Tale of Black Magic Mass Burning Rituals

This is an article that you will want to pray up, full armor on, and if you are uncomfortable with the topic of black magic then it is best to do a pass on this article.  For mature Christians only…

“For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.  Malachi 4:1

Burn, Baby, Burn

TheChain: Image

Burning money at the 2018 Ritual Mass Burn

Why would a very conservative Christian woman write an article about Black Magic?  In 2018, as I stepped up to the plate to war against Transhumanism, I began to have to battle in the Sprint against Black Magic. It did not come as a surprise and I was fully equipped to engage.  To make a long story short, as a bible believing Christian, at some level, you will encounter and have to make war against Black Magic.  You need to be ready. 

The globe has surged with a sea of money flooding into new start-up companies with questionable agendas.  This is contrasts against a drought in traditional jobs and monetary sourcing.   As I watch tech companies flourish and promise abundance with their new windfall, I had this burning suspicion in my spirit that there was a web of intrigue between magic and this new money.

Many of us have a disdain for the current monetary Federal Reserve system.  Our youth are turning to alternative systems such as crypt-currency as a way to say, "No thank you" to the system.  While others have taken a different approach ritual black magic spells involving burning currency to create a flood of new money.

Black Magic Burning Man Cult

WARNING:: there are incantation spells for money burning on the internet

Last year Burning Man was dedicated to Transhumanism, the merging of humans and machines. 

This year the theme of Burning Man is Metamorphosis.    What better way to shape-shift than to burn money in a get rich quick scheme.   The idea dabbles in Black Magic, crosses the line of reason, and engages in ritualistic money burning.  There is even a new magazine, Burning Issue print magazine, covering the occultic practice of currency burning and witchcraft.   Currencies burned can be any money including crypto-currency. 

The first dark 'Ritual Mass Burn' was held a mere three days after the Ethereum launch of the beast system.  Shadowy figures wore bizarre floor-length see-through dresses or dark, hooded cloaks. Others looked like they’d just walked in off the street, in jean jackets and white sweaters. The Burning Issue Magazine creator Jonathan Harris wore a bowler hat and carried a wooden staff.

Harris's philosophy is, "Why not," burn money. He is fascinated in psychoanalytic philosophy, in ritual and sacrifice, in burning money rather than enthusiasm for libertarianism. 

Burning money to Harris is a religion, one leaning far toward the pagan end of the spectrum. It’s a symbolic way to get back to the roots of civilization, for which he believes sacrifice is the founding act,  and burning money becomes the primary form of sacrificial ritual.  And so it is intriguing that this mass ritual is held just after the launch of the beast system which will ultimately result in a cashless society of people who take a mark for convenience damning their souls to hell for all eternity. 

Bitcoin, Beast and Sacrifice

Enter bitcoin into Harris’s money burning philosophy: “You sacrifice all this computing power in the pursuit of the creation of the divine object that is bitcoin,” he says. “There’s a libertarian idea that having your own private property is the basis of freedom, whereas sacrificial logic says that sacrifice and sovereignty are linked.” In other words, bitcoin can please all types of people looking to achieve personal power. Burning bitcoin is not as sacrificial but it accomplishes a ritual. 

History of Currency Burning

Many ancient cultures including the Chinese would burn money, "The burning of spirit money enables the ancestor to purchase luxuries and necessities needed for a comfortable afterlife." Money to be burned is called shade/dark money or ghost money.   Different types of spirit money are given to distinct categories of spirits. The three main types of spirit money are cash, silver and gold. Cash monies are given to newly deceased spirits and spirits of the unknown.

Westernized varieties of Joss paper  for burning include paper currency, credit cards, checks, as well as paper mache clothes, houses, cars, toiletries, electronics and even servants.

In 2006, a Chinese burning of "messy sacrificial items", such as paper cars, houses, and pills, resulted in Dou Yupei, China's deputy minister for civil affairs, announcing that the ministry intended to ban at least the more extreme forms of joss paper.

Hell Bank Notes

The most well known Joss paper among Westerners is the Hell Bank Note. Much like the traditional gold and silver paper, Hell Bank Notes serve as the official currency for the afterlife. Living relatives offer them to dead ancestors by burning (or placing them in coffins in the case of funerals) the bank notes as a bribe to gods for a shorter stay or to escape punishment.

Tale of Black Magic Mass Burning Rituals

Mass Burning Rituals caught flame licking the dark night skies of 2015 but it began long ago.  Harris describes how  money burning transformed from his modest, personal hobby into a cultural phenomenon, big enough to occupy London theaters and change the life of well-known Ethereum architect Vinay Gupta.

As with all evil tales the modern rituals take macabre twists and turns.  Harris and his woman were pornographic adventurers with winning the Erotic Award in 2002.  they later launched a Pornhub.  In 2013 they broke up and Harris came across a blog post on a book entitled The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds. The post featured an interview with Youth from a band called Killing Joke. In the interview, Youth talked about how he liked to burn money.

Harris had been a closet money burner for six years at that point and was delighted to discover another money burner.

Harris told Higgs, who invited him to a talk he’d be giving about his book along with Robert Anton Wilson, an author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Harris described Wilson’s book as “a big cult science fiction classic.” In addition to hearing Wilson and Higgs talk, people were getting together that night to crowdfund a play about Wilson’s life, called “Cosmic Trigger.” It would focus on the idea of performing an action—For Wilson, it was taking LSD,” says Harris—and doing a ritual that “triggers a cosmic change in the universe.”

On October 23, 2013—Harris’s annual money burning day a magical cosmic trigger occurred that ended up changing his personal universe and that of future money burners.

There are two major instances of mass money burns in recent history. In 1975, right before the last American troops left Vietnam, a group of marines burned piles of money to keep it from getting into the hands of Vietnamese communists. Nearly two decades later, a British art/dance/electronica/pop band called the KLF traveled to a remote Scottish island called Jura to incinerate £1 million in cash.  

According to Breaker Magazine, "The KLF’s decision to burn such a large sum of money remains unfathomable. They were a strange band active in the 1980s and 1990s, never quite fitting neatly into any particular genre and going by a variety of names, including the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, a name that references a secret sect and a lost island from Wilson’s The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Their top hits include “Justified and Ancient,” featuring the American country singer/songwriter Tammy Wynette, and “3am Eternal.” Drummond designed sets for a 1970s theater adaptation of The Illuminatus! Trilogy, a precedent for the “Cosmic Trigger” play."

The crowdfund for “Cosmic Trigger” proved successful, raising more than £25,000 playing in both London and Liverpool in 2014. Through his involvement in the play, Harris met other people who were -open to the ideas of Ritual Sacrifice and Magic that he was exploring in Money Burning. That included Gupta, who was so moved by the performance that he broke a long-held religious vow he had taken about money that eventually led him to Ethereum.  He had kept that vow of the Nath Sampradaya, a sub-tradition within Hinduism, but the 'Cosmic Trigger' made him reevaluate his doctrine.  It was after that that he got involved in Ethereum.” In a sense, then, you could say that the same concepts that inspired a culture of burning money brought us one of crypto’s broadest thinkers. Magic.

Harris was bankrupt when he first burned money in 2007. He decided to set $20 ablaze. “It didn’t seem like a big deal, really, deciding how to spend or get rid of 10 quid,” he said. “Immediately on doing it, I was aware that it was a form of ritual and a form of sacrifice.”

What makes a currency real? To some it is when they are able to burn them [sic] for real, of course.  Whether cold cash or a BTC onto an SD memory card and set it on fire. Like magic, it becomes real.

There’s an irony inherent in creating a commercial magazine dedicated to the act of burning money. Harris “wants to make a profit” from Burning Issue, because he would rather do that than drive a van for a living. 

 Burning Metamorphosis

“That’s why [Burning Man] has spread so contagiously, and caused people to take it back with them, and apply it to ordinary life: because it has engineered a change in who they really are.”
― Larry Harvey

These poor souls are caught up in a Burning Man world in between human folly and godly whims. To these life is by its nature a transformative journey, where fate and character interact in unpredictable ways.

They want change...their surroundings, community,  company, city,  country. They demand innovation, modification, diversification, evolution and revolution.

Alchemists have long sought to master the art of metamorphosis through esoteric means, transmuting base metals to gold and breathing life into the inanimate, thereby hoping to achieve transcendence over the material world and challenge the dominion of gods and kings and money and power.  This is going to play a key role in the days to come as our DNA is changed for good or for evil. 

This journey in which they have embarked will consume them. I pray for their souls, for unless they repent, they will experience the ultimate Burning Man experience, the lake of fire. 


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