Tractor Beam Drawing Us into a Dystopian Dimension

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Fire From Heaven Series

Sci-Fi Tractor Beams are Reality

You can find Tractor Beams in science fiction movies, books, and TV shows. They have now sprung to life, out from the pages of books and the silver screen to our reality.   

An illustration of tractor beam
An illustration of tractor beam


We no longer need to anticipate a Sci-Fi world.  Optical and Acoustic Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) using physics, technology, and optics have entangled our world.  Tractor beams are being used for applications such as biotechnology, drug discovery, and precision manufacturing.  These discoveries are turning our world upside down as the march towards control of all matter proceeds with a vengeance.  

As the tide of tractor beams surges, futuristic dystopian battle scenes draw closer, both in military operating environments as well as on our personal home front.

What is a Tractor Beam?

I confess that in my youth, I was a science fiction fan.  As I read through the pages, they unveiled a world where laser and sound waves (DEW) were used to manipulate particles, molecules, and large objects from a distance.  In the early days, these weapons were called Tractor Beams with invisible, almost magical powers. 

The term "tractor beam" was first coined by science fiction author E.E. Smith and they have been a mainstay in futuristic literary and cinematic productions. 

In television and film, they manifest as a beam of energy that can grasp and move items from a distance. In Star Trek, starships can manipulate and move objects in space using tractor beams.

Advancing the Tractor Beam Agenda 

Source: Abel M'Vada via GIPHY 

1982:  The use of acoustic or sound waves were used in studies to manipulate small particles.

2010: A team published a paper on a study using optical solenoid beams, which, unlike other light beams, had the unique property of exerting forces on illuminated objects in a direction opposite to the direction of light propagation, an attractive force.

2011: A team did a study and published in Nature Photonics. They mathematically established the condition for the existence of an optical pulling force, which causes objects to be moved toward the beam. Chen and his team demonstrated that the scattering force of photons, and certain conditions on the incident wave, was responsible for the optical pulling. The levitation achieved using a laser is known as optical levitation.

As we saw in my article, Space Force Template to Change the World, the following timeline fits into optical DEW satellites deployment:


2013: Scientists designed a Tractor Beam that could pull microscopic  objects. 

2014: Scientists created a reversible tractor beam that could transfer gold-coated hollow glass spheres against the power flow of a laser over tens of centimeters.  You could get pummeled by hypersonic, gold-nano buckshot!

Tractor beams: How scientists are turning science fiction into reality
Acoustic levitation of a particle

2015: Asier Marzo of the Public University of Navarre, Spain, and the University of Bristol, and their teams, experimentally demonstrated the use of tractor beams that use ultrasound to lift, rotate, and manipulate particles. Sound waves, particularly ultrasonic waves, can radiate high pressure and create areas of high pressure, known as acoustic traps. Particles and objects can become trapped in these areas, where they can be manipulated. This is known as acoustic levitation.

UltraSound Cavitation for Cellulite

I am not convinced it is the same process but ultrasound is being used to manipulate fat cells in the body vaporizing cellulite.  While that may sound like a good idea with as many studies that I have read on the weaponization of ultrasound, I am skeptical at best.  For two years now we have been learning about the dangers of ultrasound and cavitation.

Injecting tiny bubbles into your fat through cavitation!  Are these cavitation bubbles going to make you a beauty, or lead you in a hypobaric chamber because you got decompression sickness due to the deep-sea Bends.

And since energy, even if it is fat energy, does not just disappear, where does it go?

Is it another case where the treatment is worse than the problem?

Bottomline: ultrasonic "beauty treaments" are a weapon.  I have been covering the weaponry since 2020:

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Why would I cover the topic of cavitation if it was not due the fact that cavitation is an extremely dangerous form of frequency war?  It has a handshake with PysOps and deception that goes with this war.  In a nutshell, certain entities want you to buy into the lie they propagate.  They do this to deceive; gain power; control; and money.

2016: A study used tractor beams to move bacterial cells. Physicists at Bielefeld and Frankfurt Universities developed a method that traps biological cells with a laser beam to study them at very high resolutions.

2019: A study used tractor beams to assemble nanoscale materials in a process called "photonic nanosoldering." Light energy on a body will be absorbed and heat up the object. The light-matter interaction determines what fraction of light is reflected back, transmitted through or absorbed by the body. The fraction of light absorbed can be guessed by the color of the body (darker material absorbs more light).

Tractor beams: How scientists are turning science fiction into reality

Although these developments might seem small, they have the potential to revolutionize many industries like healthcare, where they could be used to perform precise and the invasive, "non-invasive" surgery.

Tractor Beams are Science, Not Woo-Woo 

Tractor beams either use frequencies, lasers or sound waves, to move objects. This means there are two possible mechanisms by which a tractor beam can manipulate an object. 

Photons carry momentum, which can be transferred to any object in the photon's path. This means the object will be 'pushed' away or manipulated away from the laser beam.

Can a Tractor Beam Cause Attraction?

Yes, because as the very small particles move over long distances using an optical vortex, it created something called photophoretic force, a radiation pressure force. This force depends on light intensity and particle size and is also called photopheresis.  This action pushes the particle into a dark hollow in the center of the beam, as the momentum of the photons drives it forward.  By altering the polarization of the laser beam in flight, switching from axial (shaped like a star) to azimuthal (like a ring), the researchers can cause the shell to change direction or stop. 


Optical transport using a tractor beam came years later by a team led by Brzobohaty. The team presented a geometry that could be used to produce a tractor beam and use it to manipulate microparticles of various sizes.

Tractor beams: How scientists are turning science fiction into reality
Silica nanoparticle levitated using optical tweezers

This past January, 2023, an optical laser pulling was demonstrated on macroscopic objects. Light contains both energy and momentum that can be used for various types of optical manipulation such as levitation and rotation. Optical tweezers (mini tractor beams) are commonly used scientific instruments that use laser light to hold and manipulate tiny objects such as atoms or cells. I covered these optical tweezers in my article, Laser DEW Micrtoexplosions in Your Brain.

The researchers used a specially-designed graphene-SiO2 composite. When irradiated with a laser, gas molecules on the back side of the composite received more energy, which pushed the object toward the laser. By combining this with the low air pressure of a rarified gas environment, the researchers were able to move objects large enough to be visible to the naked eye.


In early studies, beam sound waves or acoustic tweezers have been used to manipulate small objects, particularly biological objects. This method is generally safe for biological applications, making it a prime candidate for biomedical use, or so they say.

Applications of Tractor Beams

Most DEW technologies including Tractor Beams are just emerging from their stealth highly classified programs.  Here are some very real possibilities where we might see them in commercial markets: 

Precision manufacturing: Tractor beams can be used with exceptional precision to assemble and manipulate small components for precision manufacturing of complex products. 

Biomedical applications: Tractor beams can be used in medical applications to move small materials for invasive but labeled "non-invasive" procedures.  This basically means a covert operation to enable precise drug delivery and targeted "therapies". 

Materials science: Tractor beams can be used to manipulate and study the properties of materials at the nano and micro-scale, potentially leading to the development of new materials and applications. 

Space exploration: Powerful tractor beams could intercept objects like asteroids or space debris that could be caught and manipulated using tractor beams to avoid accidents, capture and manipulate useful materials, and allow the safer exploration of space. 

Robotics: Robots can use Tractor beams to manipulate and control  small objects, allowing for more precise and efficient movements and actions of robots of every size. 

Environmental cleanup: Tractor beams can be used to collect and remove small particles or contaminants from the environment, such as microplastics in the ocean or pollutants in the air. 

Security and defense: Tractor beams can be used to manipulate and control small objects in security and defense applications, such as disarming explosives or disabling drones.

Tractor Beam Challenges 

While tractor beams hold significant promise, a number of challenges and limitations must be considered. 

There are several issues with light scattering in the context of tractor beams that use lasers. Light scatters in all directions, meaning that the laser beam must be highly directional to apply a focused force on the object. Depending on an object's characteristics, such as mass or size, a different type of laser may be needed for different objects. 

The magnitude of the optical pulling force must increase significantly for macroscopic objects. This means that the size, complexity, and cost of the equipment required to generate the beam may also become a limiting factor. 

Another limitation of using lasers for tractor beams is overheating. There are studies demonstrating that high intensity of light required by optical tweezers can damage live biological specimens. 

The environment in which the tractor beam is used can also present challenges. If an object is in a liquid or gas, the laser may be scattered or absorbed by the medium, reducing its effectiveness. If an object is moving, the beam may need to be adjusted to keep up with its movements.

Future of Tractor Beams

The development of tractor beams has come a long way since they were first introduced as a concept in science fiction. 

As we have been exploring in this series, Fire from Heaven, this technology is considered and applied as revolutionary no matter which company brings it to the commercial market.

The future of tractor beams looks incredibly promising.  Imagine a future where we can manipulate objects without any physical contact, allowing us to work with dangerous or sensitive materials without the risk of harm. 

The future with Tractor Beams awaits us all.  Will they prove to be beneficial or cataclysmic?

Source: Paramount+ via GIPHY

Tractor Beams good or bad- their original design, their building blocks were from God. Everything that God made is good. 

It is God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness.” It is His light that shines in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4:6). 

Blessings of Light to you and your loved ones, 




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