Stratospheric Mystery-Layer Fires Creating a Dystopian Hellscape

Thunderstorms of Fire

When an alert comes in on the Homeland Security News Wire I take note.  As reality and Virtual Reality fuse a new dimension is opening up and that is the Magic Art of Pyromancy. Pyrocumulonimbus Storms or PyroCbs as they are known are fires that are extremely hot and chaotic, especially when the plume collapses. Winds can be catastrophic because they can generate tornado-strength vortexes. Embers shoot in all directions—in some cases up to three miles. As you have witnessed over the past few years higher-intensity and faster-moving fires are generating enough energy to evolve into erratic firestorms, known as pyroCbs, in the face of which first responders can do little and are thought to reducing sun simulating a nuclear winter.  These storm devils have as much energy and impact as moderate-sized volcanic eruptions.  Particulates lingered for eight months or longer because there is no rain that high in the stratosphere to wash the clouds away.

“Traditionally we could predict the fire behavior and the direction of the fire but under those conditions and those moments it’s not possible,” said Marc Castellnou, president of the Spanish independent wildfire prevention group Pau Costa Foundation.

This wildfire shows a different behavior than those of the past, he says. ”It eats everything.”

The pyroCb is now being revealed to be a unique form of convection in terms of cloud microphysics known as stratospheric mystery-layer events.

One strike can generate 100,000 kilowatts of energy per meter. In firefighting terms, this is ten times what a firefighter can handle.  For perspective, a 4,000 kilowatts firefighters cannot go near the flames and require aerial support. ”The old way of fighting fires by sending firefighters – that’s gone,” Castellnou said.  Unfortunately, as I discovered locally during severe wildfire conditions, aerial support is suspended, allowing whatever is in the path of the hellish fire to be consumed. 

New normal

What we know is that when super-heated updrafts from an intense fire suck smoke, ash, burning materials, and water vapor high into the sky, these elements cool and form “fire clouds” that look and act like those associated with classic thunderstorms.

In 1998 a remarkable manifestation of extreme wildfire impact was identified: there was smoke in the stratosphere that was hemispheric in scope, spanning into the stratospheric overworld. The cause is now known to be a particularly energetic form of blowup: pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb). Pyrocumulus convection has been well known for decades. Large-scale firestorms such as those created in the World War II bombing of Hamburg, Germany were anecdotally known to inject smoke palls into the upper troposphere, investigating hypothesized nuclear winter.

“This change has been cooking for a long time, but the first time we realized something wrong was happening were the years 2009 and 2012,” he said, referring to the Black Saturday bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria that killed 173 people and wildfires in Spain, Portugal, Chile and California, US. Many in the fire community initially thought these were just abnormal events, he says.

Extreme global wildfires indicated, “That was the new normal arriving. 2018 has confirmed that,” he said, referring to the deadly wildfires in Greece and in California.

On October 15, 2017, Castellnou was in central Portugal to conduct analysis then support the local services as the wildfires became firestorms.  “What I saw was the pace of the fires … You think: “Well that cannot be real.” When you go there (and see the damage) you understand that that is the reality,” he said. 

Castellnou, who spoke, “This is something that blew my mind and I cannot use technology to simulate that because models can’t predict it,” he said. The challenge is now predicting how they will behave, he says. ”We’re still not there. We’re struggling.”

Highly Flammable

Wildfire experts are saying unprecedented flammable conditions are making forests burn with more intensity. Wildfires now occur in the wintertime and affect regions in latitudes beyond the fire season-prone areas.

These pyrocumulonimbus storms can create their own lightning and thunder, hail, rain, and even tornado's.

“Last summer, it was the first time in history we were having wildfires in almost every single country in Europe,” he said.

"The new scenario is already here, and it has come a lot faster than expected.”

Emergency Management offices have wildland-urban interface to address wildfires in populated areas.  They are seeing more aggressive, fast-growing, high-energy fires affecting populated areas. Authorities are mobilizing because urban areas are surrounded by fuel (nature). 

Artificial Landscapes

A tendency to fight every fire, small or large, has let landscapes thrive artificially.  Plans include eliminating growth in forests with new synthetic forests that supposedly adapt to Climate Change. The proposal also increases prescribed burns with pollute air quality.

Managers are investigating how we can coexist with these intense wildfires.  In the past, the tendency was to evacuate people, but the general public must become part of the solution through self-protection.  That means what to do and what not to do, where to stay and where not to stay in case of a fire.

Dark Souls of Myth?

Allowing wildfires to go wild has been a part of the National Forest Plan for decades.  Scientists are mystified by this phenomenon but give the approved Climate Change messaging.  Behind many of the darkest programs are those who practice evil.  There is game of Dark Souls operating within this kingdom use a Flame or Special Weapons so that they can cast Chaos Pyromancies, originally Forbidden Sun.

Traces of the tumultuous seedbed that birthed the beings known as Demons who hurl chaos flame that scorches vicinity. Demons born from fire bore its smoldering essence and perished soon after. Man shares this rapport with the flames to this day.

Pyromancies include: Acid Surge, Black Orb Fire, Black Flame, Black Serpent, Boulder Heave, Bursting Fireball, Carthus Beacon,Carthus Flame Arc, Chaos Storm, Fire Ball, Fire Orb, Fire Surge, Fire Whip, Fireball, Firestorm, Flame Fan, Floating Chaos, Great Chaos Fire Orb, Great Combustion, Iron Flesh, Poison Mist, Power Within, Profaned Flame, Profuse Sweat, Rapport, Sacred Flame, Seething Chaos, Toxic Mist, and Warmth

Even if the individuals participating in this game are unaware that they are summoning demons, we now have a case where strange and mystical phenomena are now manifesting in our physical world.  These players are unknowingly being used by demonic forces to bring fire and chaos to the world. We must come together in prayer against these manifestations in Jesus Name.


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