Military Readies Itself for the New Humans

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together, against the LORD and against His Anointed One:  “Let us break Their chains and cast away Their cords.”  Psalm 2:2

I received a strange training notification for from a place where I used to train.  At the end of January a very specialized pilot course will be conducted- specialized operations for planned and complex incidents. Typically, classes are a dime-a-dozen, but this one was unique in that there was a requirement that anyone applying must clearly state where you were in the organizational chart.  This is highly unusual, to the degree, I have never seen it before.  The trained personnel would then become part of a highly specialized team. 

Not long before I departed the Agency I was shown an organizational chart with many vacancies.  Not knowing the context at that time, I determined these positions would be filled by younger recruits.  Not so...

As preparations for these End Days battles increase, we are soon to see soldiers who are referred to as the New Humans – beyond digital natives, as they will embrace embedded and integrated sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), mixed reality, and ubiquitous communications.  These New Humans go go far beyond augmentation containing super human powers and be suitable habitation for demons and spirits.

Old Humans adapted their learning style to accommodate new technologies but the New Humans learning style will be a result of these technologies, as they will have been born into a world where they code, hack, rely on intelligent tutors and expert avatars.  These New Humans are deeply immersed Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR), gaming, simulations, and YouTube-like tutorials, rather than participation in traditional and generational teachings of yore.

Even now the Army is assembling cadres of instructors who embrace and integrate new learning technologies into their programs of instruction, until their ranks are filled with these New Humans.  It is my belief that is why the organizational chart had so many vacancies.  That these vacancies will be filled wither with AI or New Humans. 

The armies at behest of these kings of the earth are assembling the tools that they need to make war against God and His anointed.  This battle applies to you and it has begun in earnest.  Over the next 10 years we are going to witness real-time adversarial warfare, anywhere and anytime.  This will be a joint operation, multi-domain, high-intensity conflict conducting irregular warfare, such you have never seen before. 

To achieve the vision of the kings of the earth the armies have begun training and indoctrinating through generational learning styles by challenging so-called 'artificial' boundaries between institutional and organizational learning and training.  This learning/indoctrination will be technology driven.  One of the end goals is a cognitive overmatch.

While there is nothing new under the sun a dazzling array of manned and unmanned combat vehicles are being perfected as you read this.  Given the nature of the engagement asymmetrical vehicles are going deployed including sub-atomic and spiritual vehicles that permeate and convey the battles into other dimensions and throughout all creation. Sustainment Systems are being designed, exotic weaponry, robust arms formations and war-fighting tactics passed down from forbidden fallen angel knowledge.  Those waging this war are considered to possess unmatched lethality. 

Green Tradecraft


New Undefined Military Operational Specialty Code and Skillsets.

Militarizes and the private sector are recruiting requisite talent for the near-term,10 year vision.  These recruits will need to enter their 'service' with fundamental knowledge in drone creator/maintainer, 3-D printing specialist, digital and cyber fortification construction engineering as well as new skillsets, from training deep learning tools to robotic repair. Initiatives to appeal to gamers.  This reduces teaching time so that they can be taught Green tradecraft, tan ancient form of fallen angel technology is taught to initiate spies, criminals, terrorists, and Delta Green Operatives of the governmental and gaming world, if they want to survive more than one mission.   AI will assist in identifying potential recruits with the requisite aptitudes.

AI in Go-Pack?

Personal AI assistants will bring the collected expertise of today’s global institutional force. Conducting machine speed collection, collation, and analysis of battlefield information will free up warfighters and commanders to increase lethality. AI’s ability to quickly sift through and analyze the plethora of input received from across the battlefield is fused with the lessons learned data from thousands of previous engagements to make command decisions.


This is actually a demo by MagicLeap who also has a bid on the project

Microsoft has won a $480 million deal to supply over 100,000 augmented reality HoloLens headsets to the US Army, Bloomberg reports.

The Army plans to use the headsets for combat missions as well as training. The technology will be adapted significantly to incorporate night vision, thermal sensing, offer hearing protection, monitor for concussion and measure vital signs like breathing and readiness.

HoloLens is used for training already by the US and Israeli military, but this would be the first time it’s been used for live combat as well was by agencies for emergency and disaster management.

Personalized, individualized, targeted learning

One of the cornerstones of technology, especially AI is personalized-individualized-targeted training and learning to the point-of-need.One might call this type of learning compartmentalized learning only given to a person short before it is needed.

This contrasts with the one size fits all approach to lure you into the technology snare. You are deceived into thinking that you are unique.  This learning environments will bring gaming and micro simulations to individual learners for them to experiment. This will disrupt the traditional career maps that have defined success in the current generation of military leaders.

Targeting is coming to the forefront as we see in this Army fictional story entitled: The Human Targeting Solution: An AI Story


Many of us are scattered across the world leaving us feeling very much isolated. Irrelevant geolocation serves a purpose historically as in the coming days.  People scattered much like the seeds of a dandelion head scattered to the wind are less easily to be destroyed as battles intensify. 

As a person of faith geolocation is already no big deal for it is just as easy for you to pray for someone in Poland or Africa as it is a neighbor down the street. 

Militarizes are beginning to see the advantage of diverse geolocation as  Synthetic Training Environment (STE) – connect people creating in a seamless training continuum. Investment is being made to connect people through their AI Intermediary rather than brick and mortar infrastructure.  This vision requires “Big Data” to effectively deliver this personalized, immersive training.

Realtors know the importance of location, location, location.  Today, all our locations are geocoded into AI.  With few exceptions in certain agency and military installations our every move is being watched.  Even biblical locations are encoded into AI by Google.  

Tip of the Ice Berg

Slowly but surely the military is gearing up for these End Days skirmishes and battles.  This article is just the tip of the iceberg in the implementation of emerging technologies.


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