Noctilucent Shining Cloud-like Ones Inhabiting our Atmosphere

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It all began with a nagging question after hearing that the relatively new noctilucent cloud (NLC's) formation was caused by "frosty meteor smoke".  My question is that this cloud formation was intensifying and very persistent to the degree meteorologists say, "They just won't go away".  How did meteorologists link frosty meteor smoke with noctilucent clouds?  What unfolded was an unparalleled research project. 

Would it surprise you to learn that noctilucent clouds are "night shining" clouds- a tenuous, cloud-like phenomena (but not a God created cloud) in the upper atmosphere of earth?  They form in the Mesosphere at about 280,000-300,000 feet. The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air above Earth's surface, summertime wisps of water vapor wrap themselves around specks of meteor smoke. They consist of ice crystals and are only visible during astronomical twilight. Their appearance tripled from 2017 to 2018.  Typically, they form in May, intensify in June, and ultimately fade in July and August but now they are erratic and gaining in luminosity.  As the water migrates northward; it falls from the thermosphere down into the colder mesosphere, it occupies the region of the clouds.

"There has been an unexpected surge of water vapor in the mesosphere," says Lynn Harvey of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). Researcher's track the moisture level with NASA's satellite-based Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) instrument, which shows wettest and coldest period in the mesosphere for the past 11 years. The combination of wet and cold has created favorable conditions for icy noctilucent clouds.  Planetary wave activity in the southern hemisphere can boost the fountains of water vapor tens of thousands of miles away in the north.  Planetary waves are enormous ripples of temperature and pressure that form in Earth's atmosphere in response to Coriolis forces. They are responsible in part for undulations in the jet stream and can have a major influence on global weather. All rotating planets with atmospheres have these kinds of waves.

NLC phenomenon could also be linked to solar minimum and the 11 year solar cycle. 

Noctilucent clouds are known to exhibit high radar reflectivity. This behavior is not well understood.  It is believed that the ice grains become coated with a thin metal film composed of sodium and iron, which makes the cloud far more reflective to radar.

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, what is it that you want to convey to me by this phenomena of noctilucent clouds?  Do you desire me to discern between what is holy and profane?  What is created by You or a synthetic?  Whatever lessons you are teaching me help me to not be afraid.

Reports are coming in using language such as: 





2019 is shaping up to be the best year for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) ... maybe ever

When watching for NLC's also watch the language used, such as, NLCs are Earth's highest clouds. Seeded by meteoroids.  This dovetails perfectly for the hypothesis of panspermia, that life on earth was seeded by extra-terrestrial life.

Faith Lesson:  What is your position on panspermia? Do you believe that life came from another world?  If so, do you believe that ET's are redeemable?  The bible makes it abundantly clear that human beings alone are eligible have the salvation from the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

Standardizing Atmospheric Evil

Image of NLC by Andrew Robb of Beaverton OR

Global standardization of cloud classification began in 1939 because our understanding of some types of clouds and other meteorological meteors has advanced, and technology has fundamentally changed our world.  Whole new formal cloud classifications were introduced since the 1975 version-remembering that this was the year that the decision was made to modify all life on earth, in a three part program:  genetic modification, weather modification, and Artificial Intelligence all if which have been introduced.

These include one new species (volutus), five new supplementary features (asperitas, cauda, cavum, fluctus and murus), and one new accessory cloud (flumen). The species floccus has been formally recognized as being able to occur in association with stratocumulus. The separate section on Special Clouds was removed, and the cloud and meteor types previously discussed within this section have been integrated into the cloud classification scheme as cataractagenitus, flammagenitus, homogenitus, silvagenitus, and homomutatus.  For those of us who are weather connoisseurs or storm chasers these are strange sounding classifications and their formations are just as unique as their names. 

For instance, most of you are aware of the massive geo-engineering scheme that has been in effect since 1975 changing our atmosphere and weather.  The new 2017 Edition of the Cloud Atlas define geo-engineering as Homomutatus which is a persistent contrail in the Cirrus homogenitus family.  It is observed, over a period of time and under the influence of strong upper winds, to grow and spread out over a larger portion of sky, and undergo internal transformation such that the cloud eventually takes on the appearance of more natural cirri-form clouds followed by any appropriate species, variety and supplementary features and the special cloud name “homomutatus loosely translated as "changed by man".  Further complicating the cloud formation it is mixed in with clouds resulting from industrial processes, such as cumuliform clouds generated by rising thermals above power station cooling towers.

Faith Lesson:  What has light to do with darkness?  I see these evil abominations above my head and it makes me........  Lord, I confess it is my desire to persevere through this time in history whatever I must endure.  Help me Lord, for I am fragile when encountering this grand spiritual struggle between Yourself and our mutual adversary.  Help me to put on my spiritual armor each day and to be encouraged that these things must come to pass so that You can return.  

What is a Meteor?

When I think of a meteor I think of a rock fragment falling into our atmosphere from outer space.  You can imagine my shock when I discovered that in meteorological is defined as:

A phenomenon observed in the atmosphere or on the surface of the Earth is known as a meteor. It may be a form of precipitation, a suspension or a deposit of liquid or solid particles. It may also be a form of optical or electrical phenomena. Meteors are generally visible to human observers, but in the case of thunder, it is audible. 

Faith Lesson: Meteors are often associated with idolatry.  Do I have any idolatrous practices, even micro-idolatry, things the world would not think to be a sin, but I know.  Let me know so that I might repent of this day. 

Meteors More Wild by the Minute

Meteors can even be snow and are referred to as hydrometeors.

    Hydrometeors other than clouds are suspended particulates such as fog and even water spouts.

    Electrometeors  Thunderstorm: One or more sudden electrical discharges, manifested by a flash of light (lightning) and a sharp or rumbling sound (thunder).

    Faith Lesson:   Holy Spirit guide me to five verses in the Holy Bible that you want to encourage me about Your Light and Glory

      The Noctilucent Shining Cloud-like Ones in our Atmosphere

      Image: Wikipedia

      Noctilucent clouds by their very name indicate either Luciferian entities, hybrid entity between the supernatural and physical worlds, or at the least a abominable mutation of God's creation. 

      These clouds resemble wispy Cirrus, but usually with a bluish or silvery color; they stand out against the dark night because they are in the mesosphere.

      Noctilucent clouds are composed of very small water ice crystals formed on minute particles of dust, possibly of cosmic origin from micrometeors.  This may make sense for our earth has entered a galactic swirl of dust that is impacting our atmosphere, environment, as well as our health.  The average diameter of noctilucent clouds particles is thought to be about 0.3 μm.  Data from the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere satellite suggests that noctilucent clouds require water vapor, dust, and very cold temperatures to form. The sources of both the dust and the water vapor in the upper atmosphere are not known with certainty.  

      The exhaust from Space Shuttles, which was almost entirely water vapor after the detachment of the Solid Rocket Booster was found to generate minuscule individual clouds.

      Noctilucent clouds can form as Polar stratospheric clouds that form above the ice frost point are created through the co-condensation of nitric acid and water and have a unique optical signature known as nacreous (mother-of-pearl) clouds. The two types of clouds were first detected by remote-sensing.

      It is thought that noctilucent clouds are the “ragged edge” of a much more pervasive layer of polar mesospheric clouds. They are observed edge-on against the dark sky background, with their brightness and frequency increasing with latitude towards the poles.

      Generally noctilucent clouds will be seen close to the horizon when the First Magnitude stars appear and begin to fade around midnight.  At times it is difficult to distinguish them from high Cirrus clouds.   In cases of doubt, the observer should make sure that the object is not an aurora or a sunlit or moonlit tropospheric cloud, contrail, persistent geo-engineered trail.

      What sets noctilucent clouds visually apart from tropospheric clouds is their visibility in the night, their obvious blue−white. Bright displays are designed to be awe-inspiring diverting your attention from the wonders of God created clouds. In twilight after sunset, noctilucent clouds are at first, greyish or pale blue and, as time advances, they become more and more brilliant; appearing bluish white like tarnished silver, pearly white or electric blue. Sometimes, there are golden, reddish or greenish tints to the color when the clouds are near the horizon. On some occasions, there may be a red upper edge to the clouds.

      The following comments will serve as useful aids in identifying noctilucent clouds from the Cloud Atlas:

      • Noctilucent clouds are always brighter than the twilight sky; therefore, clouds that stand out as dark silhouettes against the background sky cannot be noctilucent clouds.
      • Tropospheric clouds, when illuminated by the Moon, city light or light scattered from the bright part of the sky, may appear brighter than the sky background if the sky is fairly dark. However, these clouds can usually be distinguished from noctilucent clouds by their color and form. They are milky white, whereas noctilucent clouds shine bluish white, and unlike noctilucent clouds, these clouds will continue to be visible during civil twilight and after sunrise.
      • Cirrus clouds illuminated by the Sun when it is below the horizon are usually colored yellow, orange and pink. Clouds having these colors usually are not noctilucent clouds.
      • Binoculars can assist in the identification of noctilucent clouds. Under magnification, finer detail than can be seen with the naked eye can be sharply resolved. This is not the case with Cirrus cloud, which tends to be nebulous when viewed through binoculars.

      Faith Lesson: How I love that You have blessed me with eyes to see contrast!  I can see that neither something dull and lifeless is not from You, nor is something shockingly brazen of You.  You have allowed these signs that I might know that Your return is not far off.  Praise You my King!

      Noctilucent Clouds come in Various Manifestations

      What intrigues me is that the names of these noctilucent clouds have a biblical implications.  One can't help but wonder if these new artificial hybrid cloud-like manifestations are supernatural entities that are clearly in association with the Prince of the Power of the Air, identified in the Bible. 

      Veils-In the Bible known as paroketh a curtain that separates the holy of Holies.

      These are very tenuous, lack well-defined structure and are often present as a background to other forms. They resemble Cirrus clouds, occasionally contain faintly fibrous structure, and often exhibit a flickering luminosity. Veils are the simplest form of noctilucent clouds and often precede the appearance of noctilucent clouds with well-defined structure.

      Bands-In the Bible from asar meaning to bind, tie or imprison.

      These are long streaks, often occurring in groups arranged roughly parallel to each other or interwoven at small angles, but occasionally an isolated band is observed. Two groups of this type occur:

      • Comprised of streaks with diffuse, blurred edges
      • Have sharply defined edges

      Bands show little change in location at low elevation angles, but changes in brightness can occur in periods of 20−60 minutes within the general structure. Blurred bands with little mobility are often the predominant structure in the noctilucent cloud field, particularly when the brightness is low. Smaller streaks with twists or bends may lie across the bands or branch out from them. There can be successive bands. 

      Billows-In the Bible from kluzó meaning to wash over, rough water, a wave, billow, or surge.  Most of us would think about the Book of Jonah.

      These are arrangements of closely spaced, roughly parallel short streaks. The distance separating adjacent billows ranges from about 1 km to 10 km. Billows sometimes lie across the long bands, giving the appearance of a comb or feather. At other times, they appear alone against the veil background. The billows may change their form and arrangement, or appear and disappear within several minutes, much more rapidly and frequently than the long bands. This noctilucent cloud type may also be divided into two groups:

      • Comprised of short, straight and narrow streaks
      • Exhibit a wave-like structure with undulations

      Whirls-In the Bible Galgal meaning a wheel, whirl, whirlwind, whirling dust.  Most of us would think about the Book of Psalms.

      These are partial or, on rare occasions, complete rings of cloud with dark centers. They are sometimes seen in veil, band and billow forms. Three groups may be observed:

      Comprised of whirls of small radius of curvature, and may appear as small bright crests looking somewhat like light ripples on a water surface

      • Have the form of a simple bend of one or several bands with a radius of curvature of 3°−5°
      • Have a large-scale ring structure

      Complex Displays

      In complex displays, two or more forms may be seen simultaneously. It is not unusual for two intersecting groups of long bands to occur, and these give rise to bright knots where waves cross. Complex structures can be categorized as follows:

      • A form that does not fit into the other categories
      • A noctilucent cloud with bright knots in the structure
      • Billows crossing a band
      • A net-like structure (from yaresh in the Bible meaning to take possession of, inherit, dispossess).

      Artificial noctilucent clouds can be created by rocket launches and sounding canons, where exhaust products of water vapor, solid particles, and chemicals are introduced into the mesosphere. 

      Faith Lesson:  It never ceases to amaze me Jesus, that though the enemy breaks Your building blocks down to their elemental form and rebuilds them. though he attempts to erase Your creation he cannot.  With every created element there are biblical precepts attached.  Hallelujah!

      When Did NLC's First Appear?

      Noctilucent clouds were first observed in 1885, two years after the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa.  Studies have shown that noctilucent clouds are not caused solely by volcanic activity, although dust and water vapor could be injected into the upper atmosphere by eruptions and contribute to their formation. In the years following their discovery, the clouds were studied extensively by Otto Jesse of Germany who photographed and named them in 1887. Satellites first detected them in 1972.  In 1995 they were seen using LIDAR but not seen by the naked eye. 

      Faith Lesson:  When did Jesus first appear to you?  Did you share that exciting news and relationship?  Why or why not?  Would you like to Jesus to appear to you?  He loves you.  You can ask Him into your heart by confessing your sin, asking Him in, and being thankful for His shed blood which will then become your testimony of what He is and will do in your life. 

      Bonus News:  Asteroid Explosion

      Since we are talking about meteors, this is just in from today:

      SMALL ASTEROID EXPLODES NEAR PUERTO RICO--UPDATED: On June 22nd at 21:25 UT, a small asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere and exploded in broad daylight south of Puerto Rico. Airwaves recorded by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization's infrasound station in Bermuda pegged the blast energy between 3 and 5 kilotons of TNT--a fraction of a WW II atomic bomb. The explosion was clearly visible in images from NOAA's GOES-16 weather satellite:

      This movie combines data from GOES-16's Global Lightning Mapper and water vapor infrared spectrometer

      Meteor expert Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario says the infrasound signal is consistent with a "small multi-meter sized near-Earth asteroid." According to data compiled by NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies, asteroids of this size and energy hit Earth's atmosphere about once a year. That means it's rare--but not exceptionally so.

      The asteroid fragmented as it ripped through the atmosphere. This infrared image from the GOES-16 satellite shows the space rock splitting into at least 3 pieces:

      Dizzying Light Show Array Above

      Needless to say, if you are looking up you are likely to behold one of these new artificial cloud-like phenomenons.  Whether they are hybridized with supernatural life is a question for debate. 

      I am sure that this story is still unfolding.  A couple years ago on a smoky day I saw double of the mountain range around my home.  Upon investigation, I learned that smoke is used as a backdrop for holography.  In my simple understanding of Scripture I see holography playing a key role in the days to come. 

      I see too many parallels between scriptural reference to clouds and words describing the nature of powers and principalities that will inhabit the air and earth before the arrival of Jesus Christ.     



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