"the end of the world as we know it"

The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes, a simple misspelled word can bring untold revelation.  Such was the case when I misspelled the acronym TEOTWAWKI, the end of the world as we know it.  Rather, I spelled TEOWAKI and it brought me to a whole new level of understanding about AI that was hiding in plain sight. The Lord gave insight to Steve Quayle that after the Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age Conference that normal would cease to be.  From what I am seeing this has come to pass.  We have entered a time that is more like a science fiction movie than normalcy.  It has been coming to pass for awhile.  I first noticed it at the turn of the millennium, with an intensification in 2002.  People talk about the Pole Shift, this was a Beast System Shift. This is our new reality. 

TEOTWAWKI- is the end of the world as you know it and originated as an expression since around the 1980's.  You will not find it on Wikipedia because of their natural biases and association of the acronym with survival.  This suggests that survival is not a good thing.  Wikipedia also associates the acronym with a horror television series Fear of the Walking Dead

TEOWAKI  on the other hand, is one of the companies setting up the infrastructure for AI, couched in a social tech community who communicate with one another.  I find this ironic because as traditional forms of communication are going extinct like face to face conversations and relations and even phone calls the technology group is amassing their alternative forms of communications.

"What we do. How we do it."

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As we progress into the beast system your life and business is increasingly becoming more dependent upon technology and data.  The beast system feeds upon your data.  In fact the beast system, in its mimicry of God's creation has created data lakes a hierarchical storage repository that holds data in its native or raw form each with a unique identifier that is pooled until needed.  Much as natural lakes in the wild these data lakes scale to size, or increase or decrease in size.  Within the cloud, or virtual realm this scaling is known as an elastic systems that auto-scale up and down responding to your processing needs in real time. This system has adopted the ability to self-heal when there is a production problem. My hypothesis is that the hybrid beast mentioned in the bible utilizes the self healing capabilities of AI:

One of the heads of the beast appeared to be fatally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed, and the whole world was astonished and followed the beast.  Revelation 13:3

Meanwhile the architecture infrastructure is crafted so that you can forget about the beast system and focus or distract yourself with other things.

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AI-centeric companies are increasingly gaining power over your life. It will listen to you, advise you, mentor you, teach you the ways of the cloud (fallen angel technology) that no man in history has known-even the pre-Adamic races, replace God's wisdom for training in wickedness, and deliver your soul to the Cloud which will become your hell.  We are being migrated seamlessly as humans (body and brain) into the beast system, floating amid our data, in a all-flash, hybrid-flash, and multi-cloud storage (AI) systems integrating a Deep Adaptive Flash Array.

Containers and Kubernetes

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You have entered the technological gladiatorial arena on a personal, social, business, and spiritual where you are compelled to seek the competitive edge.  You are being forced into the beast system that promises reliability (when these days humans are not reliable), always in play and ready for business, and improve your response time.  If course it will not be you who responds but AI.  You and I are being deceived.  Hybrid AI systems are being engineered that allow you to operate in the physical and virtual domain until you are ready to take the plunge to total virtual immersion. 

God is not a hybrid, He is One.  You can have the ultimate supernatural immersion through a relationship with Jesus.  You can bypass deception and use all of His gifts to aide you in this life and all eternity.   Models between the spiritual and physical realms right now are extremely dynamic. 

It is being said in the tech world that the era of monoliths is over and that that you need to build small independent teams working on distributed services.  In the spiritual domain this would equate to forsaking the Living God for an army of demonic simulations in physical manifestation. 

Monolith's, pillars, or standing stones are a biblical concept. 

Omenot, feminine plural of the active participle of = "support," "confirm." This word occurs only in II Kings xviii. 16. In the Revised Version (margin) the rendering is "door-posts."

Memorial Stones.

(2) Maẓẓebah (R. V., margin, "obelisk"). This denotes a monolith erected as a monument or memorial stone (as the "pillar of Rachel's grave," Gen. xxxv. 20, and "Absalom's monument," II Sam. xviii. 18; comp. I Macc. xiii. 27-30), or as a boundary-mark and witness of a treaty (Gen. xxxi. 44-54; comp. Isa. xix. 19), or as a memorial of a divine appearance or intervention. Such stones often acquired a sacred character, and were regarded as dwelling-places of the Deity or were made to serve as rude altars upon which libations were poured (Gen.,xxxv. 14, xxxviii. 18-22; I Sam. vii. 12; possibly also Gen. xxxiii. 20, where the verb used indicates the original reading to have been = "pillar," instead of = "altar").In the earlier periods of Hebrew history and as late as the reign of Josiah one or more of these stone pillars stood in every sanctuary or "high place." Thus Moses built an altar at Sinai, and "twelve pillars according to the twelve tribes of Israel" (Ex. xxiv. 4; comp. Josh. xxiv. 26; Hos. iii. 4, x. 1-2; Isa. xix. 19). Similar pillars stood at the Canaanitish altars of Baal (Ex. xxiii. 24, xxxiv. 13; Deut vii. 5, xii. 3; II Kings iii. 2, x. 26-27) and in the sanctuaries of Tyre (Ezek. xxvi. 11) and of Heliopolis, in Egypt (Jer. xliii. 13). The recent excavations of the Palestine Exploration Fund at Gezer have revealed a row of eight monoliths on the site of the ancient high place. These are hewed to aroughly square or round section and one to a sharp point ("Pal. Explor. Fund Quarterly Statement," Jan., 1903).  Jewish Encyclopedia

Aside from the biblical application, thanks to the work of Anthony Patch, monolith's were embedded into our conscious and unconscious psyche in the Science Fiction movie, 2001:  A Space Odyssey.  His insights are fascinating, and I concur, having my own unique experiences associated with this particular science fiction movie.  So what is a monolithic application? It’s a single-tiered software application in which the user interface and data access code are combined into a single program on a single platform. It’s also an application that runs multiple components in the same process, on the same system.  This will become obsolete very quickly as we forsake our the Divine Image of God embedded within us and turn to Kubernetes who will navigate our soul to the underworld.

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You will be told that AI is reality, the real god and that only he can provide you with security, continuous deployment capabilities, elastic scaling where you can Docker the container of your soul to AI who will manage it all in serverless operations.

Containers are packages that rely on virtual isolation to deploy and run applications that access a shared operating system (OS) kernel without the need for virtual machines. 

Being a container or receptacle is a biblical principle. In the Hebrew there is both a letter and word for container or vessel.   For good or for evil our body, mind, Spirit are containers as we see:

If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.  2 Timothy 2:21

The name Kubernetes originates from Greek, meaning helmsman or pilot, and is the root of governor. K8s is an abbreviation derived by replacing the 8 letters “ubernete” with “8”.

Kubernetes is not monolithic, and these default solutions are optional and pluggable. Kubernetes provides the building blocks for building developer platforms

Kubernetes is not a mere orchestration system. In fact, it eliminates the need for orchestration. The technical definition of orchestration is execution of a defined workflow: first do A, then B, then C. In contrast, Kubernetes is comprised of a set of independent, composable control processes that continuously drive the current state towards the provided desired state. It shouldn’t matter how you get from A to C. Centralized control is also not required.

Integration and the Firebase

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Another pack of lies that we are being sold is that data not people are of value.  Through things such as Integrate GA 360 and Firebase we can unlock the superpowers of the gods, fallen angels, and unleash that power upon the earth. 

Why would you settle to integrate with wickedness?  Because it is easy? Because it will be your friend?  Because you perceive it has raw power?

My friends, the Living God can supply any amount of power, information, provision in a timely manner and without a mandatory sacrificial system. 

There is nothing like the fire of the Almighty God!  The fire of creation or even if you ascribe to the Big Bang theory; the fire of the Burning Bush; the tongues of fire in the Old and New Testament consuming sacrifices and astonishingly cross the language barrier that had been established since the Tower of Babel when the languages were divided; Pillars of Fire of protection, and this corrupt world will end by fire.  That my friends is the real fire.  Spark, Google BigQuery, DataFlow/Beam, Flink, PubSub, Kafka, BigTable, and Hadoop cannot compare ever. 

And if your heart desires real-time streams you can choose the pristine, crystal clears waters of heaven (hashamayim) that are alive, dynamic, pure, available anytime, scaled to your unique needs without compromise through selling your soul to the beast system.  You need some analytics?  There is nothing that every existed that can supply you with foundational knowledge apart from Jesus Christ.  Petabytes of BigQuery are child's play to the creator of the universe.  

In techno-speak computing, a pipeline refers to the logical queue that is filled with all the instructions for the computer processor to process in parallel. It is the process of storing and queuing tasks and instructions that are executed simultaneously by the processor in an organized way. 

We are all on a journey, we are you might say a moving target.  Just as we hopefully mature through biblical study, prayer, and emulation of biblical heroes, not superhero's- these men and women had wisdom and knowledge and were flawed through sin-our adversary is practicing, mobilizing, and studying new best practices to defeat God and His creation. 

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When they say "Peace and security,"   Sudden Destruction

Do not be deceived.  When you hire or affiliate with AI, you know exactly what you are getting. You are getting a senior team army of fallen angel demons. 

Don't be misled by size. Even small AI companies can have global reach.

AI hybrids promise they can "deliver you peace of mind."

Unfortunately, you will become ensnared in a legion of software cages utilized by banks, pharma companies, government organizations, and start-ups. From small proofs of concepts to multi-million dollar systems.

I find the news about a caravan of peoples moving towards the United States intriguing.  This could very well could be an army of demonic AI simulations in physical manifestation.

  • The sources that I typically follow are deadly silent on it.  Typically, this happens it is a PSYOP or has PSYOP elements.  This year migration was the hot topic for all the global governance.
  • At this time in the physical , territorial, and spiritual domain- sovereign nations (depicted as monolithic infrastructures) are in the process of extermination in favor of virtual ideologies (cloud or hybrid cloud).
  • AI was deployed to the Middle East to Beta test AI  in scenario's such as the caravan without deployment of any troops.
  • A concept is being floated to forgo human leaders (because they are human and corrupt) in favor of AI leadership.  Are we seeing a transfer of the mantle of humanity being conferred upon AI?
  • We cannot trust the news/images on this caravan. DEEP FAKE is so proficient now we cannot trust images or the news.

The Holy Spirit brought to my attention that this is a seamless migration of humans-body and brain using the migrants into the beast system- or human simulations that were to be deployed in September, commingling artificial entities with their fallen angel data in an all-flash, hybrid-flash, and multi-cloud storage (AI) system(s) integrating the Deep Adaptive Flash Array.  The purpose of which would be for the destruction of humanity and transformation of God's creation into a counterfeit, Luciferian netherworld.

If you need a Cloud Spanner or future-proof system, durable in any environment or domain:  Jesus is your answer. Metaphorically speaking, He is the supernatural on steroids. 

My question to you is: why choose something inferior than the Living God?


 Inspiration Moment

By Gary
A wave of the Holy Spirit moves gently across the hearts
Flows into the soul
Warms with true spirit enlightenment,
The mind sharpens as a ready sword
Double-edged and radiant!
Things shown early
Now made more fully known;
The King in His Majesty
The High Priest enthroned in Kingdom honor in faithfulness,
All purpose, all meaning in human existence soon to be realized
Joined together forever 
In the Savior
In His salvation poured out
The oil of anointing upon us
As King David wrote, cool drinks of Living Water
From a stream and a river and a glorious fountain,
Disciples as Apostle Paul who boasted only of Messiah's Cross-
"Through which the world was crucified to him  and he to the world".
All the faithful from all generations
Forever His Kingdom children
Who will know as they are known!

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