Make Your Home a Fortified Sanctuary

  • Idol Worship
  • Withdrawal of the Lord
  • Fires of Destruction
  • Sealing of Fate

Surrounding every oasis of tranquility are hundreds of friction points that disrupt, delay and prevent spiritual and sometimes physical warfare. You and I are living an illusion of indestructibility and consequently we are unprepared for the end that is well underway.  According to our own judgments, literally our own laws, we receive what we deserve.  The cankerous lust for idol worship is eroding the last vestiges of God from the earth.  Silent messengers of death are speeding though the city streets, and stage by stage God is withdrawing His presence.  It is undeniable that your home is no longer your sanctuary.

Have you ever had a supernatural dream or vision?  In 1990, I was sleeping soundly when I was struck by lightning (in the Spirit) and ended up face down before the Lord who said these words, "Make yourself a fortified city."  He needed to convey nothing more.  I knew what He meant, and so I proceeded at lighting speed to acquire that which would make my home fortified for an onslaught.  Those provisions were first of a spiritual nature and then proceeded outward to the physical, things such as biblical reference books.  A few years afterward I was given a dream by the Lord of a coming satanic tsunami.  We are now being buffeted by that tsunami in both the spiritual and physical realm. 

Much of mankind today does not seek after and inquire from the Living God, but rather bemoan the horrors of our increasing confinement while seeking counsel from wicked spirits.  Just as Ezekiel was dragged by a lock of his hair to witness a prophetic vision in Ezekiel 8:3, so too, each ones of us is being dragged by our hair, much as a master drags his slave into the End of days. 

Seat of Jealousy

Our decline is a slippery slope.  Ezekiel foresaw the image of a seat of jealousy.  We once had a Godly country; however the evil onslaught has shattered our reality and blurred our memories of those favorable times.  Some even in their delusion believe that God has forsaken the Land.  And so the people, God's creation, turn to venerate an image that small and hidden, known only to a few initiates.  They worship the power of nature as being the source of well-being.  At the time Ezekiel was shown the prophecy, he could see this image to the north.  It was there the sacrifices were made, and there also was the Table of Shewbread, a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and material sensuality.  The location of the image was designed to challenge God.

Do you see what they do?

Before we embark in understanding not only the past but the near future, we must understand that the Temple and Tabernacle of God was built from the inside outwards, just like we ourselves who have in the indwelling Spirit.  We are not inherently holy; it is only His presence within us that makes it so. In Menashe's time, this idol was erected in the Holy of Holies.

Do you see what they do?  In the prophet's vision he repeats this no less than ten times in thirteen verses of chapter 8 of Ezekiel. 

What is this Seat of Jealousy?  There are two possibilities, either there was an actual one with a sitting idol (as mentioned so small, even the molecular level) in the Temple, or what is shown to the prophet was an inner truth, rather than an outer form discernible to the physical eye.

How could this be so?  Have you ever been to a place that you felt evil?  More than likely there was not a devil in a red suit with a pitch fork standing on the corner, nevertheless you felt the evil.  It could be a territorial spirit such as the one mentioned in the Book of Daniel or maybe a building block of God's that Satan is using for evil.

Fatal Attraction

A decent person should recoil in horror at depraved idolatry.  Have we gone mad, groveling and worshiping in front of vermin engraved upon our walls?  Certainly you would not tolerate it! 

It could be that there was a secret chamber known only to initiates, and Ezekiel witnessed a ceremony. 

Or, it could indicate that the prophet saw a wall and was told to excavate a hole in it to penetrate the innermost secrets of the population, to view what they are doing in the privacy of their own homes.

A third alternative is that within the Temple, the conduit of God, each person in their private room engages in hideous fetishes and desecration defiling the Temple

It is my hypothesis that this hole is a breach in our wall of protection given by God.  Forbidden knowledge was hidden after the incident with the fallen angels behind a single secret door, a doorway to a secret chamber with this forbidden knowledge.  As mankind's depravity increased, the walled barrier by God diminished and exposed the hole, the door, and the secret chamber filled with the forbidden that we do not have the wisdom or capability or knowledge to handle in our present state. Much like the wind shifting sands upon the desert, revealing lost civilizations. 

Clouds of Catastrophe

Mankind filled with grandiose self delusion thinks he knows better than his creator and yet he grovels in front of the vermin of the earth.  At the End of Days it is said: Man will throw away the idols of his silver and the idols of his gold which had caused him to bow down to moles and bats.  Isaiah 2:20  There is nothing inherently wrong with gold and silver but what people do with any metal, wood, stones, etc.. For instance, they can be molded into idols such the Golden Calf.  Today rare earth metals are being integrated into fallen angel technologies as conduits to communicated with demons and spirits.

Do we fail to see that once God's Providence is removed, we are in fact subservient to the smallest of God's messengers down to the subatomic levels?  We either bow to God or to a gnat. 

I once had this concept vividly displayed to me.  It was a windless night at this time of the year.  All of a sudden a seemingly healthy ancient maple fell to the ground inexplicably. The next morning I was out investigating with my dog why this had happened.  From the unearthed roots of this massive tree my dog brought out a prize, a trophy if you will: a dead mountain beaver.  What had happened is that this small creature was chewing away at the roots of this massive tree, ultimately felling the tree, and squashing him in the process. These idols that we are collected chew away at our Godly heritage until it falls away. 

Paving Darkness

It is in the enveloping darkness where the fetishes of the forces of evil become rampant in the world.

The word for paves (in Hebrew) can mean several things.  It means to spread out or over.  It can also mean to prostrate oneself, spreading yourself over the ground. 

It can also mean ornamentation, as in having pictures engraved upon the walls.  This could apply to our heart and mind.  It draws ones attention to look at it, or an ornament that people look at and admire rather than being single minded upon God. Is this engraving in the heart and mind the precursor of the mark?  Tattoos, engravings, and piercings are being branded as ornaments for the body.  In ancient days these were signs of worship of the dead. 

It is intriguing that cosmic rays are bombarding our planet in the physical, while a spiritual darkness creeps across the globe because man in his foolish pride is convinced of his invincibility and his own greatness, steeped in the pernicious belief that cosmic forces such as panspermia, aliens, celestial bodies, comets or blood red moons- control our destiny.

In this darkly paved road of heresy man is challenging God's existence, His uniqueness, and His eternity.  Furthermore, mankind is soliciting celestial bodies and entities to act as intermediaries, undermining the power of man in prayer between him and his Creator. 

Burning Man & Constellation of Tears

Tammuz was an idol that was made in such a way that it could appear to cry, as if begging for sacrifice.  Its eyes were made of soft lead.  When a fire was kindled inside the idol, the eyes melted, giving the appearance of tears rolling down the face.

There is another heathen custom to mourn the death of a 'prophet' named Tammuz, who had been executed for advocating the worship of constellations.  The mourning was primarily done by women. 

In ancient times there was an customary belief of the Canaanites that Tammuz was the pagan idol of rebirth and growth.  He was said to be born every spring when nature regenerates itself and begins to die with the advent of the burning heat of summer, when the heat of the sun destroys much of the sun's rebirth.  People still practice this pagan custom as an annual ritual of mourning for a practitioner who worshiped the constellations who was killed for that abomination. 

Provocative, as we draw closer unto the End of Times a group called Burning Man convenes each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, near the city of Sparks.  Embedded within the worship and mourning of Tammuz the noun means 'burning'.  Tammuz is an old expression of 'heating' as in Daniel 3:19. Many of the adherents mourned the many children burned as a sacrifice to idols.  This year’s Burning Man theme was transhumanism, which is intimately entwined with the futurists engineering these End Days.

Moloch Rebirth (WARNING-Not suitable for all audiences)

Obscene Insolence of Sun Worship

A growing mass of humanity is turning their backs to God in favor of hideous degrading Pe'or sun worship.  As these misguided people bow unto the sun they see themselves destroying God's creation.  Such is the example of the movie Symmetry produced at CERN. 

Life on earth is dependent upon the sun.   Seasons wax and wane, warmth intensifies and subsides, growth and decay pass with the days, but God called the sun to be a ruler of the night and day and an attendant to the solar system.

God hid Himself behind the veil of natural laws, seemingly mysterious and indiscernible.  Therefore humanity bowed to the sun, blind determinism, declaring their freedom from God. 

And what is the fruit of this and the other heresies?  These same people are filling the earth with injustice, taking us back to the Days of Noah:

And the earth was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with injustice.  Genesis 6:11

Part of the Pe'or abomination is to expose themselves and to defecate downwards, an evil smell of idolatry, instead of the sweet smelling aromas prescribed by God. 

So too today, we are fixated on the sun while the worlds fills to the brim with injustice and violence. 

Just a Thought

I have noticed a pattern.  The birth pangs and acceleration mentioned in Holy Scripture and prophecy may manifest differently for you than for me.  Yes, we experience shared experiences, but with each day I am seeing unique experiential manifestations, similar to how the body expresses itself to free itself from toxins or stress.  For instance, when I write an article on a topic, invariably I get hit in that specific area with fiery darts.  I am covered by the blood of Jesus, but I still need to deal with whatever has manifested in the physical realm.  Possibly, the new normal is not a single unified event (like we thought in the past was normal) but rolling events in each of our lives, as unique as our DNA, virtually footprint-less, for plausible deniability.   It also furthers silos each of us, because each person’s experience of how AI hits will be different.  Very fractured, very chaotic, which defines Satan and his tactics.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Sealing of Fate

Image Accreditation:  Army

As insights into the scrolls of prophecy are being opened at the End of the Age, we must adapt to new weapons, training, and individual readiness.  With the insights that the Lord is providing to you in His Word and guidance of the Holy Spirit, God has prepared you to fight and win in the complex environment of multidimensional warfare. 

We do not need virtual synthetic environments because we have the real world, God's creation that provides us with personalized and continuous loving care and provision. 

We are able to repel the destabilized world, confusion and invasions by our simple faith and prayers to Jesus. 

Our mission is straightforward: retake lost ground for Jesus Christ, expel the adversary by pushing back at spiritual mercenaries who seek to destroy your soul, and restore communication and control to Jesus. This is the moment that you have been trained for, and you are more than capable of successfully achieving the mission’s goal.

You do not have to rely upon man's innovation or ingenuity, but you can rest solely comfortably upon the Creator who has all of His building blocks and laws under His Divine Providence. 

Jesus will empower you, invigorate your weary bones, and assist you to overcome lethargy and distractions of this world.  Jesus will make your home a fortified sanctuary, until that fortification is no longer needed.


 Inspirational Moment


By Gary


To know Him

The highest calling in human existence

Most noble purpose of being,

Greatest gift above all,

Soars high above our natural life as we experience it;

To know the Creator who spoke each of us into existence

Formed the spirit mysteriously within a tiny child

Body shaped meticulously within the expanding womb,

Lord who sees all the footsteps before the first crawling begins

All the thoughts of the mind before words can even be formed.

Existential intellectual exercises melt as wax on a cheap candle

Selfish mind, prideful intellect of man

Much as a marathon runner sprints out into an endless desert;

True knowledge is divinely revealed to a spirit and soul,

Rescue from the circle snare of death.

Knowledge given in pure communion, in covenant oneness

As the finger of God moves and touches here, and touches there

One by one shown by Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David and many others,

Isaac, Israel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah and Enoch who stand in His presence.


Great things in humility to take hold of,

The sovereign command that was spoken

In powerful Words that never fade

Or become silent, like human words that fall to the ground,

As when the new day comes after promises made to a woman by a man

In passion or in desperation,

Promises that mostly fail

Much as a thought in the mind that slowly unravels,

Even the most sincere intention forgotten.

The Word of God was made flesh

Birthed through a righteous woman

That we might see and hear

That we all might begin to know Him,

Dark veil of the curse to be removed;

Only the Father reveals His Son

Only by the Son, the Gate, the path and narrow road brings to the Father,

The emerald rainbow Light that radiates on another face as angels bow in worship!

Heaven’s knowledge offered in purest friendship

Intimacy more than a faithful lover given

Pleasures in this life beyond all natural human understanding;

The One who can hold the tiny hand while yet in the womb

Still reaches out towards every heart and soul

Trumpets offer beautiful sounds in honor given

Praise thunders about the Throne of Love that draws worship near,

Worthy, Faithful One

Our Lord, our God.

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