Preparing for the Next Pathogen

I will be posting a series of brief DHS videos. This first one is an introduction and it pertains to the "virus" Pay very close attention to the wording. You will be familiar with the coding. Why use word 'virus'? To get you you to "buy in". If they used the words 'particle' or 'construct' who would buy the agenda? Another word is operational.

So pay listen and you will gain insights on the history, present, and where we are going with this agenda. This is an insider report not released to the public. Casual reference is made to the DHS 88-page document that was the foundation of the Webinar Pathos of our Great Deception that you can access at: .

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Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

  • Backstories on tracking
  • Technologies 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Diseases, Testing, Vaccinations, and Sensors (including nCov and the new Phytophthora ~the plant-destroyer 
  • Experiences 


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