Why the Human Brain is Being Attacked! What You Don't Know

Winning Hearts and Minds... Through Stockpiled Neuro-Technology


Huge stockpiles of neuro-weapons were accumulated under the BRAIN Initiative 2025 for “dual use” or “weaponizization".  These Neuro-Weapons are now being deployed to assess, access, and target your brain and soul.  Our brains have been degraded in a war against this precious asset that most are unaware is occurring.  The brain has sustained direct and collateral damage due emerging technologies, environmental factors, and simple things such as a poor diet.

Warfighters on the other hand will receive:  Neuro-enablement, Advanced neuro-psychopharmacologics, Computational brain-machine interfaces, Closed-loop brain stimulation approaches, Neuro-sensory augmentation devices which will create definitive advantage for the warfighter when compared with the average population.

In our neuro-centric world-view, a person is equated to his brain. The neuro-discourse has penetrated all aspects of our lives from law to politics to literature to medicine to physics.  As part of this neuro-revolution, huge military funding is supporting neuro-scientific research; a huge body of basic knowledge on memory, belief formation, cognition and sensory modalities has been gathered over years, with fields like social neuroscience, cultural neuroscience, neuroeconomics and neuromarketing has emerging to improve our lifestyle; neurotechnological know-how from wireless non invasive technologies to neuroelectronic interfaces is exponentially advancing; and neurotechnology business reports indicates the rapid increase in neurotechnological start ups and the willingness of bringing neurotechnological products to the market.

We leave digital footprints everywhere we connect and so it is quite easy to asses each persons brains and for that matter the state of their soul. 

People are more than delighted to play games online, take quizzes, answer questions, which allow for quick Neuro-Cyber Infomatics assessment of your mental faculties. 

As your minds degrades you will also be assessed by specialized tests; Neuroimaging (the familiar MRI-CAT scans) to see how our brains are holding up to this assault.

Neuroproteomics is the study of our protein complexes that make up the nervous system.

Neurophysiological Recording with many wearable devices recording and reporting our every move.

Neurogenomics will map your entire genome for personalized Precision Medicine (the problem is that there is no doctor-patient privacy and as you will see leaves you completely vulnerable to the weapons formed against you.

Some of the tools that are rolling out are:

  •  Cyber-linked neurocog manipulation.  Your brain will be linked in for manipulation.  The system will tell your brain what to do and how to do it. 
  •  Novel Pharmaceuticals will be digitally-enhanced until our blood and our brains are saturated swarms of sensory pharmaceuticals registering, recording, and manipulating your bodily process and our mind.  The impact to the soul, unknown.
  •  Neuromicrobiologicals are tiny swarms of hybrid nano-sized genetically-modified particles that interface with our brain and nervous system.
  •  Organic neurotoxins are toxins that can be lethal to our nervous system and brain
  •  Neurotechnologicals are neuro-robotics. 

 As our minds are being erased, eerily similar to wiping a hard drive we are turning to the medical profession for assistance.  This is the gateway that will is going to become increasing used to ACCESS your brain and soul. This will be accomplished by an implantable chip that will use neurostimulations to treat any affliction you have.  No more drugs, surgery, or supplements.  These neurostimulations are transmittable energy and coherent light.  These neurostimulator implantable chips will work with deployed emerging technologies working within the grid or matrix that has been designed in our environment. This implant is called the Tiered integrated tracking and access networks (TITAN) and is part of the Indwelling Devices for intentional identification and access to your brain.

NEURINT is an assessment of neuro-psychosocial factors in narratives, individual, and group expressions and activities.

What we can do is provocative!

Winning hearts and minds is expressed as a Resolution of War, insurgency, and conflict. 

There is the perception of an elite or superior force who engages in certain tactics to gain the advantage in the war, in this case through the science of neuro-technology.  Various weaponized influences with lure a subjugated population to the other side. 

Putting Your Brain at Their Fingertips

The powers that be want to influence, harness and engage the human ecology, which is you.  When they control your brain and your soul you are easier to control and influence your behavior.  The goal is to affect human activities from an individual level to a global level.  The research being done is couched as a national security issue.  Your mind is viewed as critical infrastructure that needs to be managed.  Your brain will be harnessed to guide and as an energy source  to be exploited by various actors.

It sends chills down my neck the thought of putting my brain at research and development's fingertips. 

Engaging NeuroWeapons

Did you get that?  Contend, injure, defeat, or destroy!  An agent to mitigate aggression and foster passivity. 

This definition of a neuroweapon is brought to you by Georgetown University Medical Center, specifically the, Neuroethics Studies Program, Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics O’Neill-Pellegrino Program in Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy.  This slide speaks for itself. 

What is a Neuro Weapon?

As you can see both soft and hard neuro-weapons are filtering into our everyday operating environment. 

Many of them we have been aware of for some time but the new kids of the block are the neurotechnolgies and the hybrid cyborg or biological drone. 

'Drugs and Bugs'

The Bugs & Drugs were wildly popular with those attending the military conference.  In-close pharmaceuticals and organic neurotoxins can be used for diplomatic or cultural where the goal is to woo the people to your side.  I have to wonder if the recent Russian spy poisoning was not a situation such as this. 

Disturbing is the High Morbidity Neuro-Mircrobiologic Agents that will take, for instance, an antibiotic's, possibly gene-edited, with known psychiatric side effects, trigger those effects,  to induce public panic or a health crisis which spirals out of control therefore requiring a martial law type action.

Morbidity means that this agent will incapacitating a person by making them very ill either physically, or as this is a neuro-agent, something impacting the mind or nervous system, or both.

The new Nano neuroparticle agents are so new that nobody knows the untold damage to the human body or to animals.  They do have the capacity to clog up your brain or nervous system.  This will slow your cognitive abilities, clarity, and well-being.

Have you wondered why across the US certain hospitals were chosen to receive hemorrhagic patients after the Hemorrhagic Fever in Africa?  There is a novel neuro-vascular (which means into goes to your veins) anesthetic for an epidemic of strokes (Hemmorrhagic), no doubt triggered by the neurovascular agent.

Neuro-weapons are flexible and can be released from UAV, drones (small to large), or via insect.  And you thought all those genetically modified mosquitoes were to control mosquitoes!  These dual use agents can produce high output sensory stimulation or they can be used as neural network disruption's which will cause your nervous system and brain into chaos.

As we move into a time of altered reality the neuro-ops will be increasingly utilized.  These will target various locations in your brain triggering various things such as the sensation of time warp and other sensations.  Various Pharmacological neuro-stimulation can induce cognitive or emotional disruption.  I will be discussing these in greater length in the days to come. 

 A Can of Worms

Yes, the whole brain war is a can of worms, but we must deal with reality.  In the days to come we will dig deeper into the rabbit hole.

It is hard to regulate neuro-science and neuro-technology during this time of great discovery and expansion.  You cannot expect that the government will limit or terminate any of these agents.  Our governments are literally being driven at this time in history to deploy these technologies as soon as possible. In the meantime, nourish and protect your brain.

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Army Conference Powerpoint Slides:  James Giordano PhD, Depart. Of Neurology and Biochemistry