Ten Plagues: Invasion of Imprisoned Supernatural Frogs from the Abyss

The Frog Goddess is Coming

Hearken back to the days of the Ten Plagues! A supernatural wonder of amphibians is on the horizon.  It is an invasion from within and without; human caravans and technological swarms; warriors and armaments mobilizing to war against God and you!  A dystopian nightmare is emerging setting the stage for the coming bowl judgment of a proliferation of supernatural amphibians ascending spoken of in Revelation 16:1

Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East. And I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs coming out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. These are demonic spirits that perform signs and go out to all the kings of the earth, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God, the Almighty.…Revelation 16:1

Pharaoh hardened his heart and did not respond the Plague of Blood and because he failed to seen God's people out to serve Him God declares the He will strike your boundary with frogs.  The river shall swarm with frogs and they shall ascend. It is directly because Pharaoh turned away from God and the foreshadowing of the blood of Jesus Christ that his boundary was besieged.

Is it any wonder (pun intended) that we see caravans or swarms of people around the world assaulting sovereign borders?  Every border or barrier in creation is under attack.  From our most elemental form, our very cells, to the celestial heights. You are about to discover the historical account of the Plague of Frogs in a new perspective as well as glean nuggets for prophetic insight.

The Plague of Frogs came with a warning to Pharaoh and is the second of the first set of three plagues. 

Bottom Line:  While we think that invasion of national borders is a migration issue it is really a judgment by God to a people who do not heed the Blood of Jesus and His sacrifice.

Ancient History, Prophecy, or News Headlines?

In Egyptian mythology, Heket or Heqet was one of the oldest deities.  She was the sign of fruitfulness, fertility, and resurrection. Invocations of magical charms in her honor invoked the 'gods' to protect the dead on their way to the afterlife.  Heket eventually became a goddess associated with childbirth. The Egyptians referred to her as "the defender of the home," reminding me very much of Hillary Clinton and the whole international rights of the Child.  I am of the firm belief that this Egyptian deity who was partially instrumental in changing America into an abortion slaughterhouse. 

The Satan and his demonic hoards are invoking dark forbidden magic schemes deceiving many by the seduction of abundance and fruitfulness through artificial intelligence (AI).  They are attempting to commandeer the resurrection narrative in their hunt for immortality. They are controlling reproduction bent on funneling humanity into a DNA altered reality readying the lambs for slaughter.  For those who do not a firm foundation on and in Jesus Christ these deities usher unwary souls towards eternal death.

There are ancient words and a concept associated with frogs KJV translates Strong's H5234 in the following manner: strange, foreign, adulterous, different, knowledge, alien, foreigner, outlandish, calamity, disaster, misfortune reject, resigns, dissemble, estrange, perceive, make behave self strange(-ly), disguise, and lastly, to profane.

Woven into the Exodus story are the aliens.  They are not the extra terrestrial grays or are they?  From the description above an alien could be extra-terrestrial, interdimensional, definitely anti-God, an entity of profanity, bringing with them disaster and calamity. 

Bottom Line:  Ancient gods and goddesses using a spirit of the frog are emerging.  They will deceive many unto the eternal fires of hell.  

Leapin' Frogs of Boldness

  • A master who believes that he is superior to his slaves is under two delusions, that he is the superior species and that he is superior due to his power and wealth.  We certainly see those attitudes around the globe especially roles of leadership.
  • · Frogs are typically timid, except for this one species of venomous frog that we have here in Montana that spits venom into the eyes of dogs and predators.  They frogs typically hide from man in ponds, marshes, and reeds. Their melodious song soothes us to sleep during the spring. 
  • · These particular frogs emerge from their hiding palaces and boldly invade the habitations of man, impudently hopping even upon the bodies of the rulers of the land thus ridding the high and mighty of their notions of superiority by showing them that the smallest creature has lost respect for them. This builds a foundation for the coming plagues. 
· Bottom Line:  Frogs will emerge from their natural habitat at God's command invading the landscape to humble the proud.

     Three Books-Three Frogs

    It is compelling that frogs are only mentioned in three books of the bible: Exodus, Psalms, and Revelation. 

    And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.  Revelation 16:13

    Watching the CERN summoning of Lucifer I wondered if there was a tie in with the three scarab beetles but during my studies I could see no obvious connection.

    And if thou refuse to let [them] go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs:  Exodus 8:2-14

    Their land brought forth frogs in abundance, in the chambers of their kings.  Psalms 105:30

    And the LORD did according to the word of Moses; and the frogs died out of the houses, out of the villages, and out of the fields. Exodus 8:13-14

    And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me. Exodus 8:1-14

    Barriers & Border Security

    It is apparent from the narrative that no barrier stood in the path of the relentless onslaught of frogs.  Even the strongest palace, built of the hardest marble, was vulnerable.  This is one of the few instances in scripture where God gave something soft power over something hard.  It is as if the frog stood before the marble slab fortress and Pharaoh's heart and declared, "Make way!  I am the messenger of God!" 

    Frogs in Hebrew relate to the collective context and the concept of territories and borders. 

    NAS: your whole territory with frogs.
    KJV: all thy borders with frogs:

    What we see today is a spirit of the collective or the hive mind.  Although they may be individuals in their own right, their actions are unified.  We do not typically think of frogs in a swarm but think again. 

    The Plague of Frogs delineated borders and territories.  We see nowhere in any historical accounts where it was a global frog inundation.  Territories could be determined by the frogs, which was Egyptian and which was not. This plague was directed towards Pharaoh and the polytheistic world of the Egyptians demonstrating to all the God was superior.

    These frogs appeared and disappeared solely within the boundaries of Egypt.

    A modern Plague of Frogs is beginning to creep into current news headlines referring to technological swarms, AI abundance, prophecies of what, and shall come, pools and ponds of water, and secret forbidden arts are associated with the frogs. Destruction and devouring is associated with these frogs.

    Bottom Line:  There is no boundary, territory, or collective is secure from the judgments of God.

    In the beginning

    In the beginning God decreed upon the water:  Let the waters swarm with living creatures [and the water obeyed].  He now put a decree upon the river to bring forth frogs. 

    I will smite all your borders with frogs.  Smiting is a supernatural wonder inflicting a death blow.

    It is believed that this plague began with one single frog that came upon the land from its natural habitat the water and caused the other frogs come ashore by its croaking.  These frogs increased into swarms effectuated by God.

    Why is this critical to understand?  One frog or many frogs, what is the difference?  When you carefully examine the text, the frog  multiplication reflects a microcosm from the smallest element to beyond the galaxies, and even the battle between God and Satan.

    When Moses commanded that Aaron with the staff in his stretched out caused the second plague of a frog (singular noun) to come up.  According to the simple meaning of this verse it was a singular 'infestation of frogs'. 

    In case you are wondering, neither the text nor the commentators, know whether these were giant frogs, small frogs, or both. 

    Bottom Line: When God command's one single frog or one single person can and will make a difference, possibly changing the course of history. 

    Swarms of Frogs

    Will swarm...  Ancient commentators believed these frogs were a new act of creation and that Aaron was only instrumental in bringing them to shore. 

    Some believe that the frogs did not swarm upon the shores until the magicians struck the water resulting in swarms upon swarms of frogs that quickly inundated the land. 

    One commentator believed only a single frog came ashore but then multiplied prodigiously, or in other words swarmed, filling the land of Egypt. 

    Another view is that it began with a pair of frogs, as one, summoning the other frogs.

    One premise is that because this was a wonder, that many frogs were created out of nothing in the waters (such as in the creation narrative) with one coming ashore then croaking, they all ascended to the land. 

    Another belief is that while originally one frog appeared, every time the Egyptians struck at it, the frog fragmented into many swarms.  This many be an important detail for us to know as we face off with the supernaturally charged techno-frogs of the future.

    Bottom Line:  Swarms are a supernatural wonder created by God as a tool of judgment, even if they are engineered by DARPA. 

    Invasion by Frogs

     Pharaoh committed the transgression and so he was the first to be stricken.  Contrary to their nature these frogs first went into Pharaoh's sleeping chamber; then onto his bed-his innermost chamber; then into the house of Pharaohs servants; and then in the midst of all the Egyptians.  So severe was this plague even the frogs invaded even the Egyptian ovens and kneading troughs. 

    Pay particular attention to the wording of the verses for these frogs will come up into you and your people and upon all your servants.  This was to fulfill verse 7:29 "and into you and your people…will the frogs ascend." 

    Bottom Line: At the Will of God these supernatural frogs ascended breaking every barrier. 

    Creepy Frogs Invade Human Body

    These were not your typical frogs for in the original language it conveys that a demonic spirit entered all of the Egyptians according to many commentators. Not only did these frogs invade the body, but records indicate, that they had the ability to croak inside of the Egyptians like a demon!

    It should not surprise you after learning that the plagues came in sets of three, to hear that the words into you, occurs three times in scripture:

    • into you and into your people (here in Exodus
    • For with You I will run toward a troop (II Samuel 22:30)
    • I have sought refuge in You (Psalms 141:8)

    This indicates that the frogs swarmed in waves of troops! The word frogs (plural) being used 10 times in the narrative, and yet, at the onset frog was in the singular. This may have prophetic implications on the number of waves of alien invaders we can expect to see in the future.

    One oddity in the wording is that after the frogs went into the Egyptians while others went into the ovens and then into the kneading troughs.  One would expect the frogs would first enter the kneading troughs and then into the ovens.  To me it is a quandary. 

    These frogs, given the sheer number, would put out the fires of the Egyptians, thereby preventing the cooking a food.  Did the frogs consume the Egyptians foods or were they forced to eat their food uncooked with raw frog in every mouthful? 

    Bottom Line:  These terrifying frogs went inside the bodies of the Egyptians and supposedly had the ability to speak (as a demon).

    Sheer Noise and Sheer Terror

    he croaking of the frogs was so severe that it penetrated the bodies of the Egyptians.  I once raised Guinea Hens and had a clutch of keets (chicks).  Guineas are not good mothers and the mornings were damp.  I put the twelve keets in a pet carrier.  Mom was free to hang around.  While I was doing my chores  mom got her keets so worked up they were literally screaming. But this scream is unlike anything I had ever heard in my life.  It painfully hurt my ear drums and the reverberation of frequency shook my brain until it was unbearable.  Frantically I freed the birds, saying a blessing for their survival.  Every time I think about that occasion I think about the loud and penetrating sound of these frogs. 

    There are two other thoughts regarding the sound of the frogs that we should take into consideration. 

    • That the croaks resembled the cries of the innocents who were slaughtered and were crying for vengeance. 
    • The piercing sound of the frogs is likened unto trumpeter's announcing another wave of siege upon a rebellious Pharaoh and kingdom.  The sheer volume of noise would sow terror into the population. 

    The world is already hearing loud, strange, unaccountable sounds.  Will these sounds increase until they become unbearable as in the Plague of Frogs?

    Bottom Line:  Loud noise has its place to get our attention.

    Call in the Magicians

    The magicians did likewise [calling forth frogs], contriving by some sleight of hand or means of hidden forbidden arts, it is thought through the angels of destruction.  These supernatural beings that come from the flaming fire-the same flames that will someday burn up the wicked.  These angels of destruction are also known as the angels of fire do exploits by burning in man to which is oblivious that he is burning (not to be confused with the seraphim).  These might be the angel (forces or messengers) who dwell in the atmosphere or the four elements.  An alternative reading is that instead reading lords, the word is actually a secret demons that comes quietly (at first) inasmuch as they are ethereal bodies whose presence is not felt.  

    The original language words and sentence structure gives the impression that the magicians appeared to be walking alongside the emerging frogs thus making it appear as if they were the ones who brought them up by deception.

    It was recorded in various sources that the sorcerer's were skilled in the art of incantation and assembling demons and frogs. Although it was not thought possible for magicians to create swarms of frogs.  If the bio-inspired boasting of technology is true, DARPA techno-frogs could be assembled as a housing for demons and other disembodied spirits appearing to have conquered the barrier of swarming.

    There is an Aramaic and Chaldean compound word that indicates that these Egyptian magicians would excite themselves by means of bones [of the dead]. It is known that the greater part of this dark  craft is one with the bones of dead persons or bones of animals or birds. 

    According to legend the Egyptians sorcerer's called upon the forces (demons) of impurity to call forth their version of the frogs.  Bring to remembrance that God's frogs were a supernatural wonder and so the sorcerer's seemed obligated to provide an equitable display of force.

    Bottom Line:  Ancient and modern magicians use the same dark tools to assemble demons, in other words create a habitation for them. 

    Entreat for an End

    Moses gave Pharaoh the opportunity to pick the end of the plague of frogs.  Instead of grabbing the first opportunity, instead, Pharaoh decided he would outwit Moses.  The king of Egypt was sure that Moses was not a messenger from God. 

    He thought Moses was a sorcerer or astrologer- possibly knowing a propitious conjunction of heavenly bodies or who was skilled in the arts of sorcery of Egypt.  It is also thought that he  believed that Moses had special knowledge of nature and astrology which told him the exact moment the frogs would disappear.  Thus, Pharaoh decided to test Moses. 

    At some point during the plague Pharaoh realizes his magicians were imposters and unable to dispose of the frogs and so he tells Moses and Aaron that if they dispose of them it will be clear to him that they had been miraculously brought by God and he will let the people go. 

    Bottom Line:  You will be tested during times of judgment.  Keep your faith and stand firm for Jesus.  

    Let it be according to your word

    Let it be according to your word that the frogs be removed the next morning.  Then you will know that there is none like the Lord our God, and that it was not an effect of sorcery.

    Bottom Line:  The Bible bans appeals to such occult aspects, even if feasible, that they lead to a denial of God as Master of all that is in Creation, including what man might, at some stage of his level of knowledge, refer to as 'mysterious' or 'occult' or 'quantum' forces.

    Frogs of the Abyss?

    The way each plague ended depended upon how it would impact the Egyptians. The dead frogs were supposedly  left where they fell. But in Chapter 8, verse 7-  it says that the frogs shall depart. This is, by the way, the last pandemic plan I heard in person-to leave dead bodies to lay where they dropped to infect others escalating depopulation. 

    There is an irregular accent that infers that they should put [frogs] into a dungeon [or pit] referencing Genesis 40:15. Did these supernatural frogs really die and rot in totality?  Alternatively, did their 'unclean spirits' leave their body to be imprisoned in the bowels of the abyss until the time of Revelation 16 where they entered into the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet?  Time will tell.

    The commenter believe that there is a link between the Plague of Frogs and events involving Joseph, such as, and they gathered [the frogs] is compared to and Joseph laid up corn in Genesis 41:49. As you know that Joseph is a foreshadow of Jesus Christ. 

    According to legend the Egyptians piled them in huge heaps and the rotting of their bodies afflicted them further by polluting the air creating an environmental disaster.

    Pharaoh thought the frogs would just leave but the prayer of Moses was simply that the laws of nature would return and they would die out naturally rendering the land putrid.

    Bottom Line:  The Plague of Frogs is about to revisit humanity as they ascend from the Abyss into the mouth of the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.

    Froggy Facts

    Just when you are saturated with frogs comes some very intriguing frog facts that can be fact checked:

    • Frogs are carnivores and can be very much cannibalistic.
    • Frogs are cold blooded or ectothermic. (like Pharaoh).
    • Throughout their lives frogs engage in the metamorphic process. (Think 2019 Burning Man).
    • Each species of frog has a unique call and can be heard up to a mile away.
    • Frogs keep watch over their eggs and offspring.

    Take Away

    As I reviewed this Plague of Frogs I was impressed by several things:

    The invasion of the frogs was a consequence of Pharaoh turning away from God during the Plague of Blood.  It hints at a time when those turning away from the blood of Jesus will face eternal fire in the Abyss.  

    The frogs obeyed the command of God while many people today do not.

    That these frogs were supernatural empowered for their mission. 

    The Plague of [supernatural] Frogs from the Abyss is incrementally approaching us and is about to be made manifest. 

    While magicians and every sort of unclean entity appears to have unlimited power they only project that image.  In reality their power is limited. 

    If you truly want to be prepared for all the events on the horizon accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Read His Word.  Pray.  He will shower you with everything that you need to know.  With Jesus is true security and fullness of joy!

    This article is a series

    Inspirational Moment


    The enlightened heart burns with compassion

    A flame of kindness glows with discernment,

    So many lost, spiritually dead

    Everyone who wanders the earth without the touch of the Living God,

    Deceived and deceiving as the “father of lies” laughs,

    Stumble about their nation, countries and lands

    Blown about by every gust of wind, frustrated selves weary, unsatisfied

    Without Peace, hungry for deeper fulfillment while the “prince of darkness” scoffs

    Thirsty for true lasting purpose in being alive as Satan mocks;

    So many have given up

    Resign themselves to empty lives that fall short

    And their eventual physical death.

    Yet, the Lord’s fishermen walk the narrow road of faithfulness

    Guided along the paths of prayerful Peace in action, true Love compels,

    Who seek only to fill their nets again and then again in Messiah’s honor

    To pluck the lost from the snares set, pits and traps;

    Godly zeal in healing power, steadfast love freely shown

    Goes before, trails after,

    Pure Words of Truth, clearly spoken and Holy Spirit confirmed

    At times with tears of mercy shed;

    Yes “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!”

    So many times many wait for rescue, for freedom, even deliverance

    But the world is not perfect, the world is much less

    As time falls short and hope is forever lost!



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