Artistic Nodes in the Beast System Preparing Synthetic Signs and Wonders

The first artificial meteor shower is about to be tested in space

ALE_Astro Live Experiences from ALE_Astro Live Experiences on Vimeo.


Our night sky and magnetic environment is about to be used as a canvas for those who want to synthesize the signs and wonders of the celestial realms.  These synthetic displays will be used by the Anti-Christ:


The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 2 Thessalonians 2:9


Under freedom of artistic expression this is all perfectly legal and approved in regulation.  It is an unknown fact that if something is controversial and unlikely to be accepted if one slaps an artistic expression label on it everything is given the nod of approval by government and mankind. 


A Japanese company is launching a satellite tomorrow aimed at creating the first-ever artificial meteor shower.



The satellite is hitching a ride on the Japanese space agency’s Epsilon Rocket is due to launch at 9.50am Japan time on Thursday (7.50 pm tonight EST), along with six others. Tokyo-based firm Astro Live Experiences (ALE) has been developing it for seven years and will use this launch as an experiment to gather data to help develop the product further.


 The satellite releases centimeter-sized metallic pellets designed to create an array of bright colors as they heat up and disintegrate as they re-enter our atmosphere, over 37 miles above the ground. ALE claims the display will last longer than a natural meteor shower and will be bright enough to be visible even over areas with heavy light pollution. I can hear it now as the beast system moves forward in a phrase coined from 1948, "Who are your going to trust me, or your lying eyes?"


In the 1980s,the Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer (AMPTE) mission sought to recreate comets by releasing vapors into the magnetosphere.


 A satellite was loaded with canisters of lithium or barium vapor. When the contents of these canisters were exploded, the vapor would fly into the solar wind and become ionized (charged) by it. As a result, a visible effect – having the appearance of a comet with head and tail – was generated. Instruments were able to measure the energy signature of the ions as they passed through Earth’s atmosphere.


People with deep pockets have also been successful in generating artificial aurora borealis in the past. One experiment that achieved this took place back in 1969. A rocket carried an electron accelerator into the atmosphere and pulses of electrons were fired, in bursts one second long at a time, down towards Earth.



In the lab, it’s possible to heat the material, causing it to emit plasma – hot ionized gas – and produce light at specific wavelengths.  Ultimately, ALE hopes to create an artificial meteor shower over Hiroshima next year, where it will be visible for up to six million people within a 124 mile radius.  And other forms of artificial celestial entertainment are to follow.


Romantic or Terrorizing?


One artist woman in the node of the beast system referred to naturally occurring meteor showers as, “I think there’s always something quite fascinating about a thing we don’t actually control but which is nonetheless beautiful,” says Massey. “That has a romantic and soulful quality that perhaps an artificial shower doesn’t.”  While that rigs true for our cyclic meteor showers synthetic meteor shows and even natural ones have produced so much fear people thought it was the end of the world.

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