Message from Pure Water

Oxy means a sharp acid or pertaining to information or a producer is born to become water.

Water molecules have an electromagnetic energy storing capacity. They also have a memory.

The shape of a water molecule simulates the structure of the tetrahedron-the most stable structure in the physical universe. These four-sided equilateral triangular pyramids of water hold Divine symmetry. Using Sacred Geometry they are able to receive, store, and transmit electromagnetic energy and healing frequencies.

Harmonic frequencies of electromagnetic radiation can transform water molecules into hexagonal rings called clustered water. Flash frozen, these six sided molecular structures resemble beautiful crystalline snowflakes.

These clustered water molecules form a supportive matrix of healthy DNA. Clustered water activate our genetic sequence ability to receive and transmit electromagnetic signals called photon-photon emissions for intercellular communication.

The primary function of DNA is not protein synthesis but electromagnetic energy reception and transmission.. Less than 3% of our body DNA is for protein formulation, 90% is for bioelectric signaling.During aging and intoxication this DNA support water clusters are depleted.

According to biochemist Steve Chemiske these hexagonal shaped water rings supporting the DNA double helix vibrate at specific resonant frequencies and these frequencies can help restore homeostasis to cell structures in the body through signal transduction. When clustered water is consumed, high frequency information is transmitted to proteins and this wave of information is carried through the body like a ‘wake up call’ to restore normal function.

Imperceptible electromagnetic signals both man made and natural, harmonic or disharmonic, influence the oxygen and water molecules supporting DNA, health status, or alternatively, the pathogenic processes of every disease.The 4000 enzymes in our bodies for regulation require these hexagonal shaped water clusters.

Your body needs to be alkaline to hydrate properly and to detoxify from the CBRNe assault that we are all experiencing.

If you have never seen Dr. Emoto's Water Experiment check out this 3 minute video: 
Full Documentary

Water Trivia

Our thought ideas and frequency affect the molecular structure of water. Our bodies are comprised of 70% water and so is the planet earth.Water has a memory.

Two sealed test tubes, one containing sterile water and one containing a pathogen, if resonated at a certain frequency the sterile test tube will become infected with the pathogen.

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