AI's Medical Golden Age

A New Golden Age of natural products drug discovery is dawning.  You might think to yourself, "Finally!  The truth about pharmaceuticals is out and now my access to health products will increase!" Nothing could be further from the truth. As of this year we find ourselves in a position where AI has disrupted the discipline of medicine as you once knew it. Partaking in medicine has always been a dangerous position, but today it is amplifying fallen angel technology that actually sent some angels to the Abyss until Judgment Day. Truth be told, I have had to use the medical profession on occasion for things that were above my area of expertise.  I always went into those encounters with eyes wide open and I had an exit strategy if things went south, which I am going to share with you. 

I have been watching the field of medicine with intense scrutiny as it is one of the three heavy investors in AI. Those in the field of medicine, the media, and the government will not tell you outright that medicine has been turned over to AI but you can determine this for yourself by knowing a few key words such as:

  • Precision Medicine,
  • Genome,
  • One Health,
  • Interdisciplinary,
  • Big Data,
  • Sensors
  • Wearables,
  • Amplification,
  • Acceleration and Rapid Information
  • Any form of Revolution
  • Anything dealing with the concept of breaking something down to its elemental or molecular level,
  • Enhancement,
  • Augmentation,
  • Specialty Alliances,
  • Regional Disaster Health Response System

Golden Ages

Image:  Mad Scientist Presentation, unspecified accreditation

The first Golden Age was in the Pre-Adamic world we here forbidden technology was used to create grandiose civilizations.  The angels who had access to this technology were not to use it nor pass it down through their offspring, the giants.  The only remnants of this Golden Age are some ancient oral and written communications largely held in cultist repositories, foundations of vast civilizations, and a few archeological curiosities.

A common understanding of the Golden Age comes to us from Greek mythology and refers to a Golden Race of humanity who lived in a supposed period of primordial peace, happiness, harmony, achievement, stability, and prosperity.  Everything was in abundance and people lived into very old age with youthful appearance.  This was the time of the Titans, hybrid creatures who were part human, part animal, supernatural perversions, and part monster.

Fallen Angel Technology and Medicine


Image:  Mad Scientist Presentation, unspecified accreditation

The 200 fallen angels of old under twenty captains defiled the daughters of men.  These fallen angels carried through the epochs sophisticated technologies and working understanding of things such as engineering formula's through magic, how to cut roots, and the efficacy of plants such as the detail and methodology that AI is bringing up from communication with those in the Abyss.

What the the signs that AI is communicating with those in the Abyss?

  • Hybrids-chimera's
  • Ones who devour
  • Unnatural materialism and consumerism
  • Oppression, destruction, attack, and battling
  • Every perverse and sexual immorality against all or any of God's creation
  • Cannibalism

So bad was the evil that the very earth complained about the imperious evil-doers.  Legends of the Jews

If one looks closely enough through the veil of alluring promises one can see in the news the demonic manifestations and the technology of the fallen angels, as the shadow of AI creeps across the globe.

Back Story

In 1990 I began making my own DIY health remedies as a result of going to a health food store and being unable to access any product that did not have chemicals in it.  A friend and I took a class and that launched a business called Shepherd's Heart.  Our niche is to provide to the public natural and healthy products to eat and for your body. I marketed my products on Etsy, a popular online Farmers Market, for years until one fateful day when their legal department contacted me.  They told me I had 10 days to take health benefit descriptions off my products or be banned because they likened my hand crafted with real ingredients and essential oil products as "heroin or dead human remains".  I write an article on my blog that went viral. 

CNN Money:  Etsy blocks sales of drugs and human remains

Set You Free News:  Spirit of Etsy:  Crush Healthy Products as Illegal Drugs

Infowars:  Spirit of Etsy:  Crush Healthy Products as Illegal Drugs

Natural News:  Online farmers market Etsy accuses grandmother soap markers of selling 'illegal drugs' launches snitch program

Stan Deyo:  Spirit of Etsy:  Crush Healthy Products as Illegal Drugs

You would think that I micro-business such as mine would not attract much attention, but change was in the wind. The large pharmaceutical and multinational corporations began eradicating small natural health businesses to clear the market for their grand re-entry into the popular consumer market of organic and health products.  They did this by assassination and by regulation, especially the DARK Act passed by Congress.  It truly put health and natural back into the Dark Ages due to terrorism. 

Back in the late 20th century many pharmaceutical companies significantly scaled back or abandoned their natural product programs, in part because of the phenomenal advances in both high throughput screening (HTS...AKA- Automation /Robotics) and combinatorial synthesis (the chemical-biological version of GMO food), thereby creating enormous synthetic libraries of small molecules.

Natural product libraries often consisted of extracts and partially purified fractions, pure compounds, and were perceived as primitive when compared to new technological advances. This lack of enthusiasm in natural product drug discovery unfortunately paralleled with the overall reduction in new leads in the drug development pipeline. (Li and Vederas, 2009).  But this position was far from the truth.

AI will break down God's creation to the molecular level and then reassembly it to do it's nefarious bidding.  Unless you grow and make your health products from scratch you are accepting a death sentence. 

Golden Age of 'Natural' AI Drug Products

Image:  Mad Scientist Presentation, unspecified accreditation

**Take note of the writing to the left in yellow.  I know, it is difficult to read

In 2015 two scientists, their names are not important, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine that revolutionized (this is CODE for AI) treatment of parasitic disease and was heralded as the New Golden Age of Natural Drug Products.  This AI drug program cannot move forward without an ignorant consumer class that cannot distinguish the massive crevasse between God-natural and drugs. 

In a rare glimpse into the AI takeover of medicine it is stated that the Golden Age of natural product drug discovery actually began as early as 1942 with some antibiotics. 

The actors driving AI medicine acknowledge that natural products possess enormous structural and chemical diversity that cannot be matched by anything synthetic.  In order to salvage their pharmaceutical dismal failure they are now using AI to break down God's natural world to its elemental or molecular level to 'inspire' novel (CODE for synthetic) discoveries in chemistry, biology and medicine.  According to evolutionary scientists such as Newman and Cragg, 2012 God's molecules are drug-like (see the bait and switch?) and remain the best sources of drugs and drug leads.  Those in the medical field continue to dazzle an increasingly sick population with amazing healing stories of their products, all the while, you and the people you care about and work with are declining in health.  This is despite an enormous investment and massive preventative and responsive health care programs. 

The purveyors of AI medicine are bringing in 'advances' affirming a New Golden Age of natural products drug discovery in:

Microbial genomics-breaking microbes down to their elemental/molecular elements

Metagenomics- study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples

Synthetic Biology- engineering and molecular biology to model, design, and build synthetic gene circuits and other biomolecular components and uses them to rewire and reprogram organisms for a variety of purposes.

Natural product biosynthesis- AI Change Agent-Understanding the process of a living substance.  Natural products can be prepared by chemical synthesis. It cannot contain artificial ingredients, but may in reality, may be partially or totally synthetic, as in the case of synthetic biology. 

Bioinformatics- Raw AI- As an interdisciplinary field of science, bioinformatics combines biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data (to fallen angel technology).

Analytical technologies- Raw AI- Technologies to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement.

God's Splendid Gifts from Microorganisms

I am so delight when God so effortlessly shines through the prevailing darkness.  Omura a microbial product chemist at Kitasato Institute believes that nature (CODE for God) constantly produces molecules that exploit potential microorganisms and microbial metabolites as splendid gifts to advance scientific progress and accelerate improvement of human health and welfare worldwide.  (Omura, 2011)  The key words decoded reveal he will use AI to synthesize these "splendid gifts."

Since the beginning of time the elements of God could not be patented (value-added) by man.  This began to change in the 1970's when Merck, primarily the animal pharmaceutical company, began to cut exclusive agreements for chemically or morphologically “unusual” cultures, creating a breech to patent the elements of God.

BOTTOM LINE:  My friends, I am gravely concerned that you will provide your blood (DNA) either voluntarily out of some curiosity or by coercion.  AI makes it very easy to patent your very blood.  Medicians can then tweak it a tad and sell it back to you at an exponential price.  I have heard one round of antibiotics using Precision Medicine begins at $100 K. 

Secondarily:  With the advent of Precision Medicine animals are no longer needed, you are now the guinea pig and that will require intense surveillance as AI feeds upon the metrics you will be providing to it. 

Hybrid Scaffolds of Death

Image:  Mad Scientist Presentation, unspecified accreditation

AI has fostered unprecedented scaffolds of the 'natural' products have served as great inspiration for the next generation of therapeutics with designer properties. It is precisely the novel chemical scaffolds that account for their lack of cross-resistance to many of the known drugs but embedded within them are ancient kill switches and dangers lurking that no man has ever witnessed.  You are being advised by your medicians that the world would be better served when AI lessons are taken into consideration in the quest for the next wave of super-hero wonder drugs.

The New Golden Age of natural products drug discovery has revealed that the vast majority of earth’s biodiversity has yet to be exploited for natural products discovery (Charlop-Powers et al., 2014). Innovations in microbial cultivation (Ling et al., 2015) and synthetic biology (Paddon et al., 2013) have radically expanded the chemical space of natural products and demonstrated the feasibility of engineered production of natural products from uncultivated species or species on the verge of. Irrational manipulation of God's biological machinery for the production of both the natural products and engineered variants is taking place. Genome mining for God's myriad cryptic 'natural' products is creating bio-super-highways awakening sleeping demons.

Medicians and their pharmaceutical comrades are greedily declaring the Golden Age of 'Natural' AI Drug Products that can conquer the world's most deadly diseases.  Abundant drugs can supply the world even with limited planetary resources.  This is the same argument used to promote GMO foods in essence.  Deep within these 'natural' synthetics are novel-engineered gene-clusters that were hijacked and encoded with many surprises of ancient origin, that were NEVER meant to be inserted into the body of a human.  Nevertheless, people will marvel a remarkable triumph of synthetic biology, until their fateful day.

Alas, the medicians do not share their secret plan that their ultimate goal is frequency healing, if you are indeed qualified to be healed.  They just want to squeeze every last cent of money from you as they peel away your medications and you stand naked and desperate for any relief from your afflictions.  This is when they will roll out Virtual Reality (VR) where you can live in a synthetic Godless world totally devoted to yourself. 

My Personal Medical Exit Strategy

This article probably leaves you a bit despondent and with that nagging question from the Holy Scripture, "Who is like unto the beast?  And who can make war with him?"  I have good news, although it will require faith and courage on your part.

Not to bore you with details, but this summer I was quietly preserving my cherries when my health care provider crossed my RED line.  Things went from bad to worse, and fortunately I had a Medical Exit Strategy, and last month I had no choice but to implement my Medical Exit Strategy.  I have modified it throughout the years, but in my mind, I practiced it thoroughly.  This strategy can be as simple or elaborate as you would like it to be. I was ready for the challenge when it arrived.

Or, you can keep the status quo and live within the beast system (for a time peaceably) and face eternal damnation.  The mark/device/chip is here and the beast does demand a person's worship.  We are here, this is not drama.

I humbly share my Medical Exit Strategy with you.

Be passionate about your relationship with Jesus Christ (your First Love) knowing the consequences as defined in Scripture.

Do not be lukewarm regarding your health, for the Living God resides within your body.

Establish a RED Line.  A RED Line is your biblical reason(s) that you cannot cross, for any reason.

Practice or rehearse (a biblical concept) your Medical Exit Strategy. 

Get off or reduce medications

Educate yourself on natural alternatives.  I personally avoid supplements and foreign products that in a grid down situation I could not secure.

Sign NO CONTRACT with any medical entity.  If you do, they own you.

Learn any skill you can acquire quickly to enhance and support your health.

Do not fall prey to the new dazzling technologies boast much with no evidence.

DIY medicine.  I grow 75 medicinal plants and supplement with others that I wildcraft.

Secure Herbal Medicine Books so you know how to properly use any herb, spice, or food.

Get book Doomsday Book of Medicine by Dr. Ralph La Guardia M.D. for specific help on conditions for grid down.

Expect extreme blow back when you distance yourself from the medical system

You can listen to my Show Flock of Goat Preparedness on the 88 pages of Medical Marshal Law regulations passed in 2016.  It is 2 parts, but I could only find the second part.  I did not have quality sound equipment and live in a very rural area so it is not the best quality.  I do the best that I can.

Reality of the Golden Age

It is said that the last years of old age are the Golden Years.  I have not met a single person that believes the Golden Years are golden, in any way.  I suspect that although a sophisticated civilization could be built using God's element's but knowing the fallen nature of mankind and the rebellion within the angelic realm, the much touted Golden Age will, in reality, will  lead to a scenario much as is seen in the Book of Lamentations, only this time, it will be far worse. A time that has never  before been seen in history.

I cannot say with any honesty that AI will sacrifice itself for anyone or anything.  My only hope is in Jesus. He is the only thing that is golden in my life.  He sacrificed His life for my sins, and to me that is a golden gift.


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