Storm Clouds of the End of Days

Cloud Inspiration by Gary


Image by Celeste

Apocalyptic storm clouds are boiling in the firmament above our heads.  The Hebrew word for cloud is anan (עָנָן) and is traditionally the symbol of the Divine presence.  Today the splendid Clouds of Glory (Shechinah) are being assaulted by the counterfeit Cloud.  It is not by coincidence that technology is using the word Cloud as it determines to ascend into the domain of God. 

From Genesis to Revelation clouds play an integral and important role in the stories of Holy Scripture.  I pause for a moment here and reflect upon my youth where I would often be found laying on cool clover gazing up into the heavens and watching the fluffy clouds vacillate and form familiar patterns.  What can we learn from the clouds about the Last Days?  As it turns out, there is much we can ponder upon in regard to the clouds.  They are much more than condensed water vapor that fall as rain or snow.

Clouds can be:

Clouds of Glory 

Image by Celeste

You open Your hand,

And satisfy the desire of every living thing…  Psalm 145:16

his article was conceived in a very unusual way as I was cleaning out my garden for winter (yes, I have already had the first seasonal snowfall) and those brazen deer (or as my brother would say the 'brown menace') were not content with my garden left-over's that I tossed over the fence.  Instead, they jumped the fence and gluttonously devouring flowers and vegetables not intended for them.   And so too, it is with the clouds.

The Clouds of Glory were created according to the Targum on Bamidbar at twilight on the Friday night of Creation. 

We officially first meet the clouds in Genesis 9:13 as sign of God's covenant to the world that He will not destroy the world by another flood.  During the Exodus, from slavery to freedom the Clouds of Glory in the form of a cloud by day and pillar of fire at night escorted the Children of Israel through the wilderness and illuminated the way for them.  These Clouds of Glory were not necessary for survival but as a sing of God's boundless love. 

The King has brought me to His chambers, we shall be glad and rejoice in Your Torah (Bible).  Song of Songs, Shir HaShirim 1:4

Think of it!  The King of the world brought me into His cloud-pillared chamber as His bride!  The Clouds of Glory are typically associated with awe, joy and exultation.  Even in poverty, torment, and distress…we can rejoice by His abiding love!

The Clouds of Glory radiate a supernal Light that was stored away for eternity with God.  They contain a holiness and are a barrier setting us apart from the material world.

Many ancient Jewish texts describe the miraculous actions of the Clouds of Glory moving the travelers from point to point as if they were passengers on a ship, as if they were traveling on pillows of air bathed in comfort.  These travelers could travel and not become weary.

During this season of wandering, and if you love Jesus you will soon become a wanderer, your home will float through the air on the wings of the Clouds of Glory.  This has happened in the past and will likely occur once again during the End of Days.

During the wilderness wanderings how could the people tell if it was day or night because the Clouds enveloped them?  It is said that when the clouds were silvery white that it was day and if they had a reddish tinge that it was night.  With the Days of Noah precariously upon us and witnessing the phenomena of Geo-Engineering remember this: at the time of Noah, clouds enveloped the earth. 

There are many miracles associated with the Clouds of Glory that may reoccur as we journey through a spiritual wasteland. Maybe He will provide to you pure manna.  Just possibly your clothing and shoes will not wear out if we are here at a time that we cannot buy or sell. He may protect you supernaturally from the toxins raining down upon you from every direction.  Jesus, the Good Shepherd has always taken care of His own.

 Clouds of Gloom and Doom


Image by Celeste

I will drench the land with the flow of your blood, all the way to the mountains—the ravines will be filled. When I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens and darken their stars. I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon will not give its light.  All the shining lights in the heavens I will darken over you, and I will bring darkness upon your land,’ declares the Lord GOD.… Ezekiel 32:7-9

Wherever God blesses His creation with something good it appears that there is opposition due to the angelic rebellion.  This is where we meet the clouds of doom and gloom. 

God appears to mankind often in a theophanic cloud which translates into a deity in the cloud.  Satan took note of this type of appearance by God and has a counterfeit. 

The cloud is a nebulous term that has nothing to do with God's clouds.  Your data is not in heaven. It has a terrestrial home. It’s stored in many somewheres — and the network of servers, find what you need and deliver it.

The cloud is not a physical entity, but instead is a vast network of remote servers around the globe which are hooked together and meant to operate as a single ecosystem. 

I get some of my technology information from BRIGHT Talk who interestingly uses the informative email name of Hermes.  Hermes was as you know in the pantheon of Olympian gods.  He was the emissary and messenger of the gods. Hermes was also "the divine trickster" and "the god of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries, ... the patron of herdsmen, thieves, graves, and heralds." He is described as moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, and was the conductor of souls into the afterlife (remember this later in the article when I talk about the conductor) . He was also viewed as the protector and patron of roads and travelers and commerce.

How dangerous are the technological clouds of gloom and doom?  They are powerful and getting more so with each passing day because they feed on your data whether that is your health, banking, or consumer behavior each interaction is gobbled up and evaluated, traded, swapped, and shared between various parties including law enforcement, government, judicial, military, pharmaceutical companies, and transnational corporations.  Google for instance uses over 4000+ Machine Learning and AI to solve real-world critical problems such as:

  • Tastier beer
  • Beating human forecasting
  • Reduce inventory costs

I agree.  These are not global game-changers that will impact your eternal destiny, but the technology driving these solutions is a real threat to you eternal welfare.

Going Cloud Native


For this commandment I give you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.  It is not in heaven, that you would need to ask, “Who will ascend into heaven to get it for us and proclaim it, that we may obey it?”… Deuteronomy 30:11

Unlike Holy Scripture and God's creation is detailed and glorious.  Fallen angel technology is obscure, hidden, as is his nature.

So what the heck is Cloud Native? A way to move faster? A powerful way to scale? A way to reduce operational costs or capital expenditure? Or something else? How can these different aims be achieved with one paradigm?

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) a Cloud Native strategy is about scale and resilience: “distributed systems capable of scaling to tens of thousands of self healing multi-tenant nodes”.  

Creepy!  I have this image of a distribution system for everything…that is why it is called the IOE (Internet of Everything) undulating--expanding and contracting--at will, like the beast and when injured it self-heals.  Revelation 13:3 seems address this self-healing technology:

One of the heads of the beast appeared to be fatally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed, and the whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

Companies like Netflix and Uber want to hyperscale their products and reduce operating costs.  So is Cloud Native about power and scale?

Maybe you want the Cloud to deliver you speed? For you being a Cloud Native is about getting new products and services to market faster. Whether a business is a startup or an Enterprise trying to evolve more quickly, you want to use Cloud Native architecture in order to innovate more rapidly. So is Cloud Native about speed?

Or, possibly you want to create and test new business ideas without large capital expenditure. Is Cloud Native all about costs? 

Technology is demanding agility, scalability, and reducing costs.  Being a Cloud Native has fleeting windows of opportunity, but it also has grave eternal dangers.

Purpose of Cloud Native

Cloud Native is the name of a particular approach to designing, building and running applications based on infrastructure-as-a-service combined with new operational tools and services like continuous integration, container engines, and orchestrator's. The overall objective is to improve speed, scalability and finally margin.

  • Speed: Everything from your life to business is accelerating quickly. By this, I mean moving from months to get an idea into production to days or even hours. This transition is creating a cultural shift in your life, business, and spiritually.  A big part of this is managing risk. At it’s best a Cloud Native approach is about de-risking as well as accelerating change.  This makes family members to companies and even churches more aggressive and predatory. 
  • Scale: as the beast system grows, it becomes strategically necessary to support more users, in more locations, with a broader range of devices, while maintaining responsiveness, managing costs, and not falling over.
  • Margin: in the new world of infrastructure-as-a-service, a strategic goal may be to pay for additional resources only as they’re needed…the modernized just-in-time supply chain.

The heart of the Cloud Native strategy is about reducing technical risk. In the past, our standard approach to avoiding danger was to move slowly and carefully. The Cloud Native approach is about moving quickly but taking small, reversible and low-risk steps. This can be extremely powerful but it isn’t free and it isn’t easy. It’s a huge philosophical and cultural shift as well as a technical challenge.

BOTTOM LINE:  I just saw this in action in a Christian home that has gone heavily Cloud Native.  To my horror, the young woman with whom I was visiting said (QUOTE), "I have a different Jesus than you." 

I am afraid, however, that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may be led astray from your simple and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes and proclaims a Jesus other than the One we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit than the One you received, or a different gospel than the one you accepted, you put up with it way too easily.  2 Corinthians 11:4

She then proceeded to say that, "It is too risky for me to have a relationship with you."  She also declined looking to the Holy Scripture for guidance and yet she considers herself a pillar of her local church.  This woman had takes a series of quick, small steps towards this goal of breaking a biblical relationship.  This is how insidious being a Cloud Native can be. 

How Does Cloud Native Work?

The fundamentals of Cloud Native have been described as container packaging, dynamic management and a Microservices-oriented architecture. What does it actually mean? Cloud Natives promote five architectural principles:

  • Use infrastructure-as-a-service: flexible infrastructure provisioned on demand.

Here is another example of how this particular infrastructure-as-a-service is impacting the Body of Christ.  Scripture guides us to share with the Body each according to his/her giftings.  It is common today to find that some claiming to be a Christian hold hostage their giftings unless traded or bartered for.  It is kind of like the old saying, "I will scratch your back if you scratch mine,"  Does the story of Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, in Acts 5, ring a bell? 

BOTTOM LINE:  As Christians we are not to live according to the principles of this world but rise above worldly behavior to be Christ-like, in accordance with His will and Word, in all our ways. 

  • Design systems using, or evolve them towards, a microservices architecture: individual components are small and decoupled.

Systems are being designed and we are being told they evolved which break everything down to its smallest components and decouples parts. 

BOTTOM LINE:  God is One, His Name is One.  How many of us are isolated and lonely due to this particular design?  We long to have face to face time with friends, family, and acquaintances but are banished to Social Media or a brief inhumane text, where at any time one can be blocked or deleted.  This beast system is much more cruel and insidious than Caesar, with his thumps up or down, to live or to die. 

  • Automate and encode: replace manual tasks with scripts or code.

If you have not noticed everything is being scripted whether it is for your device, a commercial, or your news.  This slowly began at the close of WWII but it is reaching a highly perfected state today. 

  • Containerize: package processes with their dependencies making them easy to test, move and deploy.

To me this is the most dangerous component of the Cloud Native, the Container.  New synthetic humans called 'Synths' are being deployed this month.  These 'Synth's' are the containers of demons, fallen angels, and every wicked spirit--yet they look exactly like you or I.  They can talk, breathe, have an artificial brain, nervous system, some may have artificial blood.  'Synths' look just like you.  They can respond to you, interact with you.  How will you know if they are human or 'Synth' especially as humanity debases itself to lower than an animal?  Discernment by the Holy Spirit will be the only way. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Containers (also called sleeves, or vessels or jars) are a biblical concept.  As a Christian you are a container that holds Jesus and His Spirit in you heart. 

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  Now we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this surpassingly great power is from God and not from us.  We are pressed on all sides, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 2 Corinthians 4:6-8

Orchestrate: abstract away individual servers in production using off-the-shelf management and orchestration tools.

BOTTOM LINE: Remember Hermes the Orchastrator where I get some of my techno-info? 

Who is the master orchastrator who does not care for the sheep in the flock but drives them away from God?  The Prince of the Power of the Air using fallen angel technology is cunningly luring mankind and especially Christians away from their security in Jesus Christ.

    The world has a shiny fashionable toy--courtesy of the technology of fallen angels that is pushing IaaS, infrastructure-as-code (scripted environment creation), automated testing, containerization and microservices (which rely on modern fast machines and networks).  Sin takes allot of time to plan, test and documen,t but that time is quickly coming to an end.

    BOTTOM LINE:  You need to be wary of pragmatic considerations offering you speed and value in trade for your soul and eternal life with Jesus.

    I love a good mystery and so I leave you with one.  There is a connection between Jesus's ascension and return, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and clouds.  Smile, that is your homework.  Enjoy!


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