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  • 'Otherworldly' characteristics of these nano-entities began to emerge
  • Directed Evolution using nanoSynBio to turn you into a petrified rock
  • NanoSynBio-entity weaponry contain particles that possess intriguing biomimetic properties
  • Shapeshifting nano entities are invading your blood, tissues, and organs
  • NanoSynBio Entities assume shapeshifting spindles, platelets, and biofilms to depopulate.
  • The Corona Protein can change your identity

Cataclysm of Biblical Proportion

The weaver's of dark plots labor in darkness   Isaiah 29:15

There are claims that NanoSynBio entities are nano bacteria, the smallest living microorganisms on earth but also new emerging pathogens associated with human diseases. Others believe that these nano entities are in fact, nonliving mineralo-organic nanoparticles (NPs) that form spontaneously in body fluids. These NPs are heralded as being resistant to harsh physical and chemical treatments – attributes said to ensure their indestructibility and survival in harsh environments beyond habitable earth conditions.  These NanoSynBio entities are thought to be cell precursors or, more precisely, primordial cells; and as living relics they lend direct evidentiary support to the presence of extraterrestrial life. If this is true, it would have far-reaching impact on our understanding of the origin and current Directed Evolution operations to genetically alter all life on earth. 

This article is longer than I would have liked, BUT if your get hit with the Corona Affair you will need these critical details to negotiate the Directed Evolutionary (LINK and LINK) metamorphosis taking place in your body as you strive to survive and remain human.  I apologize in advance for my lack of brevity.  

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of the science of NanoSynBio entities, let us turn to the pages of the Bible for a similar event with historical and spiritual significance so we can better put into context the science.  It occurred right after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  In Genesis 19 we read that Lot and his family were given a heads up to flee, and while doing so, Lot's wife "looked back" and was turned into a pillar of salt.  “How is this applicable to us today” you may ask? 

We live on this amazing planet, a well-watered garden of God, teaming with life.  Its stones had been the place of sapphires; its dust of gold; from out of the earth comes bread, has now come to devastation from man - to beast - to plant.  Obliteration will be so complete that it will saturate the soil, reducing the yield of crops for food.  

Now, in the new arrival of this 25,000-year cycle of Aquarius, the judgment of God in His Divine Providence rained down in what we now know are NanoSynBio-entity exotic weaponry.  This is not a natural catastrophe, but the massing of smart dust and aerosolized weapons used as clouds of swarms so heavy and black they dim the light in judgment.  The enemy of our soul is merely permitted to use these weapons as tools of judgement.  

These NanoSynBio entities have been let loose.  It is heart wrenching, but just as the angel of the Lord instructed Lot and his family not to look back at the upheaval and destruction, so too, you must move forward - do not look back to "normal."  Normal has been destroyed.  Lot's wife looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and that affliction adhered to her, and her body turned into a pillar of salt, a monument to her unfaithfulness. 

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

The Corona Affair is far from over.  Evil forces are uniting to dispatch Directed Evolution to destroy your humanity and turn you into a pillar of minerals.

Judgment at Hand

We must remember that the escape of Lot and his family shows God's Divine love and mercy.  As with other cataclysmic judgments God preserved a remnant.  God, being a holy God, obliterated the evil and perversion of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nevertheless, there is a connection with the psychological effect caused by the indelible spectacle of desolation.  The terrifying punishment had a beneficial side we must recall and that is Divine clemency.  God is longsuffering with everything - except depraved morals of which we are witnessing today. So comprehensive was the judgment that God annihilated inanimate features, such as the city infrastructure, as well as living creatures and vegetation. 

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Cataclysmic events have historically and will continue to happen.  Be prepared spiritually and physically. 

The Dangers of Peering Back

We are not told the reason for Lot's wife peering back.  Was she inappropriately compassionate about family and friends that had been destroyed?  Did they leave in such haste that they did not bring their wealth and provision with them?  Was it her lack of faith?

We are told to hate evil and those who participate in evil acts.  Could it be that Lot's wife engaged in compassion for those who hate God and that when thoughts cleaved the those who perished she turned into a pillar of salt?

These passages resonated within my spirit.  When I left the agencies for an unknown future, my heart pounded in my audibly in chest.  The Holy Spirit kept saying as I drove further and further east, "Do not look back.  Do not look back."  I did not understand this wisdom at the time but I am coming to appreciate it more with each passing day.

Lot's wife was straggling behind Lot who typically would have been her rear guard.  Thus, she had opportunity to glance back at the destruction and possibly pined for normal and the good old days to the degree the tongue of sulfur and fire overtook and consumed her, rendering her a pillar of salt.

Perhaps the mere sight of the destruction could have had a harmful effect to the degree that the plague of judgment entered her mind, resulting in a physical manifestation changing her body from human to a pillar of salt.  Just as she glanced back lo, the earth had become a pillar of salt destroyed by sulfur and salt (Deuteronomy 29:22).

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You 

Looking back or pining over the good days, the old normal, or relationships that were, but are no longer, can destroy a person. 

Historical Context of Petrification

Lot's wife became a statue of sulfur-salt petrification [turning to stone], a standing stone of judgement that was claimed by Romano-Jewish historian Josephus to be standing during his time.  Petrification takes place through a process of mineralization and replacement. These processes create a replica of the original victim - down to the nano level.

Many commentators believe that her body was burned by brimstone and then  encrusted with minerals [salt].

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Petrification has happened in the past and is underway again.  Plots are in place, such as through Direct Evolution, to destroy you as a human, to the degree that you are not even living!  Rather, you are reduced merely to a petrified rock. 

Petrification of Humanity 2.0

NanoSynBio-entitiy weaponry contain mineral particles that possess intriguing biomimetic properties that include:

  • Formation of cell- and tissue-like form lattices and scaffolds.
  • Grow rapidly within 3 days, which has biblical implications.
  • Proliferate and propagate (reproduce and replicate).
  • Have an unusual resistance to extreme ambient changes attributed to a mineral coating of carbonate apatite, akin to the exoskeletons of crustaceans that is being used in Directed Evolution experiments, and historically as petrification.
  • They display pleomorphism, the unusual ability to shape-shift from rounded bacteria to filaments and films.
  • Harbor atypical nucleic acids, further confounding scientific analysis.

Similar mineral NanoSynBio's have now been found in both physiological and pathological calcification processes that appear to represent precursors of physiological calcification cycles during certain disease conditions.

These NanoSynBio's function at the nanoscale, which sheds light on the fate of nano-materials in the body from both nano-toxicological and nano-pathological perspectives.  It is provocative that they appeared in our environment during the 1990's when the earth began to be terraformed through massive geo-engineering projects designed to alter the atmosphere of earth, fulfilling the lofty goals of the Asilomar 2 Geoengineering conference.  The first Asilomar conference in 1974 made the decision to genetically modify all life on earth and the third Asilomar conference established the framework for AI management of the planet.


NB: Nanobacteria; NP: Nanoparticle

For simplicity’s sake, I will be referring to these NPs as NanoSynBio entities. These nano entities defy some of the most important tenets of biology and medicine. 

On 7 August 1996, speaking in a press conference from the South Lawn of the White House, President Clinton announced the discovery of life on Mars, through the finding by a NASA team, of nano entities on a meteorite that presumably originated from that planet. These nano entities resembled small dividing bacteria, promoting faith in an evolutionary link between life on earth and speculative life existing on distant planets.  This biological chain of life to a common ancestry is what President Clinton called "those billions of years and millions of miles."

Soon after that historic conference, a silent invasion of ubiquitous nano-entities began to overcome biological tissues and fluids, impacting health and disease and very much directing evolution.

Morphological similarities between the so-called nanobacteria and mineralo-organic nanoparticles formed in body fluids. Structures described as 'nannobacteria' in (A) calcium carbonate specimens from Viterbo, Italy, and from (B) water of the Bee Creek in Montebello, TX, USA. In (B), note the presence of large, elongated, bacteria among the small, round structures described as nannobacteria. Nanoentities observed in the Martian meteorites (C) ALH84001 and (D) Nakhla. (E & F) Structures described as nanobacteria (NB) or NB-like particles in biological samples. The image in (E) shows particles cultured from serum while the particles in (F) were cultured from human calcified tissues. (G & H) Mineralo-organic nanoparticles formed in body fluids as prepared by our group. These particles were prepared by adding CaCl2 and NaH2PO4 in DMEM containing human serum as described [22,34]. Note the striking similarities between the structures described as putative, living nanoentities (A–F) and the mineral nanoparticles formed in biological fluids (G & H).

The images in (A, B, D, E & F) were reproduced from [12,24,35,36], with permission from (A, B & D) Elsevier; (E) Springer; and (F) the American Physiological Society; the micrograph in (C) was reproduced courtesy of NASA

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

NanoSynBio-entitiy weaponry contain mineral particles that possess intriguing biomimetic properties that have been developed over a long period of time.  In order to make wise decision you must have a cursory understanding of this technology. 

Deciphering the NanoSynBio Entity Code

None of the claims made earlier concerning the living nature or exotic origin of the NanoSynBio entities has been substantiated on either teleological or experimental grounds.

NanoSynBio entities have since been renamed by the original researchers - through the proverbial semantic shell-game - as 'calcifying nanoparticles' (CNPs) in order to confuse the public.

Additional 'otherworldly' characteristics of these nano-entities began to emerge.  They are:

  • Exotic, typically indicating unnatural fabrication.
  • Contain foreign nucleic acids and protein makeup.
  • Some speculate that they depend on gamma irradiated serum for proliferation and growth.

Some researchers and scientists demonstrate that these nano-entities are comprised of mostly mineralo–protein particles consisting of carbonate apatite complexes bound to common calcium and proteins like albumin.  The binding of calcium and apatite, fetuin-A, is now known to form mineralo-organic nucleation seeds that grow to become larger amorphous NPs that lack form and shape, much in the same manner as in the original biblical account of creation:

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  Genesis 1:2

That is, until they progress to full crystallization or mineralization.

Jahnen-Dechent and colleagues have shown in great detail how fetuin-A and serum proteins bind to calcium and phosphate ions to form small particles, which they call 'calciprotein particles' (CPPs).  These entities convert into larger more crystalline particles.  These same scientists refer to fetuin-A as a 'mineral chaperone' that carries excess calcium through circulation to remote locations where mineralization occurs.  This is a paradoxical 'dual inhibition–seeding model' that initially inhibits mineralization, but eventually is overwhelmed by forming crystals, thus having implications for mineralized entities in the body.  Crystallization takes place through an intricate dance:

  • Growth
  • Fusion
  • Shape-shifting transformation into platelets, spindles, and biofilms.

Crystalline matrices or biofilms are formed by Directed Evolutionary mineralo-organic NPs that are perfect crystals resembling mesocrystals. A mesocrystal is a material structure composed of numerous small crystals of similar size and shape, which are arranged in a regular periodic pattern by oriented aggregation or gathering together such as clotting in a body.  The dance continues in your bodily fluids as these crystals saturate your being:

  • Bridge (a binding)
  • Fuse (fusion-yoke)
  • Engineer biofilms containing organic molecules
  • Form crystalline and semi-crystalline mineral subunits.

These mesocrystal-like characteristics that form in biological life are like the spines of a sea urchin.  They are being used intensively in super soldier and other biotechnological directed evolutionary experiments especially involving chitosan, see below in a study by Seto et al.:

Formation and evolution of  NanoSynBio Entities in biological fluids. (A) Small amorphous mineral NPs may precipitate from dissolved ions and organics present in body fluids. The particles then grow in size and transform into spindles that gradually collapse and crystallize with further ion input, eventually forming mineral biofilms. (B) Effects of ions, organics and time on bion formation. When the concentrations of ions rise above a certain threshold (in the absence of organics), mineral precipitates and crystallizes rapidly to form large mineral deposits with geometrical shapes and sharp edges. When minerals precipitate in the presence of organics, round mineral NPs take form; these amorphous mineral particles grow and gradually evolve to form crystalline spindles and mineral biofilms. When the concentration of organics increases, the mineral NPs remain small and the conversion to mineral biofilms is delayed. The ratio of ions to organics thus represents a major factor controlling the formation of bions in body fluids.  NP: Nanoparticle.


Whether you look at this developing phenomenon as NanoSynBio entities, or nano mineralo-organic calcifying particles (NCP's) these are biomimetic mineral complexes and organic molecules present in all of our bodily fluids and the environment.  These spontaneous-shapeshifting entities resemble lifeforms that can influence the fate of minerals and ions impacting nanomaterials in our body that were introduced from the environment.

These mineral NPs are relevant to nanomedicine and human health unexpected ways.

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Nano particles have the power to create crystalline lattices and scaffolds in your body.  These are responsible for many diseases - and even deaths.  Most nanotechnology is stealth and can penetrate any barrier within your body.  Reducing your nano intake it critical.

Mineral NPs & Biomineralization

To deflect attention from scrutinizing these invasive particulates, scientists and researchers claim that round mineral nano particles that form within the body of vertebrates during the development of bones and teeth, grow and proliferate during the formation of mineralized organs. They deduce that they are the precursors of mineralized organs.

They further postulate that round shape-shifting mineral NPs form from "inside the collagen fibrils underlying the bone structure...gradually transform into plate-like nanocrystals that eventually fill the fibrils."

Mineralo-organic nanoparticles in developing bones. Recent studies suggest that bones and teeth are formed from small, round particles of apatite-proteins resembling the so-called nanobacteria. In the growing bone, these small round nano-blocks are found interspersed within well-organized collagen protein fibrils until the blocks gradually coalesce to fill the space between them. This mineralized fibril, through its orderly longitudinal arrangement, confers tensile strength to bones much like a steel bar or cable does to the enveloping cement in building structures.  NP: Nanoparticle.  Adapted with permission from Elsevier.

The formation of shape-shifting mineral particles and their conversion to crystalline minerals has also been shown to occur during the formation or assembly of the exoskeleton of various organisms belonging to a wide range of phylogenetic [evolutionary, PhyloCode life classification] complexities.

Mineralo-organic NPs have also been detected in pathological calcifications associated with various disease conditions in animals and humans.  There are certain drugs or supplements that disrupt calcium homeostasis and may induce the formation of mineral NPs in body fluids and tissues. Human patients having disturbed calcium homeostasis may harbor mineral NPs that bind to various proteins and organic molecules in their soft tissues. Initially, these mineral particulates are shape-shifting, converting to crystalline calcified deposits.


Formation of mineralo-organic nanoparticles in the human body. Mineral nanoparticles (NPs) may form in various organs of the human body, including in (A) lungs, (B) blood vessels, (C) kidneys and (D) developing bones, as shown in this model. When the homeostatic mechanisms of the body fail, mineralo-organic NPs may accumulate and have detrimental effects on the host. The mineralo-organic particles are initially amorphous (shown here as purple spheres), and they represent mineral precursors that may evolve to form large ectopic calcifications (purple structures with an irregular, crystalline surface). (E) Mineral NPs detected in human kidney tissues using thin-section transmission electron microscopy. Particles are marked by white arrows. (F) Mineralo-organic NPs found in calcified human iliac arteries. These particles appear to be delineated by a lipid membrane. (G) Close-up image of a mineralo-organic particle detected in human kidney tissues. Note the particle's multiring structure, which may be due to multiple cycles of calcification and mineralization inhibition.

Looking ahead, someday technology may allow NanoSynBio entities to be detected early before they produce large mineral aggregates and unwanted calcifications in the body, given these are associated with increased mortality and morbidity in patients.

Increased surveillance is being suggested to monitor the formation and amount of mineral particles in body fluids that may help reduce the burden of this complication in humans.

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Shapeshifting NanoSynBio entities are invading your blood, tissues, and organs even as you read this article.  Consider air filtration, water filtration, and be exceedingly careful what food and substances you ingest.  Your life may depend upon it.

Nano Mineralo-Organic Formation

Mineralo-organic NPs have also been repeatedly detected in association with both matrix exosome vesicles [outside of the cells] and membrane vesicles released from various cells in human and animal tissue. Studies support the notion that diseases associated with abnormal exposure of phosphatidylserine on cells - including cancer, diabetes, malaria, sickle cell anemia, and uremia - may also be associated with calcification through mineral nucleation.  This process is the crystallization or mineralization into your soft tissue during tissue engineering as your body is transformed from human into a hybrid-synthetic humanoid.

  • Albumin and fetuin-A may prevent calcification by NanoSynBio entities. 
  • These may crystallize further and assume the shapeshifting spindles, platelets, and biofilms in biological fluids.
  • This impacts the kinetics of body mineralization. These two proteins have in fact been recognized for their role in preventing systemic mineralization in the body.

Personally, all these shapeshifting NPs ubiquitously dispersed into the human body from outside forces greatly troubles me.  God-created NPs are acceptable, but introduced NanoSynBio entities are dangerous, if not lethal.

Another factor that may regulate the formation of mineral NPs is the pH of biological fluids. This possibility is based on the notion that calcium phosphate – the main mineral that precipitates in body fluids - tends to precipitate under alkaline conditions, whereas the same mineral dissolves in acidic environments.

Studies on mice show that NPs are quickly internalized and removed from the body’s circulation by phagocytes in the spleen and liver, but it remains uncertain whether fused-biological nano-entities are eliminated or remain stealth for their various pathological depopulation missions. This may be the reason that we are seeing an uptick in spleen and liver disease. Scientists and researchers are refining their understanding about the mechanisms of storage, retrieval, and disposal of biomineralization and exploiting pathological mineralization at the nanoscale. 

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

NanoSynBio entities assume shapeshifting spindles, platelets, and biofilms to depopulate humanity.

NanoSynBio Entities in Nanomedicine

While the mineralo-organic NPs (NanoSynBio entities) that form spontaneously in the body consist mainly of carbonate apatite, various other ions can promote the formation of similar particles upon precipitation.  These have a biological nature or mimetic resemblance to biological structures. Sometimes they may be called bions in medical literature, a term coined by Austrian researcher Wilhelm Reich to denote putative living or preliving bioforms observed primarily in decaying grass, soil matter, and animal tissues. Reich was interested mainly in the question of spontaneous generation of life or abiogenesis  [evolutionary Origin of life (OoL)], as well as bioenergetic transformations [evolutionary transformation using cells] stemming from what he referred to as bion vesicles. Reich deemed his bions [NanoSynBio entities] to be the link between inanimate matter and life. Along with particles, like lipoproteins, ferritin, and viruses, our natural bions may represent one of the few examples of biological NPs found in the body. 

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

The whole purpose of the NanoSynBio Entity is to transform you via evolution in inanimate matter, basically,  a rock.

The Protein Corona Changes Your Identity!

Bions, as described in the research paper located in my sources.  Bions=NanoSynBio entities.  NanoSynBio entities are currently being developed for various medical applications and engineering purposes, including novel drug delivery and imaging systems, chemical sensors, semiconductors, and catalysts, among others. Bions are formed spontaneously in biological compartments, and they comprise an assortment of ions and organic molecules that may undergo crystalline-phase transformation in the presence of excess ions.  In truth, NanoSynBio entities are coated with a layer of proteins termed the protein corona when they enter the human body.  This corona protein changes your identity! It is believed that the protein corona determines the effects and biodistribution of the particles within your body. Synthetic NPs can be modulated in size and used to assess the effect of the NP size in biological response.  In fact, the amount and nature of the proteins forming the corona were deemed to be different, depending on the size of the synthetic particles. 

Studies indicate fetuin-A induces a lower secretion of proinflammatory cytokines and have lower pro-apoptotic effects in macrophages than naked apatite crystals. In contrast, other authors have reported that the proinflammatory effects of synthetic nanomaterials may be inversely correlated with particle size.  The study and understanding of NanoSynBio entities, a new field, will impact the future of health and disease, as well as nanomedicine and nanotoxicology.

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

The corona protein changes your identity!

Future Perspective

Scientists propose that mineralo-organic NPs entities form and crystallize in living organisms under both physiological and pathological conditions. They represent a novel class of biomimetic NanoSynBio entities that can spontaneously assembled under various conditions.  These mineral accumulations in turn, may have future disease implications, including:

  • Acidocalcisome-like deposits in blood platelets.
  • Brain sand in the pineal gland.
  • Inclusion bodies in the thymus.
  • Pathological lesions called Ghon, focused on tuberculosis-affected lungs.
  • Psammoma bodies in tumor tissues and Randall's plaque in the kidneys.

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Biomimetic NanoSynBio Entities spontaneously assemble in your body.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance and monitoring are suggested to determine the level of calcium apatite particles found in body fluids that lead to vascular calcification and predict the progression of certain pathologies, such as end-stage renal disease.  It is no surprise that suggested new therapeutic options include the development of molecular treatments that affect the formation and stability of NanoSynBio entities.  Another treatment suggestion is examining NanoSynBio entities as to their distribution and biological fate in the body. Scientists propose that the protein coating [corona protein coat] may affect several biological pathways. These corona proteins possess various biological functions, including the regulation of blood coagulation, immunity, lipid and molecular transport, and protease inhibition.

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

You will see exponential growth in the medical-pharmcologcal fields. More requirements, more expenses, more tests.  More sensors. More, more, more… 


Many scientists believe that NanoSynBio entities represent nonliving, biomimetic, mineralo-organic NPs, and that mechanisms exist in the body to help eliminate them. I do not hold that view.

You may be wondering with the sheer number of NanoSynBio entities in our body whether they are 'contagious' or 'transmissible' or causing infection.  Scientists and researchers assure us they are not contagious.  And yet, if by stealth means your body acquires NanoSynBio entities and its protective mechanism is overwhelmed by the sheer swarming numbers of these entities, thereby allowing mineral particle mineralization/crystallization to accumulate in various body and tissue systems. With their propensity for replication, it seems likely these NanoSynBio entities are transmissible through various bodily functions such as sweating.  After all, they seek a host. 

The Bottom Line on How this Impacts You

Given their propensity for replication and self-assembly, it is my position that these are in fact transmissible. 

The Corona Affair

As we circle back to the narrative detailing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah one thing we we did not examine but is germane to our understanding is found in Genesis 19:14 when the inhabitants of Sodom were struck with blindness.  The Hebrew indicates a physical and spiritual blindness, for if they had only been physically blind, they could have found the door.  As you share this information inquire of yourself whether the person or people you are sharing with are physically, spiritually, or both physically and spiritually blind.

It is true, my dear friends, you have not seen the end of the 'corona' story.  We have many more sequels or iterations to go.  Researchers hope one day to fully understand the binding and concentrating blood proteins onto small surfaces that in turn, interact with specific body cells, affecting multiple biological processes.  We can expect to see more studies drilling down how shapeshifting NanoSynBio entities mineralize our bodies through various physiological and pathological processes.

NanoSynBio entities (mineralo-organic NPs) are as real as any other biological entity.  They will continue to reveal important insights about the human condition - both spiritual and physical.

Stay tuned as the layers of the Corona Affair continue to surface.

In the meantime, be safe and well under the protection of the Ancient of Days, the Almighty who is dispensing justice and bringing an end to evil.

Blessings upon each of you,




Of Nanobacteria, Nanoparticles, Biofilms and Their Role in Health and Disease: Facts, Fancy and Future





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