Military Ratcheting Up the Deployment of Zombie Disease

Remember that article I wrote last year Cerebral Auto-CannibalismThere are some updates to the situation we find ourselves.  When the military begins openly discussing the weaponization of prion disease for sowing fear in the population disrupting global markets, with national defense and medical research teaming up to manufacture and environment of enduring multi-domain and multi-dimensional adverse affects you best take notice.

We need to understand we are entering a time where our sun is impacting our magnetosphere.  This increases the tendency towards violence, cannibalism, our brain's vulnerability to the loss of our magnetic field alone will cause an unprecedented biological assault.  Add to this mix the deployment of a precision weapon the Zombie Prion Disease that was first diagnosed in Indians who cannibalized-eating the tissue and brains of other humans.  We are staring into the face of a global extinction with no flesh left alive, save Jesus cutting the days short.


Image by Celeste

The spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a growing concern.  In the United States it is hitting the wild deer, elk, and moose populations posing a public health risk to humans.  Chronic Wasting Disease is a Zombie Disease and it is zoonotic and is transmitted between species and cross infection to humans.  It is transmitted by bodily fluids, food, water, and consumption.  Prion Disease is also known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies which are fatal neurodegenerative disorders that are caused by the misfolding and aggregation of normal prion proteins to then form the disease-causing isoform.

In 2000, only five states reported populations of infected animals. Today, three-quarters of the United States and Canada are reporting CWD outbreaks in cervid populations.  Throughout my surveillance on the spread of this disease or food strike I noticed that it began escalating when feed stations were put out in wilderness areas.  From the animals who fed at those stations, the incidence of Prion Disease surged.

 Mad Cows

The first cases of Mad Cow disease were in Britain during the 1980's and 1990's.  Farmers were forced to cull their herds causing an untold economic loss.  Fear and panic surged around the world.  As this fatal neurological disease was unveiled to the world I also shuttered in fear and had to grapple with new ideas of biosecurity for my farm.  My employer had just hired a former English Bobby for counter-terrorism.  He and his wife enjoyed nature and so I invited them over to go for a hike.  Innocently, we began the evening in the goat barn then taking a leisurely hike.  This was at the time of the Great Cull in Britain with pyres of euthanized cows with acrid smoke from their dead carcasses filling the air.  Basically, this couple had "just got off the boat", so to speak.  That evening it dawned on me that this couple could be contaminated.  Such were my first primitive thoughts on biosecurity. It really was an alarming thought as one who worked in Emergency Management and engaged in active farming.  

Mad Cow disease emerged from a bio laboratory not far from the Mad Cow ground zero in Great Britain. 

Chronic Wasting Disease has man names.  In cows it is known as Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow disease,” that has potential to have a devastating impact on global cattle populations and what the military calls the Agricultural-Industrial Complex as well as the economy.  It might come as a shock to you that agriculture has now morphed into the Agricultural-Industrial Complex. This began after World War II and through technology, Precision Farming, and certainly- scientific R & D applications, has erased the pristine and noble profession traditional farming from the world.

From the bowels of scientific laboratories emerged highly virulent interspecies Prion Disease. Mad Cow Disease came to the United States in 2003 and has resulted in a 20% drop in global beef sales and negative impact to the beef industry, by design.  At the height of the US crisis, I obtained Public Disclosure documents that clearly showed and documented thousands and thousands of diseased cattle flooding into America.  Small and independent cattle associations and ranchers were alarmed but it was just another day of business for the incestuous government regulators and large agri-business feedlot cattle operators.  In addition the documentation revealed that food supply contamination was designed so that people would clamor and accept whatever options were provided to them to be sold as food.

Zombie Humans

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is the zoonotically-transmitted pathology that can be contracted from consuming BSE-contaminated meat.  It is an escalating constellation of neurological and psychiatric symptoms, including dementia, muscle spasms, and blindness. Additionally, individuals diagnosed with CJD experience secondary opportunistic infections advancing their mortality. Prion diseases characteristically have a long incubation period before manifesting signs and symptoms in the host organism and is therefore the perfect bioweapon for plausible deniability or and eliminate culpability. 

There is no cure or treatment for Prion Disease.  It is 100% fatal.  Researchers use surveillance to monitor the manifestations unfolds as media manipulates the disease to accommodate the vision of the United Nations and certain religions to purge protein and livestock from the globe.

Prions are so hazardous that even detection and decontamination is dangerous.  The only known solution is "salt of the earth" to treat an area which then "becomes devoid of all life."    The result is that many herbicides are sterilizing the ground for up to seven years and the prion solution eradicates livestock populations.  What is left is no food, plant or animal. 

Image:  Mad Scientists-Comparative views of a healthy (left) and CJD-infected (right) human brains, illustrating the latter's wasting effects on brain tissue

Prion Bioweapon

As Prion Disease originates from specialized labs from around the world they are exempt from U.S. federal and international regulations (e.g., Select Agents and Toxins List for Bioweapons.  Rather, they are considered neurodegenerative disorders handled in ways accordant to similar types of disease such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Prion Disease is considered Dual Purpose (DURC) research.  As mentioned this research is exempt from federal or international reporting standards and dictates. 
Even more frightening than the original Prion Disease is that scientists have now produced synthetic prions which can be engineered in the lab and produce Prion Disease symptoms in living organisms. The production of synthetic disease-causing prions has been successfully replicated in a number of research facilities worldwide.  Scientists are also working on reducing the latency period so that symptoms show up faster-weeks instead of years down the road. 
Researchers have experiment that aerosolized prion-containing brain homogenates can produce Prion Disease. Following exposure to prion particles, test subjects became symptomatic and succumbed to the prion infection.  Experimentation has also included the commingling of Prion Disease with other pathogens such as the flu to produce high morbidity and mortality.  They are also successfully working diligently on expanding the cross-species transmission of prion diseases into other mammal populations.  It should be noted that there is a fish variant of Prion Disease called Whirling Disease, although it is claimed it comes from a parasite.
We should also be considering how the CRISPR-Cas and other gene editing systems that modify - or foster novel prions will impact the deployment of Prion Disease.  Will this technology make Prion Disease even more lethal? How lethal is more than 100 percent?
Prion Disease works synergistically with weaponized pathogens to produce a precision strike for non-kinetic engagements. 

For instance, a scenario in which prion-based agents were used to impact targeted markets or widespread animal resources could prompt public fears and serve to disrupt specific regional or global markets to incur disruptive effect(s) in international or inter-industrial competition or adversarial engagement. The effecting actor could then offer viable alternative products or treatments to capitalize on the disruption, thereby establishing relative economic hegemony – and power - in both these markets, and perhaps on the world stage. If and when combined with a well-executed misinformation campaign, such an approach could yield multi-domain, multi- dimensional effects (e.g., in agri-markets, public health, safety and security, economic stability, and geo-political power) that would be iterative, robust, and likely evoke durable consequences.  Mad Scientists-Lt.Col Jennifer Snow, Dr. James Giordano, Joseph DeFranco

In true military form, radical leveraging of emerging technologies and techniques exploit loopholes to expand prion research deeper and further into a powerful bioweapon for kinetic and non-kinetic engagements.

Will this deployment cause the Zombie Apocalypse or "Salt of the Earth option"? 

Only the Jesus knows for sure and He is your only protection.


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