Nanotechnology a Drug Delivery System that Kills

Bottom Line:  Nanotechnology is a drug delivery that kills. It may be adorned with a healing garment that can change your life, but the dark truth of the matter is that it is a weapon to shorten your life.  

Nanoparticles are 100 times stronger than steel and 8 times stronger than armor. Nanoparticles carry the energy 100,000 times more powerful than TNT. 

Hoax or Reality?

Whether you consider the NASA's Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare CIRCA 2025 a hoax or reality it is coming to pass.  Information operations are a hot commodity in the sea of ubiquitous information.  Deception, obscuring, and denying truth abounds.  This document is not a fabricated, fantasy, or magic document associated with pixies.  It is coming to pass before your very eyes.

  • Ongoing worldwide technological revolutions
  • Genomic Design and Repair of the human species
  • Cross species molecular breeding
  • Mechanical SMART Microdust
  • Assemblers or living factories within our bodies.
  • Nano's will become replicators-self assembly and multiply
  • Bugs and Bots to disrupt society using IT/Bio/Nano
  • Binary bio in nations agriculture & food distribution & vitamins(every home/foxhole)
  • Nano explosives, weapons, mines, animals deliver nano/drug pay loads
  • Precision payloads
  • Stealth blast accelerator
  • We are saturated with Nano by Zeroth Order, unable to eliminate it.
  • Bio/Nano world by 2020.  That is 17 months away.
  • Surreptitious nano tagging, real time interrogation 24/7
  • Fingerprintless (plausible deniability)
  • Nano Swarms
  • Nano Everything
  • Nano explosive infiltration deeply buried into your body and environment with explosive results*** remember this
  • Nano bores into your lungs to execute various pathological missions
  • Nano is legal and soon will have more right than humans.

The document has the plans more jaw dropping technologies that will rock your world in a way that you will not be able to live life normally or as an ostrich, especially in matters of faith in Jesus. 

One with the Robot

Nanoparticles and SMART Dust Robotics a collection of sensors, computation, and memory attached to tiny particles called collodies (Nature Nanotechnology) have been deployed in our atmosphere and therefore are in the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air that we breathe.  Colloides are so named because they remain suspended indefinitely in blood, liquid, and air.  Attached chemical sensors, logic components, and memory devices collect, process, and store information about their environment. In the near term tiny reflectors will be used to convey the information collected. Since they are invisible we do not think much about them. The most tantalizing application is the promise of robotic SMART Dust is for diagnostics in the human body, and potentially more complex functions in the future providing whomever real time the state-of-your-health.

Thousands of satellites are being sent up into the atmosphere and space to monitor things like bacteria, smoke, chemicals, and dust within the sphere of the Internet of Everything. But  the researchers believe a much cheaper solution would be to simply disperse a “smart dust” consisting of their colloid-bots in the air instead.

Another possible use for the mini-robots is for collecting information from inside normally-inaccessible human digestive system and other infrastructures.

The combination of 2D electronics with colloidal particles opens up a new field in nanorobotics that holds considerable promise. It may not be long before smart dust is all around us, protecting us from pollution, poisons, and disease.

Nano Drug Delivery

Nanoparticles in medicine is just the tip of the drug delivery iceberg: there are a number of other ways that nanotechnology can make the delivery of drugs more efficient at their job. Some techniques are only imagined, while others are at various stages of testing, or actually being used today.

What you are about to read are some of these nanomedicine applications of the drug delivery system.  Please keep in mind to always see the forest through the trees.  Although we are focusing on certain areas, we need to keep in mind, that nanoparticles are now a part of our life.   We should take a cursory look at their dangers and mitigate what we can. 

Nanotechnology Drug Delivery for Cancer

We all know someone who either is afflicted with the horror of cancer or has died as a result of cancer.  Researchers are attaching ethylene glycol molecules to nanoparticles that deliver therapeutic drugs to cancer tumors. The ethylene glycol molecules stop white blood cells from recognizing the nanoparticles as foreign materials, allowing them to circulate in the blood stream long enough to attach to cancer tumors. Ethylene glycol is a poison and can cause intoxication, decreased consciousness, headaches, seizures, brain damage and kidney failure.

This posed a problem for researchers who began coating the nanoparticles with drugs and the membranes from red blood cells.

Scientists at MIT are using a different approach using two different types of nanoparticles for a search and destroy mission thereby increasing levels of drugs delivery to tumors.

University College London is testing a truly frightening technology the use of DNA to construct pores in which drug molecules can be carried. They build stable and predictable pores that have a defined shape and charge to control which molecules can pass through the pore and when, in other words, shape-shift at will of the controller.  Listen closely to what the researcher's are saying:

Lead author, Dr Stefan Howorka (UCL Chemistry), said: “Natural biological pores made of proteins are essential for transporting cargo into and out of biological cells but they are hard to design from scratch. DNA offers a whole new strategy for constructing highly specific synthetic pores that we can open and close on demand. We’ve engineered our pores to act like doors – the door unlocks only when provided with the right key.

Oregon State is developing nanoparticles that deliver three anti-cancer drugs using the lymph node system within the body.

Nano Hydrogel

Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and IBM researchers have demonstrated sustained drug delivery using a hydrogel.

When the hydrogel is injected a cellular foreign-body reaction occurs.  It is capable of splitting up individual connective tissue fibers and fat cells, substituting an extracellular connective tissue matrix which is camouflaged with your body failing to elicit a foreign-body reaction.

The hydrogel is injected under the skin, allowing continuous drug release for weeks, with only one injection, rather than repeated injections.

Other researchers are using a photosensitizing agent to enhance the ability of drug carrying nanoparticles to enter tumors. The photosensitizing agent causes the blood vessels in the tumor to be more porous, therefore more drug carrying nanoparticles can enter the tumor.  The damage to healthy blood vessels is not mentioned.


Two researcher groups have been focused on the best shape of nanoparticle to use for delivering drugs to cancer tumors. One research group has found that a nanodisk will stick to the surface of a tumor longer than a spherical shaped nanoparticle, providing more efficient transfer of therapeutic drugs to the tumor. Another set of researchers have found that  rod shaped nanoparticles are more effective at delivering chemotherapy drugs to breast cancer cells than spherical nanoparticles.

Metals and Gasses

The music on this is hideous so you may want to mute sound.

Using gold nanoparticles to deliver platinum to cancer tumors may reduce the side effects of platinum cancer therapy. The key is that the toxicity level of platinum depends upon the molecule it is bonded to so researchers chose low toxicity to attach to the gold nanoparticles. When the platinum bearing nanoparticle reaches a cancer tumor it encounters an acidic solution which changes the platinum to its toxic state, in which it can kill cancer cells.

A method being developed to fight skin cancer uses gold nanoparticles to which RNA molecules are attached. The nanoparticles are in an ointment that is applied to the skin. The nanoparticles penetrate the skin and the RNA attaches to a cancer related gene, stopping the gene from generating proteins that are used in the growth of skin cancer tumors.

Balloons Make a Come-Back

Researchers have developed elastic materials embedded with needle like carbon nanofibers. The material is intended to be used as balloons which are inserted next diseased tissue, and then inflated. When the balloon is inflated the carbon nanofibers penetrate diseased cells and delivery therapeutic drugs.

A Heart for Nanotechnology

Nano technology is being applied directly to the damaged portion of the artery, some contain drugs while others rotor-rooter your blood vessels.  

Clot busting nanoparticles break apart in regions of turbulent blood flow, like that found when a blood flow is restricted by a clot.

Researchers are developing polymer nanoparticles that home in on inflamed tissue such as arterial plaque and dissolve, releasing drugs, in the presence of hydrogen peroxide that is present in the inflamed tissue.

Nanotechnology Drug Delivery - Aging and Beauty

Drugs to treat glaucoma is being attached to nanodiamonds which are embedded in contact lenses. The drug molecules are released from the nanodiamonds are in contact with tears, providing a more consistent dosing than often occurs using eye drops.

A method being developed to fight aging uses mesoporous nanoparticles with a coating that releases the contents of the nanoparticle when an enzyme found in aging cells is present.

Skin creams that uses proteins derived from stem cells to prevent aging of the skin. These proteins are encapsulated in liposome nanoparticles which merge with the membranes of skin cells to allow delivery of the proteins creating a youthful appearance.

Nanotechnology for Diabetes

Researchers have developed nanoparticles that release insulin when glucose levels rise. The nanoparticles contain both insulin and an enzyme that dissolve in high levels of glucose. When the enzyme dissolves the insulin is released. In lab test these nanoparticles were able to control blood sugar levels for several days.

Another method being developed to release insulin uses a sponge-like matrix that contains insulin as well as nanocapsules containing an enzyme. When the glucose level rises the nanocapsules release hydrogen ions, which bind to the fibers making up the matrix. The hydrogen ions make the fibers positively charged, repelling each other and creating openings in the matrix through which insulin is released.

Nano Medicine

A method being developed to tackle autoimmune diseases uses nanoparticles to deliver antigens for a particular disease into the blood stream. The antigens reset the immune system, stopping white blood cells from attacking healthy cells.

Researchers are improving dental implants by adding nanotubes to the surface of the implant material. They have demonstrated to the ability to load the nanotubes with anti-inflammatory drugs that can be applied directly to the area around the implant.

Researchers are developing nanoparticles that can delivery drugs across the brain barrier to tackle neurological disorders.

Scientists have developed a nanoparticle that can slip through mucus coating surfaces such as lung tissue. This ability to penetrate the mucus coating should provide the capability to coat lung tissue with therapeutic drugs.

Therapeutic drugs, which are attached to the nanotubes can be released into the bloodstream, for example, when a change in the blood chemistry signals a problem. NASA is developing these implants, called  a biocapsule, to protect astronauts from the effects of radiation however the implants may also be useful for releasing insulin for diabetes patients or for delivering chemotherapy drugs directly to tumors.

Up Close and Personal with Nano

Remember the nano explosive I mentioned from the NASA document?  In 2002 I had an experience with this. It as a stealth payload attack precisely upon on the hour.  I had been reading quietly.  All of a sudden there was an explosion in my body such as if I had come in contact with a bomb, only this was inside my body.  This explosion caused a cascade of internal biological failures that quite frankly almost killed me.  It took 6 months to recover from this explosion. I was translated from a normal world (whatever that is) to something out of a science fiction movie.  Not only did my body do very bizarre things, everything from the medical system to my family, responded in kind, very strangely.  It was a miracle that I survived.  Some of the damage from that nearly fatal night is still with me today.  Lest you think this is a wild imagination, there are witnesses to the whole sordid situation. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was a beta test on the SMART Nano explosive.  Think about this when you are approached by someone singing the praises of nanotechnology.


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