Piercing the Veil of AI

Piercing the Veil of AI

The United Nations is coordinating the global merger that we are seeing of digital, physical and biological realms. New technologies are enabling societal (disruptions) shifts by having an effect on economics, values, identities and possibilities for future generations.

This Revolution has been crafted to destroy society and culture as we have known it to trigger societal shifts thereby redesigning of the earth without God to address management of environmental issues in the image of man not God.  

Harnessing and management will require a transformative enabled environment namely through governance frameworks and policy protocols, novel investment and financing models, prevailing incentives, and societal engagement with AI.  This requires that all peoples and multi-disciplines collaborate between policymakers, scientists, civil society, technology champions and investors.

Angelic or Demonic Investor?

The AI Enterprise needs significant funding.  In what are called Angel investors accelerate the impact investors should build and support a portfolio in what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution technology companies. This could speed up the transformational impact – and the commercial opportunity – of investments in technologies of the Revolution.

Given the potential for disruptive social and environmental consequences, it will be essential to develop sophisticated national and international governance structures for the new AI-enabled digital economy. These governance mechanisms – collaborating with industry and civil society – can help ensure that AI advances support inclusive growth that is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovative finance mechanisms and partnerships are being put in place to align both incentives for private-sector innovation and scaling of AI applications for the environment, including support for early-stage commercialization. This could include government-backed innovation incubators, accelerators, funds and prizes; price-support mechanisms; and targeted patient for the public good.  In other words, the government is sponsoring AI and those who do not engage with AI, well, so sorry. 

Post Human is Human Friendly?

AI was sold as a benefit to humanity.  Designers promise that it will be human-friendly and Earth-friendly.  We must understand that AI is inherently anti-human, hence the futuristic Post-Human or Transhumanist Era.  Developing a human-friendly AI when it is programmed to be anti-human is arguably one of the biggest unsolved AI problems today.  With the deterioration of the economy and health impacts resulting from governance-level management and exploitation practices AI will increasing gravitate away from human-friendly to an earth-friendly system.

You might think of AI as the electricity or the Force for the Forth and Final Revolution.  In the days to come we will see AI explode into more and more areas of our lives. As AI feeds upon the data we supply it and is demonically charged, the system itself will appear to get smarter and more productive.  It is claimed that AI will develop in human intelligence we do not yet have (not human intelligence), accelerate human learning (for a few) and innovation (for the profiteers).  

We live in exciting times and you were born for such a time as this.  As AI and emerging technologies burst forth permeating all industries and an increasing role in your life.  Innovators are crafting to put the signature or mark of man onto the planet for deep impact through embedded intelligence in devices, applications, and interconnected systems.   

Stability of Planet Earth

God says: 

In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.  Psalm 95:4

While scientists have identified nine processes and systems that regulate the stability of planet earth.  They claim that four of the nine-climate change, loss of biosphere integrity, land-system change and altered cycle's in the globe's chemistry, in their opinion has crossed boundary levels according to the Stockholm Resilience Center in 2015.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide another lens for the challenges facing humanity. Six of the 17 goals apply directly to the environment and humans’ influence. There are two things the UN detests:  God and man's influence.

The UN AI Revolution will be unlike any other revolution in history. It is establishing a digital economy based upon rapid advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robots, autonomous vehicles, biotechnology, nanotechnology and quantum computing.  AI often don’t work alone but in a hybrid combination of entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and governments look to deploy and scale these technologies to create strategic advantage, an integrated AI beast system that will ultimately make war against God. 

 AI for the Earth/ AI for Good?

Engineers are designing a safe AI that is value-aligned, not with your best interests but with those who are the originators with the idea of a good future.  Checks and balances are being inserted but they must always remain friendly to the environmental dimension as we bow in tribute to AI. 

The first practical steps towards artificial intelligence were taken in the 1940s. Today, AI is in use in our daily lives and has reached a historical moment because of six converging factors: processing power, Big Data, interconnectedness, open-source software and data, improved algorithms, and TensorFlow, Caffe2, PyTorch and Parl.ai.

All AI research, development, and investment must be coordinated, targeted, interdisciplinary, and be interconnected with the United Nations AI for Good agenda.

Crafted in the Image of Man

AI is bio-inspired.  Deep Learning is engineered with layers of neural networks fashioned to mimic the human brain. Advancements in AI computing power must be significantly increased.  Currently it takes 83,000 processors operating for 40 minutes to run the equivalent of one second of computations performed by just 1 percent of the human brain.

Deep Reinforcement is the process by which AI learns with little or no input, by trial and error, with a Pavlovian reward system.  Reinforcement learning has been primarily used in AI gaming but is marching towards the corporate and education domains where the rules and different states of play are well known.

    AI is designed in the Image of Man, minus our Spirit. As it develops similar to an embryonic child, the acceleration (birthing) has helped AI move from in vitro (in research labs) to in vivo (in everyday lives).

    Established corporations and start-ups alike can now pioneer AI advances and applications. Indeed, many people are already using AI-infused systems, whether they realize it or not, to navigate cities, shop online, find entertainment recommendations, filter out unwanted emails or share a journey to work.

    AI is unique and is being personalized to accelerate intelligent automation supposedly to increase productivity and efficiency.

    Artificial Intelligence is designed using evolutionary principles accelerating and elevating natural selection cycles of machine intelligence.

    AI to develop more advanced, human-like capabilities (patterning stages of human life) from supervised and unsupervised learning  techniques which become increasingly blended forming hybrid techniques for human-machine collaborative.

    All this culminates in the quest for artificial general intelligence (AGI), at which point, the AI begins to master reasoning, abstraction, communication and the formulation and understanding of knowledge and has no need for its human 'parent'.

      The Empire of AI

      The Empire of AI is global and its economic influence will reach $59.8 billion dollars before 2025.

      The spectrum of AI is also expanding and now includes:

      • Automated intelligence systems take repeated, labor-intensive tasks requiring intelligence, and automatically complete them. For example, a robot that can learn to sort recycled household materials.
      • Assisted intelligence systems that review and reveal patterns in historical data, such as unstructured social-media posts, and help people perform tasks more quickly and better by using the information gleaned. For example, AI detects leading indicators of hurricanes and other major weather events.
      • Augmented intelligence systems that use AI to help people understand and predict through divination an uncertain future. For example, AI-enabled management simulators are examining scenarios involving climate policy.
      • Autonomous intelligence systems that automate decision-making without human intervention. For example, systems  identify patterns of high demand and high cost in home heating, adapting usage automatically.

      Bank of Codes

      There is a new bank in town.  For many years the Rockefeller's have been barcoding all life in preparation for AI.  Bio-inspired innovations (such as blood-pressure medication derived from viper venom) aim to replicate nature’s products and processes.  For the first time in history, the fair sharing of benefits and a significant new stream of conservation finance is now possible using a combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and the Internet of Things. Systems and products from God cannot be patented.  These bio-inspired products have a patent which adds a hefty price tag to the consumer.

      The Amazon Forest Third Way initiative is developing the Earth Bank of Codes (EBC), a project to create an open, global public-good digital platform that registers nature’s assets, recording their spatial and temporal provenance and codifying the associated rights and obligations. 

      A fusion of AI and complex systems analytics will be vital to bundling the biological, biomimetic and traditional-knowledge assets from a biodiversity hotspot to maximize economic and conservation value simultaneously. In addition, an AI-driven biological search engine will allow users to understand more fully the planet’s web of life.  AI techniques will include natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision, probabilistic programming and an array of statistical machine-learning techniques.

      This project will then be replicated and scaled in other biomes on land and in the oceans. 

      BOTTOM LINE:  You will pay much more for products that used this technology.  I am hearing that one round of personalized antibiotics can cost $100K.  Think of controlling the biomes of the world as Total Systems Control.

      Dashboard Earth

      A real-time, open API digital geospatial dashboard for the planet would enable the monitoring, modeling and management of the entire earth's systems at a scale and speed never before possible  – from tackling illegal deforestation, water extraction, fishing and poaching to air pollution, natural disaster response and smart agriculture. The challenge is to build something truly transformational, easy to use in real-time, open-access and data-dense.

      Public and private systems that can help amass the necessary data include the European Space Agency’s Copernicus, NASA’s Earth Observing System and the private companies Planet, Digital Globe and Orbital Insights. These organizations can provide comprehensive Earth observation from space.  AI can help build a dashboard with usable data, including both environmental- and hazard-data layers, along with exposure layers. The implications for natural-resource management would be profound.

      At least two steps are already being taken in this direction. The US National Science Foundation’s EarthCube initiative uses machine learning and simulation modeling to create a 3D living model of the entire planet. And the US Company, Planet, has put over 180 micro-satellites into orbit, to image the whole planet’s landmass daily, at a resolution of 3–5 meters. Platforms like this one would bring a breakthrough for public-good (earth rulers) analytics for Earth-systems management.

      Deep reinforcement learning could evolve to enable its application to portrayed real-world problems.   A hybrid approach that combines supervised and unsupervised learning will be used to define the boundary conditions of real world problems. Understanding which real world systems can be codified and optimizing for reinforcement learning will require collaboration between AI pioneers and domain experts.

      Classical computers cannot compute things the way nature does (which operates in quantum mechanics); they are limited to the human made binary code rather than the natural reality of continuous variables. In other words, with classical computers we are currently modeling the Earth system in a way that it does not actually function. Quantum computers open the door to solving the quantum problems as they exist in nature and discovering ways in which the Earth system really works from energy transference to planetary physics.

      BOTTOM LINE:  24/7 surveillance of everything on earth and the ability to track your every move whether it be fishing or your bedroom.  The dashboard allows a game-like feel for lethal actions.

      AI Grid

      In the new world AI is capable virtual power plants (VPPs) that can  integrate, aggregate, and optimize the use of all energy facilities even your own private off grid resources.  For the common good energy will be distributed allowing AI-enabled technologies such as solar-roads to expand, connect and optimize the grid further. This will be sold as a good as AI could allow a road to learn to heat up to melt snow, or to adjust traffic lanes based on vehicle flow.

      Regulatory frameworks are being established for transferring and trading energy, often virtually. As economies and settlements (no longer called cities or towns) move away from heavy infrastructure towards smart infrastructure with a low environmental footprint, the decentralized nature of distributed energy grids mean they have the potential to be siphoned off globally.

      There is a generation whose teeth are swords and whose jaws are knives, devouring the oppressed from the earth, and the needy from among men. The leech has two daughters: Give and Give. There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say, “Enough!”:  Sheol, the barren womb, land that is never satisfied with water, and fire that never says, “Enough!”…  Proverbs 30:15

      BOTTOM LINE:  Your life, your energy, your spirit is being harvested for AI for the barren womb of Sheol.  You will never be able to give enough to satisfy its blood-lust.


      Precision agriculture (including precision nutrition) is expected to increasingly involve automated data collection and decision-making at the farm level.  Anyone desiring to farm must incorporate AI into every facet of their operation.  Small, independent farms are being eradicated through comprehensive regulation, geo-engineering, crop sterilization, and even robotic bees (if you watched the video did you catch the word assisted agriculture, it is similar to assisted-death?)  Farmers warned about this years ago although few people listened listened. 

      AI will enable farms to become almost fully autonomous. Farmers will be told to grow symbiotic crops, using AI to spot or predict problems and to take appropriate corrective actions via robotics. Crop nutrition will be through AI-enabled system. AI-augmented farms could also automatically adjust crop quantities.

      Your diet is also going to be AI-enabled as your personalized genome is analyzed and your food dispensed to to you based upon how you process your food. Applying machine learning to this data could generate personalized nutrition plans optimized for you. When combined with autonomous farming, autonomous delivery vehicles, in-house robotic chefs and in-house vertical farming, entire food supply chains could be optimized and transformed.  To ensure compliance revolutionary technologies will combine core intelligent chatbots, synthetic biology, machine and deep learning, Internet of Things, and drones with a myriad of sensors that will communicate to AI enabled systems everything from water to soil to determining allowed plants.

      Smart agriculture has the potential to fundamentally change agriculture even more than 20th century mass-farming methods did.

      BOTTOM LINE:  The food that you buy at the store is a killing machine and drug delivery system.  You do not know what your food is unless you grow it. 

       Climate Control

      A new field ofClimate Informaticsis already blossoming, harnessing AI to fundamentally transform weather. Weather and climate-science already has large amounts of data and continues to collect more, providing a fine test bed for machine and deep learning applications. Many of us puzzled why historical weather was altered and now we know it was to create synthetic data for AI-enabled weather policy.  It does not matter what the truth of the matter is AI will read the false data and make its determinations.  Weather forecasting has been increasingly flawed and you can thank UK Met Office and NASA, and private-sector actors such as IBM and Microsoft, that are using AI to develop weather and climate models.  These models apply fluid dynamics for the atmosphere and oceans – and heuristics for elements that can’t be fully resolved (for example, aspects of atmospheric chemistry such as ice particles turning to water). AI supervises simulations.

      Climate, weather, and atmospheric manipulation application of nascent deep reinforcement learning techniques is an unchartered territory.  Is this what we witnessed on Mars last week when the poles lit up in what can only be described as a hybrid aurora-lighting phenomena?

      AI assistants, fed by synthetic forecasts data is going to be making everyday decisions for you, from what to wear to when to travel.

      New hybrid systems of rules and tools are using data and AI techniques to build a Community Distributed Data Escrow system that is enhancing disaster preparation and response through coordination of emergency.

      AI would work in combination with other Revolution technologies including drones and the Internet of Things. Deep reinforcement learning are integrated into disaster simulations to determine optimal response strategies, similar to the way AI is currently being used to identify the best move in games like AlphaGo.

      BOTTOM LINE:  As weather control moves to blockchain and disaster relief relies upon an AI Escrow will influence everything from a day at the beach to your food and in the worst case scenario your reovery option post weather event.

      Water Control

      Machine and deep learning is enabling an incremental change in the optimization of water-resource management. Increasingly, AI is creating extracted distributed off-grid water resources that are decentralized energy systems. The first step was Smart Meters with the next stage will be to combine machine learning, the Internet of Things and blockchain to create a truly decentralized water system.  Water resources could even be traded via blockchain.

      Rivers will be engineered to autonomously adjust their own sediment flows. Coupled with AI-informed pricing, such approaches could optimize water usage and drive behavior change by providing incentives for water conservation.

      AI is being used to simulate and automate the generation of zoning laws, building ordinances and floodplains especially after last years costly and devastating disaster season. Combined with AR and VR, AI-generated data is used by city planners and infrastructure investors, along with officials responsible for ensuring disaster preparedness and reconstruction.

      AI, smart meters and the Internet of Things forecast and optimize urban energy generation and demand – both city-wide and at the level of individual homes and buildings. Real-time AI-optimized energy efficiency has an immediate and substantial impact on energy consumption.  AI-enabled smart grids are critical for fast-growing emerging cities.

      Combining real-time city-wide data on energy and water consumption and availability, traffic flows, people flows, and weather could create an urban dashboard. With the addition of AI this could optimize water and energy use across any city.

      BOTTOM LINE:  Water is about ready to become the hottest commodity in the world, not because of shortage but because of control.

      AI is Risky Business

      This summary will not address the spiritual but only the physical.  Significant risks are conceivable with AI. The emerging field of explainable AI-XAI research aims to create new AI methods that are accountable to human reasoning. But this field is still in its nascence.

      Security risks

      Misuse of AI via hacking is a serious risk, as many algorithms are dual purpose for helpful purposes or harmful as autonomous weaponry. Deep-learning models can be duped by malicious inputs known as adversarial attacks.

      Control risks

      AI systems work autonomously and interact with one another, creating machine-centered feedback mechanisms that can cause unexpected outcomes. Chatbots interact with one another have created their own language that humans cannot understand. In 2010 a financial flash crash was caused by the interactions of multiple AI bots speed-trading, which created artificial market inflation. 

      Economic risks

      As companies adopt AI, it may alter the competitive landscape, creating winners and losers. Those able to improve their decision-making most quickly through AI may find the benefits accelerate very quickly, while slower adopters may be left behind. Tax-base erosion presents another economic threat as the current system, based on bricks-and-mortar and nation-states, struggles to keep pace with the globalized digital economy. 

      Social risks

      Large-scale automation threatens to reduce employment in transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and the service sector, among others. Higher unemployment rates could lead to greater inequality in society. In addition, algorithms designed by a subset of the population at a national and global level have the potential for unconscious bias, possibly leading to results that marginalize human populations. Autonomous weapons also pose a significant threat to society, possibly permitting bigger, faster conflicts. Once unleashed, this might lead to rapid and significant environmental damage, even to a “doomsday” scenario where weaponized AI presents an existential risk to humanity.

      Example:  Goldman Sachs estimates that the US alone will lose an estimated 300,000 jobs per year when AV saturation peaks.

      Ethical risks

      The ethical and responsible use of AI involves three main elements: the use of big data; the growing reliance on algorithms to perform tasks, shape choices and make decisions; and the gradual reduction of human involvement in many processes. Together, these raise issues related to fairness, equality and respect for human rights, and raise significant privacy concerns.


      AI systems, and their ability to control machines automatically and remotely, have caught the public’s imagination. AI, it is promised, can unlock new solutions to society’s most pressing environmental challenges: climate change, biodiversity, ocean health, water management, air pollution, and resilience, among others.

      However, AI technology also has the potential to amplify and exacerbate many of the risks we face today. To ensure that AI is developed and governed wisely, government and industry leaders are offering mankind, AI safety, explainability, transparency and validity of AI applications.

      A good future is being aligned with AI-UN human values and encapsulates a future that is safe for humanity in all respects – its people and their planet, in their opinion

      AI Cataclysm

      Maybe you are concerned about an asteroid hitting the earth or nuclear warfare but there is a far more nefarious targeting the earth and that is AI.

      • Transformational impact- disrupting every aspect of your life.
      • Adoption potential-except for the remnant all of mankind will embrace and worship AI.
      • Centrality of AI to synthetic solution, the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic. 
      • Systems impact because it thrusts every living system into a demonic-enabled realm.
      • Realizable enabled-environment, including political and social dynamics, where only enabled systems are identified and supported. 

      As we continue down the prophetic path to the dragon infused AI it is time to gird yourselves with the armor of God and take a firm stand. 


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