Stranger Things of Upheaval and Chaos

    We are returning to a time of upheaval and chaos, much like the moments after creation. Much like a demolition project, God is beginning to unravel the fabric of His creation to create a new one.  Mankind, through various lusts, sins, and reprobate mind is taking part in this strange grand scheme.  The cyclical nature of reality, according to most global cultures is on its last revolution.  You and I will be experiencing this drama as it unfolds before our very eyes.

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    From chaotic weather to violent explosive volcanoes to earth shaking earthquakes, ice ages introduced from a magnetic pole reversal-in which we are in smack into currently.  There is chaotic disaster for everyone wherever you live. For instance, the United States just experienced the coldest and wettest six months in its recorded history.

      Stoning for Idolatry

      The penalty for idolatry in the Bible is stoning and frankly my friends we are being bombarded by stones.  You may inquire, "Where" or "How" because you do not see the stoning to which you are being subjected.

      Furthermore, just as in the days of Genesis 6 when everything became tainted by sinful actions between fallen angels and earth women which included all the beasts and even plant life -to the degree God called for a Great Deluge to wipe out the genetic pollution.  The only ones saved were Noah and his family. Mankind and indeed all of creation is being tainted once again by wicked angels, sexual perversions, and forbidden technologies. Jesus said that prior to His return we would experience a resurgence of the Days of Noah.  During the times time come you will feel the brute forces of creation upon your body and the travail will lash out upon the earth and in the heavens.  Heaven and earth were tasked with being a witness for God:

      After you have children and grandchildren and you have been in the land a long time, if you then act corruptly and make an idol in the form of anything, doing evil in the sight of the LORD your God and provoking Him to anger, I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you this day that you will quickly perish from the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess. You will not live long upon it, but will be utterly destroyed.  Deuteronomy 4:26

      Witnesses often are subjected to punishment for allowing perversions, sin, and crimes to come to pass.

      And so it is coming to pass that we are being bombarded by penetrating electromagnetic radiation particles. Scientists say that our protective magnetic barrier is now weakening 10 times faster than originally thought, losing 5% of its strength each decade. This allows cosmic rays hit everything in which they encounter, animate or inanimate and then piercing our earth's mantle and driving down to the core of our planet-changing our world forever.   This could be the precursor to the poles flipping.

      The Act of Stoning

      Earth has entered a spiral arm cloud of Galactic Dust. A primordial cold flux of cosmic rays entering the Earth's atmosphere from outer space nuggets comes as Strange Quark Matter (SQM) in form of so called strangelets.  Galactic cosmic rays are atomic nuclei stripped of electrons.  The acronym for them is GCR.  Cosmic rays actually are not rays at all but particles of which 90% are protons, 9% are alpha particles. Cosmic rays carry with them a unique traveler known as strangelets.  You may have heard about strangelets from the experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  Those are synthetic strangelets.  They are dangerous none-the-less for they fall to the core of our planet in under 8 seconds grabbing and taking with them other matter and quite possibly unprotected spiritual matter.  The danger lies in that they collect and can turn our planet into a neutron star, imploding it first to a the size of a soccer ball and then exploding like fireworks in the universal sky.  

      The highest energy rays are millions of times more energetic than particles from human-made accelerators. In extreme cases, a single atomic nucleus can possess as much energy as a large hail stone falling on your head.

      Atmospheric hotspots are a manifestation of the peculiar nature of cosmic rays, and of the presence of molecular clouds. Chunks of strangelet matter is ejected and carried through the electrical universe from astrophysical events such as pulsars which are strange stars with crusts comprised of nuggets (called strangelets) of embedded electron background.  These are later reprocessed by collisions with ordinary nuclei in space. Scientists are detecting strangelets in experiment called ALPHA using the Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02 on the International Space Station and a quest for them on the lunar surface. 

      Scientists are analyzing its processes, including abrasion, fusion and fission of the original strangelets to understand the physics of these interactions both in the interstellar medium and in the earth's atmosphere. Research is being conducted on temperatures, electrical charges and energies associated with strangelets.

      The Power of Dust

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      As these cosmic rays hit our atmosphere they have the power to induce nucleation in what is referred to as the Svensmark Effect. In a magnetic pole reversal cloud cover overwhelms the biosphere (not it is not CO2 or you) with many cascading events.

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      What this means is that the earth will become engulfed in clouds.  Particles in the earth's atmosphere whether they be galactic, pollution, dust, or volcanic induce water droplets to coalesce around the particles. The last time the earth was engulfed in clouds was during the Days of Noah.  After the Deluge the cloud patterns changed into what we used to be familiar with until geo-engineering changed our atmosphere and weather.

      The propagation of cloud cover over the planet will do several things including:

      • Cool the planet
      • Areas of extinction level rainfall
      • Dim access to the sun's light (irradiance) that has already been diminished by 30% since 1970
      • Famine due to crop failure due to all of the above
      • Disrupt biological mechanisms of life

      I am going to only briefly mention the Power of the Dust so that you can research the topic on your own and watch for more articles that I will be writing on the topic. 

      Volcanic Activity

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      Cosmic rays during a solar minimum, which is what we are in currently, trigger volcanoes with silica-rich and highly viscous magma tend to produce violent explosive eruptions that result in disasters to local communities and that strongly affect the global environment.  This strong association between eruption timing and the solar minimum is statistically significant to a confidence level of 96.7%.  Therefore we can expect increasing violent volcanic eruptions in the future.

      Volcanic eruptions affect the flux of diffuse radiation received at the Earth’s surface even when they are many thousands of miles away. While sulphur aerosols are capable of remaining a year and ashes only a few months, while aerosols in the atmosphere over 1–3 resulting from GCRs have a much shorter lifespan. According to Yu & Turco (2000); Kristjansson et al. (2002) these aerosols have a lifespan of only a few days, so cloud formation and any consequent impact on photosynthesis should take place within this short time.  One must think of the synergy between volcanic and cosmic particulates.

      Scientists speculate that the snowball Earth event was triggered by successive large-scale volcanic eruptions triggered by increased cosmic-ray flux due to nearby supernova explosions.

      This further cools down the planet and increases precipitation levels. 


      NASA is monitoring seismic effects—bursts of high-energy particles (cosmic rays) in near-earth space. Russian studies of the seismo-magnetospheric phenomena that were discovered in recent years and are linked to a correlative dependence between the dynamics of fluxes of high-energy, charged particles in near-Earth space and seismic activity. One of the most significant directions for geophysical experiments today is the search for credible and reliable signs of catastrophic seismic phenomena that will lead to a future method for predicting earthquakes and other emergency situations.

      The hope is that instruments located in space will provide advance warning of earthquakes. This study of seismic events show that it may be possible to predict earthquakes based on bursts of high-energy charged particles in near-Earth space. Scientists mapped the location of particle bursts, then analyzed correlation between those and known quakes. They identified particle bursts that could have predicted earthquakes registering more than 4 on the Richter scale. Some bursts group along tectonic fault lines and in zones of disturbance of Earth’s radiation belt.  About 15 percent of particle bursts may be seismic in nature and precede earthquakes by several hours.

      Earthquake prediction is being perfected as once space weather began being considered in the mix as an earthquake trigger. 

      Scientific evidence has genetically linked particle bursts and earthquakes with a time shift of 1-5 hours in-between, identified 8 particle bursts that were potential candidates for harbingers of earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 4 on the Richter scale.

      It was discovered that there are particle bursts grouped along tectonic fault lines; that is, right in the zones of local perturbations of the Earth's radiation belt. Statistically approximately 15% of particle bursts may be seismic in nature.

      Cosmic ray intensity seems to correlate with seismic activity on Earth much better than solar activity but one must factor in solar activity, for the sun influences our cosmic ray exposure through various factors.  Grand Solar Minimums are one causal factor in triggering strong earthquakes.

      Solar equatorial coronal holes also drive the likelihood and intensity of earthquakes. 

      Path of the Cosmic Ray

      As cosmic rays bombard earth they leave a calling card in animate and inanimate things.  It is much akin to consuming various chemicals into your body where a residue gravitates to your hair that can become a living record within your body of chemical exposure.  We can find evidence of these cosmic rays in various records from our body to rocks. 

      I cannot help but think about the Books of God that document everything ever created and the Lamb's Book of Life that documents His own.  Documenting biblical evidence appears to be in God's model. 

      Cosmic Rays Written in Meteors Stone

      Image:  NASA

      Evidence of cosmic rays can be found on terrestrial rocks but for some reason scientists prefer to look for them in meteorites, possibly due to a more pristine environment.  The tracks appear like a cosmic super highway.  When cosmic rays hit a rock they will do one of two things:  create isotope changes or their crystalline structure due to the cosmogenic interaction.

      There is a space race in the hunt for meteorites showing cosmic ray tracks.  Meteors in the moon with these tracks remain constant for many years.

      Cosmic rays can reveal mysteries hidden to man such as the discovery of a chamber in the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. 


      Cosmic rays can also provide us with insights into the mechanisms of creation and extraterrestrial activities.

      Tree Rings


      Yesterday I watched an interesting You Tube, Catastrophe:  The Day the Sun Went Out (two parts).  It discussed the possible causes of a climatic catastrophe that rocked the Earth in A.D. 535, causing two years of darkness, famine, drought and disease.  It is interesting that this was the time period which saw the end of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Islamic one.  It was known as the time of the Byzantine's. 

      Written records from China, Italy, Palestine and many other countries suggest a huge catastrophe blighted the world in 535 AD. But the cause of it has been uncertain. Was it a comet? An asteroid? A volcano? Archaeologist David Keys reveals the latter is to blame for the Dark Ages of famine and plague that shaped the world order of today.  He did some research into tree rings as a biomarker of sorts for a cosmic event. 

      The cosmogenic nuclide 14C is produced in the Earth’s atmosphere through neutrons captured by nitrogen nuclei. These neutrons are generated by cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere. Through the global carbon cycle, some of 14CO2 produced in the atmosphere can be retained in annual tree rings.

      Interestingly, a large amount of cosmic rays can be generated on a short time scale by high-energy phenomena, such as supernovae and large solar proton events (SPEs). Meanwhile, the energy deposited in gamma-rays and short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) can also cause a rapid 14C increase. Accordingly, rapid increases of 14C content in tree rings are valuable tools to explore high-energy phenomena occurred in ancient times.

      Two events rapidly increased 14C content occurring in ad 774–775 and ad 993–994 were found using Japanese trees.

      The time of 775 AD was the time of the Arabs and the first anti-semitic decree that Jewish people must wear a yellow star.  It was also around the time period of Charlemagne.  

      Also, found was a rapid increase of about 9‰ of 14C content in buried tree rings from BC 3372 to 3371. Interesting, that this is the same time period of Methuselah.  Did the same event that is hidden in the tree rings impact the genetics of man as after Methuselah life spans began to drop, which are typically attributed to the Flood.  Methuselah was still alive when Adam died, only dying just before the Flood of Noah.  But was life span diminished really due to God's decree by way of GCR? 

      There are correlations between annual growth anomaly and both the water vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and the height of the most frequently occurring cloud base.

      Cloudiness per se may be expected to reduce plant growth through a reduction in solar insolation, although Williams et al. (2008) have found that the effect of cloud cover on tree growth, and thus ring width, may vary depending on the type of cloud, the time of day, and the time of year.

      Annual growth anomaly in all months, and the first presumption is that GCRs create aerosols and thus change the radiation field. However, processes other than GCR flux are involved in aerosol production and may also modify the radiation field, and thus mask any effect of galactic cosmic radiation.

      Local aerosol production by coniferous forests has been observed (Kulmala et al., 2001, 2007), and may be expected to modify the diffuse radiation flux, possibly at a regional scale in highly forested areas. Note this for your mitigation strategies.

      It has been observed that GCR cycles are correlated with cloud cover (Svensmark & Friis‐Christensen, 1997; Marsh & Svensmark, 2000; Pallé & Butler, 2000).

      We cannot, however, rule out the possibility of a direct stimulatory effect of GCR on the growth of trees, as beneficial effects have sometimes been demonstrated in biological materials exposed to GCR in space (Hammond et al., 1996), despite the prevalence of chromosomal aberrations in such materials (Nevzgodina, 1999).

      Here are some headline links on the correlation between cosmic rays and tree links.  It appears that cosmic rays may play a part in major biblical events such as the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Noah's Flood, and the Exodus.  So it is not incomprehensible that they will have their part during the events of the End of Days.

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    • Cosmic Rays in Ice Cores

       Mainly two magnetic shields, the solar magnetic field and the geomagnetic field, modulate the cosmic ray flux approaching the Earth. Both shields vary in time, and so does the cosmic radiation bombarding  Earth. The weaker these fields, the higher is the cosmic ray intensity at Earth.

      Cosmic-ray produced radionuclides which, like tree rings, are stored in polar ice cores.  These ice core samples offer the unique opportunity to reconstruct the history of cosmic radiation and solar activity over many millennia.

      The measurements in ice cores from Antarctica, Greenland, and Arctic also show a spike around ad 775, which indicates that a large Solar Proton Event like a supernova, possibly from our sun.

      Once again, the dates of cosmic ray activity line up in many cases with the legacy left in tree rings and pivot around key biblical and historical events throughout history.  These ice core samples stand as a witness to us that cosmic rays have wrecked havoc upon the earth in the past and will do so again, probably sooner rather than later.

      Here are some headliner links on this topic:

      An Antarctic ice core recording both supernovae and solar

      9,400 years of cosmic radiation and solar activity from ice cores

      Evidence of high cosmic dust concentrations in late Pleistocene

      ice core data on climate and cosmic ray changes - CERN Document

      Stranger Yet

      And if it could not get any stranger there is this article carried by, that Alien Life Could Feed on Cosmic Rays.

      High-energy particles called galactic cosmic rays could be an energy source for life on other planets.

      As if the whole cosmic ray topic is bizarre it gets stranger yet as we explore that in a mine in South Africa a rod shaped bacterium, Desulforudis audaxviator, was discovered that lives and thrives in an inhospitable environment. It lives in a habitat devoid of light, oxygen, and carbon. It feeds upon radioactive uranium in the depths of the mine. Now, scientists predict that life elsewhere in the universe might also feed off of radiation, especially radiation raining down from space.

      “It really grabbed my attention because it’s completely powered by radioactive substances,” says Dimitra Atri, an astrobiologist and computational physicist who works for the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science in Seattle, Washington. “Who’s to say life on other worlds doesn’t do the same thing?”

      Most life on Earth's surface takes in the energy it needs through one of two processes.

      Plants, some bacteria, and certain other organisms collect energy from sunlight through a process called photosynthesis. In it, they use the energy from light to convert water and carbon dioxide into more complex and energetic molecules called hydrocarbons, thus storing the energy so that it can be recovered later by breaking down the molecules through a process called oxidation.

      Alternatively, animals and other organisms simply feed off of plants, one another, etc., to steal the energy already stored in living things.

      We now have evidence of an alternative process could be at work through the ingesting, consumption or absorption of cosmic rays in their various manifestations.

      Stranger Things on Independence Day

      In short, it is a very strange 4th of July, Independence Day.  No matter where you live on Earth Independence is a sought after state-of-being.  While independence, to be free of earthly entanglements is surely to be sought after maybe the lesson for today is that we should never strive to be independent from God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, or the Holy Spirit.  To be independent from the Creator is sin and why God will have to destroy the heavens and earth to purify the evil that mankind and fallen angelic realm allowed to enter into His perfect creation. 

      II will be doing an article within the week on what cosmic ray bombardment means to your body.  It is a more expansive topic than I ever imagined. If you have not been feeling your normal healthy self cosmic rays are playing their part in the break up of the body. 

      Be ready my dear friends for a firework display, including cosmic rays, that will rock your world and reality.  No generation in the history of mankind has experienced or will experience what we will see and feel shortly. 


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