Plastic Foundation of the Counterfeit Beast System


You are being told that human are responsible for every evil and condition upon the face of the earth from Climate Change to microplastics.  The truth of the matter is that a few reprobate humans are responsible, or partially responsible, for the conditions that are unfurling before our eyes.  God's glue holds all of creation together in perfect harmony.  There is a reason CERN is exploring the glue of creation to bring forth a nefarious agenda that can even be discovered within the pages of Holy Scripture.  Plastic polymers and chemicals added to make them 'durable' and flexible are used in millions of devilish combinations and are found in everything -clothing, electronics, paint, grocery bags, soft drink bottles, packaging, and health and beauty products.

I beg your patience while I relay to you an occurrence.  I began making health and beauty products in 1990 when I could not find any products, even in the health food store that did not have synthetics. My business partner and I purchased various plastic products for our business.  They were durable and of high quality.  Ten years later the United Nations banned the tough plastic and a person could only buy inferior plastic that easily broke down.  My husband and I built hoop houses and we always used a 6ml plastic from the local box store.  They lasted 1-2 years but that changed in 2016.  A new plastic had been introduced into the market that broke down almost immediately.  In less than 30 days, the greenhouses looked like a cat had clawed the plastic to shreds.  The plastic fell apart into millions of pieces and when you go to pick it up it broke down even further.  The only practical way that I have discovered is to scoop up the plastic with a shovel or whisk broom and dust pan. 

Biblical Origins

When you think of plastic you may not think that within the bible is embedded vital information about the glue that holds things together.  The concept of plastic and molding goes way back to the Egyptians and the making of bricks by slaves although the ancient practice may have indeed originated from fallen angel technology. 

In the Old Testament the word for mortar or cement, the precursor of plastic, is melet.  The word is derived from its 'plastic' smoothness or clay.   It was a binding agent holding natural things together such as bricks or stones. 

By the time we get to the New Testament we see a word more familiar to use although it is Greek, plastos, which means formed or molded and is used figuratively for things that are feigned, made up and counterfeit.  I would submit to you that the prophetic passages of the bible could not come to pass without the advent of plastics.  The world is synthesizing, distancing itself from the Creator, the 'plastic' foundations of the counterfeit world for the Anti-Christ and beast system will have already been established.  We are witnessing this molded transformation of our world right now. 

It is from the word plastos that we get the English word plastic.  It is shaped to a mold or predesigned.  It is made up, fabricated, unrealistic and forged from something artificial, and is contrived.  As you can clearly see these are not words that reflect something from our creator but by beings that are antithetical to God and His world.  The word plastos is used in 2 Peter 2:3:

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words (plastic) make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

These synthetic or plastic words will suit their vain imaginations are fabricated words from the root of plasso which means to mould as in clay or wax.  The idea is that the words will be molded at will to suit their vain imaginings.  They are spun by the 'pretender' someone not authentic.  In ancient papyri plastos means forged, and is where we get the term that 'a contract was forged'. 

We get additional insights from two bible translations:

  • The New American Standards says:  'they will exploit you with false words'
  • And the King James Versions states, 'covetousness shall they with feigned words'

From this we can determine that plastics have come from satanic forces to exploit us into bondage and death.

Backgrounder on Plastic

The first plastic was developed in 1855 to replace ivory.  A man by the name of Alexander Parkes came up with the idea, presented it at the 1862 Great Exhibition in London.  This particular plastic was referred to as parkesine.  Xylonite would later replace parkesine as a more stable material.

Alexander Parkes holds a total of 66 patents.

The first synthetic plastic was invented in 1909 by Leo Hendrik Baekeland and was called Bakelite.  It was developed from phenol and formaldehyde (what a lovely combo!). Bakelite is considered the first true plastic because it is totally synthetic-not based on anything from the natural world.

Today plastics are mainly derived from a petroleum source; oil that has been taken from the Earth, broken down, and parts of that oil are then used to make plastic.

The first form of plastic molding was casting. This process typically involves two female gendered molds clamped together. A liquid material (in our case, plastic) is then poured into the mold.

Americans use about four million plastic bottles per hour, about 27% of which get recycled for an annual recycle rate of about 2.4 billion pounds of plastic from plastic bottles per year.

The amount of microplastics in lakes and soils could rival the more than 15 trillion tons of particles thought to be floating in the ocean’s surface alone.

Death by Microplastics

Microplastics are in everything from the ocean to your toothpaste.  They come in all shapes and sizes but are generally considered microplastics when they are 5 millimeters in size or smaller. 

When these polyethylene microplastics are in your health and beauty products they are called microbeads to disguise their true nature.  Microbeads were introduced fifty years ago according to the United Nations.  These microbeads began replacing natural ingredients and their surge is contaminating the environment as their decay is likened unto a foreign invasion bringing death.  Some microplastics are so small they can no longer be seen by the naked eye. 

Obama signed the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, banning plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products but the genie is out of the bottle, and quite frankly, can't be put back into the bottle.  The particles just get smaller and recycle in an endless environmental toxin loop threatening human and animal health as they seep into our soil and water in every corner of the earth.

Ingested microplastic particles can physically damage organs and leach hazardous chemicals—from the hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA) to pesticides—that can compromise immune function and stymie growth and reproduction. Another troubling revelation is that exposure to microplastics cause generational mutation.  Even though the young generation has not been exposed to the particulates it has fewer young, a type of sterilization.  Exposure reactions are subjective causing mutations in some while leaving other life untainted.  It is also being suggested that microplastics accumulate in the blood and form blood clots.  Human and animal stomachs are filling our stomachs stuffed with plastic, some species starve and die.  This form of starvation was perfected during the Holocaust when concentration camp occupants were fed bread that was half wheat and half cellulose (wood pulp) that is not digestible creating a sinister starvation ration. 

Humans and animals are inhaling microfibers as they fall from the sky. Small airborne particles are known to lodge deep in the lungs where they can cause various diseases, including cancer, lung irritation, and reduced lung capacity.  Researchers are exploring how airborne microplastics might penetrate the lungs.

Researchers are discovering that the human stool is loaded with nine varieties ranging in size from 50 to 500 micrometres.  On average, 20 particles of microplastic were found in each 10g of excreta

Both microplastics the adhered chemicals may accumulate up the food chain, potentially impacting whole ecosystems, including the health of soils in which we grow our food. The intricacies of real world plastics will not be the only stressor.  It will synergize with toxic chemicals, other pollutants, climate change, and other stressors which well may be the last straw for species subject to these crushing synthetic pressures.  As one person puts it, “It’s just damn complicated.” This indicates that it is an engineered wicked problem. 

Invitation to Chaos

Investigation is underway by researchers to determine the cascading effects of microplastics.  One botanical garden in Germany is being doused with different microplastic particles—some virgin polymers, some contaminated with pollutants to see how insects and plants fare.  It may be that plastics have a zoonotic type effect, where the plants themselves are not victimized by the plastic but the damage occurs in the human, animals, and insects that eat the plants. 

To date nobody on earth knows the full ecological damage from the chaotic microsystem system deployment.  The word from scientists, as the military said in a recent conference, "We afraid, really afraid."

Microplastics can affect organisms by altering their environments as soil with microfibers is much fluffier and retains more moisture, seeming to affect the activity of microbes that are crucial to the soil nutrient cycle.

Full Circle

Year ago old glass shattered and injured people and so new regulations were adopted to require shatter-proof glass in some instances such as vehicles.  The human and ecological damages lays squarely in the hands of the United Nations who deliberately, will malevolence, decreed these type of shattering plastics be deployed around the world creating a toxic problem.  Most people forget history and are unaware of the evil construct of plastic with its physical and spiritual implications.  The UN is dangling the dangers of microplastics, laying the blame on you the consumer, to gain further footholds for global control.  With enough control and money they promise to be the world's savior.  Remember, these are but vain imaginings and false words to lures you into a system that you really do not want to participate.  To engage in that system is eternal death. 

Faith Lesson:  Now that you know the origins and the dangers of plastics what steps are you going to take to distance yourself from them?


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