Weaponized Demons of Social Media

WARNING!  Video's in this article are GRAPHIC, VIOLENT, and may contain Sexual Content.  Unfortunately, this is demonically driven culture-speak and we must not be ignorant of the devil's wiles.


 Imagine Dragons “Demons”
I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide

No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.  Matthew 5:10-12

It is time my fellow Christians.  The words of Jesus concerning persecution will soon be coming to pass here in America.  The seeds of this persecution were introduced in 2005 at the UN level and began to sprout in the United States on Halloween 2005.  This war is primarily an invisible war but manifests in the physical each step of the way.  The banners of persecution are being unfurled and the music of war has been unleashed revving up the masses for the final persecutions prophesied in the bible. This warfare utilizes the internet and specifically Social Media are inextricably linked in arguably the most powerful demonic manifestation the world has ever seen.

The bible is your handbook in how to overcome in this technological environment of non-kinetic and violently manipulative power. The military at awake public are being trained on the fine art of this new warfare or LikeWar – The Weaponization of Social Media written by P.W. Singer and co-author Emerson T. Brooking’s.

“The modern internet is not just a network, but an ecosystem of 4 billion souls.... Those who can manipulate this swirling tide, steer its direction and flow, can…. accomplish astonishing evil. They can foment violence, stoke hate, sow falsehoods, incite wars, and even erode the pillars of democracy itself.”

The technology of the Fallen Angels has spawned the final revolution between Satan and those seeking to be gods and the One True God.  We all are participating to some degree in this demonic technology.  We are connecting with other souls, human souls through an artificial construct, a medium if you will, that is shaping  “all aspects of human engagement where cognition, ideas, and perceptions, are almost instantaneously available.”

This technology is a change agent between the reality God created and the reality of a world made in the image of Satan. Our history is littered with change agents who have a much defined vision and are able to articulate their vision with clarity and persuasion.  Our God-given desire for connection is being exploited and we are being manipulated to harmonize our belief system with wicked evil that brazenly exalts itself above God.

Whether the cause is dangerous (support for a terrorist group), mundane (support for a political party), or inane (belief that the earth is flat), social media guarantees that you can find others who share your views and even be steered to them by the platforms’ own algorithms… As groups of like-minded people clump together, they grow to resemble fanatical tribes, trapped in echo chambers of their own design.”

Weaponization of Information

WARNING!  Video's in this article are GRAPHIC, VIOLENT, and may contain Sexual Content. 


Big Data  “Dangerous”
How could they know, how could they know
What I been thinking?
But they’re right inside my head, because they know
Because they know, what I been hidin’

Image:  Mad Scientist

Warfare has changed since 1995.  Cunningly, it shifted from a physical war to the invisible air waves.  Insiders knew that change was in the air but most of you focused your preparations for the difficult times of war, famine, and earth changes primarily in a physically tangible ways.  Although it is late in the game it would service you best to switch your focus to the invisible realm and war.  You will be preparing your soul for eternity and honestly, that is what counts.  

Attacking an adversary's most important center of gravity -- the spirit of its people -- no longer requires massive bombing runs or reams of propaganda. All it takes is a smartphone and a few idle seconds. And anyone can do it."

Satan, fallen angels, demons, corporations, nations, ideologies, and militaries are leveraging manipulation of your mind for the coming conflicts.

This continuous on-line fight for your mind represents “not a single information war but thousands and potentially millions of them.”

LikeWar illuminates how contemporary belligerents are weaponizing Social Media to augment their operations in the physical domain.

"Social media had changed not just the message, but the dynamics of conflict. How information was being accessed, manipulated, and spread had taken on new power. Who was involved in the fight, where they were located, and even how they achieved victory had been twisted and transformed. Indeed, if what was online could swing the course of a battle -- or eliminate the need for battle entirely -- what, exactly, could be considered 'war' at all?"

Image: Mad Scientist

As the drive to attain super-powers in promulgated average Americans and social bullies are increasingly becoming super-empowered individuals through access to fallen angel technologies. 

Demonic manifestation has also been linked with violence and murder.  Masses of peoples have now been demonically infused, even people whom you believe are Christians, are polarizing under their various banners and are gyrating with vibrations and frequencies of violent killing. In Hebrew the verb retzach, n-k-h, means "to strike, smite, hit, beat, slay, kill".  Do not kill is in the Ten Commandments. 

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.  Genesis 9:6

The Bible portrays murder as a capital crime and describes a number of details in the moral understanding and legal implementation of consequences.

And it is only “a handful of Silicon Valley engineers,” with their brother and sister technocrats in Beijing, St. Petersburg, and a few other global hubs of Twenty-first Century innovation that are forging and then unleashing the code that is democratizing this virtual warfare.

AI-Enabled Information Operations

WARNING!  Video's in this article are GRAPHIC, VIOLENT, and may contain Sexual Content.

Are you chained to rhythm of the techno-demon infused war?

Seeing is believing, right? Not anymore! FakeApp has been launched into the wild (population) enabling anyone with an artificial neural network and a graphics processor to create and share bogus videos via Social Media. Each Deepfake video that:

“… you watch, like, or share represents a tiny ripple on the information battlefield, privileging one side at the expense of others. Your online attention and actions are thus both targets and ammunition in an unending series of skirmishes.”

AI is facilitating these distortions in reality which is rapidly ushering in the end of truth.

Wicked Game, Wicked Problem

WARNING!  Video's in this article are GRAPHIC, VIOLENT, and may contain Sexual Content. 

My dear friends, we live in an era of wickedness and lawlessness.   Wicked problems have been unleashed upon the globe and mankind, desiring to purge God from his life, seeks the god of AI, to solve these wicked problems. Although the given definition of a problem rebuffs that they are evil problems, they are in fact evil. 

Mark my words, this is a military operation that has been in preparation since the rebellion of the Fallen Angels.  The militaries of the world have been deceived, as has man, that disposing of God and His Son Jesus, will bring about a utopian world where mankind can live eternally apart from Jesus.  That my friend is the definition of hell, eternal separation from God.

If you scoff that this is a military operation take a peek at who is commenting and what they are saying about the new book, LikeWar:

“LikeWar is a magical combination of history, technology, and early warning wrapped in a compelling narrative of how today’s information space can threaten the truth, our polity, and our security.  It’s a page turner, too, chock full of deep insights and fascinating detail.  Sun Tzu tells us to know ourselves, our enemy and our battle space and LikeWar delivers on all three.”—General Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA, author of The Assault on Intelligence

“Online technology has outrun our social intuitions about its power. In vivid prose, Singer and Brooking offer insight into the ways that social media can be used to manipulate beliefs and attitudes for self-serving purposes.” —Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the internet, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Much as Clausewitz did for conventional war, LikeWar lays out the new 21st century principles of war. Mixing fascinating stories and the front edge of research, it explains the twilight battlegrounds of politics and war on social media—a frightening future where truth is the first casualty, and our fundamental values are deeply at danger.  I loved it.”—Admiral James Stavridis, US Navy (Ret.), former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

“LikeWar is the definitive work on the information revolution—its early origins, growth, and many complex implications.  It weaves this broad-tapestry in a way that explains, compels, and provokes thought all at once.  A fascinating, informative must-read.”Lt. Gen. James Clapper, USAF (ret.) Former Director of National Intelligence

“…Essential reading if today’s Leaders (both in and out of uniform) are to understand, defend against, and ultimately wield the non-kinetic, yet violently manipulative effects of Social Media.”US Army Training and Doctrine Command

Stand Your Ground

The Bible says:

Be on the alert. Stand firm in the faith. Be men of courage. Be strong.   I Corinthians 16:13

Quite candidly, do what you need to do to preserve your soul. I have faith that with the Holy Spirit as your guide, always ensuring your actions are in alignment with the Word of God which is Jesus, you will be in His good and perfect will for these days and times.

If this means cut technology-do it.  If this means isolating from mobs of spiritually demonic individuals-do it.  If this means cutting ties with things known and comfortable-do it.  If this means being increasingly tender and human as a witness of the love of Jesus-do it! 

Remember, you were born for such a time as this. 


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