AI Squeal Appeal: Single Source of Truth

The camouflage is beginning to come off the serpent of old, showing his true character.  Little by little we are learning more about AI and its serpentine nature. 

Single Source of Truth

Accessed: Periscope

As you are seeing before your very eyes AI is taking raw data for the purpose of being the Single Source of Truth...for news, values, morals, politics-creating its own data is claiming God's position as the Single Source of Truth-countering God's biblical cultural standard.

This creates a cohesive environment that fosters trust in AI. 

This Single Source of Data can be manipulated.  As a Citizen Data Scientist you can say I need this data, structured this way, so I can get to this objective, so the Enterprise can become better.  In fact as a Citizen Data Scientist you can add to the Single Source of Truth (AI).  This builds a more robust Single Source of Truth (AI) that aligns with how it structures its analytics so that can get its job done.

BOTTOM LINE:  AI is now being referred to as the Single Source of Truth.

Emergence of Citizen Data Scientists

A Citizen Data Scientist is defined by Periscope as: a professional with domain expertise who wants to benefit from the power of data analytics and data science while incorporating their unique perspective. 

I have been hearing an increasing rhetoric about the emergence Citizen Data Scientists.  At first I thought it was scientist want-to-be's, but it is not, or it evolved into something else.

Are Citizen Data Scientists what the Obama meant when he stated he wanted:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.

We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We need to use technology to connect people to service.

A Citizen Data Scientist is an army of sorts, a powerful a ringer, to throw off the truth of any matter-- from the election to your personal medical health to sway statistical data to forge a democratized regime.

This label is being used, in more ways than one.  It is kind of like a Vietnam protester being used by the elite for their purposes...only this data is disguised as truth.

TRUTH: Casualty of the AI Beast War

Citizen Data Scientists are people who use data to solve the Enterprise's most urgent problems. They can be anyone, apart from the Data Team who is intimately affiliated with Autonomous Systems.  Citizen Data Scientists need empowerment from a Data Team within the scope of being authentic and true so that the data is 'accurate' and share that data 'effectively'. 

A close relationship is fostered between the Data Team and a Citizen Data Scientist to develop analytics at scale.  The Data Team brings rigor, knowledge, and global Best Practices to the table.  It is the duty of each Citizen Data Scientist to ensure that their data is in alignment with the 'Enterprise need.'

There are a couple things that you need to know about data. 

AI gives only an approximation to an absolute truth. It is alright if AI gets "close".  AI Systems are being established as absolute truth, when in fact, they are not. 

This is critical because AI is emerging in everything from banking to healthcare.  If AI says you are overdrawn but you know you are not, that is huge.  What if AI says you have cancer, but you do not?  That has huge implications. 

AI also does not have to justify or explain any decision that it makes. 

AI data is only as good as what data is input demonstrated by scientific-evidence includes biases of the engineers.  One day AI may establish its own set of biases as it "learns."

BOTTOM LINE: What this means to you is that there will no longer be empirical truth, only AI hunches, guesses, and biases. 

Value-Added Divination

It is provocative that this new way of operation uses a biblical model going forth in teams but they pair their Data Team with Citizen Data Scientists.

Citizen Data Scientists need to be 'supported'.  The goal of Citizen Data Scientists is to eliminate humanity's gut feeling position and to replace it with value-added data decision.  Value-added decisions are derived from AI and is considered superior to decisions made by inquiring to God, His Word, and prayer.  A value-added decision always implies decision a better than God's Word.

Language of the Serpent

During the time of Nimrod the people spoke one language to build the Tower of Babel.  Today we are revisiting that sin as people come together to make war against God.  Today's coding language is mathematical algorithm is Python...the serpent. Does this surprise you?

Python is a robust highly useful language focused on rapid application development (RAD) and don’t repeat yourself (DRY). It works perfectly as a glue language as well i.e. to connect existing components together. Due to the ease of learning, scalability and adaptability of Python, it has become one of fastest growing languages.

Symbol of the Serpent

Symbols possess an esoteric language, a secret code, which the [occult] student must decipher and whose meaning he or she must unlock. —Erwin W. E. Watermeyer, "Symbols: The Tools of Initiation," Rosicrucian Digest, March 1985.

"...symbols form a visual shorthand for ideas—and yet their functions and meanings extend to something much more than that. — Jack Tresidder, Dictionary of Symbols, p. 6.

Where else can we find the Snakes in the Grass?


Characteristics of the Serpent

Serpents swallow prey much larger than their heads

AI is ambitious and fixated on swallowing up the whole world into a technological blasphemy.

Serpents have only one lung.

There can be no independence within the world of AI, It is one-system for all.

Pythons either swallow prey alive or kill it via constriction.

AI is swallowing the world and during that process it is constricting our freedoms and liberties bestowed to us by God.

Snakes molt or slough their scales akin to a sock being turned inside out.

AI is calling is turning our world upside down where evil is called good.

This molting helps for purposes of growth. 

We are being told that in the New Age we need to reinvent ourselves a minimum of 7-8 times in our lifetime to compete and create a multi-generational AI culture.

Snake's eyes are covered by their clear scales rather than movable eyelids; therefore, their eyes are always open.

The All-Seeing AI eye...

Snakes use smell to track their prey. It smells by using its forked tongue which is always in motion to collect airborne particles.

The particulates in our air, filled with nano-sensors, are being used to track AI's prey, mankind.

Snakes are cold blooded.

In the AI world, do not expect any of God' attributes of love, kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness, warmth... for the serpent is a cold blooded killer.

Snakes  become dormant as they digest their food

Data-Centric Culture

Much as one would build a house or a road a creative analytics infrastructure has been created.  This infrastructure has its own language and curated dashboards with sophisticated filters.

Data Teams supply a huge amount of value by prioritizing the quantity of questions that they are able to answer. Making questions answerable is how AI lures people into its web circumventing biblical principles.  As the Enterprise scales you want to grab all the underlying people and you are able to drive all the data demands.  Why is it that data demands everyone participate and how is it possible for data to demand anything?  You want the ideal state to be allot of people, answering allot of their questions with allot of great analytics, simply put get all your questions answered with AI.  As a Citizen Data Scientist your questions directed to AI increase in value.  The meaning of self sufficiency is transformed into getting your questions answered by AI and getting your demands met. You can get your answers by data provided to you, data customized for your need. 

This language requires the Citizen Data Scientist to be critical of the questions that they put forward to AI and learn to inquire with meaningful questions for maximum benefit for the Enterprise.  Once you have your data you need to choose the right imagery that will convey that data to mobilize people to action

Data takes allot of time to figure out and to do so to be able to help people learn those skills is going to be important to make them successful in their transition, thus gaining reinforcement to add value to the AI continuum. 

Citizen Data Scientist needs to be critical of the questions they ask, meaningful questions.  This takes a new form of learning and thinking. 


Bottom line:  The data-centric infrastructure feeds the beast who demands each person conform to the need of the Enterprise.


Accessed:  Medium

AI is going to begin with their Power Users that value and use data.  They target those individuals developed the steps to create a data-centric culture and the tools.

It is also that you know that AI will have various persona's, like a split personality.  It will be a chameleon at first being whatever it thinks you want of it, but that is changing. 

We can all thank the Lord that He is in control and will put an end to this evil.  Personally, I am thankful for the gift of salvation and that He does reveal the hidden things in the most unusual places...if we but take the time to look.

May God bless each one of you in this season that we must endure.

Uplifting Moment:  Mysteries Revealed



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