New Technological Education is Baptism by Immersion of Population into AI Beast System

Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.  Benjamin Franklin

The 21st century is here and with it the world has become a battle-field immersed with advanced lethal technologies, not only for this life but ultimately where you will spend your eternal life.  You are being asked to immerse yourself in new learning, thinking, and adapt to innovation of the synthetic world and to dispose of the biblical, Jesus-centered world. In this environment you will be forced to accelerate your learning so that you have no time to question the consequences or validity of what you experience or are being taught.

I am sure that you have heard the word immersive technology being bantered about.  What does it really mean?  According to the American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, 1828 it means to plunge into a fluid, to overwhelm, to engage.

The Hebrews immersed in living water for:
  • Purification
  • Purification after becoming ritually unclean
  • Conversion
  • Preparation of the body for burial

While in Christian times baptism or immersion was for:

  • Admission and adoption into the Christian faith
  • Follow Jesus Christ
  • Act of Obedience
  • Public Declaration
  • A move from death to life
  • New Creation
  • Blessed Life
  • New Family

Jesus Christ was baptized.

Archaeological evidence indicates that total immersion was the preferred method of immersion during baptism.

Educators have bitten into the apple of technology to tap the ancient and hidden mysteries forbidden to humans.  The quick pace of a technological education requires lifelong learning to compete in a world that is changing every 6 weeks.  No longer are educators talking about investments in schools and increasing STEM education for the purpose of forming students for successful lives and to be productive citizens.  Brick and mortar schools are going extinct in lieu of on-demand and virtual venues.  The focus, and dare I say it, battlefield will be your brain, cognitive ability, and how science can enhance the way you learn and think.  Enhancement is different than augmentation for it creates superhuman abilities in man that have never before existed.   For what purpose are superhuman powers necessary? 

With the advent of computers and technology we are being organized into the hive mind.  This organization spells victory or defeat for AI beast system and bankruptcy or irrelevancy for those who refuse to bow to the god of AI. 

Education facilities will focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence and that learning will explode into the marketplace and areas such as national security.  Educators will be the new Field Guides providing the advantages and understanding of AI so that students can seize fleeting windows of opportunity.  This new breed of educators will guide students into an immersive and trusting relationship with their increasingly invasive machines.   This intimate trust and unity is necessary until the Satan and futurists attain goal of replacing humanity with robots or the brain is uploaded into cloud.

Henceforth students are now labeled as learners, much in the same way that farmers are producers, and physicians have been degraded to providers.  This is a dehumanization tool of social engineering that has been increasingly implemented as the deck of the masses is shuffled.  As Herbert Simon, one of the founders of cognitive science and a Nobel laureate noted: “Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the student does to learn.”  Therefore, the primary goal in the future is to influence the student, who is no longer challenged to explore the world with curiosity and wonder. 

The new education being introduced to students as well as life-long learners immerses student into a ritual of progressive, continuous, learner-centrist, and competency-based learning AI beast environment.  This baptism, immersion into the waters of the AI beast system captures the student and eliminates any desire for biblical based and moral/ethical traditions of past generations. 

Learning is a process that involves changing knowledge, belief, behavior, and attitudes and is entirely dependent on the learner as he/she interprets and responds to the learning experience – in and out of the classroom therefore it needs to be controlled and redirected into an immersive environment. 

The AI immersive environment increases measurable outcomes of progress, accelerates learning of permitted information, and motives students by any means with incentives, and demands intimate engagement with the AI beast system.

Source: CIO Australia

Students are being crafted through immersive indoctrination with different values, beliefs, attitudes and acceptance of technology.  No longer will the teachings of God drop like rain upon students and no longer will students inquire from their elders the days of yore. God knew this and has prepared His glittering arrows and a time such has never been seen to destroy the evil that is filling the land and the wickedness in the hearts of men.

Changes in the learning system must be ethical, affordable, and feasible.

Accessed Mad Scientists

Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Howard Gardner postulated that to be successful in the 21st Century requires the development of the “disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creative mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind.

You will be see an increased focus on on the learning process such as approaches, processes, organization (into the hive) and other cognitive science tools. 

The beast AI system intends to turn brick and mortar schools on its head – with more upfront education; shorter focused professional education; more blended programs combining resident/non-resident instruction (indoctrination centers); and continual access to experts, courses, and knowledge selected by the individual for “on demand” learning.

The AI beast system is replacing our God given rights with new rights such as the right of the profession within the matrix, of course.

We can see emerging from this AI immersive system and emphasis upon learning coaches that will expose gaps in your cognitive abilities and create a precision (code for algorithm) plan for you to continue to have access to learning.  Remember, there are benchmarks and if you fail to meet them your access is terminated.  This goes even deeper with Master Learning Coaches (AI) who will guide you for all your learning and necessities for life. 

Delivery of instruction is also about to change.  Simulations and gaming will provide an Ender's Game experience where reality and simulation are indistinguishable.  Learning will take on a gaming feel, Vince Lombardi noted – “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Experiential learning will reinforce classroom, on-line instruction, or short intensive courses/seminars through the linkage of classroom seat time and field time or other exercises or experiences.

How much has changed since 1984, the illumination for the future?

Accessed Mad Scientists

Technology has transformed the learning process with tools such as laptops where typewriters used to reign; instant on-line access to the world’s literature from anywhere replacing libraries; and classes at brick and mortar schools transformed by Massive Open Online Courses.

Access:  Mad Scientists

Welcome to the world of virtual, augmented and mixed realities, gamification, virtual mentors, synthetic training environments, and intelligent artificial tutors.  This world that challenges current cognitive load limitations has eternal ramifications. 

Transformative Education claims to move beyond the industrial age and caste systems of mass education and allocation of seat to provide immediate access to knowledge to learn through learning enablers, but this access will be at a price.  You must voluntarily agree to the immersion (baptism) of the AI beast system with all its historical inferences.  As a consequence, your eternal life is at stake.

I will be exploring AI in education in a series.  Comments are encouraged but will only be posted if the commentator has a verifiable email, and is not violent, degrading (per biblical standards),or sexually explicit.


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