Frequency Oscillation through Geo-Engineering is Piercing Heaven

The physical and spiritual worlds of the seen and unseen have been woven together much as a weaver weaves together fibers. Could weaving provide to key to unlock man’s attempt to rebuild the infamous Tower of Babel, where man unified in an attempt to reach heaven, and become as god? Is man defiantly trying to pierce heaven?

Look up into the sky and you can see that our sky has been modified by utilizing simple weaving techniques. Researchers, scientists, chemical companies and the government are using a bombardment of woven chemical fibers as they ‘woof’ and ‘warp’ aluminum, strontium, barium, viruses, bacteria, crystals, and even blood in their attempt own our weather. Once the chemical foundation is woven, a sophisticated frequency array oscillates and stimulates the adulterating particles testing their strength, durability, and stressing biological creation to the brink of extinction.

Ancient Weaving

Since ancient times man has engaged in weaving. In weaving the term ‘woof’ is used for thread or yarn that that is drawn through a stationary fiber known as a ‘warp’ to create a cloth or fabric. A ‘warp’ fiber is lengthwise or longitudinal, held in tension on a frame “that which is thrown across,” while the ‘woof’ or filler transverses the span to create the weave. During the entire weaving process the ‘warp’ fiber must be strong because it is under high tension. The ‘warp’ yarn is usually a spun fiber.

The aerial fabric woven above our heads has some interesting characteristics a unique combination of thermal properties, conductivity, elasticity, resiliency, abrasion resistance, insulating, absorbent, waterproof, weather and UV resistant, as well as special applications such as electronic filtration, control of electrostatic discharge, disrupting electro-magnetic and radio-frequency field.

Geo-Engineered filament-Clifford Carnicom

Our body responds to these invasive substances, pathogens, and frequencies in a variety of ways from heart attack to memory loss. We are experiencing significant oxygen deprivation. Dimming of the sun from these particulates impacts our whole body including our mental disposition and our immune system.

Weaving Out God

Heaven and earth are likened into two balls of threads used in the process of weaving the fabric of Creation. At a basic level creation is a weave of earth, wind, fire, water and the ethereal substances of heaven. Within the substance are the defining characteristics of space, time, quantity, and quality all uniting to symbolize “the Light” of Creation for an inclusive total of ten. Within these ten, are tools or windows that the Creator uses to direct the world. Man is only able to gain a faint perception of the heavenly realm.

The different levels of heaven are the filters, screens of protection, or barriers from physical and spiritual elements that have potential to harm humanity. These barriers are what protect us from the desolation and darkness that was the chaos, in the beginning. In the beginning of time the earth swirled with primordial gasses that under-girded life on this planet. Today our air, food, and water lash out at us with chemicals intended to snuff out the breath of life.

It is time to stop tolerating our sky being turned into armor. The iron fist harms rather than protects. We need to return to a day when heaven has not been pierced. A time when purity is present upon the earth.

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