Addiction! The Danger of Using Virtual Reality for Pain Relief

Are you in pain?  Has your physician been reducing your medications or ceased them altogether or told you that your traditional modalities do not work?  The Presence as it is referred to VR in the medical field offers a brave new world of exploration for practitioners and patients. VR is promising to end the Opioid Crisis with promised pain relief up to one year of pain relief for as little as 5-10 minutes of VR time. Medications, supplements, and medical modalities have been co-opted by the military AI takeover of the globe.  American choices will soon be as stark as game on or game over without immediate redress when it comes to addressing your medical conditions, and pain relief, whether it is acute, chronic pain, or mental. Watch this space in the days to come.

Time Is Not On Your Side

Few of you take no medications, no supplements, and no alternative modalities-including entertainment.  A grim outlook has emerged within the gray-zone of healthcare.  You may have thought HillaryCare or ObamaCare was healthcare reform, an equitable system with healthcare for all but such is not the case.  It is in reality a hybrid combination of military, paramilitary, and non-military methodologies.  Our traditional form of healthcare was a menace to global socialism.  A warlike coup ensued to militarize healthcare in a global environment.

You will soon be faced with the ultimate gray-zone challenge which is risk confusion in a humble attempt to make educated faith-based decisions on how to take care of your body, the temple of the Living God

At the get-go I do not take pain medication except in rare circumstances, but I am eye-witness to the devastating effect of the termination of human and animal medications, supplements, and alternative treat modalities.

Acute pain is defined as a normal sensation, triggered by the nervous system, alerting you to possible injury and to take care of yourself.

Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting over 12 weeks.

How extensive is the problem?  The only statistics being bantered about comes from before the War on Opioids. Pain medication is not the only drug in the cross-hairs, all drug, supplements, and traditional healing modalities have been slated for eradication.  I will be addressed pain medications but the model is true for all medications and supplements.  Pain medication increased the well being and production of many people who were not drug abusers.  Due to environmental factors, plummeting nutrient density, and the AI Final Solution I would estimate the numbers to be double in 2018. 

  • 100 million Americans in pain
  • 1 in 10 Americans has chronic pain
  • 1.5 billion people in the world suffer chronic pain
  • 20% of people say their pain keeps they up at night
  • 40% of Americans experience severe pain
  • 66% of people say they expect to have long term pain for the rest of their lives.

Three great powers are rivaling each other in a hyper-competitive struggle to the death:  ancient herbal/modern supplement, pharmakia in all its synthetic forms, and up and rising star of artificial intelligent Virtual Reality (VR).  The winner will animate, contour, and determine the world of health. 

Virtually every modality of healing is being hobbled in the face of persistent campaign of AI opportunistic and innovation, at worse highly addicting substitute, and the worse lethal outcome. Initial research indicates that the most effective tools to change your position medication, alternative modalities, and supplements adversarial combinations of influence, intimidation, coercion, and aggression.  In other words, this is a war game on your body and mind

Virtual reality has been deployed ( a military term) into medicals systems around the world but particularly in America.  Like many unannounced legislation/regulation it quietly sits ready to be animated.

Dangers of VR Addiction

VR virtualreality restart life 50249094 VR

Virtual Reality is over a thousand times more addicting than the worse than Fentanyl and yet it is receiving the permissible nod. 

Wait no longer to envision how all your Facebook posts will be used.  Facebook purchased virtual reality headset-maker Oculus ensuring it will be accessible to the masses. 

A psychiatrist says, "My theory is that Facebook is an addictive technological drug that, like every drug, gives people temporary pleasure and, ultimately, causes many people to become psychiatrically ill," he writes. "And my theory is that the Oculus VR will make matters worse."

Immersing people into alternative realities according to the data surveillance streams is toxic to them even in brief exposure or weak in forms.   There are no longitudinal studies investigating the long term effects of VR on children and adults.

Some healthcare professionals are expressing growing concern about an understudied technology which may alter brain chemistry in ways not yet fully understood

Nefarious use of VR as an ultra-addicting medium is being injected like a vaccine into pain management, cultural sensitivity, and educational exploration, and will revolutionize the entertainment industry. 

Research confirms that digital media use is correlated with obesity, sleep problems, increased aggression, and addiction in children and adults according to research presented at the National Academy of Sciences, Sakler Colloguium.  There is growing evidence that VR is rewiring the brain.

Virtual reality can cause:

  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Can induce powerful hallucinations
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Social isolation
  • False memories-the brain cannot tell the difference between an actual or virtual experience.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Delusional thinking
As the man of lawlessness arrives is it possible that God sends Virtual Reality as a delusional tool for those who are perishing and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.… 2 Thessalonians 2:11

Is Life just a Chemical VR Matrix?

VR is being designed from a nascent study of neural networks in our brain.  Since VR is not from God neither part of the natural world, can your brain distinguish, in a chemical sense, between something that real or not real?  Hollywood films such as OtherLife are indoctrinating and desensitizing us to this dangerous AI weaponry. 


Scientists are studying the risks of immersive VR with lab rats.  They have fabricated a realistic virtual world for the rodents to explore, including a maze and a dispenser of sugar water—they’re drawn to sweetened beverages as much as humans are. The rat’s eyes and ears tell it when it’s nearing the reward zone, and it salivates as it pads its virtual feet toward the virtual soda fountain. “It starts licking before it get the reward—that’s the sign of addiction. We can now create reward anticipation entirely with virtual images,” says Mayank Mehta, a neurophysicist at UCLA. 

Scientists are looking for changes in the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in making memories and in Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, and epilepsy.

Risk Confusion

Now that we have discussed a few of the dangers let us look at what you will be told about VR and your healthcare treatment.

Risk confusion takes place in situations where the hazards of action and inaction appear equally dangerous: action looks excessively provocative and escalatory, whereas inaction in practice is appeasement, in this case to the AI beast system itself.

Hypercompetition was introduced in the 1990's to describe commercial markets where rival actors “continuously generate new competitive advantages that destroy, make obsolete, or neutralize” the perceived advantages of adversaries.

You are going to hear the notions of costly, endless competition and transient band-aid solutionsnot permanent cures – are universally unpopular and unsatisfying concepts. What does that mean?  The government has put itself in the position that only the government entity can establish, validate, and issue a treatment or cure for anything and everything.  The government entity already has this power in its claws.

You are going to be told that scientific-evidence has proven that your favorite traditional healing modalities are fake. 

Things such as:

Biblical recommendations

Prayer, other than Eastern Forms of meditation

Folk remedies do not work because there is no evidence.  Science and drug companies do not conduct trials because these cannot be patented for large profit margins.

Essential oils with soon be by prescription because people are not qualified to know what they are doing and plant extracts are getting more powerful due to Climate Change.  A regulation was passed that if an essential oil treats a condition it is considered a drug by the government and all drug company regulations apply to it.  There is a massive witch-hunt underway for anyone that mentions essential oils can treat conditions.

Homeopathic remedies will be banned as ineffective.

Chinese medicine was just thrown under the bus despite thousands of years of use.

Vitamins, minerals, supplementation is viewed as unnecessary.

Genetically modified foods are beneficial.

Modalities such as chiropractic and cultural modalities from around the world will be banned, regulated, legislated to clear the playing field for AI VR.  

VR emerging technologies will promise you deliverance from all afflictions-addiction-free.

Ponder the following:

VR therapies are based on the gate control theory of pain (and what other gateways does it control?)

Opioids and other pain medications make us more sensitive to pain.

VR devices provide immersive, realistic, three-dimensional experiences that transport patients away from the four walls of their hospital room and into novel, positive, and emotionally enriching environments.

You can literally see two distinct moments that prove when VR is working its magic.

Even a negative response to VR can be clinically useful.

Many patients still do not want to use VR in the hospital- 66%!

If VR is a therapy, then we need an evidence-based VR Pharmacy, right now it is only a platform.

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are absolutely intrigued with VR.

Alcoholics immersed in a virtual bar or a virtual party can be taught to manage their cravings and develop coping and refusal skills so that they can prevent a relapse when they’re near the real thing.

The Lies

You are going to be told that VR will vanquish your pain with no addiction.  I had a friend maybe 15 years ago who received an embedded device into her spine for pain relief.  I felt her pain but begged her not to get the device implanted.  She proceeded to get the device.  It worked for two months and then she was back to her excruciating pain.  Now she walks around with a device that surveillance her every move, change her biological functions by merely modulating the frequency of the device.  The military has Handbook of Dosimetry on what various frequencies so do certain organs and cells. 

VR is better than opioids.  VR will be your next pain killer.  Just like with medications that you take you will not be informed about the dangers.

Citing the Opioid Crisis again management is necessary.  Remember the motto is not to take anything from nature, things must come out of thin air and so VR fits the criteria.  VR has been leveraged for pain management since 1996 at Harborview Hospital in Washington State.

Being Set Apart

You are going to be left with few legitimate health care options very soon.  It is time that you purpose to be a Set Apart Believer in Jesus distancing yourself from the snares of AI healthcare.  If you do not stand firm or remain lukewarm, you will have chosen your eternal destiny, hell.  

Science Fiction and Hollywood have been warning for decades the dangers of VR decades.  Maybe it is time we listen to this message at least.  For better or worse, when you change your reality, you change yourself.  Would it not be so much better if we allow Jesus to heal the pain in our lives or rely upon His strength and not our own to persevere with joy.  Days of suffering are coming my friends. Understand that healthcare as you have known it has been restructured and does not have your best interest in mind. The various pains in our lives can be used as valuable lessons in overcoming.

God allows physical and mental pain in our lives.  He does not cause the pain but He does allow it as an opportunity to turn to Him at the lowest times of our lives.  If I may so bold, refuse to embrace what is being heralded as the new normal.  Satan wants to thrive with unobstructed access to God's innermost workings in your life. Rebuke single universal animating ideas for they are a snare.  My prayer for each of you as your navigate the complex gray-zone of health care that you do not grossly underestimate post-healthcare environment and that each of your strategic choices are made in prayer and the whole counsel of Almighty God.


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