Frequency In Our Gardens & Health

Why does it feel so good when we kick off our shoes and feel the earth under our feet? The earth has a natural oscillation or pulse known as Schumann’s Resonance. Earth happily hums along at 7.83 hertz. This is the ideal state for learning and for creativity. The further we stray from this frequency the more stressed we become. What you will discover is a fascinating interdisciplinary field that encompasses: physics, genetics, biochemistry, mathematics, language, electromagnetism, spirituality, and scripture.

Life consists of living cells. Inside each cell is DNA imprinted with genetic code that controls every aspect of what we are as a physical being. The genetic code controls the development of cell and production of proteins within the cells. The proteins provide structure to the cell and serve as part of the chemical processes that combine with food, producing the energy and the components needed for cells to continue to self-replicate. The body breaks down the foods we take into our bodies and captures the simplest molecules, and energy components and then delivers them to the cells. All if the chemical reactions in the cells are driven by electromagnetic oscillations, pulsations, vibrations, or frequencies of the vibrating atoms and substances that make up their components. This is the frequency code of all of the atoms, molecules, cells, and components of any living organism. All physical matter is vibrating, energetically at some level with the rate of vibration specific to the material just like the genetic code us specific to our physical make up. The body only utilizes certain organic molecules in its processes. The unique frequency codes of those organic molecules serve as mechanical switches and regulators for living organisms. Every place in the body there is an exact resonant frequency match activated there is resonance, when their unique code is recognized the correct molecules are absorbed. All cells and cell groups have their own resonant frequencies built into their structure with the energy exchanges taking place on the surface of the membrane of each cell. All physical matter is composed of systems in motion at their smallest atomic and subatomic levels. Everything in creation is composed of the same basic elements or building blocks, but in their unique combinations they have the individual fingerprint of a resonant frequency. When a substance’s natural vibration rate encounters other energy sources vibrating at the exact same rate, there is a transfer of energy between them that results in a biological reactions. The resonating material is coupled, or joined, with the energy source, which then directly impacts the targeted material. The resonant frequency if a substance is defined as its vibration rate under normal and natural conditions. When a material is activated by interaction with another source of energy at the same resonant frequency a more powerful and intensive response occurs. If energy is pulse-modulated into the substance the substance a significant change can be created in the codes of the human body which is why resonance is such an important part of any discussions. Resonance is one of the significant keys to bridging the physics of materials science with organic chemistry, including the greatest breakthroughs in 21st century medical science.

All processes that build up and break down the cells and chemicals of the body are controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. The metabolic processes that can be influenced through applied external energy sources of low power when they share the same frequency codes.

Electromagnetic spectrum can include pulses of radio waves, light, microwaves, x-rays, and cosmic rays. Once decoded, the understanding of frequency codes of the body, brain, and mind can be applied to people, in healing viral and bacterial intrusions, regulating chemical and metabolic processes in the body, inducing information transfers into the brain that alter perception and more.

Electromagnetism is described by Webster’s as “a fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions between charged particles which occur because their charge and for the emission and absorption of photons (light energy)”.

Think of your whole body, an organ, cell, molecule, element or atom as a transducer (energy converter) and a receiving antenna (receiving energy) turned to the exact signal wave or carrier wave. When the receiving antenna picks up a signal resonance can occur.

Experiments have shown that even low energy can impact our genetic makeup. Electric and magnetic fields can interact with our DNA. The risk of 100-200 million times more artificial radio frequency energy alone than what nature produces is cause for alarm.

What many people do not know about genetically modified foods, plants and people is that not only is life modified between species in a way that nature never intended but also that each potential life is sterile or increasingly sterile, has the potential to make other life sterile as in Monsanto’s Terminator crops, but also grows in Synthetic Forests or farms where there is no biological diversity, no life, no birds, no bees, nothing. The frequency transmitted from these abominations are dark energy that resonate death and sickness. Livestock fed these Frankenfoods would rather than starve than eat these products. My older

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