Your Cellular Memory as a Luminescent Human in the Days of Darkness

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This article includes legends, apocryphal, and pseudepigrapha works, as well as referencing Dead Sea Scroll fragments. Their inclusion is not endorsement that they are the inspired Holy Scripture, however, they provide us with insights, understanding, contrast, and wisdom for the coming days. My next few articles will be dealing with the profane and after prayer felt it was necessary to bookend the darkness with His Light. No matter what darkness we must son endure, we must keep our eyesight, vision, and focus on Jesus Christ, our hope and salvation. Let nothing take your eyes off of Him. Celeste


As your reality is being assaulted on every front I wonder if you have had the same longing that I do for my heavenly home. Science would have you believe that the tearing down of elements to their subatomic level blurs distinction between man-made and God created. Nothing could be further from the truth, for in reality the difference between the holy and profane intensifies. In the beginning it is clear that God created distinctions. God divided the light from darkness. Deep within your body, soul and spirit is the latent memory of your immortal luminescent light-being potential by being created in the Divine Image of God.

Legends passed down throughout the ages indicate that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God (tzelem). Before sin entered into the world they likely wore a garment of light and were immortal beings. As time beings to wane the hunt for immortality and transformation of humanity into beings of light is exponential. Secular scientists and researchers believe they can attain immortality and light-being though biomechanics, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies. In fact, there is a surge at CERN to document luminized particles which then can be assembled from the ground up to engineer 'new' light forms.  Pagans believe they can attain godhood through their false religions. But people of the Book, the Bible, know that it takes a relationship with Jesus Christ to enter into immortality and transformation into a light-being because the wages of sin are death.

Garments (Skin) of Light

The Biblical passages found in Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 3:21 represent two pivotal starting points for the subsequent Jewish and Christian reflections on the glorious garments of Adam and Eve. Genesis 1:26 describes the creation of human beings in the likeness of the image of God. It must be highlighted that this was the image of God's glory according to which Adam was created. The particular interest in Genesis 1:26 is that Adam's tselem was created after God's own tselem (literally "in our tselem") being, a luminous imitation of the glorious tselem of God. Some scholars argue that the likeness that Adam and God shared was not physicality--in the usual sense of having a body--but rather luminescence.

Ancient texts and Aramaic renderings of the Hebrew Bible attest to the prelapsarian luminosity of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Biblical background for such traditions includes the passage from Gen 3:21, where "the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skin and clothed them." Ancient texts in the Hebraic, Palestinian, and Babylonian read, instead of garments of skin, garments of glory or light (Hebrew 'or). This interpretation is also found in Genesis Rabbah 20:12, which tells that the scroll of Rabbi Meir reads garments of light instead of garments of skin: "In R. Meir's Torah it was found written, 'Garments of light: this refers to Adam's garments, which were like a torch [shedding radiance], broad at the bottom and narrow at the top.'"  This Garment of Light was described as smooth as a fingernail and yet beautiful as a jewel, like fine linen garments from Bethshean (a wealthy city in Israel destroyed by an earthquake) worn nearest the skin.

Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer also says that the garment of the first man was a "skin of nail" and he was covered with a "cloud of glory." After he sinned Adam was deprived of both the skin of nail and the cloud of glory and saw that he was naked. In another version, after Adam and Eve sinned, the garment of light fell from them. God made for them another garment. The first garment that Adam and Eve had worn fled to heaven, where it is now in the treasury of the heavens.

Thus, the writer of the Odes of Solomon exclaims, "I was covered with the covering of your spirit, and I removed from me my garments of skin." The celestial light was but one of the seven precious gifts enjoyed by Adam before the fall and to be granted to man again only in the Messianic time. The others are the resplendence of his countenance; life eternal; his tall stature; the fruits of the soil; the fruits of the tree; and the luminaries of the sky, the sun and the moon, for in the world to come the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold. Legends of the Jews. Where does the concept of a luminous human originate?

It is usually understood that Genesis 3:21 refers to God's clothing Adam and Eve's nakedness after the Fall. However some biblical scholars argue the verbs are to be taken as pluperfects, referring to the status of Adam and Eve at their creation before the Fall.

Luminous Inheritance: Adam & Moses

In a group of the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments known under the title the Words of the Luminaries (4Q504), the following passage about the glory of Adam in the Garden of Eden can be found:

... [ ... Adam,] our [fat]her, you fashioned in the image of [your] glory [...] [... the breath of life] you [b]lew into his nostril, and intelligence and knowledge [...] [... in the gard]en of Eden, which you had planted. You made [him] govern [...] [...] and so that he would walk in a glorious land... [...] [...] he kept. And you imposed on him not to tu[rn away...] [...] he is flesh, and to dust [...] ...

Later in 4Q504, this tradition about Adam's former glory follows with a reference to the luminosity bestowed on another human body--the glorious face of Moses at his encounter with the Lord at Sinai. The author of 4Q504 appears to be familiar with the legends about the glorious garments of Adam, the tradition according to which first humans had luminous attires in Eden before their transgression. 

In Jewish and Samaritan sources, the story about Adam's luminous garments is often mentioned in conjunction with the story of Moses. In these materials, Moses is often depicted as a luminous counterpart of Adam. In fact, the Samaritan texts insist that  when Moses ascended to Mount Sinai, he received the image of God which Adam cast off in the Garden of Eden. According to Memar Marqa, Moses was endowed with the identical glorious body as Adam. Memar Marqa 5.4 tells that:

He [Moses] was vested with the form which Adam cast off in the Garden of Eden; and his face shone up to the day of his death.

The author also seems to draw parallels between the glory of Adam and the glory of Moses' face. The luminous face of the prophet might represent in this text an alternative to the lost luminosity of Adam and serve as a new symbol of God's glory once again manifested in the human body. It appears that in 4Q504, traditions about Adam's glory and Moses' glory are creatively juxtaposed with each other. The story of Moses glorious face serves as the prototype for the future glory of Christ at the Transfiguration.

In Leviticus Rabbah 20.2, the following passage can be found:

Resh Lakish said: The apple of Adam's heel outshone the globe of the sun; how much more so the brightness of his face! Nor need you wonder. In the ordinary way if a person makes salves, one for himself and one for his household, whose will he make more beautiful? Not his own? Similarly, Adam was created for the service of the Holy One and the globe of the sun for the service of mankind.

This begs the question that do we, as Believers in Jesus Christ, deeply embedded within our cellular memory contain the luminescent replication glory of God and can it be conferred?  As a human created in the Divine Image of God I believe this to be true, and the marvelous thing is that we can also impart glory to another, albeit, in a dimmed fashion. When you speak blessing and kindness to another does not the face of their countenance radiate as well as your own? 

In the Legends of the Jews we find the following narrative of what happens when a person dies: When the just man appears before the gates, the clothes in which he was buried are taken off him, and the angels array him in seven garments of clouds of glory, and place upon his head two crowns, one of precious stones and pearls, the other of gold of Parvaim, and they put eight myrtles in his hand, and they utter praises before him and say to him, "Go thy way, and eat thy bread with joy."

White Garments

Early Christian tradition states that "Adam and Eve were stripped by the Fall, in such a way that they saw that they were naked. This means that formerly they were clothed." Adam and Eve wore the robe of light or the robe of sanctity before their fall; thereafter, they assumed a garment of humility.

We can see that the white robes received by early Christians at the
time of baptism dates back the early New Testament era being alluded to in Galatians 3:27: "For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ." We can see this representing the garment worn by Adam before his fall, a return to that pre-transgression state of glory and grace by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Gregory of Nyssa places in sharp focus the contrast between skin vestments from the fallen world and garments of light from paradise: "As if Adam were still living in each of us, we see our nature covered with garments of skin and the fallen leaves of this earthly life, garments which we made for ourselves when we had been stripped of our robes of light, and we put on the vanities, the honors, the passing satisfactions of the flesh instead of our divine robes." In a statement about baptism, Gregory explicitly connects the vestment given at the time of baptism and the paradisiacal garments of Adam and Eve:

"Thou hast driven us out of Paradise and called us back. Thou hast taken away the fig-leaves that garment of our misery, and clad us once more with a robe of glory." The nakedness that generally accompanied baptism during this period was widely understood to be a symbol of the return to Paradise.

Concerning the receipt of the garment at the time of baptism, Jerome states that "when ready for the garment of Christ, we have taken off the tunics of skin, then we shall be clothed with a garment of linen which has nothing of death but is wholly white so that, rising from baptism, we may gird our loins in truth and the entire shame of our past sins may be covered." In other words, at the moment of baptism one removes clothes that represent death in the fallen world ("garments of skin"), and puts on white garments that symbolize life in Christ.

Garment of Healing

The employment of Adam/Moses connection in the Qumran materials does not seem to be confined solely to 4Q504. There is another important document which appears to entertain a similar connection. In the Qumran fragment 4Q374, also known as the Discourse on the Exodus/Conquest Tradition, the portentous clause can be found which connects Moses' shining countenance] at the Sinai encounter with the motif of healing. The passage unveils the following tradition: “[But] he (Moses) had pity with [...] and when he let his face shine for them for healing, they strengthened [their] hearts again....”

In this passage, as in 4Q504, God's glory is described to be manifested through Moses' shining face. It appears that the passage is related to the ongoing discussion about the luminosity of Moses and Adam.  This should not surprise us as Jesus Christ is the true physician of human nature who can heal the human soul and adorn it with the garments of his grace. It is evident that the theme of healing is interwoven in the motif of the luminous garments. This understanding will play an increasing role in the days to come when the beast system requires a mark, but in actuality, much sooner, as you will discover this week in my next several articles reaching back to the Exponential Medicine Conference.

Heavenly Robes

In Legends of the Jews it is suggested that we shall not go astray if we identify them [Adam's garments] with the celestial robes of the pious, frequently mentioned in pseudepigraphic literature and in early Christian writings. The heavenly garment is described as a shining garment or garment of light. Garment of light is the same imagery that we find in the description of Adam's garment.

There is a Jewish understanding of a type of purgatory when people die. In Jewish tradition, with which Jesus was a part, "he will wash and anoint them, healing them of their wounds of hell, and clothe them with beautiful, pure garments and lead them into the presence of God."

Washing, anointing, and clothing are mentioned as a preparation for marriage in ancient Israel. "Then washed I thee with water; yea, I thoroughly washed away thy blood from thee, and I anointed thee with oil. I clothed thee also with embroidered work, and shod thee with badgers' skin, and I girded thee about with fine linen, and I covered thee with silk" Ezekiel 16:9-10. Similar ceremonies are mentioned elsewhere in the Old Testament, see Ruth 3:3 and in other parts of the ancient Near East as well. Aaron and his sons participated in a complex ritual of washing, anointing, and clothing in priestly garments that qualified them for temple service. The ritual, outlined in Exodus 29, comprised a multipart ceremony, including:

  • Ritual ablutions, or the washing with water Exodus 29:4;
  • The vesting rite, wherein Aaron was given eight sacred garments, Exodus 29:5-6; the sons of Aaron were also vested;
  • The ceremony with "the anointing oil," which was first poured upon the recipient's head and then smeared Exodus 29:7.  The ordination of Aaron, recorded in Leviticus 8, runs along similar lines. First, Moses "washed [Aaron and his sons] with water" Leviticus 8:6; "He put upon" Aaron the priestly garment Leviticus 8:7-9; thereafter Moses anointed Aaron after he "took the anointing oil, and anointed the tabernacle" and all of its vessels and appurtenances, including the altar Leviticus 8:10-11

The process of washing, anointing, and clothing in this and other priestly settings is reminiscent of coronation ceremonies in the ancient Near East.

In the ancient baptismal ceremonies of the early Christian church, those baptized received an anointing, a white robe, and a ritual meal. These garments were "commonly worn for eight days and were metaphorically called the garments of Christ or the mystical garments."

Both the heavenly robe and Adam's garment were in ancient times seen to be a sign of honor and a reward for the righteous. In an ancient commentary to Genesis we read, "And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of honor (to be worn) upon the skin of their flesh, and He clothed them." In the Dead Sea Scrolls Community Rule, the faithful were to receive "life everlasting, and a crown of glory and a robe of honor, amid light perpetual." In 4 Ezra, Ezra sees in a vision the pious in heaven, and the angel explains that "these are they who have put off mortal clothing and put on the immortal, and they have confessed the name of God; now they are being crowned, and receive palms."

In another passage in 4 Ezra, the writer calls for the people Israel to make up their minds about who is righteous and who is not, again using the imagery of the reward of the heavenly garment: "Those who have departed from the shadow of this age have received glorious garments from the Lord. Take again your full number, 0 Zion, and conclude the list of your people who are clothed in white, who have fulfilled the law of the Lord."

A similar picture is portrayed in 1 Enoch, where it also emphasizes the agelessness of the garments: the righteous "shall have been clothed with garments of glory, and these shall be the garments of life from the Lord of Spirits; and your garments shall not grow oId."

Philo spiritualizes the garment: "The heavenly garment of light is the garment of the priesthood," and "putting on the garment of light is another way of saying that God reveals the Logos by the light which radiated from it." 

Jewish sources show how the heavenly garment is held up as a prize for the righteous upon their return to the Father. In the pseudepigrapha Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah, Isaiah receives a vision in which the Lord says to him, "He who is to be in the corruptible world has not (yet) been revealed, nor the robed, nor the thrones, nor the crowns which are placed (there) for the righteous, for those who believe that Lord who will descend in your form." Isaiah is later told by the Lord that "the holy Isaiah is permitted to come up here, for his robe is here." Strikingly, the process is reversed when Isaiah returns to the earth: "And you shall return into your robe until your days are complete; then you shall come here." 

In the Christian tradition, the garment, besides being a symbol of the paradisaical robes of Adam and Eve, is connected with the glory of the martyrs and the resurrection of the body. Tertullian, commenting on Revelation 7:13-14, writes: "We find in scripture an allusion to garments as being the symbol of the hope of the flesh ... this symbolism also furnishes us with an argument for bodily resurrection." Further, the heavenly garment itself plays an important role as a reward for the righteous upon their death: "It was a widespread belief in Christian Antiquity that the dead who went forth to eternal life were clothed with a white garment." In his message to the church at Sardis, John writes, "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life" Revelation 3:5. Under the altar John also saw the souls of those who were killed for the word of God, and he saw that "white robes were given unto every one of them." Revelation 6:9, 11. In a vision of the heavens, he saw "a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues," standing "before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;" Revelation 7:9

Describing a vision of heaven, Perpetua says in the early Christian Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas: "And I went up, and saw a vast expanse of garden, and in the midst a man sitting with white hair, in the dress of a shepherd, a tall man, milking sheep; and round about were many thousand clad in white."  In both the Jewish and Christian traditions are accounts of righteous souls borne to heaven on, or wrapped in, sacred vestments. According to the pseudepigraphic text of the Testament of Abraham, immediately after Abraham's death, "Michael the archangel stood beside him with multitudes of angels, and they bore his precious soul in their hands in divinely woven linen."

Strikingly, in one account-the Encomium of Eustathius, the phrase garment of light is used to describe the robe in which the soul of the righteous departed is carried to heaven: "We saw [Michael] standing and spreading out his garment of light to invite the soul of that blessed woman." Even the angels are sometimes described as being clad in white. Enoch describes the "sons of the holy angels walking upon the flame of fire; their garments were white - and their overcoats - and the light of their faces was like snow."

Just as the garment of Adam is associated with the priestly garb, so the priest's garment can be seen as a type of the heavenly garment that the pious are to receive as a reward in the afterlife. The apocryphal Book 3 Enoch has a striking example of the parallels between the rewards of the righteous and the clothing of the high priest:

Out of the love which he had for me, more than for all the denizens of the heights, the Holy One, blessed be he, fashioned for me a majestic robe, in which all kinds of luminaries were set, and he clothed me in it. He fashioned for me a glorious cloak in which brightness, brilliance, splendor, and luster of every kind were fixed, and he wrapped me in it. He fashioned for me a kingly crown in which 49 refulgent stones were placed each like the sun's orb, and its brilliance shone into the four quarters
of the heaven of Arabot, into the seven heavens, and into the four quarters of the world. He set it upon my head and he called me, "The lesser YHWH" in the presence of his whole household of the height, as it is written, My name is in him.

Note here that the Lord clothes Enoch with a robe covered by precious stones, like the high priest's robe, and then places a kingly crown upon his head and calls Enoch "The lesser YHWH," in effect crowning him to become a vassal king. In a previous chapter we also find:

The Holy One, blessed be he, made for me a throne like the throne of glory, and he spread over it a coverlet of splendor, brilliance, brightness, beauty, loveliness, and grace, like the coverlet of the throne of glory, in which all the varied splendor of the luminaries that are in the world is set. He placed it at the door of the seventh heaven and sat me down upon it.

Just as the garments of the priest are made "after the pattern" of the garment of God, we see here the throne being after the pattern of the throne of the Lord. In the Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah, for example, we find that "above all the heavens and their angels is placed your throne, and also your robes and your crown which you are to see."

At the same time, the high priest's garment is "after the pattern of the holy garment of the Lord." The garment of the high priest was seen as being identical to those of the Lord. Exodus Rabbah says, "For this reason did God give unto him [the high priest] a garment after the pattern of the holy garment [of the Lord]." The History of the Rechabites holds that the primary duty of angels who come to meet the soul immediately after death is to tell the soul that the Lord wants the soul to come to him immediately, after which they give the soul its garment. As the bride rejoices over her betrothed bridegroom, so the soul rejoices at the good news of holy angels. For they (the angels) say to it nothing except this alone: "0 pure soul, your Lord is calling you to come to him." Then
the soul with great rejoicing leaves the body to meet the angel. And seeing that pure soul, which has (just) left the body, all the holy angels unfold (for it) their shining stoles. And they receive it with joy, saying, "Blessed are you, 0 pure soul, the blest; for you have thoroughly done the will of God your Lord."

Garment of History

Throughout history legends of Adam's garment permeate culture and legends with grains of truth.  Was it a primordial creation?  Was the fallen garment transmittable as in the legend of Nimrod who, according to legend inherited Adam's garment and sought to abuse it?  Do priestly vestments and simple white baptism garments truly reflect Adam's garment?  Maybe we will never know the full importance of the garment of light in this world, but as Jesus is the Father of Lights, it appears to have significance in our ever darkening lives on this physical plane.

May we rededicate our lives to the Light of the World and enjoy knowing that deep within the recesses of your cells your carry with you God's light which will burst forth into eternal life.

Creation and the End are book-cased, and enfolded as if in an envelope. It is then sealed with the chatimah or the seal of the King of Kings from His signet ring, so to this article will be arranged, it has purpose. I shall end with two prayers...


You are blessed Adonai (Lord): our God, Sovereign of the Universe,

Who by His utterance generates evenings, with wisdom opens

Heavenly portals, and with understanding switches seasons,

and maintains the flux of times, arranging the stars into their vigils

In the sky, in accordance with His will, Creator of day and night.

Rolling away light to uncover darkness and darkness to uncover light.

Driving the day along with bringing on the night - Adonai Tzav'ot (Lord of Hosts),

Chief of all Elements is His Name, A living God Who exists perpetually - He will reign over us eternally and forever.

You are blessed, Adonai (Lord), Who generates evening and day.


Soulmate, compassionate Father summon Your servant to fulfill Your wish. Your servant will run like a gazelle to bow worshipfully before Your splendor.

You are very great, robed in glory and majesty. You wrap light like a garment, spread out the heavens like a curtain, establishing the earth, and making the springs gush forth. 

I find more sweetness in Your friendship than in a honeycomb, than in any flavor.

Resplendent and lovely, Radiance of the world, my spirit is sick with love for You;

I plead please God, please heal it by showering it Your gorgeous radiance.

So that it strengthens and recovers, becoming Your eternal loving servant. 

Longest-existing, Your compassion should resound as You please show caring for Your loving child an her readers,

For I am overwhelmed so long with yearning to witness the magnificence of Your might;

I plead, my God, my heart's passion: please feel for this, do not ignore it. 

Please reveal Yourself to myself and my readers, affectionately spread over us Your shelter of peace,

Light up the earth with Your glory and we shall delight and rejoice in You. 

Hear the sincere prayers of myself and my readers as we climb the ladder stretching from earth to heaven. On this ladder of words, thoughts and emotions, let us all gradually leave earth’s gravitational field. Let us move from the world around us, perceived by the senses, to an awareness of that which lies beyond the world – to You, earth’s Creator.

At the end of this ascent, we stand, as it were, directly in the conscious presence of the Lamb of God. Help us trust, give us clarity, and true focus (kavannah), having our eyes focused solely upon You.

As we slowly descend our way back to earth again – to our mundane concerns, the arena of actions and interactions within which we live, let us declare that, "Surely, God is in this place."

Today, please enwrap each of my readers and myself in the shadow of Your wings. May Your four cornered garment cover each one completely as they contemplate Your kingdom which reaches far beyond the expanses of the corners of all universes. 

May each of us be beautiful robed as we prepare for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. 

May those who need healing be healed; may those needing nourishment be nourished; may those needing provision find it in you; and may those who are thirsty and weary find refreshment in the Fountains of Life, the Living Water. 

You are the Divine tailor, weaving for each of us garments suitable for our calling on earth, in paradise, and for heaven. We call upon You, the Source of our Being, to shelter each of us under Your Divine Wings. 

Hurry, my Beloved Jesus Christ, for the moment is approaching to treat me and my readers graciously beyond time and space and all that is physical. 

Inspirational Moment

 By Gary

When the only Path of Life becomes so difficult

Or even tedious with dry methodical days stretched out in a desert,

The Way of Light is grasped more tightly

Truth is deeply thought of with all strengthened meditations

In a secret place prepared for us by the Lord Himself,

Our only refuge, the Ruler of Creation who cares for us all

Who watches faithfully over the Word written on our hearts,

The Greatest Shepherd!

We are not alone

Even  eyes beneath most powerful cherub wings continually see us

Our days never hidden away from the Throne;

The Temple Glory watches

A touch of Heaven always close at hand,

Also, Angels quietly move in and out of our lives and circumstances

A golden touch here, a silver touch there

Faithful and true

Guarding, protecting and stimulating in eternally healthy ways!

Faith in Messiah has opened the gracious door to Heaven’s knowledge

Holy Spirit Wisdom flows and continues to reveal a true and Godly life

As we are being daily transformed

From “strength to strength” to become like Him

“Glory to Glory” as written;

For in this world we continue much like our Lord-

Little by little to gradually “walk as He walked”!


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The Legends of the Jews: Volume I - Adam

Genesis Rabba

The Garment of Adam in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Tradition.
Stephen D. Ricks