Episode 2-Trapping and Snaring Your Soul by Witches and Sorcerers

    • The Prophet Ezekiel Reveals the Wicked Plant to Catch Your Soul
    • Trapping and Snaring Your Soul by Witches and Sorcerers Using Current Technology
    • Bagging Your Soul
    • Ghosting: Disembodying as a Form of Persecution and Murder
    • Erasing you from Reality:  The Diabolical Plan to Make You a Disembodied Soul
    • Can You Be Erased from the Book of Life?


    There is a wicked plan underfoot that is only whispered about by those who have experienced the phenomena and to my knowledge has never been discussed by any media whatsoever.  We are going to plumb the world of the soul to ferret out biblical truth and revelation from the Holy Spirit as the curtain of this evil agenda is pulled back.  The fact of the matter is that those in the Old Testament understood the conception of the soul as a separate thing separate that can be removed from a person’s body during his lifetime.  How so you may inquire? 

    Through the wicked art of witches and sorcerers that is being cast upon the peoples and territories through modern technologies such as DARPA’s Ouija primarily using frequencies to snare the souls of vulnerable mankind. 

    On many occasions of late, Dr. James Giordano, claims with great bravado that the soul of man has been captured and harnessed.

    Capturing the soul is a voluntary act of surrender, depositing your soul into the hands of these purveyors of evil.  Is this truly possibly?  We will be examining the biblical evidence and prophetic passages that the prophets of old courageously declared that we might be forewarned and prepared this day and age.  We were warned that we would be ritually dismembered and thrust out of the coalescing New World beast system order.  Furthermore, there are forces at play to disembody you and turn you into a ghost that is hunted, trapped, and snared.  If it were possible, your very life could be erased.  To be clear, when you are in Jesus Christ there is no force on earth that can erase any life.  Whether newly conceived, or the elderly, your every action and thought is being recorded in the book and chronicles of the Lord.  Does the Bible really discuss the soul and its End Times journey?  Let us plumb the Word of God for His reveal on the soul.

    The Disembodied Soul

    During the 20th century biblical scholarship was “giving up the ghost” on the disembodied soul, the nefesh. A new ideology was introduced of unis animus “one soul,” encompassed in the word, unanimously denies scriptural and biblical concept that the soul is distinct from the body, and yet one.

    Unis Animus in Latin means, at enmity, so it is at war with God’s original creation.  It is a curse from God.

    And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.  Genesis 3:15

    There are 746 instances of the nefesh soul in the Hebrew Bible always appearing, never appearing in disembodied form apart from the physical human body.  Upon death the biblical Hebrew nefesh soul has no separate existence; when it departs, it ceases to exist and “goes out like a light.”

    What is the Nefesh Soul?

    Most of us would understand that the soul is the spiritual part of man or
    what we commonly call his soul. And with her last breath— for she was dying— she named him Ben-oni. But his father called him Benjamin.  Gen. 35:18 and

    For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol, nor will You let Your Holy One see decay.  Psalm 16:10. The soul in the verse in Psalms may passage be most properly rendered breath.

    There are many passages in the Hebrew Bible where it is possible to see a reference to the soul as traditionally understood. The problem with them is that they can be (and have been) explained away through various exegetical maneuvers by those inclined to do so. The meaning “soul” is easy to dismiss because the plethora of other meanings that have been proposed such as:  “person,” “life,” “life-force,” “breath,” “gullet,” and so forth.

    Soul Catcher

    We must drill down into the Bible where the word soul as separate from the body if we are to determine if disembodiment is biblically valid.  There are few verses in the Holy Writ where we can determine this, and this is the disembodied soul smoking gun of Ezekiel 13:17-21.

    And you, man, set your face toward the women of your
    people who pose as prophetesses, (prophesying) out of their own
    minds, and prophesy against them.
    18. . . . Woe unto those (women posing as prophetesses) who
    sew (fabric to make empty) pillow casings (and sew them) onto

    the joints of every arm, and who make the cloth patches (for pillow filling, and put them) on the head of every (woman among them of tall) stature, in order to trap (dream-)souls. Can you(really) trap souls belonging to My people while keeping your own souls alive?


    19. You have profaned Me [= My name] among My people for/
    with handfuls of barley and morsels of bread, proclaiming the
    death of souls that will/should not die and the survival of souls
    that will/should not live—lying to My people, who listen to (your) lies.

    20. . . . I am going to deal with your (empty) pillow casings in which you (pretend to) trap (dream-)souls (and turn them) into
    bird-souls. And I shall free (from your clutches) the souls (of those
    who listen to your lies), for you (are pretending to) trap dream-
    souls (and turn them) into bird-souls.

    21. And I shall tear your cloth patches (from your heads) and
    rescue my people from your clutches [lit., hands], and they will
    no longer become prey in your clutches [lit., hands]. . . .

    By the end of the nineteenth century, it was suggested that these verses referred to a magical trapping of souls. James G. Frazer dealt with this subject already in 1890:

    Souls may be extracted from their bodies or detained on their wanderings not only by ghosts and demons but also by men, especially by sorcerers. In Fiji if a criminal refused to confess, the chief sent for a scarf with which to “catch away the soul of the rogue.” At the sight, or even at the mention of the scarf the culprit generally made a clean breast. For if he did not, the scarf would be waved over his head till his soul was caught in it, when it would be carefully folded up and nailed to the end of a chief’s canoe; and for want of his soul the criminal would pine and die. The sorcerers of Danger Island used to set snares for souls. . . .

    The above is a primitive culture, but we must highlight some key words that provide us a clue that this concept is alive and well in today’s technological world:

    • Confession by the “criminal” of which the elite desire
    • Scarf: which today can clearly be seen as a graphene scaffolding
    • This scarf scaffolding is capable of catching a soul in fear
    • Folding: This graphene scaffolding is capable of unnatural protein folding
    • Nailing to the chief’s canoe is synonymous with a martyrdom via a counterfeit crucifixion
    • The “criminal” realizing that through his actions has lost his human soul pines away and dies.

    Many biblical commentators took it for granted that the trapped souls were from living although a few commentators asserted that some of captured souls were spirits of the dead in the underworld, aroused from their rest through necromancy.

    The following is a modified version: 

    The key expression ‘hunt for souls’ must be understood as an allusion to necromancy. The description transports us to a seance, in which a group of female diviners, by means of mysterious cords and veils, tries to communicate with the ‘spirits of the dead.’ The latter are called ‘souls’ by Ezekiel. The prophetesses killed the souls of good people, condemning them to eternal imprisonment in Sheol (hell), the second death- from which even the inhabitants of the hereafter were not exempt. . . . But they kept alive the souls of evil people to invoke them from the Nether World whenever they wanted to make use of their nefarious powers. Karel van der Toorn and Marjo C. A. Korpel

    The prospect of trapped were disembodied souls of living people spans cultural belief around the world.  Most biblical commentators reject this idea largely since they fail to examine the critical passage in Ezekiel on these trapped souls.

    Even modern dictionaries weigh in on the status of the soul.  The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.;Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000), 517, s.v.:

    • To free (the soul or spirit) from the body.
    • To divest of material existence or substance.”

      According to anthropologists, souls that can leave the body during life are called “free souls” (or “separable souls”) in contrast to “body souls.” There is a distinction that the the soul can exist outside the body is not identical to the belief that it is separate and distinct from the body.  The latter belief is probably a necessary condition for the former.

      There are two words used in ancient Mesopotamian texts to designate semi-divine, wind-like or shadow-like entities which:

      • Exist in living beings,
      • Survive death, and
      • Receive offerings from the deceased’s descendants at his tomb.

      One of these, the zaqīqu, seems to have been a dream soul.  The other is et\emmu, which is conventionally translated as “ghost,” seems to have been a body spirit. Both souls were believed to depart from the body at death, and both souls eventually found their way to the Netherworld.

      Witches in Ezekiel & Current Technology


      The women whom Ezekiel condemned were sewing pillow casings and cutting up clothing were possibly stolen from their intended victims and then sewn into the cloth patches that served as pillow filling in ancient Israel. They were using these to attract and trap dream-souls.  How we are we to interpret this considering today’s technology, for there is nothing new under the sun?

      • Engineered nanoparticle scaffolds can assemble into “pillow casings.” These can include things such as the nanotubes and other nano-vessels capable of carry a “payload.”  This follows the NanoSynBio w/Payload template for all future weaponry.
      • DNA and blood are collected from the victim through various blood harvesting methods including blood testing, PCR testing, and genetic testing which is what I have been saying since early 2020.
      • Your unique DNA “scent” is sewn into modern day witches’ patches that sniff out your blood making it the perfect precision weapon.
      • At this point your human soul is snared and/or trapped.
      • Once the “patches” hit their mark you are stuffed with soft robotic sentient entities. You have been shape-shifted and are no longer fully human.  You might think of as the bridging system between you and the global sorcerers, alternately, you and the Quantum Computer Array.

      Trapping the Human Soul

      It has long been recognized that the techniques for trapping human soul, which is distinct from an animal soul, described in Ezekiel’s prophecy involves magic-even witchcraft by ‘women’ who were witches or sorceresses.  It is only in the realm of magic that people are trapped by sewing things on arms—or that souls are trapped at all.

      This may seem an impossibility except for a few technologies:

      Magical and wondrous graphene that “makes the impossible, possible.”

      Boeing’s XQ 58 Valkyrie Autonomous Jet, utilizing magical graphene to make it invisible through light refraction and utilizing tools such as:

      • Valkyrie means Chooser of the Slain, or Ghosts of the Dead-a name chosen not by accident and pertinent to our discussion.
      • Geomancer=Earth Divination
      • Primitive Spells,
      • SpellBook to cast witchcraft spells upon the peoples and territories upon the face of the earth.
      • The pharmaceutical Remedevir's original name was Valkyrie, linking it clearly to both magic and depopulation..

      Basically, this craft as well as other new technologies including drones and satellites cast spells upon the peoples and land upon the earth.  These spells work as an integrated system with 5 and 6 G as well as other frequencies such as SMART meters and ground-truthing.  It is used as a highways system and also to disrupt God's perfect balance to our atmosphere, the earth under our feet, and our biological life.

      Is Science the False Prophet? 


      We can deduce that these women were “out of their own minds” due to grammatical adverbial with parallels in Numbers 16:28; 1 Kings 12:33; and Nehemiah 6:8 implying that these women are engaging in some sort of fabrication.  We are not speaking of women per se, but rather, spiritual harlots who can be men or women.  As mentioned above these women crazy people were fabricating or engineering elements to catch souls.

      Medieval Jewish scholars took these crazy people to mean those who “who pose as prophetesses.” The verb stem conveys a touch of contempt by Ezekiel.   The expression navi- prophetess, is applied to at least five women in the Old Testament. Ezekiel refuses to dignify his target audience with the title but he does acknowledge that they ‘acted like prophets,’ but like the false prophets in the previous oracle these women are frauds.”

      In what sense were these women acting like prophets? It appears from verse 23

      therefore you shall see/utter no more false visions nor divine any more divination”

      that they were claiming to see/divine the future, but what were they predicting? The answer may lie in verse 19, where the phrase probably refers to a prediction that a certain person would die without the help of the women as in Jeremiah,

      in this year you are going to die,

      and the phrase indicates that they demanded a fee for their help.  We can also review Micah 3:5: which states,

      they declare war against him that does not put [anything] in their mouths.” 

      The offer of the women to help avert the tragedy for a fee is tantamount to a ransom demand. Like the witches of West Africa, the women claim to have trapped their victim’s soul, and they are demanding payment for its safe return; otherwise, they “prophesy,” the victim will wither away and die.  It is strange to us that Ezekiel would conclude ascribing the power of life and death to women whom he repeatedly brands as liars.

      Fast forward to today, where we are witnessing false prophets  of science telling us that we are all going die this year, if we do not accept their pharmaceutical remedies, for a price, of course. 

      Kill Souls that Should Not Die &

      Keeping Alive Souls that Should Not Live

      There are some righteous ones who fearing the Lord refuse to give funding and put their lives into these evil doers.  These are:  And to kill souls that should not die.  But when the righteous refuse the magical pharmaceutical offers the false prophets, in the past and soon coming, would practice divination and say to them, ‘You will die within this year.’ This false judgment caused the righteous to worry about dying, and some of them died of worry. According to Walther Eichrodt: “Often, too, they were seriously harmed by the paralyzing fear induced by the dark doings of the witches.”

      Magical Graphene Pillows and Pillow Casings

      What are these magical bands to which Ezekiel refers? Friedrich Delitzsch developed this conjecture, comparing the Hebrew word to Akkadian kasītu and assigning to the latter the concrete sense of “bond, fetter” based on a single cuneiform context.  But is this correct?

      There are several problems with the context: fetters are not sewn (v. 18); they are not worn by the captor (v. 20); and people cannot be hunted or trapped in them (v 20) or with them. We all must rethink the Akkadian etymology.

      What was the socio-linguistic situation in Judah and Mesopotamia?

      • In Judah, government officials were able to converse in Aramaic at the end of the eighth century BCE., but the common people were not, see Isaiah 36:11.
      • In Mesopotamia, Aramaic was far more advanced.
      • In Babylonia, the countryside was dominated by Aramaic-speaking tribes, and even in the cities “many scribes and other people” were bilingual. Thus, in circa 710 BCE, Sargon II felt compelled to rebuke an official from Ur for requesting permission to write to him in Aramaic rather than Akkadian.
      • In Assyria, the entire population spoke Aramaic by the beginning of the seventh century, the speakers of Akkadian being bilingual. It is probable, therefore, that the Judean exiles communicated with their Babylonian captors and neighbors in Aramaic, and that they never felt the need to learn Akkadian.

      The Akkadian word kasītu is unknown in Aramaic. Even in Akkadian there are only four mentions and those pertain to requests or instructions to release someone from his/her bound state.

      Drilling Down Ancient Sorcery Pillows & Hydrogel/Quantum Dot

      Hebrew Tannaitic literature is a gold mine of information about the term pillows.

      Examination of the contexts in which it occurs reveals that:

      • The pillow was not considered a garment, and hence was not subject to the laws of fringes and of mixtures;
      • It was often made of leather, but wool or flax could also be used;
      • It sometimes had a round shape;
      • It could be made out of a scarf- presumably by folding it in half, rounding the corners (when desired), and sewing the borders, leaving a temporary opening of less than five handbreadths to allow for insertion of the filling;
      • It was normally filled with soft material for use as a cushion or as padding

      For a moment let us pause before delving into more insights to glean the rich nuggets that are presented from the Tannaitic literature that pertain to our technocracy:

      The pillow-like nano-hydrogel and Quantum Dots are not your typical garment for they are engineered and manufactured outside of nature.

      We know that these nano-pillows have disregarded the biblical instruction not to mix the species for we find many things that the Bible calls detestable including creeping and swarming things along with the mixing of various animals and plants into our DNA and RNA.

      The pillow-like nano-hydrogel and Quantum Dots are made with God’s Elemental Building Blocks.  Therefore, it is difficult for the average person to discern whether they are good or evil.

      In ancient times these pillows of sorcery were round but today they are typically oval, although they can be introduced to a victim in every shape known.

      Using the Japanese art of Origami-paper-folding- the pillow-like nano-hydrogel and Quantum Dots are folded into various shapes which then fold various targets of biological life such as proteins, enzymes, and other technology into our bodies into one compact node.  The “nanofabric” of these pillows is scaffold-like.  It is provocative that in many of the shapes there is an opening. This would be the perfect receptacle to Catch-a-Soul. 

      Witches Pillow Stuffing is Soft Robotics

      The filling or stuffing of these techno-pillows is also interesting to contemplate for the nano-hydrogel and Quantum Dots in and of themselves are called by the scientific community as Soft Robotics.  Biological life, especially humans, are to be cavitated through frequency weapons making them a vessel.  These vessels are “stuffed” with other lifeforms and entities.  Once again, I must emphasize, this makes one a hybrid on the way to becoming a synthetic entity.

      Magical Utensilia (Utensils)

      Let us now continue to plumb various ancient texts for more insights into these pillows.

      According to the Sefer ha-tishbi of Elijah Levita the description of the former
      “the pillow is small, that which one places under the head.”

      Genesius learned that pul vini “pillows, cushions” was the meaning of the word in Rabbinic Hebrew.  He noted that the rabbinic evidence agreed perfectly with the evidence of the versions, which render the words meaning “pillows, cushions” (LXX προσκεφάλαια, Peshit \ta בסדותא; Vulgate pulvilli). Only one thing was missing: a plausible explanation of the function of the pillows. They seemed incongruous in the context.

      Sorcery Pillows Function is to Trap Souls

      Adolphe Lods asserted that the cushion was a receptacle ‘where they trapped souls.’” He suggested that it might be comparable to one of the receptacles were used for holding souls by tribes around the world. But how can a pillow be a receptacle?

      Two crucial post-biblical passages show that the word can refer to the pillow casing alone, without any filling. I know that few of you venture into ancient Hebrew texts but two-the Mishnah and the Tosefta contain relevant information that these pillows could be:

      • Sacks or packing bags
      • Just plain bags

      What was their function? 

      • One could keep/carry things in [to] them, and
      • One could sit/lie on them.

      In the words of Maimonides, a famous Jewish commentator:

      It says that these utensilia—inasmuch as one sometimes sits on them when they are intact, without perforation—are considered as though they were made from the very beginning for both things, to be receptacles and to be sat on.

      These are critical and very interesting pieces of information.  You grasp that the nano pillows are sacks or packing bags, and even just plain bags to hold “techno-stuff” but what about that one could sit on them.  Once again, we can find the answers to all our questions in the Bible!  However, we do need a piece of the back story. 

      Mysterious Casing to Be Sat Upon?

      Back in 2005 (when it went operational) or whenever the plan to electronically identify all of us was hatched, it was determined to place the electronic mark in two places in the body human and sacrificial animals:

      The Blood which is holy unto God

      The Fat-Tail (hindquarters) which is also holy unto God.

      While humans technically do not have a Fat-Tail, we do however have hindquarters, upon which we sit.  In my recent Webinar on Graphene, I discuss the Fat Redistribution, as part of the Directed Evolution operation distancing humans from being human and moving into the hybrid realm.

      The Codex Parma describes the pillow as “bag, pouch.”

      The point of the passages is that the two functions were independent. The second function is the impurity associated with it remained even when the pillow was torn losing the first function.  Below are several examples from ancient Jewish literature:

      utensilia made from the very beginning for both receiving/containing and lying, e.g., mattress casings, pillow casings, sacks and packing bags.”

      Corrupt Functional Artifacts

      Please note: “sacks and bags”; “pouches” are “the sacks in which they place the instruments of divination.”  If you would like to Deep Dive into the term artifacts please visit this link, exposing the vil plant to replace humans with synthetic robots called Synths, now operational.

      Two activities are eluded too:

      First, since it is parallel refers to the making of pillow casings by sewing the borders of folded pieces of fabric or leather.  As you read the following think of impurity as corrupt.

      It could be an impure pillow-casing that one made into a scarf’


      A (ritually impure) scarf that one made into a pillow-casing remains impure.”

      “a (ritually impure ) pillow casing that one made into a scarf or a (ritually impure) scarf that one made into a pillow casing remains impure”

      “Mattress-casings and pillow casings of leather (become functional are susceptible to ritual impurity)

      Thus, the women are sewing folded pieces of fabric or leather to make pillow casings that will be used to trap and/or store the souls of their victims. At the same time, they are sewing the pillow casings onto their arms, that is, their sleeves—presumably to free their hands for the capture of additional souls. The reason for the use of pillow casings instead of ordinary sacks will become apparent later.

      The bottom line is that if an impure element is used it will remain impure.  If a clean element is used, once it becomes functional, it can become impure.

      For our prophetic and scientific understanding, I believe that the casing or pillow-case is now yoked to the sorcerers.  This is an understanding which was unknown in the ancient world.

      Until Next Time

      This is probably enough for all of us to absorb for now. There is much more that we need to learn about these witches pillow casings and technology. We will continue with some riveting discoveries and these false prophets and why they put bands on their heads.

      Until the next time!


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