Transdifferentiation Forces Rectal Cells into Brain Cells

How does one even begin to cover distasteful current news in polite society? 

Beware of a new and bizarre cellular programming scheme. A truly sickening new technology that is promising hope for brain disorders and longevity following the model of the nematode C. elegans by taking rectal cells and transforming them into brain cells.  This is not a joke.  I was aware of the incredible amount of research nematode, but I had no idea turning rectal cells into brains was their end game.   

Scientists look at this cellular programming like the old German fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin,  spinning straw into gold.  They take a few rectal cells, a dash of chemicals and you have insta-cells ready for action. 

Using revolutionary iPSC scientist can take any skin cell and transform it into any cell in the body has become a boom to rejuvenation medicine.  The two drawbacks are that it is expensive and cell memory can be erased causing problems tracking disease progression.

Identity Crisis

iPSC has difficulty reverting cells but transdifferentiation forces one mature cell type to convert to another.  It is referred to as a natural process because the nematode does it.  As identity crisis drills down to the cellular level this technology will be exploited to repopulate brain cells after a stroke or transform skin cells to patch degenerating brains.  Immuno-rejection which comes from the body rejecting cells from other humans, animals, or even machine parts will be avoided because the cells will come from the person.  But as this technology explodes into the medical clinic where you are the guinea pig, in thanks to many regulations passed by agencies and the Precision Medicine Initiative, nobody knows what the short and long term impact will be.  

One does not wave a magic wand and cells transform.  Each cell is triggered to erase its identity and give it another identity.  Triggers can be chemicals that activate a pathway or they can be transcription factors (proteins) that violently grab DNA and forcibly translates its protein process.

All cells have DNA what differentiates cells is their expression or epigenetics.  Epigeneticists are compiling a transcription factor cookbook for their new recipes.


Transdifferentiation isn’t limited to making brain cells although neuroscience is receiving the most money to accelerate this technology.

At Stanford using cellular alchemy, a virus, and transcription factors they transferred cells from the tail of a mouse to a neuro-cell in its brain, in less than two weeks.

Scientists also turned a gene in a fibroblast, your skins connective tissue, into functional neurons.  Once again in a few weeks the cells began generating electrical signals and forming connections with other neurons.

Another study found that by hijacking transcription factors they could coax fibroblasts into dopamine cells the first to go in Parkinson's.

These trans-cells form quicker and are less likely to form tumors when implanted into tissue.  The key words are less likely.  The probability is till quite high. Cells also do not fire exactly as precisely as real neurons.

Another study in 2017 showed that transdifferentiation could directly convert astrocytes in the brain into neurons in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease resulting in symptom improvement.

Anti Aging Panacea

Transdifferentiation isn’t limited to cell replacement therapies but offers an unparalleled peek at how neurons age as we grow older.

Pioneer research in 2015 took fibroblast cells from young and older human donors, and using direct transdifferentiation could turn those cells into young and old neurons in terms of gene expression. This reset our biological clock by returning the cells back to a youth and purity.

Neuroscientists, using transdifferentiation, can examine the aging process in a dish using these induced neurons. Aging neurons have shed light on how the mitochondria—the cell’s powerhouse—changes its energy output during the aging process and why our brains our vulnerable to the aging process.

Mass Production

With an aging and unhealthy population people will become so desperate for a solution that they will automatically embrace mass produced technology using alchemy neuron cookbook and your blood.  Scientists and researchers are thrilled that blood is the easiest biological sample to obtain.

Using a new approach seizing advantage of immune cells that circulate in the blood and transcription factors the cells shed their normal identity in three days.  They were shocked at how easy it was to convert immune cells, stating it was mind-boggling.  The conversion was highly efficient, generating as many as 50,000 neurons from 1 millimeter of blood.

Researcher's plan to tease out genetic or other influences. In theory they can now study hundreds of patients inside a lab dish.

Knowing how precious our blood is and that God declares our life is in the blood, what other experiments are they conducting that might provide certain people with unsavory proclivities, to begin producing a limitless supply of youthful blood to sacrifice?

In the meantime, would you really accept a distasteful treatment that involves taking your rectal cells, erasing their memory, and then sticking them into your brain?  Knowing the depravity of man, can we really trust scientists with perverted imaginations?  These are the same professions arranging spineless jellyfish in the skies and the recent viewing decapitating the jellyfish.  They are send you a message that you are a spineless jellyfish, about to be decapitated.  Now they are saying you have a rear end for a brain.  I suppose it is easier to depopulate that way.  The question is will we embrace their technology or refuse their messaging?



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