Signs of the Cosmic Event

 At long last, it is time.  I remember the days of old, the days of innocence, the creation that was made by God, vibrant and dynamic.  Bees humming, butterfly dancing in the gentle breezes, songbirds melodically singing, romance in the air.  Alas, those are but memories and bygone days.  It is time for lamentation and woe.  The video above will clue you in on some signs to begin watching for the imminent arrival.  Due to the lateness of the hour, it will be better to prepare spiritually than physically, but that choice is yours. 

As I pen to you my friends, the Polar Vortex swirls around me, with driving snow and a temperature that fell 30 degrees in an hour, and is still plummeting.  Here in the Rockies for the last 5 years we have experienced 90 degree temperature swings.  That will increase along with a seasonal upheaval.  As the United Nations puts it, paraphrased, if you have a large population pool that you want to go away (depopulation) this is your opportunity.  People, animals, and plants cannot endure these sudden temperature extremes.

This morning on my walk before the Vortex hit will all its fury, the atmosphere had an eerie feeling to it.  The animals have sensed it for days.  Birds of prey hunting.  All the beasts and birds restless, pacing encircling, and awaiting the arrival.  The only other time I have witnessed a time such as this was after church one Sunday in the 1960's at the San Diego Zoo. All of the nocturnal animals were out at mid-day pacing and roaring.  Birds of prey sought flight.  I knew instantly that either a tropical storm would hit or a severe earthquake, within 24 hours.  It was an earthquake. 

This morning all the animals and birds were silent.  No tracks in the snow, not a sound, only the foreboding silence.  The animals know, but do you?

This Vortex hit as I began the process of concluding the Ten Plagues of the Exodus.  This series has testified to me, that although the military claims that it owns the weather and the schemes of geo-engineering, these storms are of supernatural origin and a judgment of God.  These are, my friends, the beginnings of birth-pangs that flash froze the woolly mammoths, still eating their sweet flowers.  I prepared spiritually and physically.  I wonder, did you? 

Jesus hates lukewarm.  In His great compassion and long-suffering He loves the souls of His creation.  He has begun to violently shake our world so that the remaining fruit of souls can be harvested.  Once this is accomplished, it will be done.  The world will be ripe for the fullness of iniquity and wickedness.  Cold is violently clashing with searing heat resulting in devastation.  This is manifesting in the physical and the spiritual.  You are not immune from this conflict in your comfy home.  With this engagement you will see a cascade of events that will occur such as increased disease, collapse of the electrical grid, civil unrest, and starvation.

No longer can any soul sit on the fence.  You must choose.  You must prepare.  Be repentant.  Be prayerful.  Be ready for eternity, whatever fate you choose.



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Growing Food At Home: Montana Organic Farmer Celeste Bishop Solum | Richard Sacks Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday ...

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