  The Bible prohibits “divination,” “sorcery” and “spiritism” as defined as conjuring up the spirits of the dead for magical purposes including communication.  necromancy is going to involve demons and opens the one who practices it to demonic attack. Remember Satan purposes is to devour and destroy.  Necromancy does not rely on the Lord for information, the Lord who promises to freely give wisdom to all who ask for it. Jesus always wants to lead us to truth and life, but demons always want to lead us to lies and serious damage.

Xenobiology Applications

Now, we segue into the wild applications of xenobiology.

Now that researchers are Inside researchers want to direct is done with Intel of that biology. Inside our bodies we make enzymes so that we can make bigger things than enzymes.  Our bodies make the stuff that makes the our bodies work.  Using our polymerase as an example it can be adapted into diagnostic assays  This diagnostic assay can look for particular molecules in the field and convert them into a signal using a simple glucometer.  Researchers have actually used this to detect Zika virus down to very low copies in saliva.  Because they make the Intel inside and make the molecules that "work better than God" using the evolution of dead things they can potentially create new paradigms for how to do field based detection of diseases or pathogens that you might encounter.That is the sales pitch anyhow.  The bad news is that an internal cellular diagnostic assay could track your every move, what you consume, can allow or deny access to anything and everything, and even evaluate and monitor your spiritual condition. 

Faith Lesson:  My blood is holy unto God and I should not allow my blood which is reflective of the blood of Jesus to be used for unholy and surveillance purposes. 

Secret Cryptographic Messages Inserted into DNA

What other 'fun' can researchers do with this evolutionary of a dead things?  A grad student wanted to take it a little farther and so he pushed his enzyme to utilize a new type of nucleotide - primal methyl nucleotide that is not found in nature. DNA is found in nature and RNA is found in nature - primal methyl nucleic acids not so much.  This student is taking the evolved dead things enzyme and is now applying it to making nucleic acids that are xenonucleic acids they've never really been seen before at scale.  He was able to do this and able to evolve this enzyme to utilize that nucleotide to make totally new types of nucleic acids. 

What researchers are  going to do with that bizarrely, is not make better molecular diagnostics, but do a little cryptography.  According to researchers it is "kind of fun". 

A real issue now is whether mankind has enough silicon to store all the data in the world.  The amount of data is increasing so incredibly that people are seriously beginning to talk about DNA data storage,

not just sort of as a fancy academic thing, but as a real thing companies are examining. 

If researchers are going to do DNA data storage, not only do they need to encode the information in DNA, but they think it would really nice if they had special enzymes that could write special and read special types of nucleic acids.  If they had xeno-nucleic acids they would have a double layer of security, both the encoding in the DNA itself via algorithm and the actual fact that you couldn't look at that DNA unless you had their  particular enzyme to do it.  It would be called a privileged genetic alphabet.  Scientists have actually done this and had some "fun" in the process.  They encoded a message including a tortilla recipe into DNA and then determined that they could only read those messages out with their secure polymerase. They could actually mix the two and could only find the secure messages with the enzyme that knew how to read the privileged nucleic acid the privileged genetic alphabet.  It uses a combination of cryptography and stenography bearing information inside of something. This gives you and idea of where research is now and how xenobiology, the construction of things that may not have been seen before can play out in many different realms.  

Faith Lesson:  Think of the ramifications of mark in Revelation 13 and this technology.  When a person received the mark it would rewire that persons body with a privileged genetic alphabet at only Satan would be able to read.  It would be secure and there would be not way for you to exit or leave.  You would be permanently linked to Satan through your coded blood.  What other messages and triggers would researchers, scientists, or governance powers insert into your blood?  You might never know until it is to late. 

One Hot Emoji RNA!

Technology is not static, and a month ago a team put together a hatch emoji nucleic acids- double density.  They went from four bases GATC to eight and these eight nucleic acids.  This certainly allows for much more information storage and it also allows for  novel properties, one of which is an RNA molecule that's a hot emoji RNA that can bind to create a fluorescent signal so this is just the starting point.  Researchers can obviously now make genetic alphabets to order.   They can make replicable information never before seen on the face of the earth.

Faith Lesson:  When GMO first came out florescent dye from jellyfish was inserted into the organisms so that scientists could determine how it passed down successfully through the generations.  I look at this florescence as a mark of sorts, one like Cain had only invisible except to those in control.  The scary part is that this hot emoji RNA with the fluorescent signal can replicate information.  To whom?  To where?  And for what purpose? 

Novel Biotechnological Properties

Now let us segue to the second part of manipulating the genetic code to create cells with novel biotechnological properties.  Now researchers will no longer use amplified dead things injected into live things.

Your genetic alphabet is a GATC, there's genetic code or your 20 amino acids, from which you receive your DNA and RNA proteins.  Your proteagenic amino acids are what God gave you, but they are not what researchers need to be satisfied with.  In particular, I am going to talk about exercises to expand the genetic code to include acelino amino acid and a modification of tyrosine dopa which is actually also a neurotransmitter in your body.  Researchers are going to make 21 amino acid genetic codes never before seen on this earth.  They are actually though going go back to some really old work. It substitutes a tryptophan for this other amino acid flora tryptophan and fluorine in place of a hydrogen.  It is a tiny, tiny, little difference except for one thing-tryptophan is actually one of the more fluorescent and easy to detect amino acids. If you put in tryptophan that signal goes away.  What are the consequences?  Well, many of the bid devices that are currently in the field for the detection of spores and other pathogens trigger off of tryptophan, and so this is the incredible disappearing organism.  The new amino acid change, one novelty-one Xeno biological trick and suddenly you can't see it anymore. While some experiments make people visible other experiments are making pother people invisible. 

Faith Lesson:  Pretty much things that are invisible in the Bible are spirits and entities that should be avoided.  While it might seem that being surveillance invisible might be appealing at what cost does it come?  Do people that take the mark become invisible to God?  It is not possible, but practically speaking, does He turn His face from those persons? 

Consequences of Directed Evolution

There is a consequence of knowing about and understanding what these you new molecule tricks and tools are all about in the modern era rather than painstaking engaging in directed evolution.  Now scientists actually go in and engineer either from the top-down or bottom-up- organisms that are capable of new genetic codes to do their master's bidding.  For example this lab will modify minoacyl-tRNA synthetase to put in new amino acids and a "true modern marvel of synthetic biology".  One lab made an e coli that lacks one of the codons that it previously had, so researchers can recapture with a 21 amino acid genetic code(instead of a 20 amino acid code) on the back of an organism that lost the ability to encode one particular codon.  

Another experiment in the lab is the insertion of silina cysteine.  It was an evolutionary machine that can now put in selenium celina cysteine as the 21st amino acid.  The researcher was then able to evolve the organism.  With a small lever, he added one enzyme to a saline alpha stream.  He rocked the genomic world for he was able to take an organism that really pretty much couldn't grow at all, and then move it to where it could grow easily in the presence of selenium, when challenged with an antibiotic. These experiments will  adapt humans for hostile off planet living conditions

Revolving Genome

This is not a dead thing, but a live thing- a revolving genome, changed over many-many- many positions that researchers present to you as "xenobiologic art".  Scientists can engineer organisms with new and novel chemistry's.  You may be unaware that although our freedom of speech has been literally striped away under the global system one can do anything and classify it as art and the rules of enforcement do not apply. 

Fun Academics

Selenium is a really really interesting amino acid because it can form very solid bonds.  To do this, researchers basically inserted an enzyme and

antibody that would incorporate a dye.  The selenide bonds in place of disulfide bonds, and the little thing became a rock relative to perturbation by dye factory.  This is one of the things that you might typically expect to find in a storage buffer so researchers made antibodies that could be used in the field storing for long periods of time, in the desert or elsewhere, so that you can better utilize them when you need them.  Through their expanded genetic code this novel Xenobiology tool is available on demand. Collaboration has started to "grow" Biosciences commercialize the use of a 21 amino acid genetic code for the production of very-very stable antibodies.  

Dopa the Cleaving Protein

Researchers also wanted to "change the nerdy code (God code) from tyrosine to dopa."  They used a whole bunch of evolving dead things to make "good machinery" and to incorporate dopa which made a protein that was previously yellow, turn orange, because it now has a dopa in its core. In fun academics why-why-why is dopa a really interesting asset?   It forms novel cross links and that's what's allow creatures like this to hold tight you know barnacles and and muscles.  In other words, dopa is the chemical responsible for cleaving and other organisms have already discovered this trick of inserting dopa in order to stick to things, well now, researchers can take that trick and use it in a bacterium.  Why is that interesting?  Because now they can potentially make interesting adhesives and dopa will make these beautiful little mono-layers.  Researchers were able to essentially dip materials into dopa to make these beautiful mono layers that can potentially act as anti filing agents.

Faith Lesson:  The Bible provides us many verses that we are to cleave to God alone not technological wizards.  There are injunctions for us to mix and associate with people filled with wisdom from God.  We are to join with them in fellowship, eating, drinking and our business affairs so that we might stay focused on truth.  What will the consequences be if we  allow out bodies to be manipulated using forbidden technologies?

Scientists now control the insertion of this amino acid into peptides and proteins.  They can control what kind of adhesive properties might get made.  They are now contemplating beginning to think about evolving "the girls" themselves.  It is not okay just because that is what they do for a living, because it is really only the starting point synthetic biology. 

Remaking Ourselves

Xenobiology is going to give a wide range of opportunities and potential threats as we move forward and seize control over the basic chemicals of life.  Synthetic biology opens the way not just that the things  I am talking about, but new paradigms for evolution itself.  Scientists believe they can make organisms that evolve more quickly and that excess properties more quickly.  They believe mankind can begin to remake ourselves not by natural evolution but by human engineering which everybody and especially folks in the military, would agree shouldn't be done right (wink-wink).   Military folks say no really don't augment me.  These same military folks are agreeable if scientists engineer a commensal (commensalism, in biology, a relationship between two species in which one obtains benefits from the other without harming or benefiting it) the bacteria that live in us at various junctures then we can potentially provide ourselves with new properties based on those commensals and introduce an operationally a consortium of engineered organisms that can potentially provide supply chains on demand for war fighters or astronauts with therapeutics drugs and power. 

This my friend is the future we are facing.  While some may cheer on the hope of xenobiology it is the unknown risk that is very terrorizing as mankind shifts from God's creation to Satanic engineered construct. 



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