Precipice 2019

Dedicated to beloved Maggie and her mom Shaunna.

Déjà Vu. I am always incredulous where the Holy Spirit will lead me. I have a queue filled with doom and gloom news, but was lead to Psalms 146 and 147. What is your plan when your plan goes south? Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, "Gee, I want disaster to hit me full force."

We need to prepare to go into the bitterness of Tribulation with a faith and the knowledge that will protect and preserve us through a difficult life filled with trials. Your faith is a permanent messenger of the Word made flesh amidst a people lacking knowledge of what is good and true.

Psalm 147 begins with praise, "Hallelujah! For it is good to sing praise to our God; for it is pleasant when the praise of mighty acts is seemingly." This very verse was recently found embedded in a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls. At the end of the day, even of the days of judgment, Jesus is the Ruler of your destinies and Guide to your actions. Recount the many great acts of the Lord throughout biblical history and your life in melodic tones of praise music, for it is blissful and a delight to your spirit.

Beginning of Sorrows

As  we experience the Beginnings of Sorrows spoke of in Matthew 24, you should reflect upon the assurance of Psalm 146 that Jesus is the Healer of your every pain, and He will bind up your wounds should you sustain any. Most of us will be wounded, just as He was wounded. It is good to know that the Lord Jesus has prepared a balm for our every sorrow. During the dark days, reflect that He who musters the shining worlds of the stars and knows them by name knows and cares about you who are scattered as the stars of heaven upon the earth.

As I am training my new puppy I am mindful my Good Shepherd, Who is great in lovingkindness, is abundantly strong in His rule which trains you. He is our Master to Whom we subject our destiny. Just as a symphony, our homage to Him links us all into one harmonious whole, which is very differently than the planned blockchain linking one into the technology of the beast system. 

Rare Commodities

Our gaze is going to soon be focused upon physical commodities as they become scarce. Nevertheless, spiritual insights and revelations from the Lord are blessings that cannot be enumerated. Praise be to our God, that He does not consider greatness by numbers.  He does not view any of you as insignificant because you may possibly be few in number or small in stature.  In Psalm 146, He enumerates those who need Divine assistance:

  • Those who suffer at the hands of tyranny or through being reduced in circumstances
  • Victims of physical or emotional suffering
  • Those in need due to social status because they have been bereft of there protector by death, including orphans and widows.
  • All handicaps for those who endure to love Him

It is going to be a great comfort to you that Jesus knows all the reciprocal influences and effects upon one another. He knows your inner value and knows how to masterfully preserve your identity, separate from the world that will be increasingly turning to the beast system. You, the remnant, may be few in number but you are great in spirit and character. It is a testament to God that each of you is powerful and brilliant example - enduring in an environment where only earthly might and majesty seem to count. Our God, in His sovereign power will utterly crush all forces that have built their power on lawlessness. 

Natural Realm

The realm of nature should speak to you that mere physical preservation and greatness are not the ultimate plan for you. The trappings of power and might which may draw you do not give Him any pleasure. He makes the heaven and earth work together to help a beast, or a small bird of the wilderness, to find food. You were not given the sad privilege of having to procure by your efforts a mere economic existence. You were honored to be a steward of the world that you might recognize the sovereignty of God, fear Him, and place your trust not in raw physical strength, but in the blessed love of Him alone. This love is assured in your faithful service to the Lord, in the same manner as the birds and beasts of nature's realm may rely upon His providential creative love. We even discover in Ecclesiastes 2:6 an active mood in connection with the soil which brings forth plants for our lives; "he causes the mountains to bring forth grass." 

As we view the ancient ruins of great civilizations around the world, such as Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids, we should be quickened by the Psalmist who addresses Jerusalem that she does not exist by the might of the horse or the might of human muscle, but has endured in safety and prosperity because it is the city of God Who made its gates secure. To rebuild this magnificent city through might would be a tragic mistake.

God Ordains Your Borders

The Lord has ordained the borders of your body and nation for peace. He has preserved your borders to be a destiny of inner and outer tranquility, where you might abide within your limits, even though sin can be found.  Wherever the next days take you, remember that the same God Who causes the blessing of new life in nature will cause you to rise again from the depth of desolation.

There is a parallel between human salvation and the welfare of the rest of creation. Creatures get their gifts from God’s loving hands. But He created man to be a fit receptacle of holiness and recipient of salvation.

God is a Commanding Force

We have a parallel showing us His word as a force that commands nature on one hand, and as a law given to man for fulfillment out of his own free will on the other. In the realm of nature, this Word rules and lays the basis of all the phenomena of nature. All creatures, all elements and substances, all forces obey it unresistingly as the law governs their activities and existence. We see them submit to this law with punctilious, ready obedience, regardless of the changes and modifications which it might demand that they undergo because of it. This is the same Word which was to given to mankind as our own destiny, which we should obey unquestioningly, the law to which we, too, out of our own free will, should submit all of our loves and endeavors with equally punctiliously and cheerful obedience, irrespective of the demands it imposes upon us and regardless of what effect it will have upon our lives, both public and private. The commandments of the Lord did not have their beginning among men. The entire universe and the order of the world is founded upon His law. We see it at work in every creature, in every element, substance and force. God's Word was communicated to man, who is capable of perceiving it intelligently, so that he might accept it out of his free will as the law of his destiny and voluntary obedience. 

The Psalmist uses the natural phenomena of water as an example of how the Law of God governs and works within the realm of nature, and to demonstrate the unconditional obedience.

In order that we may see the swift, devoted obedience with which water submits to the will of its Creator, we are given here a description of the visible change by which water changes, ready to fulfill His behest in the form of snow, then hoarfrost, then ice, and finally again in its original liquid form. We are told that the One Who molds nature in accordance with His Will, is the same God Who has revealed that He is One.  God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty 1 Corinthians 1:27

Today it is as if the entire world is hurrying towards the goal. Frost and ice signify pieces of ice that have fallen down to earth in the form of hail. The process of ice formation is portrayed as the irresistible impact of frost, contrasted to the impact of heat, which is described immediately thereafter. 

It is at the very moment when the frost with its powerful impact seems about to congeal all living things forever that the Lord sends out His will once more and they thaw out again. In the Hebrew, we see the Sea of Reeds congealing to make a path so that the Hebrew people might be saved from the Egyptians. In the Book of Revelation, chapter 8, we see that when the sea turns to blood it also congeals (although rarely conveyed in English translations) as seven seal messengers are dispatched.

There is the quiescent process of evaporation and cloud formation: the clouds thus formed are brought on by the wind and then descends to the earth once more in the form of rain water. We take this law of nature for granted, but the day is soon coming when this process will be disrupted.

We shall see a time when an icy crust covers the waters of the earth and quite possibly our own hearts. This crust can be torn asunder by the wind, whereupon the rivers once more resume their normal flow. It would seem that this description of the congealing and liquefaction of water, which takes place in faithful obedience in the Word of God, is meant to indicate the might that God's Word should have in our own lives and upon the formation of our own characters. We too should have the same loyal obedience and maintain maximum firmness with the greatest amount of pliancy. We should remain firm as the ice crust against any temptation to transgress, and yet, as soft and submissive as a liquid when it comes to readiness to fulfill His Will that we have received from On High. Our character should be like a drop of water which, with ready obedience, will be firm and solid, or pliant and liquid, depending upon the Lord's command at a given instant.


In this End of Days, you will see law and order in a constant process of change and social condition and relationships lacking firm basis. This occurs because the eternal order decreed by God is being challenged by the usurper. 

Psalm 147 teaches us that the Word made flesh was entrusted to you. Jesus is the force that is shaping creation and upon which depends the welfare and happiness of all living things. Despite the deconstruction of creation, God is the One Force and He reigns today before your eyes and in your heart in immutable and almighty power. Let Jesus define your life, not your circumstances. 

Inspirational Moment


As the sun rises faithfully

And dramatic colors streak across the sky

Eyes brighten as the day becomes suddenly richer and fuller,

A breath of fresh air fills the lungs

While a light breeze moves around the body,

New strength invigorates

The mind so much clearer

Creative thoughts move and dance

The New Wine of eternal goodness surges

Gives a refreshing taste of true goodness!

Things weren't always so

But the former things are not remembered

Those that echo within become lesser,

Some even amplified by the enemy

Cut down quickly by the "sword of the Spirit"!

A flow of new language of praise begins

Smooth, peaceful words of worship

Continual prayers offered, arms lifted

In the discipline of true thanksgiving

New Covenant gifts of love set before the High Priest

The Holy King on His Throne.

As one of many ministers, priests of the Lord

Another day to eat "Living Bread" of the written Word

To drink "Living Sacred Water"of the Holy Spirit

A day to live out the life of love given

To plant and water seeds generously

To pray continually as a delight

To reach out into any mess of humanity

And return clean hands, healing offered for all,

The will to serve burns as a torch.

The eyes of a disciple

Fire eyes of a man of God,

He stands strong and confident

Fearless in battle,

He loves his woman more than himself

As eyes see very far in wisdom

Deep, calm pools even with a crying baby

Cradled safely in his arms.  



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