Magnetosphere Predators: This Can Happen to You!

A week ago, I wrote an article on what the loss of the magnetosphere means to you in practical terms, this you should prepare for. I hope you check it out, for I had my brush with it a couple of days ago. This is not uncommon.  This is my story.

After doing my story, I received a cryptic message from the Holy Spirit, "You are extremely vulnerable."  No details, just a universal message, but it was enough to rise my situational awareness to increase, but not enough.

This week I went to the city to get some supplies to rebuild my greenhouses. I knew the day was going to be a long one. I left my 6 month old puppy at home because she was belly-flopping into mud puppies. I arrived in the city and secured the doors and windows needed for my greenhouses and did my usual rounds in town. Good thing I did not bring Zippy because the car was so stuffed I could not fit a piece of paper in it.

On the way home I saw enhanced law enforcement. My situational awareness noticed it but I accounted it that it was due to the holiday weekend, nothing more. As I went down my road a car was coming out of my neighbor's home. Everybody in Montana waves and so I waved. These people did not wave but had a stern look and quite frankly took off (excuse the language) like a "bat out of hell". I noticed other cars up at the house but once again attributed it to the holidays.
When I got home I unloaded the car, which took a considerable time. I heard a siren. I have never heard a siren here. That was strange. I thought nothing of it. Until the next morning when I received messages, "Are you all right?" "Is your house all right?" I relayed all was well, but why?   I was told to go to our local community communication board.
As it turns out my neighbor, a widow such as me came home to find her home being robbed. At some point the person pulled a gun on her. I do not know all the details, but the sheriff came by last night inquiring particulars, which, of course, I did not have as I was away. He relayed that robbers were robbing properties on both sides of mine. The people began their robbery spree in Helena. Each time the police moved in they would go to a school with children and the police would have to back off. They then headed my way and were on their way to Kalispell. There was a 100 mph chase northward with many law enforcement agencies in pursuit. These people were caught when law enforcement laid strips over the highway.

What did I learn from this?

Criminality is going to increase as mans spiritual nature is challenged and the magnetosphere decreases. The government knows this. As things get more chaotic, law enforcement will be spread thin and in many cases not be available to catch the bad guys. I was robbed to the tune of $75K twenty years ago. I knew who did it and law enforcement did nothing. The couple continued to rob and plunder for 10 more years until law enforcement laid a trap for them and they were at long last caught.
Learn about situational awareness. What is normal and what is not normal. I made the mistake of attributing the not normal to the holiday. Three times the Lord presented me with not normal and my normalcy bias explained it away. In the future that could cost me my life.
Have a plan on what you will do when faced with criminals. You may have several plans and your situation will vary depending upon the circumstances. In the heat of activity you want to be rehearsed or exercise on how you will respond. These things never happen at a convenient time.
Take measures to fortify yourself and your home. That may mean a weapons class, cameras, security measures, or other measures to secure yourself, loved ones, and property.
Now is the time to prepare. When things get crazier, whether criminality or disaster, understand well-nobody is guaranteed to come help you. I learned this in the 1970's when I was attacked by the Hell's Angels. I found out later that law enforcement did not respond to calls like that out of fear of retaliation. I also know it professionally. In the beginning you may get help, but as the fabric of society falls apart or the disasters intensity you will be on your own.
You may well be on your own and alone.  Only one person, an egg customer who was out of town (near as I can tell) inquired as to my welfare.  As people loose their humanity this will become ever more common. 
Trust in the Lord, but do your part. The Lord protects His children but we all must do our part. He has given us the tools but we must use them.
Hot Wash. Just as I am doing with this article, after you have experienced a disaster of any kind, evaluate what you did right and wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Improve on what you did right. There is no right or wrong answers. Be brutally honest with yourself.
Praise the Lord. I am so inspired to praise Jesus for His protection. That I was away and my home was surrounded by robbers and He protected my home. Even if I was to befall evil I would still praise His Name for nothing comes to us that are not first sifted through His living hands.
Be safe everyone.