Tangible Magic: Pulling Water and Energy Out of Thin Air


As the shadows of wickedness creep across the globe the United Nations Climate Agenda is coming out of white papers and utilizing nefarious tools that were in the past considered magic tricks.  Whether you call it harvesting, rape, or cannibalism all resources are being exploited.  We will soon be seeing extraction of valuable resources like water, fuel, and power from the atmosphere.  The handwriting was on the wall when a quart of air was sold to China for $950 and a consortium was created uniting California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Mexico to profiteer what was given to mankind by God for free.  While these may sound like amazing technologies they actually disrupt the fragile balance of the Laws of Nature. 

A plethora of startup companies are transferring traditional commodities and substituting them with something from nothing.  This began in economics with cryptocurrencies and operations like the Federal Reserve printing debt from nothing. A week ago Carbon Engineering published a new technique for turning atmospheric CO2 that is starting to make the approach seem economically viable. And just a day later, a pair of papers outlined new ways to pull water from the air, one by harvesting fog more effectively and another that can extract moisture even in the driest deserts.

People have been harvesting condensation for millennia—but doing scaling as a commodity is much more difficult. Engineered weather has forced water to become a critical issue for with no water there can be no life.  Companies are now collecting and transferring precious water from the air, further degrading our atmosphere. 

Within five years it will become economically feasible for companies to harvest exhaust from power plants and other CO2 emitters into fuel and chemicals according to an  analysis from the University of Toronto.

The journal Joule, Carbon Engineering and researchers from Harvard University estimated they can pull CO2 directly from the atmosphere for as little as $94 per metric ton and no more than $232.  They will do this by using giant fans to draw air into cooling towers whose interiors are designed to trap CO2.  Using a chemical process a carbon-neutral fuel will be made.  This is already being done in British Columbia. 

Companies have been bedazzled and the public hoodwinked into believing that carbon dioxide is real problem causing climate change.  Carbon dioxide has always been on planet and fluctuates much like your body. 

Carbon Dioxide only comprises around 1% of the atmosphere by mass.  It is critical for plants who in their own right a bio-fuel for 99.9% of life. 

Limestone use carbon dioxide in its formation process.  If CO2 is reduced or transferred vast swathes of land and plants no longer exist.

Carbon dioxide is critical in bone development and also maintaining the balance in our bodies between acidic and alkaline environment. We  become more vulnerable to superbugs as a result.

Mesh nets used to catch droplets of water called fog harvesters are collecting water from the atmosphere turning it into drinking water and for agricultural uses. MIT engineers are now electrically charging the incoming water droplets so they are attracted to the mesh as described in a paper in Science Advances.

Infinite Cooling has a patent-pending technology to use devices to reclaim the huge amounts of water that billow out of cooling towers at power plants.  Will the cost savings be passed off to consumers?  Not likely. 

Science Advances published a paper from UC Berkeley researchers, who exploit super-absorbent materials called metal-organic framework (MOF) to extract water from the air in one of the driest environments in the world, the Arizona desert. The material sucks up water at night, when humidity is comparatively high, and the heat of the sun is then used to drive it back off during the day so it can be collected. 

This alarming technology is seeking to harvest precious moisture from the worlds driest climates.  As with many of the new emerging technologies there is no discussion on that how might impact the long-term climate of these dry locations and their ecosystems of life. Areas of our planet just become uninhabitable by rearranging our climate. 

Do you hearing that sucking sound?  It is the Water Abundance XPRIZE set up by academia to create technology that could extract 2,000 liters of water a day from the air for no more than 2 cents per liter. Five finalists were selected to compete for the top prize and testing of their platforms begins next month.

Power of the Air

Wisps of air can be a source of energy. Researchers from the University of Washington have demonstrated it’s possible to harvest useful amounts of electricity from the TV, radio, cell-phone, and WiFi signals constantly bathing the modern world.

The amounts are minute but by combining this energy harvesting with techniques to reflect WiFi signals called back-scattering, the approach could create wireless gadgets that never need to have their batteries replaced. Startup Jeeva Wireless is already commercializing the idea, and its battery-free prototypes have beamed data as far as 100 feet.

In essence, the globe is being saturated with radio-frequencies that make life more convenient while at the same time itis slowly killing your body.  Wild being sold to the public as a no-battery panacea the harvesting will actually be feeding power to send and receive transmissions from a global surveillance system where every leaf, blade of grass, and even your own body becomes a sensor.

The next time you see a new start-up with novel technology that is creating something out of thin air understand they are shifting our historic economy and oftentimes their audacious claims are nothing but hot air fueled by the Prince of the power of the Air.


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