Wickedness Afoot: Prophecy in the Plants

Each year there are gardening trends.  This year is no exception.  The difference is that I have yet to determine why these anomalies are occurring.  They are different than in years past.

Heads or Tails?

Image by Celeste

Tails began appearing in my crops across species.  To be honest these fruit and veg with tails look like serpent tails.  In fact, since WWII there has been this increased fascination with the poisonous venom of serpents such as nano technology that allows you to survive the venom and  symbiotic association with alien's and parasites. 

Is our food declaring that it has transitioned into a poison? 

The Food Supply is Cracking Up

Image by Celeste

Heirloom fruit and veg and developing cracks, fissures or what looks to be a web of netting.  Once again, this is across the species not one single variety.  I find it ironic that the symbol of the UN has a grid or web around it and that their early biodiversity web site said that they would be deploying ( a military term) GMO around the world, especially in wilderness areas.

Is this a protective mechanism or the a casualty of war against our food?

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

Summer and Winter Squashes, Image by Celeste

In my article on the mini or Little Ice Age I mentioned the reduction in size.  It took them 3 months to get to this size but I think they went into a stasis before this.  These are examples or fully developed fruit and veg given the best of the best soil amendments and lots of TLC.

Why is my Garden Different?

Why is my garden different than what you see in the grocery store?  It is because of GMO, Synthetic Biology, and a class of designer crops that are resistant to the engineered weather.  These crops have no food value but are engineered crops as a delivery system for death.

In stark contrast, my heirloom crops respond to God's weather and are nutrient dense.  They are God's creation, not man's.  If the crops are responding to this change, what is happening in our bodies and the bodies of those we love as a result of an engineered environment? 

We are being asked to turn over our body, mind, and spirit to technology?  Can we trust technology as good?  I would say not, even if it does have some benefits.


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