Ten Plagues: Flashes of Prophecy and News Dancing Amidst the Hail

Seventh Bowl of Wrath

Then every island fled, and no mountain could be found. And huge hailstones, about a hundred pounds each, rained down on them from above. And men cursed God for the plague of hail, because it was so horrendous.  Revelation 16:21

Scripture indicates that we will experience hints of wrath what for those who reject God. 

He casts forth His ice as fragments; Who can stand before His cold? He sends forth His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow.  Psalm 147:17-18

God Pummels His Enemies with Hail

As they fled from before Israel, while they were at the descent of Beth-horon, the LORD threw large stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died; there were more who died from the hailstones than those whom the sons of Israel killed with the sword.  Joshua 10:11

The biblical pattern is evident that the enemies of God will sustain catastrophic loss of human life as well as provision such as animals 

Behold, when the wall has fallen, will you not be asked, 'Where is the plaster with which you plastered it?'" Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, I will make a violent wind break out in My wrath. There will also be in My anger a flooding rain and hailstones to consume it in wrath.  Ezekiel 13:11-13

Just as the Pre-Adamic civilizations experienced catastrophism, the winds of wrath are beginning to stir as man breaches the walls of protection set in place by the Almighty.

If you decide to dig deeper into catastrophism beware that there are some extremely dangerous hypothesis out there that look good and sound rational but upon further investigation have a pantheistic foundation supporting a pantheon of gods and other falsities.  The people submitting these prey upon innocent ones who either cannot or fail to dig to the root of the hypothesis. 

Storehouses of the Hail

Have you entered the storehouses of the snow, Or have you seen the storehouses of the hail, Which I have reserved for the time of distress, For the day of war and battle?  Job 38:22-23

What can we know about these storehouses of hail?

According to the Legends of the Jews:

The sixth heaven is an uncanny spot; there originate most of the trials and visitations ordained for the earth and its inhabitants. Snow lies heaped up there and hail; there are lofts full of noxious dew, magazines stocked with storms, and cellars holding reserves of smoke. Doors of fire separate these celestial chambers…

The precise wording mentioning uncanny is not by accident as mankind enters the uncanny valley of artificial intelligence (AI) that Shifts the Sands of Reality.  

Beyond the inhabited parts to the east is Paradise with its seven divisions, each assigned to the pious of a certain degree. The ocean is situated to the west, and it is dotted with islands upon islands, inhabited by many different peoples. Beyond it, in turn, are the boundless steppes full of serpents and scorpions, and destitute of every sort of vegetation, whether herbs or trees. To the north are the supplies of hell-fire, of snow, hail, smoke, ice, darkness, and windstorms, and in that vicinity sojourn all sorts of devils, demons, and malign spirits. Their dwelling-place is a great stretch of land, it would take five hundred years to traverse it. Beyond lies hell. To the south is the chamber containing reserves of fire, the cave of smoke, and the forge of blasts and hurricanes. Thus it comes that the wind blowing from the south brings heat and sultriness to the earth. Were it not for the angel Ben Nez, the Winged, who keeps the south wind back with his pinions, the world would be consumed. Besides, the fury of its blast is tempered by the north wind, which always appears as moderator, whatever other wind may be blowing.

While these descriptions might seem to be fanciful works of fiction in the days to come I will demonstrate from current news headlines and scientific-evidence that these descriptions are not mere fairy takes but are solidly a part of God's wondrous design and plan. 

Each of the seven divisions in turn has seven subdivisions, and in each compartment there are seven rivers of fire and seven of hail. The width of each is one thousand ells, its depth one thousand, and its length three hundred, and they flow one from the other, and are supervised by ninety thousand Angels of Destruction. There are, besides, in every compartment seven thousand caves, in every cave there are seven thousand crevices, and in every crevice seven thousand scorpions. Every scorpion has three hundred rings, and in every ring seven thousand pouches of venom, from which flow seven rivers of deadly poison. If a man handles it, he immediately bursts, every limb is torn from his body, his bowels are cleft asunder, and he falls upon his face. There are also five different kinds of fire in hell. One devours and absorbs, another devours and does not absorb, while the third absorbs and does not devour, and there is still another fire, which neither devours nor absorbs, and furthermore a fire which devours fire. There are coals big as mountains, and coals big as hills, and coals as large as the Dead Sea, and coals like huge stones, and there are rivers of pitch and sulfur flowing and seething like live coals.

Imagine!  Whole subdivisions in heaven dedicated as a holding facility and then a deliver system for the hail of prophecy to crush the rebellion of mankind.  An ell is a unit of measurement that is basically a cubit or the length of a forearm. 

The sun is double-faced; one face, of fire, is directed toward the earth, and one of hail, toward heaven, to cool off the prodigious heat that streams from the other face, else the earth would catch afire. In winter the sun turns his fiery face upward, and thus the cold is produced. When the sun descends in the west in the evening, he dips down into the ocean and takes a bath, his fire is extinguished, and therefore he dispenses neither light nor warmth during the night. But as soon as he reaches the east in the morning, he laves himself in a stream of flame, which imparts warmth and light to him, and these he sheds over the earth. In the same way the moon and the stars take a bath in a stream of hail before they enter upon their service for the night.

This imagery to me appears to describe the sun's cycles with the climatic Grand Solar Minimum aligning with biblical prophecy, current events, angelic wars, and even the condition of our own hearts. 

So let us dig into the flashing hailstones in prophecy and the news!

As we saw in a private government article hailstones are teeming with life.  The news is not ignorant of this fact and a few years ago the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom carried an article on the topic at hand:

Life in the clouds: Over 3,000 compounds and seven species of bacteria found in HAILSTONES (so it's probably not a good idea to eat snow)

  • Researchers say clouds are teeming with life - and that bacteria could actually trigger rain and hailstorms
  • Findings could have major implications for weather forecasting

 Recall that this is no ordinary hail for it included or is thought to include:

  • Fire darting,
  • Fire jumping,
  • Deadly fire,
  • Self-contained fire (fire that grasped itself.  The fire was self-contained within the hailstorm otherwise it would have caused the hail to melt),
  • Cleaving Fire Hailstone holding itself or in essence cleaving to hail,
  • Lightning flashes in quick succession,
  • Incessant fire,
  • Mass of fire,
  • Forked lightning,
  • Hail included a meteor shower. 

The imagery is very similar to the vision of the Divine Chariot that is flashing fire and brilliance surrounding it in Ezekiel 1:4.  In the Plague of Hail the fire within the hailstones and sparks radiated from it and shone.

All of these manifestations of hail sound seem threatening but two rings my alarms and those are the Self-Contained Hail and the Cleaving Hailstone.  I can see where technology might play a factor in these two particular types of hail.

Self-Contained hail sounds like some engorged nanobot while cleaving hail sounds like it has an unknown nucleus that attracts or cleaves upon it pathogens, blood, bacteria, chemicals and probably things we do know like dusty remains of the nephilim. 

As I was researching the phenomena of hail I found that research and the understanding of hail is quite limited, at least to the public.  I thought I would be able to include more information on the physics of hail, but not much was to be had. 

so tell those who plaster it over with whitewash, that it will fall. A flooding rain will come, and you, O hailstones, will fall; and a violent wind will break out.  Ezekiel 13:11

We need to pause for concern because we do not only need to contemplate the hail itself but also the effect of wind upon this hail and velocity that the hail is traveling.  Studies show that the severity of hail is contingent upon the kinetic energy at the point of impact and the resistance to impact energy.  Face it, given a 100 pound hailstone(s) traveling at the speed of light a human body is not going to stand a chance.  I am sure that you noticed in the references above that wind is often associated with hail.  You can find charts discussing the kinetic energy on various websites because many insurers use these graphs and formula's to determine your risk for hail damage. 

Hail: A Layered Approach

Hail is built up from a nucleus or in some circles an embryo.  As the particulate bounces up and down the clouds this particle is coated with ice, again and again, until it becomes so heavy that it falls to the earth.  This whole process got me thinking about a faith lesson from the process of hail formation.  Sin begins in our life as an almost imperceptible particulate.  As we encounter the various ups and downs of life, bumping turmoil's and various temptations this particulate of sin can get coated.  The next encounter with this temptation to sin, if not rebuked, coats the particulate in pearl-like layering.  It is as if God Himself designed this pattern!  At some point the layered hail becomes noticeable and if not attended to will fall to the ground causing devastation.  We can layer ourselves with God's Word or we can layer ourselves with layers of destruction. 

Ball Lightning

Ball lightning is a rare weather phenomenon where a colorful glowing orbs appears — usually during a thunderstorm — and appears to skitter through the air, far outliving a jagged bolt of lightning.

Back in 1996, a paper was published in Nature proposed that ball lightning might be the result of the magnetic fields around the plasma of a lightning bolt curling into a knot and trapping it within, and proposed a model for what those knotted fields might look like.

My grandparents lived in Altadena near the Rose Bowl.  She had an experience one dark and stormy night that made a vivid impression upon her and she relayed it to me, and though I did not encounter the phenomena, it was etched into my memory also.

There was a thunderstorm and the power was out during the late 1950's or early 1960's.  My grandfather wanted something to eat and was demanded punctuality with his meals.  Despite no power grandmother set to the task of preparing a meal for him on their gas stove.  It was dark outside.  All of a sudden, at tremendous speed, down the flue of the gas stove was a ball of blue lightning.  It encircled the cast iron pan three times and then traveled to the nearest window which was a considerable distance and was gone. 

Legends included the belief that some of the hail was ball lightning.  These luminous orbs are a mystery even today.  Scientists believe they are materials bound by magnetic fields of a supercooled quantum object into a complex knot. They also believe that they have finally solved the centuries-old riddle of ball lightning, luminous orbs that sometimes linger in the atmosphere during thunderstorms.

Weathering the Hail of CERN

Behold, the Lord has a strong and mighty agent; As a storm of hail, a tempest of destruction, Like a storm of mighty overflowing waters, He has cast it down to the earth with His hand.  Isaiah 28:2

That bizarre knot, a quantum object is called a Shankar skyrmion that was first theorized in 1977, but that no one had ever managed to generate in a lab. A skyrmion is a tightly clustered group of circular magnetic fields, with each circle crossing each other circle exactly once, the researchers explained in a paper published March 2 in Science Advances.

Visualize what happens when you hook one key ring around another key ring. Then imagine adding more and more rings, hooking each new one to all the existing rings. The resulting shape would look like the magnetic fields of the skyrmion — impossible to pull apart without breaking the rings.

An image from the paper shows the interlocking magnetic fields of the skyrmion.  Credit: Science Advances/Creative Commons

But the skyrmion is different from those key rings in a critical way: It's twisted. The interlocking lines of magnetism turn along their routes, twice.

A figure from the paper shows the corkscrewing magnetic fields. See the blue bulbs depicted on the objects pictured moving along the field? Follow one around the circle to see how it turns.  Credit: Science Advances/Creative Commons

CERN researchers built the skyrmion out of a cloud of atoms supercooled into a dense blob called a Bose-Einstein condensate — a state of matter that emerges just at the edge of absolute zero, where the borders between atoms blend together, and quantum effects begin to take place that can be detected and observed.  Using this exotic class of quantum power in the CLOUD particle collider the magnet was nudged to spin magnetic orientations of the atoms in the condensate until the interlocking rings of the cold skyrmion knot emerged that is portrayed as a counterfeit for ball lightning.

While most of us are focusing our attention on what CERN does in relationship with smashing atoms and possibly the inner earth we are unaware of their activities involving atmospheric particulates of a natural kind and a geo-engineered species.  These CERN particulates will impact our weather to a degree never seen upon the face of the earth.

CERNS CLOUD experiment monitors and I would dare say injects atmospheric aerosol particles by CERN’s CLOUD experiment put global climate projections on more solid ground.   CERN’s CLOUD is robustly encroaching upon the nucleation process that gives rise to aerosols and climate.  Researchers are tampering with introducing new particulate layers the barriers that God has provided this planet.  They are particularly focusing on the earth's troposphere, our inner most protection from planetary and galactic influences.


Image: Maximillien Brice/ CERN

The Cosmic Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD) experiment uses a special cloud chamber to study the possible link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation. Based at the Proton Synchrotron (PS) at CERN, a high-energy physics accelerator is being used to study atmospheric and climate science. The results will change our understanding of aerosols and clouds, and their affect on climate.

This experiment includes an advanced cloud chamber equipped with a wide range of external instrumentation to monitor and analyze its contents. The temperature conditions anywhere in the atmosphere can be recreated within the chamber. All experimental conditions can be controlled and measured, including the cosmic ray intensity and the trace atmospheric vapors in the chamber, which are set to levels of only a few molecules per trillion.

Unraveling Cosmic Rays and Cloud Formation

Cosmic rays are charged particles that bombard the Earth's atmosphere from outer space. Studies suggest they may influence cloud cover either through the formation of new aerosols (tiny particles suspended in the air that can grow to form seeds for cloud droplets) or by directly affecting clouds themselves. Cosmic rays increase as our magnetosphere diminishes during things such as the Grand Solar Minimum.  Clouds exert a strong influence on the Earth’s energy balance; changes of only a few per cent have an important effect on the climate.  CERN wants to unravel the connection between cosmic rays and clouds.

It took trillions of dollars and years to discover what any elementary-schooled (in the good old days) could have told you, that respiration of trees impacts cloud formation and cool us down.  With CERN this has been translated into a huge discovery showing that biogenic vapors emitted by trees and oxidized in the atmosphere have an impact on the formation of clouds.  This process cools down the planet.  So why, oh why do we here Global Warming is increasing? 

Part of the imminent Grand Solar Minimum is an increase of cosmic rays but just as in the days of the Plagues of the Exodus there are technical magician's are conjuring up fake cosmic rays to amplify the effect.  Cosmic rays and CLOUD | The Economist


 Mysterious cloud formation around CERN

The biblical narrative indicates that the skies were much cloudier than today.  Believe it or not CERN's CLOUD shows pre-industrial skies cloudier than we thought Of course, they still want to blame humans for the 'change' in climate. 


V 26 Once again we see distinction between God's people and the Egyptians for in the land of Goshen there was no hail.  This demonstrates the miracle of distinguishing the firmament of Egypt and Goshen.

I Have Sinned

I have sinned this time…(he [Pharaoh] continued to sin). 

These three words are three of the most powerful words on earth but they are the hardest ones to utter.  They humble the proud and lay low the arrogant but they are not the easiest words to say as their birthplace is the heart and mind.  Once uttered, they may not stay with us as a standing stone in our life.  It is a minute by minute, day by day struggle to keep these faith lessons alive in one's life. 

Pharaoh believed in his mind that he was not committing a crime by not letting the Hebrews depart.  Pharaoh's refusal could have been attributed to his stubborn nature, He thought he was in the right and Moses was just a superior magician.  But during the plague of hail he finally declared the truth.  Due to the tremendous loss of human, animal and vegetative life Pharaoh was forced to concede that God's warning not to leave them unprotected in the field proved that the Lord is just in His compassion for His creatures…and so, I [Pharaoh] and my people are wrong in having spilled innocent blood. 

We read further and find Pharaoh saying, this time I have sinned, God is righteous, and I am my nation are wicked. Exodus 9:27 What may we derive form the Bible recording this response? In verse 9:30 we read, You and your servants do not yet fear God. It can be interpreted this verse as Moses addressing Pharaoh, …it is only before the removal of the plague that you posses fear. Meaning, once the plague is removed, you will again revert to your old, stubborn ways. What is Moses’ purpose in telling this to Pharaoh? And why even remove the plague if Pharaoh doesn’t truly maintain his fear?  Faith lessons of mercy. There is fear and there is fear.  Though Pharaoh was recalcitrant in his sin, the pummeled Egyptian people seemed to begin to repent. 

Pharaoh thought the thunder was the furious voice of God signaling His anger, He declared accordingly. There has been enough of God's thundering of rage and the punishment by means of hail.  Let His anger cease henceforth.  I am willing to let you go. 

Long Term Consequences of Hail is the Heart of the Matter

All the world all can relate to the long term effects on the climate, food supply, and atmosphere that disrupted Egypt. These changes caused many Egyptians to become sick, some with heart disease, and weakened them for a long time after the plague ended. We are beginning to see these changes in peoples around the world. 

We notice in these two verses, that the second, contrasting verse does not say, those who didn’t fear God…instead, it says, those who didn’t take to heart God’s Word. Why isn’t the terminology consistent? Why isn’t fear contrasted to those who didn’t fear?  We also need to know that some Egyptians heeded Moses’ warning, and some didn’t.  Wisdom and begins with listening to the Word of God and letting it forge in our heart submission to His Will. 

Hail and Grain

The flax and the barley were struck, for the barley was ripe and the flax was in its stalk. And the wheat and the spelt were not struck for they ripen later. Exodus 9:31,32

In this violent thunderstorm God unleashed these hailstones destroying Egyptian flax and barley.  But is that the end of the story?

No.  What happens after such a supernatural event are subsequent 'minor' judgment ripples such as:

I smote you and every work of your hands with blasting wind, mildew and hail; yet you did not come back to Me, declares the LORD.  Haggai 2:17

Basically, God is destroying the staple diet of the Egyptians, their economy, trade options, and probably social order.  The small amount that remains will be consumed in the next plague.

Heart of the Temple

And the temple of God which is in heaven was opened; and the ark of His covenant appeared in His temple, and there were flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder and an earthquake and a great hailstorm.  Revelation 11:19

Each of you my dear friends is the temple of God.  The Plague of Hail is very much directed towards the heart.  When you became a Christian, coming out of the clutches of darkness and sin, there was a triumphant celebration in the heavenlies.  Imagine the scene above while angels sang praises as you enter His kingdom! 

I once witnessed in the physical realm and with spiritual vision this scene playing out before my very eyes! I was honored to behold a person being baptized.  As this person came up out of the waters, I beheld flashes of lightning, pealing thunders, dark clouds, with a great hailstorm ensuing.  It was a scene where you stood in awe.  If you listen closely you can hear the angels singing Hallelujah!  In the grace of Jesus, each time a soul comes to Him, this scene of triumphant entry into the Kingdom repeats fresh and anew. 


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