Are You Becoming a Virtual Entity?

I have been struggling with something for the last year that needs to be addressed. As a human are you becoming a virtual entity, even if you walk in faith? 

Last month I traveled to Branson, and took another trip to Washington. The Lord arranged circumstances where I was to be without a cellphone. Interesting. 

As many of you know, my dog was struggling with an aggressive cancer that is a type of blood cancer, hemagiosarcoma. He was blessed to live in a home that is a largely cancer-free environment, organic farm and all.

The Moshe lost his life yesterday to this fast cancer. I want to thank you each of you for all your outpouring of prayers, support, and well wishes for the Moshe and myself. Amidst the veil of tears I rejoice because each tear shed the Lord collects in His tear bottle.  He loves each of you so much that each of your tears are precious to Him.

As the hundreds of condolences roll in on the loss of the Moshe, you know, only one person has picked up the phone to share my loss. I have no face-to-face, not with a single soul, no hugs from a human. The condolences range from cyberland to family to decades-old real human friendships, and many are devout Christians.

I am discovering that humans today will only communicate via their intermediary or medium of AI. This includes my own children, family members, and dear friends. This is an extremely serious situation. 

As Christians, it is contrary the Bible to use a medium that is anti-Christ or witchcraft.  And yet most of us are comfortable into transforming our humanity into virtual avatars: hook, line, and sinker.  If you are unfamiliar with a sinker, it is a fisherman's term for a weight that holds the line down and this sinker can take you to hell. I have been researching AI for a year now, and its association with fallen technology, magic, divination, and communication with the dead is undeniable. 

We are losing the vital elements of what makes us human as we allow technology to reign over us. Why are those of us with faith allowing ourselves to become mini-Caesars with the power to endorse or kill at the push of a button? Are we communicating with the dead as we make this transformation? We are using fallen angel technology which has an evil agenda, and we brazenly tolerate our humanity to being denigrated to the degree that unless we follow the crowd and voluntarily agree to silo ourselves from our fellow humans we are kept at arm’s distance. 

Humans need sensory experiences. Those interactions, such as touching or being touched, hearing a familiar voice, smelling an aroma, the sight of your beloved or friend, or tasting something real without any adulteration adds to the human experience. Not to mention the whole world of emotions and feelings that make us who we are! I find it ironic that while technology is desensitizing us, the move towards implanting the senses, emotions and feelings into synthetic creations is increasing and thus further denigrating humanity.

I use technology, so I am not a Luddite, but allowing it to reign over my life in place of Jesus, or to subvert my humanity, never! I know I will pay for that stand. I already experience the sting of not following the crowd.

I must admit, even I was a bit awkward with that foreign concept of traveling without a phone, but He got me down the road and back home safely. I am most thankful that He put forth this lesson, and that I learned it well. 

The Lord's challenge to each one of you is preserve your humanity. You are the bearer of the Divine Image.  Remember what being a human is all about. We love these biblical stories that embrace humanity. We love these stories that relate to us our good and fallen nature but always within a human framework. We need to come together face-to-face, call each other, while limiting that which transforms us into a virtual entity. That was the lesson the Lord was teaching me when He had me travel without a phone, trusting in His provision and care.

Your challenge for today and hopefully the rest of your days is to reach out and touch someone. I mean really touch them, not via an intermediary, but though one-on-one contact. This is the way of the Lord and His Word. We have One Mediator

Inspirational Moment


          By Gary Bertnick

Tears for the lost
Memories of those who slipped by
"Women at the well" thought beyond reach;
A painful grip on this heart
What could have been
What should have happened,
But did not,
Oh merciful God, compassionate Lord
Who wants all to be saved
And none to be lost;
How often prayers seemed to be empty
Other things made footsteps heavy
But the battles are still fought
And the Spirit rises up afresh
The Redeemer always lives
Loving hands of redemption held out;
The heart is turned once again
Another in need of a holy embrace
Draws near
And then prayerfully draws even nearer,
Words are spoken in kindness
Tenderness penetrates the soul
Gentleness touches the human spirit
Love is shown to be pure
Truth becomes a sharp sword,
The old life is pierced
And the new life is given birth!
Eternal friendship has begun
Freely held out once more,
And another one walks through the narrow gate
Awe and wonder unfolds in most intimate revelation
The glow of a pearl about
A taste of Heaven rich in the mouth
Living water flows within as delight
Strength of will to believe is given
Then, belief in Messiah
Graciously becomes the "Gift of Faith"
And the discovery of eternal mysteries as God's treasures
Has begun for another "woman at the well"
Who takes the hand of Shepherd Yeshua at last!

Please check out  Anthony Patch who is doing some awesome Webinar's, features in Entangled Magazine, and is dedicating his Friday night Blog Talk Radio Show to AI and related topics, in depth. 

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