Waves of Cosmic Terrorism

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These are indeed very unique and interesting times that we are living in.   These moments are gathering in intensity toward a future of prophetic biblical proportion.  This is a situation report, much like what one would be briefed on in the government or military. 

As Southern California is shaking away we are currently in a planetary watch scenario as on:

July 9th Venus-Sun-Mercury-Jupiter alignment, with a three way Earth-Mercury-Mars alignment. 

July 10th we have a Sun-Earth-Saturn alignment. 

What does this mean for you and me?  These particular alignments stimulate activity both on the sun and on the earth.  When Saturn is in alignment earthquakes and volcanoes are on watch. In essence, things can get allot worse, and they will- whether it is immediate or in the days, months, or years to come.

Spaceweather.com just posted the following alert: 

Earth is exiting a minor stream of solar wind that did little to stimulate geomagnetic activity on July 5th when it peaked in velocity near 450 km/s. The next stream of solar wind will arrive on July 9th, bringing with it a slight chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms.  This may be only the beginning of an intense period of geomagnetic, earthquake, and volcanic activity.

As you know my job was in Emergency Management.  I was known in those circles as, "The Master of Disaster."  My job was to vacillate between the Big Picture overview down to the tiniest micro-management of activation. I share this with you for several reasons:

Between the Word of God, His visions, and data I am feeling very much like a ping-pong ball.  Possibly, you are as well.  

There is an algorithm for the waves of birthpangs that we will all experience and that is CBRNe.  It stands for rolling Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-with e is the wildcard.  It can be environmental, economic, explosive...anything with an e that will bring chaos.  It is not coincidental that while writing this my house was struck by a large lightening bolt and one of my few modern appliances exploded and caught fire. 

Last night I had such a sense of foreboding as a wildest lightening storm swirled around the house.  Even my dog felt an unnatural energy.  Needless to say there was no sleep in this house.

Scaling to the Big Picture, I know an explosive event is going to happen.  Call it my gut and experience.  When and where I do not know, but it will happen.  I had this same gut feeling before 9-11. 

Worse Case Scenario

We are facing the worst case scenario ever in history:

 Image:  Wikpedia

We have a low solar output meaning our sun is fairly quiet although she still exerts her power over earth. This quiet sun results in a weakened heliosphere. The heliosphere is the bubble that protects our solar system and that lets streams cosmic radiation and dust pouring in from our galaxy and other galaxies throughout the universe.  

Making the situation more dire is that our secondary line of defense and more importantly, our primary defense system, is that our magnetosphere is has been weakening.  So as our magnetic reversal (also known as excursion) intensifies we are receiving more cosmic radiation- inbound onto the planet.  Changing everything from our weather to our DNA.  

This sets the stage for seeding effects in our atmosphere where more cloud nuclei develop which obviously turn into clouds and precipitation.

These clouds then enter the jet streams which you may or may not know are getting wider and more sluggish.  The jet streams as we have known them for maybe a thousand years are in fact currently in the process of breaking down.  You used to be able to observe the rhythmic swaying oscillation of the jet streams.  Today what you will see is the fracturing and dislocating from the polar jet stream with it crashing into and mingling with the subtropical jet streams.  The end result is a clash of humidity and cold, thus dropping snow.  The reverse is also true, where cold winds calm down and meet warm air resulting in devastating flash floods.  This is the kind that has wiped out American farmland and farmlands around the globe. 

There are many factors to consider as we prepare for the days ahead so that we might be wise in our decisions.  As you ponder we need to know with absolute certainty that God is in control.  Yes, Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air but he is only allowed to do what God allows. 

As our situation turns chaotic, bringing to recollection the days of tohu v bohu when chaos and violence covered the earth we need to understand that this cosmic battle will drag us back to those chaotic days creation.

In the beginning of God's creation of the heavens and the earth.

אבְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית בָּרָ֣א אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֵ֥ת הַשָּׁמַ֖יִם וְאֵ֥ת


Now the earth was astonishingly empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water.

Why?  Because the Satan wants to usurp the Father and His Son Jesus.

Satan to erase Jesus from the first line of creation and use God's elemental building blocks to engineer a new world with himself as god.  He wants to erase the Name of Jesus found in 4th word ET of Genesis 1:1, never translated into English.  To accomplish this he needs to return everything to the moment of creation, remaking it from the ground up so to speak without Jesus.  God will allow him to go so far in this endeavor.  Meanwhile He is beginning the largest purification process since creation.  I do believe we are headed towards tumultuous days especially as I now clearly see the Bible as a walkabout of salvation and catastrophism.

Who are the players we should watch? 

Coronal Holes

Image:  spaceweatherlive

Coronal holes which directly connect to earth magnetically and which push more intense solar wind one of those faster streams impact the earth.  All in all these winds are relatively quiet, for the moment

Equatorial coronal holes connect with earth to a greater degree so when you watch for them pay attention where the holes are located.



Image:  Spacewweather.com

It may surprise you to learn that you can predict fairly accurately when earthquakes will occur.  To predict quakes one must look at conditions on earth but also space conditions. 

As of the time that I was writing this article, the US is on an alert status for increased seismic (earthquake) activity due to snow melt and heavy rains with subsequent weight redistribution on fault lines.  When I worked in Emergency Management we always keep our eyes open after a season of heavy rains for they strain fault lines.  The area had been experiencing fore-shocks since January. 

After the two California earthquakes the San Andreas and Cascadia faults still need to release pressure.  These quakes did not release major fault tension.

The 7.1 Ridgeway quake struck California as we were sitting quietly with an earth to sun connection.  Suddenly that switched earth to sun connection.  We reached the critical 180 phi angle and that is precisely the moment the 7.1 earthquake hit southern California. 

The Phi angle = Interplanetary magnetic field polar angle. Phi is the angle of the interplanetary magnetic field that is being carried out by the solar wind.

When we see the Phi angle go southward (into the negative). This shows the increase of the transport of solar winds & mass into the Earth's magnetosphere. When it goes into the positive, this shows a decrease in the transport of solar winds and mass into Earths magnetosphere.

Phi in the negative = higher connection
Phi into the positive = less connection

The first California quake occurred when we were steady at 180.  Aftershocks are continuing north and south along the fault line and the USGS is struggling to keep up with data requests on this quake.

When observes the solar winds and Phi angle one has a good idea when the next earthquakes will shake the earth. The above chart shows last night.  The sudden drop towards the right is when the 7.1 quake hit.

An earthquake watch is still out for the San Andreas Fault and Cascadia as the two recent earthquakes did not relieve the tension in these faults. 

 Solar Cycles

Our sun goes through 11 year solar cycles. Depending on various conditions there will be varying number of sun spots.  Lack of sun spot does not mean that the sun is not impacting the earth.  This paper examined the different types of methods used to predict solar cycles.  It does an excellent job collecting lots of forecasts that are out there and plugging them into one table.   Our Sun has more magnetic power right now on the doorstep of the next solar cycle and we did before cycle 24.

The author's position is that our current condition is a stepping stone down into Grand Solar Minimum, which would begin immediately after Solar Cycle 25.  That said, we will be experiencing increasing Grand Solar Minimum conditions as our magnetosphere decreases.

We are descending into the next Grand Minimum phase which occurs every 350/400 to 2000 year event as our Sun shuts down.

 Magnetic Excursions and Pole Reversals


 Image: Suspicious Observor's

We are in a magnetic excursion which could actually be a polar reversal nobody really knows.  What we're living right now is a magnetic reversal.  We are right on the flexure point which means while the magnetic pole is slowly swaying back and forth, "wobbling like a drunkard" once it hits a certain point the whole process accelerates. 

From magetometers placed around the world we know that the acceleration process has begun and that the world magnetic model has changed.

For the last three months really exciting activity has been seen as the poles move, probably 250 miles, East and then back West, going towards Siberia.  It is becoming more frequent.  There has been more frequent activity since around Christmas time.

 Magnetic readings are now being taken every three seconds- 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

 What scientists noticed were some magnetic jet movements that showed spikes every three seconds generating alarm.

 Now they are starting to see some really big spikes and some movement in the magnetic north pole where it's yawn backwards and forwards 250 miles with the real magnetic pole migration getting evermore closer to that 40 degree mark.  Once it hits that 40 degrees you'll find that it starts to move around a lot lazier.  It is an indication that it is coming out of the strong field lines which hold poles in their position permanently and entering a weak field.  After that point, when it crosses the line it  accelerates much faster.

Gleaning from the data it is estimated that a pole could flip (reversal) within five to seven years possibly earlier bring with it a plethora of problems that come with that situation.

 As the magnetic poles have been migrating over the last 30 years they have impacted the global climate.  We will soon be seeing an exponential increase in that activity.


Changes in our magnetosphere are changing changes in weather.

Some people think we've got two magnetic poles one on the north and one on the south.  Actually, we have  four magnetic poles.  Two over the Northern Hemisphere and two over the Southern Hemisphere.

Magnetometers have been placed at different "sweet intensity" spots around the world that correspond with the four magnetic poles on planet earth. These magnetometers pretty much cover the three major highest intensity regions or those three main poles:

  • Siberia
  • Southern California
  • Kentucky that monitors that monitors just on the fringe where it goes into the highest intensity.
  • Hong Kong
  • India

The Canadian pole is reducing rapidly. Canada has lost 50% of its entire strength over the last seven years.

India that will be tracking not the highest intensity because what scientist want to view the activity of these poles as they wander.

Scientist are trying to catch the increase in intensity as it moves from the Siberian pole down to the equatorial region.

As the Pole, now in Siberia, continues its excursion going to be seeing from the Siberian scientists are hoping that one of the magnetometers in either Hong King or India will see the intensity increase, hopefully, over the next six months.

Considering that the world's biggest anomaly that is taking place it is astounding that fewer than 2% of the entire world's souls or population know about these migrating poles.

The magnetic pole could be an excursion, but frankly, we are five hundred thousand years overdue a full magnetic reversal.

Typically, excursions last 12,000 to 14,000 years and at some point in between that period they hit a period where the magnetosphere collapses down to 10-15 percent, possibly less.  That is a 90% drop.  

During the time of Magnetosphere Collapse people and all biodiversity (life forms) are going to be living and dying in extinction level event.  It is believed that is what sent the prehistoric animals into extinction and also the converse-new life forms coming into existence. 

Magnetic reversals allows streams of cosmic ray radiation.  Compounding this will be that we are experiencing a period of low solar output, which is classified as the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). 

We are overdue for a magnetic reversal and the duration of these excursions.  The last two excursions which would be like the Mungo and the Laschamp with a time period within 300 years. Lava flows from the Mungo Lake show that the poles were flipping back and forth near the equator in a matter of months. Some say it can wobble or flip in hours to days.

Carbon dating just found an ancient kauri tree that experienced one of the earth's geomagnetic excursions, meaning the north magnetic pole drifted down to the southern hemisphere and back.  This tree would show what to expect during another polar excursion or reversal – which scientists said was not a matter of if, but when. 

Chaotic Weather

Now let us turn our attention to weather.   For those of us in America we have just lived through the coldest 6 months in recorded history, probably longer.

During Grand Minimum's the jet stream becomes very chaotic.  The name Climate Change has been changing into Climate Chaos, which is what we are all seeing.


Looking at the sub tropical and polar jet streams but they're almost indistinguishable and this has been the case.  Typically, the jet stream is nice and wavy but now you see that there is a lot of interchange between two.  That is really what is causing a lot of  the problems that we are seeing right now across the Northern Hemisphere.

When you look at the Southern Hemisphere there is something more extreme going on, and this just so happens to be that the region where the ozone hole is on our planet.  The ozone is shrinking rather than enlarging during the temperature we are receiving on the planet.   

As you know we have an increase in cosmic radiation rays which are actually particles.  Scientific studies have shown that recent when you get a lot of cosmic radiation into an area where there are aerosols-whether they be galactic dust, pollution, volcanic injection, geo-engineering, meteoric dusts, or nanoparticles-they actually attach to the aerosol becomes a bigger particle and this in turn encourages water vapor to condense on that particle.  These particles form larger than normal particles consolidating with the cosmic particles condensing into water resulting in never see before precipitation events such as a year of rain in a day.  They are also highly charged resulting in fierce electric storms. 

Right now we are seeing a shrinkage of the ozone because those particles are mixing with cosmic radiation which is inbound.

A two-fold reasons:

  • Approaching Grand Solar Minimum,
  • A weakened magnetosphere of probably around about 20% right now.  As a result  there is more precipitation in the jet streams.  In some cases, we have probably 2,000 mile wide jet streams, and again, like in the northern hemisphere there is no separation from subtropical to polar jet streams.

 Combined these are what is causing major problems around our planet.

The more we are subjected to cosmic radiation it promotes cancers in by biodiversity across the range, not just humans, but also in vegetation as well.  It also induces cardiac arrhythmia even in healthy people, as well as other physical damage that I will explore this coming week.

 We are no where even close to reaching equilibrium because we haven't even started to begin to see the poles moving to those weaker field lines where they migrate a lot faster.   So you know this is just really starting to get going.  My real concern is that when we do go into the Whitford lines that what we've seen gradually take place in what we are seeing now jet streams could get much worse and fast.  This is the reason that governments and agency's are not coming out and talking about this.   This is why it is critical that you do you own homework on the pole shift news, with news, data, and sources you trust-especially in this day of DeepFakes.


You might as well learn this term and get cozy with it for as I mentioned in my last article, the past is the present. 

We are about to experience is an epic drop of sea level and that means there's going be a snowball earth situation which is what happens during glacial periods, maximum glaciations.  The last one was about twenty six thousand years ago called the Whiskey Sounion, which was rapidly ended about 11,500 years ago during the Younger Dryas events.  When you look at Psalm 147 it describes this scenario perfectly.  

We see events before our eyes such as the 7 degree less than normal temperatures, we know or are learning about our paleoclimatologically history, we see data telling us are happening including tree rings oxygen isotopes, argon and other rare elements, all these things added together give us a clearer picture of what has happened on our planet over the last several million years.  We have clear data with the Antarctic ice project so we know what's going on in the North and South Poles and we can correlate this data as major up swings and down swings and glacial ice.

The powers that be do not want you to know similar cycles occurred in 1934, 1880, or the 1600's. They do not want to share with you about the medieval warming or the Roman warming.  They do not want you to be prepared because they demand a post-human era where synthetic and alien life forms inhabit this planet, once it is completely redesigned in their image.

We have record snowpack in North America, one of the top five in recorded history.   We have record summer snows.  This happened, albeit not to this degree in 2011 which was the end of the last solar minimum which lasted from 2009 to 2011.  There are solar maximums and minimums for each solar cycle.  That is different than the Grand Solar Minimum which has a longer cycle timeline. 

Stratospheric Particulates

Once particulates are up into the stratosphere region they may last up here for one to three years sometimes longer.  This is where the ozone occurs.  When chlorofluorocarbons are lofted into that region it will absolutely destroy the ozone.  Compounding that certain geo-engineer's are injecting sulfur dioxide and other chemical particulates into the stratosphere. Even without the atmospheric frequency modulation,  it will reflect the sunlight back into space through the mesosphere and that will increase the albedo effect and cools down the troposphere and temperatures here on earth. 

We need to face the facts:  Stratospheric radiation will be increasing for the rest of your lifetime.

We also have volcanic stratospheric injections adding to the particulates in our atmosphere.  This increases nucleation, clouds, planetary dimming, and increased precipitation.  These volcanic injections will link up with cosmic rays exacerbating the cooling of planet earth situation at hand. 

These stratospheric particulates can linger for days months decades and years.  One 30 kilometer volcanic eruption can cool the planet from three to fifteen years.  So much is being injected into the stratosphere and with the frequency modulation it could permanently cool the earth for all time, until God intervenes.

My friend's this is just the beginning of the many End Time terrorizing situations that we face. There is so much more to convey but small pieces are much more understandable than a deluge.  We all need to be vigilant, sober in mind, strong in the Lord and when suffering comes knocking on our door resist the knee-jerk reaction to flee.  Flee to where?  There is no place other than in the shadow of the wings of Jesus.  Suffering will increase the abundance of your faith.  Be at peace during these days knowing your saving grace is Jesus.  God bless you all.


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