Mysterious and Lethal Nitrogen Paradox

Death Pallor Spreads as Global Nitrogen Spins Out of Control

Each person has their unique gifting by God. This article was inspired by a poem entitled In a Moment by an anointed poet.

The bottom line is that I coming to believe that the spotted horse of Zechariah and Revelation has gone forth.  Something dramatic has changed.  God in His perfect design placed nitrogen the air, soil, and aquatic systems.  Today we are witnessing an explosion of nitrogen in our atmosphere as a result of direct injection or piercing our atmosphere with nitrogen and the Nitrogen Cycle is spinning out of control.  If they have indeed gone forth, the days of abundant food are over and the shadows of death and famine will creep across the earth.

God's Green


Nitrogen is one of the five major chemical elements that are necessary for life. First, however, I beg from you an indulgent moment as I attempt to convey the beauty of color emerald green beauty that God has created. For you see, my eyes bear testimony, that what you see in the sky which is no longer blue due to geoengineering, is now taking place upon our globe, casting a deathly hybrid yellow-green upon the rich green of the earth.  This was ghostly transformation was prophesied.

For simplicity sake imagine an emerald gemstone. The depth of green of the emerald's beauty cause the ancients to use the stone as a sign of spring and the earth's guardian of generation and ripening.  Emeralds are the apex for no other gemstone even approaches the vivid hue, depth of coloring, clarity, and rarity.  It is believed to strengthen memory and eloquence and a warrant for honesty in bygone days. Some attribute symbolic significance is attached to the First Heaven.  The emerald is the herald of cool verdure of the earth being a state of tranquility.   The velvety and intensely deep green my be one of the rarest of stones and is what our forests, glens gardens, and farms should look like. "An emerald without flaw," is an old saying denoting perfection. 

Cultures around the world and different time periods from Cleopatra to the Incas who rather than letting their most prize gems fall into the hands of the Spanish Conquistadors told them they could not be broken, and to prove this they shattered the emeralds into millions of pieces.

Emeralds are considered flawed when they are fractured and cloudy of discolored like many of the leaves on your plants that you are beginning to see.

Pale and Spotted Prophetic Horses

In Zechariah 6 four horses and dispersed to the four ends of heaven and Revelation 6.

There is much speculation on what and when these horses will ride.  As I have mentioned in previous articles I believe that Scripture embeds each letter, word, white space, simple meaning, allegorical meaning, hint, mystical, and historical in unfolding revelation.  Not that the Word changes but our understanding changes in context to the world around us.

The prophet inquires of the angel identification of what are the ashen or spotted horses that emerge from standing before God's throne, to traverse the whole earth, each at its appointed time. 

Revelation 6:8 states:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

The pale horse is also called a livid horse, and comes from the Greek word chloros rendered as green. In the Companion Bible it notes that Death and Hades are personified, give them a kind of person-hood. 

Pale in the Hebrew is yaraḳ describing those uncertain colors which waver or vacillate between green, yellow, and blue.  In Deuteronomy 28:22 and in Amos and Haggai it is the color of decaying vegetation while in Jeremiah it is used for a panic-stricken countenance.     Yerakrak used in Leviticus are green-yellow spots of plague. The verb horiḳ is used to denote making pallid, pale, especially the pale yellowish color of a frightened countenance.

The is sometimes referred to dappled horse as grisled or speckled, from the French for iron-grey.  It is amazing that the plants take on this dappled look and the chlorosis severely impacts their uptake of iron reflected in the color of this horse.

In general thought these ashen horses represented the Greeks which they subjugated and oppressed through various decrees.  But these horses were not only ashen; they were dappled, representing a hybrid of Edom (Rome) and the Ishamelites (Arabs).  Their appearance looks like hailstones representative of the Roman Empire who adopted Christianity as their state religion which is pure as white snow but spotted it with other ideals and belief systems.  It is thought that from them that Gog and Magog will come forth to battle against Israel. 

Another provocative thought is that this prophecy is referring to a foreign nation emerging from the two mountains of copper.  They have the strength of the Greek Empire as described in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar as having the color of copper.  I cannot find the source at the moment.  These two copper mountains they are up near Mt. Hermon and from out of them emerged giants and is known as the land of the rephaim.

Destroying the Green

The Bottom Line is that green is no longer the green it used to be.  Man in his hubris is injecting large ever-increasing quantities of nitrogen into the air, literally changing our atmosphereNitrogen is a fundamental of life as the extent of plant growth, which in turn determines to a large extent the dynamics of the world’s food supply. This has changed altered global nitrogen gravely impacting biodiversity, weather, water quality, human health, and even the population.

This year my gardening season began as normal but as they year progressed a pallor of death settled over all of the crops.  The temperatures were unseasonably cold and wet.  Sometimes there is a bad year, but this is different.  I have the unique opportunity to grow crops from around the world and different time periods.  In years past, if it was a bad year some crops from certain countries would thrive while others would fail.  Across the board, this year nothing is producing fruit and each plant has a ghostly yellow-green appearance.  Instead of producing fruit different species of plants were either miniature or gigantic (lanky), as if a hefty dose of nitrogen was applied.  For plants to yield their fruit they must get the right type of fixed or converted nitrogen.  High nitrogen can manifest as many different diseases and afflictions.

Every living thing needs nitrogen.  Nitrogen represents 78% of our atmosphere and is bound tightly in pairs.  Most organisms can’t break the powerful triple bond of the N2 molecule’s two atoms.  God's words says:
And though one may be overpowered, two can resist. Moreover, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Thriving plants and animals illustrate this principle Law of Nature perfectly!  They need the element in a reactive fixed form that is bonded to carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen.  Humans and animals get their reactive nitrogen from eating plants and other animals somewhere along the food chain eventually ending up in the soil.  And so, the Nitrogen Cycle continues.

Environmentalists claim the nitrogen problem is caused by mankind in general but the truth is that nitrogen altering is a tool of geo-engineering.  Carbon dioxide gets more press, “the nitrogen cycle has been altered more than any other basic element cycle,” says John Aber, vice president for research and public service at the University of New Hampshire.

Nitrogen Equals Health


Nitrogen is an interesting element as it exists in balance with oxygen. Oxygen has a radical, explosive quality while nitrogen is more restrained. If nitrogen replaced oxygen, we would die of suffocation. If nitrogen were removed from the air, we would burn up from the oxygen. So it’s part of a life-giving balance. There are about 3.8 pounds of organic nitrogen in the body. Nitrogen is the critical element in protein. When we talk about nitrogen, we are, in a sense, talking more about protein. 
Nitrogen, in combination with hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, is needed for power and strength and vitality for all organs. The muscle system is made of 17 percent nitrogen. People with excess nitrogen have a tendency for low heat generation, tender tissues, swarthy complexion, and often faulty oxidation. There is a tendency toward nervous system difficulties. They also manifest lethargy, deep sleep, glandular swelling, loose teeth, and have slow wound, fracture, and bone healing. In these nitrogen-excess people, the liver, kidney, and intestines are overworked, and bones and joints are susceptible to injury. Mental states they tend to have are ones of being unconscious, melancholic, and filled with fears and anxieties. They also suffer from significant absentmindedness, sleepiness, colds, and flus. In general, their immunity is deficient and their body is quite acid.

Mentally, high-nitrogen-excess people tend to go into shock from fear, sorrow, failures, operations, and accidents because their nerves are so out of balance and high-strung. In general, nitrogen-excess people tend to eat an excess of flesh foods that weakens their emotional, physical, and immune systems. Nitrogen-deficient people tend to be the opposite of conservative; they tend to have rash and compulsive behavior and are impatient and quick to judge and act. Their depressions are intense and their tact is minimal. These people tend to have low vitality and an erratic emotional state, as well as mental state.

The treatment of low-nitrogen people is not simply increasing protein; they need a certain amount of free nitrogen, which is available in a very nitrogen-rich atmosphere. Any locations with a low altitude and much vegetation encourages improved nitrogen metabolism and low nitrogen retention in the body.

Not that you have to be concerned about low nitrogen levels but the signs of nitrogen deficiency are feebleness, numbness, muscular weakness, fatigue, absentmindedness, no sexual energy, hypochondria, lack of desire to work, cracking the tendons, and brain weakness. Foods high in nitrogen include all protein foods, spices, nuts, almonds, walnuts, beans, lentils, pignolia nuts, dried peas, spirulina, chlorella, and algae in general.

Party Line:  Humanity is the Source of Reactive Nitrogen

Where does all this human-generated reactive nitrogen come from? The largest contributor is nitrogen fertilizer. As of 2000, about 100 Tg of reactive nitrogen were released each year from nitrogen fertilizer spread on farmlands around the world and widespread cultivation of nitrogen-fixing crops such as legumes.

Burning of biomass—the use of wood for fuel and the clearing of forests and grasslands for agriculture converts a very minimal amount of nitrogen into the air.

According to Michael Mallin, a research professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s Center for Marine Science. “Urbanization is doing it in a big way. Cities are full of cars. Cars release nitrogen oxides. It goes up into the air and comes down as somebody else’s problem.”

Supposedly, there are significant sources of polluting reactive nitrogen increasing nitrogen-related environmental and human health impacts.

Vicious Nitrogen Cycle

“The nitrogen cycle has changed on a global scale to a remarkable extent, but the rate at which that plays out locally is hugely variable,” says Townsend.  Nitrogen fertilizers can take credit for reductions in starvation and malnutrition in many parts of the world. But as nitrogen levels continue to raise the net health effects become increasingly negative. You have a whole series, or cascade, of effects that goes from acid rain to particle formation in the atmosphere, decreasing visibility and causing impacts on human health, water and soil acidification, eutrophication, and decreasing biodiversity.

Nitrogen in the Air

The effects of reactive nitrogen on ozone are profound, wreaking havoc at every elevation exposing man, animal and plant to dangerous oxidized forms of nitrogen. High concentrations nitrogen can cause or worsen asthma, cough, reactive airways disease, respiratory tract inflammation, and chronic respiratory disease. High levels of NOx can also worsen viral infections such as the common cold.

Excess nitrogen acts as a catalyst to break down ozone. Destroying ozone in the stratosphere, of course, allows more ultraviolet light to reach the Earth’s surface, resulting in more skin cancers

Rajaram P. Kane, a senior scientist at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, says that reductions in ozone suggest a 10–20% increase in ultraviolet-B radiation, which would “explain a 20–40% rise in skin cancer in the human population since the 1970s.” Excess nitrogen can persist in the atmosphere for decades generating particulates that are small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs, contributing to cardiovascular diseases, reduced lung function, and overall mortality. Other indirect health effects of nitrogen pollution include promotion of the conditions favorable to cholera and the breeding conditions for the types of mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus, malaria, and encephalitis.

Other experts point to a lack of recognition—in U.S. policy-making circles, at least—of the role of reactive nitrogen in producing acid rain.  When coming into contact with moisture in the atmosphere the rain and hence ground water currently turns to sulfuric acid-50% and nitric acid-40%Acidification promotes lethargy in life

Nitrogen in the Water

Where nitrate load it can provide such a steady source of nutrients that algae bloom uncontrollably. When the algae die, they sink and decompose, which draws oxygen from the water. If too much oxygen is removed, bodies of water develop dead zones, an area that can no longer support finfish, shellfish, or most other aquatic life partially fulfilling the prophecy:

a third of the living creatures in the sea died Revelation 8:9

Reactive nitrogen can also infiltrate drinking water. World Health Organization (WHO) limits of 10 parts per million for nitrates and the US is over this limit. High concentrations of nitrates can cause blue baby disease—in infants. In blue baby disease, nitrate ions weaken the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. Epidemiological studies have also linked nitrates to reproductive problems and some cancers, including increased risks for bladder and ovarian cancers at concentrations below 10 parts per million.

Nitrogen in the Soil

Reactive nitrogen saturates the soil and plants can only absorb and use so much. When excess nitrogen leeches out of the soil it takes other nutrients with it such as magnesium and calcium, crucial elements for health creating a very unbalanced system. This is particularly dangerous because our bodies are already being depleted of these vital minerals from radioactivity in the air.

Reactive nitrogen manifests growth, it also changes which of the species in an ecosystem thrive. The species composition changed to plants that had litter that decomposed more quickly.

Controlling the Nitrogen

The amount of reactive nitrogen that enters the human mouth is about 2–10% depending on the region. The rest is accumulating in the environment, in the atmosphere, in the groundwater, in the soils, in the biota.

Environmentalist solutions include an emphasis on vegetarian diets and consuming no meat

It is being discussed to genetically engineer symbiotic bacteria onto grains in essence causing them to become nitrogen fixing

Another idea being bantered about is to have SMART or Precision Farms where AI fertilizes according to global standards and surveillance. 

In an effort to better understand the problems associated with changes in the nitrogen cycle and reduce their negative impacts, the Swedish-based International Geosphere–Biosphere Programme and the French-based Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment have teamed up to support the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI). To be honest, I always get a bit concerned when an organization uses DNA in its logo. This international project is planned as a three-phase effort to assess the state of the knowledge of nitrogen flows and problems.

Ultimately the global solution is to regulate reactive nitrogen the same as other pollutant. The UN believes that a global integrated management policy is necessary.

The global nitrogen system is being disrupted and the true villains perpetrating this accelerating biogeochemical change will never see accountability for their actions, until the return of the Lord Jesus.   I look forward to a day God in all of His manifest wisdom creates a new heaven and new earth where there is no perversion, only Jesus. 


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