The Techno-Occult War Unfolding Against God, Creation, and His People!

Is it BlackChains or BlockChains?

  • 99% of the technology presented was fallen angel technology.
  • 95% was deeply occultic in nature.
  • 95% was technology God would consider an abomination as determined from His Word.

It is being called CryptoWinter that portends to bring fabulous wealth to each of you who partake in the AI beast system. 

I am hoping that you are having a blessed weekend.  I am writing a three part series on the BlackChains launch then switching over to a series on Exponential Medicine (AI in medicine) because techno pharmkia will play a critical role as prophecy unfolds. 

Let me put it into perspective for you.  I just participate in 44 hours of continuing education about AI in medicine. 

I knew only 5% of the information presented.

85% of the technology presented has biblical implications.

99% of the technology presented was fallen angel technology.

95% was technology God would consider an abomination as determined from His Word.

95% was deeply occultic in nature.

90% of this medical conference had New Age, GAIA, and other philosophical and religious overtones with attendees engaging in pagan ceremonies and rituals. 

So it behooves us to get a cursory understanding background on who is BlockChains and their background.

Move over Jetson's the future is almost here! 

David and Goliath Meets the 10 Plagues


Whether you realize it or not you are witnessing the modern David versus Goliath biblical narrative. David is God's world and His laws coming up against an arrogant adversary Goliath.  This is playing out in each of our lives and throughout the fabric of society.  

There is a huge war for financial resources right now because the traditional enterprise/gov is at war with the decentralized virtual  governance tech crowd. It is primarily an invisible war. 

The whole new system is truly gladiatorial in nature where one (person, business, agency, gov or nation) must fight for its existence.  In the days to come you are going to see allot of saber rattling centering around power, strength, and might as each enters the fallen angel technological Colosseum that has been erected. The old world is battling the new age.  This battle is to the death.

FEMA Region X is one of the many players vying for their existence.  They are beating their chest that they can solve regional problems, when in fact, they hide in their bunker and manages(now through AI) but does not solve anything.  This new age boasts it will solve root problems (it is a lie, but the world will buy in).  Solve problems is the code between the old guard and the new. It is a very different mindset. 

In order to not be fearful you must understand what is happening. 

Above is a basic, easy to understand You Tube on where we are at in history, couched in biblical concepts.  I find it interesting that many of the speakers I am listening you use biblical language and even concepts, although they are clearly anti-Christ.  You will clearly see the gladiatorial nature of reality as we now know it.  

Black white represents digital processing and fallen angel technology/God's world (white).  This presentation is occult light but the conferences I am attending are occult dense.

I highly recommend this as an overview. 

In a nutshell, God is orchestrating the End of the Age miraculously.  Similar to when He went against the God's of Egypt during the 10 Plagues, He is lining up the ancient gods who have transformed themselves into techno gods for their final annihilation. 

The time of reaping is almost upon us. 

God bless each one of you as you stand firm in your faith in Jesus, in these days. 

Look up your redemption draweth nigh....


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Going where angels fear to tread...

A special thank-you to my Editor and friend- Beate.

Please check out  Anthony Patch who is doing some awesome Webinar's, features in Entangled Magazine, and is dedicating his Friday night Blog Talk Radio Show to AI and related topics, in depth.  

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