Three Kings in Sky Cast a Ghostly Shimmer of Societal Control

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There is a drama playing out in the skies above us.   I am coming to better understand and appreciate that it parallels similar actions upon the earth.   Each winter The Hunter Orion rises on his side, with his three Belt stars – Mintaka, Alnitak and Alnilam – pointing straight up.  In the Aramaic and Syriac names of Orion have been connected with the ancient Oriental tradition that Nimrod, who is called in the Bible a hero and mighty hunter, was fettered by God for his obstinacy in building the tower of Babel, and was set in the sky. Could it be that this constellation is related to a new UN control framework?

The ancient Hebrews saw in this constellation the figure of a man who was naturally regarded as extraordinarily tall and strong. The Targum to Job 38:31 speaks of the "bands which lead Orion." The Babylonian scribe and physician Samuel, who was celebrated also as an astronomer, said: "If a comet should pass over Orion the world would perish." Another text states that "if it were not for the heat of Orion, the world could not exist on account of the cold of the Pleiades, and if it were not for the cold of the Pleiades, the world could not exist on account of the heat of Orion."  This speaks to the imminent changes to our weather, not from Climate Change as we are informed, but from the Hand of God.

Orion in the Canopy - Summit County, Colorado.  Photo posted to EarthSky Facebook in March 2015 by Daniel McVey.  Visit Photography by Daniel McVey.

Orion in the Canopy – Summit County, Colorado – in the month of March by Daniel McVey.

He is identifiable by Orion’s Belt, three medium-bright stars in a short, straight row at the mid-section of the Hunter.  See these stars? They are easy to spot on the sky’s dome.  He will soon disappear into the sun’s glare. And – although you might notice it more easily with this particularly bright and noticeable constellation – the fact is that, like Orion, all the stars and constellations shift westward as the seasons pass. He disappears because – each year, as we orbit continually around the sun – our motion in orbit brings the sun between us and Orion at this same time each year.

 Hexagon Tripartite Control

Provocatively, the new UN control Framework is based upon a hexagonal pattern that we have seen previously that is the foundation for much of life on earth.  The mixing of species through various mechanisms such as through our foods, medical treatments, and biotechnologies are creating a zoonotic disaster lying in wait.  The powers that be are not unaware of the silent slaughter and have been collaborating and setting global policy control net at a time when people need the freedom to use their skills and resources for survival.

The tripartite collaboration between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), OIE and WHO are coalescing into a formidable protocol known as One Health that merges policies of public health, animal health, and the environment under the threat of zoonotic disease with a secondary aim to eradicate poverty . It spans multisectoral, multidisciplinary, and transnational collaboration at the local, national, regional and global levels.

This aligning of United Nations of existing international and regional frameworks casts a dark shadow over our future.  It will exert control over your health, life, and food and includes:

  • International Health Regulations (Global health care control)
  • OIE standards (Animal health, domestic, wild, companion, livestock)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (implementation of Agenda 21/2030)
  • Regional frameworks
  • Global Health Security Agenda (Global healthcare control)
  • Codex Alimentarius (Food control)
  • Antimicrobial resistance frameworks (Medical-antibiotic control)
  • International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) (Food control)

Out of the 'Zoo'- Into Your Life

Zoonotic diseases, or zoonoses, are diseases shared between animals – including livestock, wildlife, and pets – and people. They can pose serious risks to both animal and human health and may have far-reaching impacts on economies and livelihoods. Zoonotic diseases are commonly spread at the human-animal-environment interface – where people and animals interact with each other in their shared environment. Zoonotic diseases can be intentionally deployed through biotechnology, food-borne, waterborne, or vector-borne, or transmitted through direct contact with animals, or indirectly by environmental contamination.

Zoonotic disease threats include:

• Zoonotic disease events and emergencies;
• Endemic zoonotic diseases;
• new or emerging zoonotic diseases;
• Other threats at the human-animal-environment interface such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), food safety, and food security.

Belt Tightening Framework Released

The “Operational Framework for Strengthening Human, Animal and Environmental Public Health Systems at their Interface,” was released by the World Bank in 2018.

It supposedly improves public health outcomes, strengthens systems and coordination across the human health, animal health and environment sectors can provide a strong return on investment and improves synergies by:

  •  Exponential Political Will: high level political will, and commitment and engagement
  • Reallocation of Resources: sufficient and equitably distributed human and financial resources, from domestic sources
  • Permeate country infrastructures: establishment of the activities within existing national infrastructure and considering national circumstances.
  • Unify Common Global Goals: strategies and activities based on shared needs, common objectives and health priorities, and having shared benefits
  • Strong UN global governance: strong national governance structures, aligned legal and policy frameworks and guidance, and compliance with existing regional and international standards
  • Routine coordination: effective and routine coordination among all relevant sectors for planning and implementation.
  • Routine communication (messaging): effective and routine communication among all relevant sectors and at all appropriate levels for the national context.
  • Strong (robust) sectoral systems: strong and effective health systems within the individual sectors.

International Food Authority System

Through Public Disclosure I obtained documents that clearly indicated that a plan was underway to contaminate the food supply to a degree that both farmers and consumers would demand a global food safety system.  Subsequently, food recalls and threats escalated, and in 2004 the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) a global network of national food safety authorities was launched from 188 Member States, managed jointly by FAO and WHO. What they do primarily is talk allot, set policy, and foster dependence by:

  • Promoting the rapid exchange of information during food safety events;
  • Sharing information on important food safety issues of global interest;
  • Promoting partnership and collaboration between sectors, countries and networks;
  • Helping countries to strengthen their capacity to manage food safety emergencies.

Who is the UN Targeting?

If you are a human or animal you are in their sights.  The list is comprehensive and we must look at it to gain insight into how deep the control will reach.  Here is their specific list:

  • Government departments or agencies responsible for human health, animal health, wildlife, vector control, and the environment.
  • Government departments or agencies responsible for animal production, food safety, finance, security, transport, trade, border security, chemical safety, radiation safety, disaster management, emergency services, defense, and regulatory bodies;
  • Non-government stakeholders, including industry, medical associations, farmers’ associations, indigenous populations, the media, civil society and universities;
  • Neighboring countries or trading partners;
  • The public;
  • Organizations representing particular groups, e.g. women’s groups, farmers’ unions, trade unions;
  • The private sector;
  • Indigenous communities, local communities and community representatives (for example schools or religious networks);
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • The media, including local media.
  • Those who are involved in animal husbandry and the food chain (production, transport, slaughter and selling);
  • Hunters, traders or otherwise work with wild animals;
  • Animal or human healthcare workers, especially at primary care level.
  • Vulnerable populations including: children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with chronic illness, malnutrition or an immunocompromising condition;
  • Geographically or socially isolated (this may include indigenous peoples or those of a minority religion);
  • Those affected by a condition which makes it difficult for them to access, understand or act on information;
  • Displaced, nomadic, migratory or traveling;
  • Speakers of a minority language.

This list is so comprehensive that you might fit into several overlapping categories. 

Triggering an Alert

Super control of resources will be achieved when an alert has been triggered.  Triggers may include the following:

A single case of zoonotic diseases critical to a particular sector based on international regulations per UN listings or OIE listed
• An unusual signal or unexpected trend in surveillance data or analyses of health indicators reported through surveillance system or other system for early warning;
Any rapid or complex political, social or economic change, man-made or natural disaster;
• A declaration by WHO of a public health emergency of international concern; (these have been issued previously)
•Reports to the OIE of a confirmed zoonotic disease outbreak in animals;
• Notification from the INFOSAN Secretariat regarding a zoonotic food safety issue;
New perceptions, for example from social media, government concern, or international or non-governmental organization statements.

The trigger was result in a cascade of global control mechanisms from quarantine and depopulation, mass vaccination and forced treatments, to reallocation of resources.  All rumors, misinformation, and misconception must be eradicated. 

Fear Based Holistic System

A holistic, hive-type workforce is being developed that is inclusive of every discipline and person on the planet to be trained and work within the One Health Framework.  Currently, this work force is being built one person at a time. 

This whole system is predicated upon fear of pathogens.  While a healthy respect for the power of pathogens especially modified and weaponized ones are a real threat they are not the end all.  One should fear God alone.  

Three Stars, Three Horns, Three Kings

The Belt of the Hunter is not only prominent in the winter sky but also in the Bible.  The most ancient book of the Bible Job mentions Orion which is also known as the Belt of Orion, Three Kings or Three Sisters.  The Targum calls the Orion the Giant while in the Aramaic it is referred to as the Hero.  Could it also be a metaphor for these three branches of the United Nations that will make way for the beast and Anti-Christ, in essence the Three Horns of Daniel 7?  God inquires of Job, "Can thou loose the bands of Orion?"

In the film Men in Black (1997) the protagonists look for "the galaxy", a massive energy source which according to an alien "is on Orion's Belt". The celestial Orion's Belt is searched but no galaxy is found there. Eventually they understand that the galaxy is hidden in a jewel on the neck of the alien's cat, named Orion.  

Just as the constellation of Orion will fade from our sight by the June solstice, so too, will the obvious UN control framework seemingly disappear, hiding behind the sun of events of this year.  But the Hunter always returns. 

Ghost of the Shimmering New Age Dawn

Around late July or early August, if you’re up early and have an unobstructed view to the east, be sure to look in that direction in the hour before dawn. You might find a familiar figure – a constellation that always returns to the sky around this time of year. It’s the constellation Orion the Hunter – recently behind the sun as seen from our earthly vantage point – now ascending once more in the east before sunrise.

Also, notice the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus the Bull. Aldebaran is the brightest star in Taurus the Bull. It’s said to be the Bull’s fiery red eye. See the V-shaped pattern of stars around Aldebaran? This pattern represents the Bull’s face. In skylore, Orion is said to be holding up a great shield … fending off the charging Bull.

Bottom line: The return of Orion and Taurus to your predawn sky happens around late July or early August every year. In the Northern Hemisphere, Orion is called the ghost of the summer dawn.  Will the constellations return this year include a terrestrial showdown as the Hunter encounters the heavenly charging Bull as the earth and heavens convulse, governments congeal as cheese curds, and you attempt meager preparations for the looming days ahead?


Tonight I will be talking about Herbs and Herbal Medicine.  

Sunday night 3/24/19 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

How To Use Herbs For Food and Medicine: Montana Organic Farmer Celeste Bishop Solum

Celeste Bishop SolumCeleste Bishop Solum's organic farm is located in the Montana Rockies, one of the more challenging environments to grow food. Beautiful, but with often severe weather, this setting demands creativity in order to make year-round food growing work. Celeste has demonstrated the potential to grow clean and healthy food wherever you may live, and she has valuable tips to share, even with those who live in small apartments or any other type of home in cities, and in any climate zone. Celeste was on Lost Arts Radio in January, sharing these ideas (, and there was so much to talk about, she didn't get time to really get into one of her main areas of expertise, growing and using herbs.

This time we're going to devote the show mainly to the information on herbs, so there is plenty of time for Celeste to share what she knows. If you're interested in learning new ways to use herbs for food and medicine, from someone who lives what she teaches on the subject, this could be a valuable show for you. Besides great ideas of how you can grow much more of your own food in any environment, Celeste has stories to tell about her experience with animals on her farm, herbs she grows and uses for medicine and nutrition, her natural soap manufacturing business, classes she offers on her web site that you can take right from home (, and much more. I am honored to have Celeste on with us as a guest, demonstrating ways to bring beauty and harmony right into our everyday lives.

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