You are the Guinea Pig with the New SynBio Insect Nanoparticle Vaccine

A call has been made recently for the development of influenza vaccines “that will protect against seasonal influenza drift variants” and “not be subject to the limitations of egg-based vaccine technology.”  A two-fold reason was given: rapid virus evolution and "heightened susceptibility to egg-adaptive mutations," resulting in poor vaccine performance. 

I would high recommend that you write down the name of this new trivalent nanoparticle influenza vaccine (tNIV) and be on the look out doe it if you partake in vaccinations.  It is made from a Sf9 insect cell- recombinant baculovirus platform made from wild-type virus sequences.  This nano-particle vaccine is a synthetically engineered and Matrix M saponin adjuvant is added to increase potency.  In researching Matrix M, I was unable to tell if the adjuvant was natural or synthetically created. 

Animal testing is being phased out  because with the Precision Medicine cohort experiment animals are no longer necessary, because you will be the guinea pig. 

The synthetic insect nano-vaccine was tested on 330 adults in a random, observer blind study. 

While I am not an expert, I do educate myself on current technologies, and their benefit or adverse impacts.  These  are my concerns:

  • This process uses Synthetic Biology platform which is so new nobody knows the longer term effects.
  •  Engineered virus-like particles are used.  It is like a virus but not, a hybrid of sorts. 
  •  The vaccine is folding insect DNA into your human proteins. 
  •  Nano-particles lodge in cells, organs, arteries, and even your brain causing clogging and impacting natural human processes such as cognition. 
  •  Documentation on the process emphasized fast uptake into the body, produced localized inflammation, though in this one study, was generally well tolerated. 
  • Unknown origin of Matrix M adjuvant.
  • Nano particles are sensors perpetually monitoring your bodily functions and have transmitter and receiving capabilities, tuning your body to receive frequency modulation and input.
  • Tolerance and/or reactions to this synbio insect nano-vaccine will go into an open database for surveillance purposes and made available to anyone who wants the data (minus your identifier).

If you would like more detail on the process he following is from a pro-technology perspective (highly technical).



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