SexTech 2.0: Rise of Jezebel

We have reached a time in history when the prophetic messages from God are going forth and coming to pass.  Jezebel was a ruthless, manipulative, adversarial woman in biblical history who came against the prophetic ministry of God.  The character of Jezebel operates within a Religious Spirit which includes sex, money, and power.  

It should not surprise you that with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Synths, robotics, demonic spirits and entities that sex, yes, the command to be fruitful and multiply would get an upgrade to meet a technologically sophisticated world with vast financial resources to explore the depths of their depravity.

The market for SexTech is a staggering $30 billion dollars and year and is growing at an annual rate of 30% a year outpacing drone manufacture at 19.6% per annum.  What is more alarming is that this number really does not reflect the sexual integration of humans and robots, an industry that is already burgeoning.  .

What is SexTech?

Image:  Sarah Sciculuna

Despite of the astonishing monetary value of this industry most people are unaware that sex is getting this technological upgrade.  So what is SexTech?

In a nutshell it is:  Technology and technology driven ventures designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt (that means by artificial intelligence) human sexuality and the human experience. 

Ultimately, SexTech is important because sex as the universal human use-case makes this the biggest technology and therefore potentially the most lucrative, according to Cindy Gallop.

Why Does SexTech Matter to You?

There are five primary reasons that you should at least have a cursory knowledge that SexTech exists. 

Space for Healing:  Creators believe that healing from physical pain, trauma, and connection can occur through technological means.  They believe technology is a safe space.

Permission:  Innovators using AI discovered that if they put the word tech after ANYTHING it brought down barriers and people naturally adopted new behaviors.  Innovators made the decision to add tech to sex, designing SexTech, giving the population permission to discuss taboo topics and openly discuss new sexual trends.  The tech at the end makes it less frightening to talk about. 

When we aren't sure if something is okay to do or if other people will judge us, we are subconsciously seeking permission.

Tech gives people permission to openly and socially discuss sex, accurately learn and explore. 

Exploration:  Once you have given yourself permission you are free to abandon biblical, moral, and ethical norms are free to explore new subjects and learn more about yourself.

You [women] Define the Future:  The sex industry is a male dominated field.  With tech, voices are now be given to women to create solutions for the future while exacting equality in the sex industry, if not gender superiority, as compensation for all the years of sexual oppression. 

SexTech Pioneers

It is critical that you know that it was three women who began to harness this industry.  It is as if it was designed by women, for women, with no input from men.  Biblically speaking, that leaves a large space that can be inclusive of anything from men to synthetic robotic containers, to demons for the other half of the sexual experience.

Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop has a background in brand building, marketing and advertising. She started up the New York office of the advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty in 1998 and was named 2003 “Advertising Woman of the Year.” She is the founder of, a platform designed to turn good intentions into action one micro action at a time. She is a passionate advocate for women in business and agrees with Madeleine Albright’s sentiment that, “There is a special place reserved in hell for women who do not help other women.”

Bryony Cole

Future of Sex podcast creator Bryony Cole talks about the future of sex, funbots, teledilonics and sex robots. Not content to let the media and the world stay squeamish about the topic of sex robots Cole expects many of us to have had sex with a robot by 2047 and believes many of our children will first experience sex with a robot before they attempt it with a human.

 Polly Rodridguez: UnboundBabes

 We felt the world lacked a place to have fun, inclusive conversations around sex so we set out to create that world.  Since its start, UnboundBabes has gone from being a labor of to a leader in changing how feminists explore and enjoy their sex lives. Through our quarterly box, online shop and Unbound Magazine, we believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure.

Sexual Solutions

Innovation and disruption is all about the agenda to usurp traditional biblical norms while engineering a godless world.  These women have an agenda.  Here are just a few of the things they want to tackle:

It is claimed that only 13% of states have comprehensive sexual training (ed) down to the earliest ages and as a result people turn to pornography to get sexual cues.  Porn is acting, not real world sex.  I am wondering if porn is acting and they are demanding the real thing will this bring real sex to the classroom, in what form, and with whom or it?

Professional risk:  the stigma around one of the most common human experience limits people from entering the industry and stifles innovation and furthers the narrative that sexuality is dirty and bad.  Advocates want open sexual dialog if every kind as the norm. 

Minorities are stigmatized for embracing their sexuality.  This hinders minorities from confidently embracing who they are out of fear, being judged, or ostracized.  Most people would never consider shaming another person for sex so one must wonder what type of minorities they are talking about? 

Scaling the Impact

 On a Personal Level:

We become a well-rounded technologist's. [gee, that was always my dream, not]

You become comfortable speaking about sex lead which leads to confidence in other areas of life.  [unless you get your confidence from the Holy Scriptures, a better option]

The Community Impact: 

Social conversations about sex become normalized.

People are not afraid to ask questions

Innovate to solve real world problems relating of trafficking, rape, sexual violence, STI's, etc… [the snare is that in their public face they present solutions to real problems but their behind doors face endorse unbiblical abhorrent practices.

The Global Impact:

Future generations have access to inclusive sex education

People are not afraid to ask questions or start dialogue about perverse and abominable sexual practices.

Desensitizes your ability to distinguish between real world sex and pornography although it is presented as the opposite. 

Impact the litigation with regards to remote sexual assault, revenge porn, deepfakes, etc…

Spirit of Jezebel

BTW-  She Ra means she is evil....

A Jezebel spirit inhabits weak leadership.  Her manipulation gains domination by political alliances, and can be seemingly submissive.  Once this spirit gains authority it manifests a strong controlling spirit and shameless presumption. 

As we see in Revelation 2:20 Jezebel calls herself a prophetess and these women designing and innovating a declaring [prophetically] a new sexual revolution between man and robot. 

This spirit especially attacks the prophetic ministry because that ministry has an important place in preparing the way for the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is why John the Baptist was persecuted and killed by the personification of Jezebel in the wife of Herod. 

You must know that Jezebel prophets of Baal are given to sacrifices while seeking manifestation of their god. 

The Jezebel spirit is rooted in self-righteousness while the religious spirit of Jezebel feels good about her spiritual condition.  It is very self-centered and prideful.  This spirit can move through fear and guilt or pride and ambition.  Delighting in self-abasement is a sure symptom of this religious spirit. 

A religious spirit wants you to worship anything than Jesus Christ.  The religious spirit also wants to replace the Holy Spirit in your life. 

Twenty-Five Signs of a Religious Spirit

Religious spirits can operate in a person, Christian or non-Christian, or within a church or body of people.  It is a dual purpose spirit in the way that it operates.

  1. Will often see as her primary mission the tearing down of what she believes is wrong.
  2. Will be unable to accept a rebuke, especially from those to whom she feels are beneath her (she feels superior).
  3. Will have a philosophy that will not listen to sound biblical counsel.
  4. Will be inclined to more of what is wrong with others than what is right.
  5. Has a false sense of standards.
  6. Will keep score on her 'spiritual' life, as well as that of others.
  7. Will believe that she has been appointed to fix everyone else.
  8. Will have a leadership style that is bossy, over-bearing, and intolerant of others.
  9. Will have a sense that she is closer to 'god'. 
  10. Will have a sense of pride in her maturity and discipline especially when she compares herself with others.
  11. Will believe that she is on the cutting-edge. 
  12. Will be mechanistic in her ways. 
  13. Will do things to be noticed.
  14. Will be overly repulsed by emotionalism.
  15. Will use emotion as a substitute for the Holy Spirit.
  16. Will be encouraged when her endeavors are better than others.
  17. Will be obsessed with the past more than living in the present.
  18. Will be suspicious of others.
  19. Will reject things she does not understand.  Will overreact in a carnal fashion. 
  20. Will be overly prone to evidence based solutions rather than God.
  21. Will need to be 'perfect' in her own eyes.
  22. Will be paranoid of the religious spirit.
  23. Will glory in anything other than the cross of Jesus. and what He accomplished.

SexTech Space

SexTech Space has a few goals that it wants to achieve:

It demands that SexTech become a legitimate field within technology.

Eliminate biases in the sex industry. 

Eliminate stigma and taboos around human sexuality

Use technology as a catalyst to ignite dialogue on sex

Create awareness of inclusive and progressive tech industry

The class I attended on this topic was in preparation for International Woman's Day.  I found it very difficult to wrap my brain about women using gender as a platform, when they hate the beauty of being a female created in the Divine Image of God [not that God is either man or woman].  They also despise gender and are tirelessly working on eradicating gender from the world.  I guess, for simplicity sake, it goes back to sex, money and power. 



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