Will NASA's Astrobiology Roadmap Reveal Weird Life or SnowBall Earth?

New developments in cosmology make it unlikely that life on Earth is unique. The quest is intense and the stakes are high as those seeking extraterrestrial life and exoplanet abodes are in high gear. No longer is mankind sitting back and listening for a ping or sound from outer space.  Mankind is seeking tangible biosignatures and is willing to be transformed to adapt to other worlds.  It is true, God could have made life elsewhere. But this is not merely a hunt for little green men.   There are dark forces, agendas, and greed at work. You may want to revisit my article, Epic Battle of the Alien Alignment where places were inserted into life classification for engineered life and new life forms, including spirits and demons.

NASA has sponsored astrobiology research sponsored focusing on three basic questions:

  • How does life begin and evolve?
  • Does life exist elsewhere in the Universe?
  • What is the future of life on Earth and beyond?

For over 50 years, astrobiologists have engaged in a quest to uncover a myriad of clues to answer these questions.

In 2008, the astrobiology community published its Astrobiology Roadmap which was updated in 2015.  The research drilled down the link between the astro and the bio in astrobiology, to determine what makes a planetary body habitable. “Habitability” has become a major buzzword in astrobiology as researchers have learn more about extraterrestrial environments in our Solar System and beyond and deepened their understanding of how and when the early Earth became habitable.

Is Habitability the Key to ET Alien Lifeforms?

Astrobiology Strategy Image

Image:  NASA

The community is asking more detailed questions will eventually become a bloody duel between Creationists and Evolutionary Hypothesis advocates. 

  • Why is Earth habitable?
  • How, when, and why did it become habitable?
  • Are, or were, any other bodies in our Solar System habitable? Might planets orbiting other stars be habitable?
  • What sorts of stars are most likely to have habitable planets?

It is perfectly within God's Sovereignty to make other life forms but there is a co-evolutionary scheme afoot where man believes he is a god with authority to engineer new life forms and to enhance existing life with qualities it never before possessed.  The co-evolutionary astrobiology research scheme is moving forward with identified six major topics of research in the field today:

  • Identifying abiotic sources of organic compounds
  • Synthesis and function of macromolecules in the origin of life
  • Early life and increasing complexity
  • Co-evolution of life and the physical environment
  • Identifying, exploring, and characterizing environments for habitability and biosignatures
  • Constructing habitable worlds

 The research appears to count the chickens before they hatch as they candidly expose preconceived conclusions, "many of the observations in the next ten years, a systems science approach seems to suggest a hierarchy of inquiry that connects across many scales":

systems biology → environmental systems science →Earth systems science → planetary systems science

NASA's astrobiology search for life in the Solar System and beyond is actually tri-fold purpose research:

  • Discover or engineer new life forms,
  • Find habitable ET environments and understand distribution of life in the Universe with arrogance that elite mankind will then control it,
  • A solution to soon coming cataclysms and overdue extinction events,

A whole suite of tools have been arrayed to detect life or determine relative habitability of either present life or ancient environment for life.  All manner of spacecraft, landers, rovers and other techniques and ideas for discovering and characterizing habitable or inhabited environments to prioritize exoplanets for observation. 

Life affects its environment; at the same time, the environment affects life. This symbiotic relationship is often expressed in feedback loops within planetary systems—that is, responses to change that either resist or enhance the perturbation and tend to stabilize an environment at a particular state, transition it to a different stable state, or send it into a runaway state. This is increasing becoming critical as earth is overdue for an extinction level perturbation that not only will impact the environment but has the potential to radically alter existing life forms or cause their extinction.  This is referred to as the distribution, or redistribution of life and the NASA community wants to know, "How does life modify its environment while environmental change is mediating the distribution of life over a range of scales in time and space?"

They break this question up into divisions examining:

  • Past/future life,
  • Subsurface/ atmospheric processes,
  • Microbial/ planetary scales,
  • Chemical/physical environmental parameters.

NASA believes that answering these questions informs our predictions about Earth’s future. The biblical response should be to inquire whether this agency is using scientific divination to foretell the future. 

SnowBall Earth

Image:  NASA

As most of you know, I am researching Catastrophism, and in particular one element, the chaotic weather.  This is being influenced by earth entering a galactic arm of dust, 200 year diminishing of the magnetosphere, changes in our sun, and the approaching Grand Solar Minimum.  Major changes to the physical state of a planet that have influenced biology include the emergence of plate tectonics and continents, as well as climatic transitions and extremes such as the global-scale glaciations known as Snowball Earth episodes. Mass extinctions have been triggered by both planetary processes and feedbacks initiated by biological processes.

The history of complex life on Earth provides information about how life may have evolved elsewhere. History is captured in the fossil record, and the first and last occurrences of many species and higher taxa have now been placed in a temporal and spatial framework analyses. These analyses have confirmed that the trajectory of biodiversity has been extremely unsteady and episodic. Five major mass extinctions and several smaller events have been confidently detected, and in at least two cases found to permanently shift the composition, evolutionary rates, and direction of life on Earth.  Geochemical and sedimentary evidence has shown that at least one of these events is associated with an asteroid impact that had a devastating effect on the global biota.

The diversity of life on Earth at any point in time is a function of environmental gradients that include temperature, moisture, redox potential, light spectra and intensity, nutrients and how those gradients have developed through time. Plate tectonic processes control the distribution of land masses and topography through time, influencing sea-level and climate. On shorter timescales, planetary climate also responds dramatically to astronomical forcing and perturbation to the ocean-atmosphere system. These continuous processes must be viewed in concert with short term, global scale perturbations of the planet such as bolide impacts, massive volcanic eruptions, or geochemical cycle changes that have generated mass extinctions. Despite decades of intensive, multidisciplinary study of mass extinctions cause and consequences of these events remain elusive.

Just as Dr, Mengele scientifically the documented destruction of human bodies, so too, the NASA community seeks to document how organisms, species, and ecosystems respond to perturbations, including the rate and mode of recovery or destruction from mass extinctions. It is believed that this information on the intricacies of components of biodiversity is essential for identifying the principles involved in the generation and maintenance of the diversity of complex life on other planetary bodies.

Much attention has turned to the interval between the GOE and the much later rise of animals and other diverse complex life. This period is marked by the development of eukaryotic organisms, but at low abundances and diversity relative to the major events that followed just before, during, and after the Snowball Earth glaciations.

 Constructing Habitable Worlds

Image:  NASA

To date we only know with certainty that Earth is inhabited.  Missions to explore other worlds are searching for others. In addition to Solar System bodies, astrobiologists now have a growing catalogue of planets orbiting other stars to explore as potentially habitable. They now face the formidable challenge to leave mankind as God created to search the heavens for life or to adapt or enhance various earth life forms for hostile environments on planets and worlds beyond Earth. 

Will habitability on other planets use available resources—or support the survival of life that may arrive from elsewhere?  Will life forms be able to generate life?  Habitability may provide the context for understanding possible signs for life. A deeper understanding of habitability provides context for interpreting the significance of presumed biosignatures, or their absence.  It is entirely possible that the origin of life on other worlds may include a different set of monomers than those utilized by life on Earth, producing so-called Weird Life.

What was the bombardment history of the Earth?

Yes, the earth has been bombarded.  In fact, right this moment you are being bombarded by cosmic rays with increasing intensity.  This bombardment is impacting all life upon the face of the earth.  Current theories suggest that much of Earth’s water ultimately originated from extraterrestrial material.

The bombardment of Earth by extraterrestrial material delivers both disequilibrium material and energy to the surface.  In some circles, advocates believe that the earth was seeded, referred to as panspermia, by this extra terrestrial material. 

The bombardment history is being extracted from the rock record using platinum-group elements or trace element isotope systematics. This along with studies of planetary formation and orbital dynamics can provide insights regarding the nature of impacts on the early Earth. 

ET Aliens and Deep Ecology

As the data from all resources percolates to the surface some are calling for a framework that takes into full account the complex and interconnected nature of the environment, call for deep ecology.

Deep ecology embraces the natural world as a subtle balance of complex inter-relationships in which the existence of organisms is dependent on the existence of others within ecosystems.  It stands in direct opposition to God and His order.  Human interference (merely being alive and breathing) or destruction of the natural world poses a threat therefore not only to humans but to all organisms constituting the natural order.  It also is a fierce defender of any life form.  Deep ecologists would defend engineered life forms as well as ET life believing, unique or not, the planet
Earth must be regarded as an interwoven community of ecosystems and species.

Will mankind be content to find ET life forms or will we want to dominate, conquer, and possibly destroy other worlds?  If we do not follow biblical principles we will be engaging in a pursuit of folly.  No good can be extracted from a mission that seeks to obliterate God. 

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