Ten Plagues: Life is Blood and Life of Slaughter of Innocent Blood is Crying Out

With the Creation, God put a perfect world into motion- the heavens, the earth, the galaxies, animals, and humankind-all working together in magnificent harmony. The signature of God's greatness was imprinted on each facet creation at the beginning of time.  Had man not fallen short of his heavenly mission, this perfection would have lasted for all eternity.  Of man, the verse in Genesis 6:5 tells us, "Every creation of the thoughts of his heart was always evil."  Man succumbed to sin and with each generation that passed a precipitous moral decline tarnished the grandeur of Creation.

The Ten Plagues that God inflicted upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians were meticulously orchestrated to revel God's dominion to this earth and to hasten the redemptive process, and so shall it be again during the End of Days. These were not a haphazard collection of punishments but a crescendo of targeted measure upon measure, against the oppressors of God's people.

Through the process of the Ten Plagues God peels back the layers of concealment, revealing the glory that had been obscured by man's misdeeds.  Plague upon plague ascended in severity demonstrating God's mastery over the world and His will.

You are probably familiar with the prophecy of Joel:  Blood, and fire, and columns of smoke.  Joel 3:3  The plural of blood in Hebrew indicates it was and will be again, as in future tense.

Idol Worship

When God performs a wonder He does so against the natural order to expose false heretic ideologies.  The wonder demonstrates creation is ruled by God; He renews it, sustains it, supervises, and does whatever He wishes with it.  It is written:  I will place wonders (plural) in Heaven and on earth.

Up until the Plague of Blood the Nile had the purest and clearest waters in the world. 

The supernatural smiting the Nile made it clear that Elohim had dominion over Pharaoh's god the Nile.  Moshe made it clear that although water is an elemental substance it would be entirely changed to blood.  This first plague demonstrated the manifest existence of God. 

God strike the Egyptian god first and the priests will become terrified.  

Miracles of Water and Wine

Ponder the miracle of transforming a bit of water into blood as a sign to them and a wonder to Pharaoh.  As you ponder the biblical landscape where does you mind wander? I think of the wedding at Cana when Jesus commenced His ministry by turning the most holy water of Israel, the Waters of Sanctification, into wine. 

And then, I sadly contemplate the end of Jesus' ministry of His first advent, Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water. John 19:34

I quietly give thanks that the blood of Jesus is my atonement for sin. 

There is the Water Drawing Ceremony that was held during biblical festival of Sukkot Festival of Tabernacles.  A remembrance of the times, as He tabernacles with us and the blessing of water upon the earth.  During Temple times, throughout the year, the daily offerings were accompanied by the pouring of wine on the altar; on Sukkot, water was poured in addition to the wine. The drawing of water for this purpose was preceded by all-night celebrations in the Temple courtyard, with instrument-playing Levites, torch-juggling sages, and huge oil-burning lamps that illuminated the entire city. The singing and dancing went on until daybreak, when a procession would make its way to the valley below the Temple to “draw water with joy! Behold the symbolism!

The Pouring of the Water was held on all seven days [of Sukkot-reminiscent of the seven days of creation]…

How was the Pouring of the Water done?

A golden pitcher [Jesus Christ is our precious treasure], holding three lugim,

Was filled from the Shiloach Spring (where Jesus healed the blind man in the city of David).

When they arrived at the Water Gate (The Water Gate also represents cleansing, but not for the purpose of regeneration, conversion, and revival).

The shofar was sounded [there is something about the shofar that when sounded penetrates and calls our soul and Spirit to attention]…

[The priest] ascended the ramp [of the altar] and turned to his left… where there were two bowls of silver (silver the metal symbolizing atonement)…

With small holes [in their bottom [the hole that pierced Jesus Christ's side], one wider and the other narrower pthe wide gate and the narrow gate] so that both should empty at the same time—

The western one was for the water and the eastern one for wine…[Jesus will enter through the Eastern Gate as messiah and king with much joy for those of us who are Believer's in Him]

Elements of Idolatry

Egyptian deities, as all deities project an image of powerfulness and were treated as a force of significance but during the Ten Plagues they stand in the shadow of the true God. At the conclusion of the plagues these deities self-destructed and were revealed as insignificant powerless frauds. 

Pharaoh's sorcerer's we able to do evil but their magic could not accomplish anything beneficial for mankind.  This is important to remember. 

Idolatry is defined as absolutizing aspects of the world, no matter irreducible, they appear to be, including the laws of nature.  We can see this plainly today as technology seeks to break all of creation down into its basic elemental structure for the idolatrous purpose of rearranging the elements into evil constructs.  There is nothing new under the sun. 

Not only would the Nile's appearance be altered by turning to blood the inner properties of the water changed such variance in temperature and congealing to a cheese-like texture resulting in the death of the fish.

Unicellular organisms are sometimes also called algal blooms. Blooms which can injure animals or the ecology are called harmful algal blooms (HAB), and can lead to fish die-offs, cities cutting off water to residents, or states having to close fisheries. Also, a bloom can block out the sunlight from other organisms, and deplete oxygen levels in the water. Also, some algae secrete poisons into the water.

In the techno-sorcery of today as the waters become turned to blood we suddenly have a magicians twist, instead of turning the color of blood, they are turning a blue-green. True different organisms can appear as different colors but this was an extremely rare phenomena.  I did not see it until I say different colored geothermic pools.

Furthermore, the Nile River became putrid.

What the Egyptians were going to learn is that the Nile that provided the Egyptians with the blessings of abundance became a source of calamity by giving rise to this weapon of wrath and destruction. 

God was intent upon punishing the Egyptians by depriving them of drinking water.  Satan recalls this confrontation and is arranging circumstances that will cause drought and limited drinking water. 

The Egyptian magicians did likewise.  The principle miracle consisted in turning fresh water of the Nile to blood.  That is significant because the word meimei that is not bitter waters (mei) or salt waters.  The magicians were able to accomplish there 'miracle' only through the hidden arts, deception, and trickery Salt water due to its many ingredients is easier to exploit to achieve a desired effect.  Today we see many bodies of water turning blood-like due to increased algae blooms due to technological schemes.  Algae blooms do impart a thin curd like structure to the water making it impossible for fish to breathe.  Algae blooms are also toxic. 

Blood on their Hands

The Israelite children were drowned in the Nile during Pharaoh's annihilation.  Part of God's retribution could for the murdered children whose blood screams out from the Nile.  “What have you done? replied the LORD. The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.  Genesis 4:10

At creation God spoke Ten Utterances the last of which was, I have given to you all grass yielding seed…and every tree-yielding fruit. Genesis 1:29 The Nile River was the main source of sustenance for the Egyptians and so it was their chief god.   As Pharaoh did recognize God' provision and placed the created Nile above Him God's first plague will come against the Nile of provision and abundance. 

Ushering in Jesus the Messiah and King

With great revelation mankind will soon be exposed to such supernatural phenomena showing God's mastery over the world as the Messianic Era is ushered the peoples of the earth.

God is showcasing His majesty, and in awe-inspiring spectacle, showed all of mankind that He rules uncontested over heaven and earth as Judge and Controlling Force, with unlimited ability to thwart all the Laws of Nature at will.

Let us bring to remembrance these Ten Plagues as part of our manifesto of faith that is mindful that everything is a miraculous.  There was nothing natural about these events-nor will it be natural as the tsunami of judgment comes upon the earth and humanity.  These will be miracles from our Creator.

Jesus wants you to know, understand, appreciate, love, desire and enjoy your mission in life.

Imbibe in your heart that Jesus is the Lord your God!

Serve Him with a whole heart and a desirous soul!

Love Jesus your Lord!  Remember there is power in the Blooo of the Lamb.

Serve Him with joy... for the Bridegroom cometh!

This article is a series

Inspirational Moment


Joy forgets the pain

Covers the heartaches

Clothes the body in beautiful linen

Richly embroidered borders and sleeves

Gold and silver threads woven intricately,

Accent the natural beauty of the human form

Help carry a precious life forward

One step, one day at a time

A future held in divine hands that guide

As the Lord of Goodness reveals a new path,

Special, chosen path of hope just for you

Child of Heaven,

A treasured and unique path

Stream of Living Water on one side

Light of Life flows on the other

Friends who are truly friends watch closely

Family close as well, who truly care

Angels dance nearby

Songs and music of blessings surround,

The face glistens brightly, eyes exhilarating

A radiance in new life given

Confident aroma all about

Fragrance of lasting purpose

And deepest personal meaning

In the joy of Heaven’s new birth

Leaves the struggles and worldly hardships forgotten,

Left far behind.



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