Face-to-Face with the Thundering Voice of God

Holy, Holy Holy!

Holy in the most exalted heaven, the abode of His Presence, Holy on the earth, product of His strength, Holy forever and ever, God, Master of Legions. 

O Glorious God, My King, Who sits on the Throne of Mercy!

Who acts with kindness and benevolence, Who pardons the iniquities of His people,

Removes our sins one by one and Who deals righteously with every living thing,

Thank you for your compassion and cleansing when I err.

Face to Face with the Voice of God

We have been summoned for a face-to-face with our holy God, King of KingsI am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God. Who is and was and is to come—the Almighty.  No one mystery is heavily shrouded than the End when Jesus will return to the world for the final redemption.  Jesus will come after Tribulations so frightening that one should only hope not to witness them.  The End is hidden but we know we are in the season when hardship, decay, and intense sufferings abound.  God the Father is awaiting the return of Jesus due to the sinful tainting of His creation, making it deficient. 

May the voice of God's strength and power which authors and fills the world revealing the ‘crookedness' speak to our heart, inspiring us to repentance, so that our heart might be straightened.   And God has so made it, that men should fear before Him, Ecclesiastes 3:14.  

When we behold the glory of God we should follow the example of the Prophet Ezekiel, And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, Ezekiel 1:28.

The Seven Thunders have been sealed up for the Last Days.  I have heard the supernatural thundering voice of God and after an exhaustive study I will share what I have learned.  Much as in the Book of Acts as the Tongues of Fire lit upon each person in their own tongue, it may be that your Creator thunderous voice will speak to you in your own unique way, so that you might understand. 

Supernatural Thunder from God

Many of us gathered together in 2004 for Feast of Tabernacles.  This biblical feast is rich with symbolism:  I mention the following as it is pertinent to our conversation.  Traditional observation includes seven circuits spanning:

  • Attributes of God
  • The Heavenly Abode
  • Everlasting Faith
  • Jesus, our Savior
  • Creations of the World
  • Judgment, Cataclysm, Destruction
  • Fire

One evening I had a formal dinner out under the stars by a campfire and we had just lit the candles for the holiday and read Psalm 29 when all of a sudden we heard this incredibly loud peal of supernatural thunder.  It commanded us to look up and conversation of everyone ceased.  When we looked up the stars were twinkling and there was no sign of a storm.  Perplexed, we assumed it to be a storm in the mountain foothills some distance away.  We resumed our fellowship when again the commanding thunder claps demanded our attention.  At the time, I was a subscriber of SpaceWeather and they called us with a pre-recorded message saying, “Did you just hear thunder?” Why, yes, I thought to myself. “It is thunder from space.  It is not a storm from our atmosphere.” Wow, I thought to myself!  Thunder from God.  I will never forget this experience.   

We have entered a time where heaven, earth and hell are touching one another with very little of the historical established barriers. The battle is raging in the supernatural and interdimensional realms with harbinger's, entities, and messengers spilling into the physical world in these final battles.  We all need to be prepared for this.

God did not make a quiet, delicate appearance at Mt. Sinai. The mountain shook, lightning lit up the sky, thunder crashed and the Divine Voice reverberated through the galaxies. The world was shocked into silence. The Bible was given to man through an earth-shattering event, literally.  The powerful message is for us to shatter our own sense of invincibility, to recognize the true source of our well-being, and to allow the wonder of thunder to penetrate our souls. 

The Voice of God is likened to a supernatural thunder, not natural thunder.  When we hear the Voice of God we tremble in reverent awe. 

The clouds located in the curvature of the firmament collide with the firmament itself, producing this unique sound, as it is stated: The voice of Your thunder was in the whirlwind; the lightning lighted up the world; the earth trembled and shook, Psalm 77:19. Thunder is the sound of clouds pouring water into one another, as it is stated: At the sound of His giving a multitude of waters in the heavens.   Jeremiah 10:13.

Cyclic Catastrophism

The earth shook and trembled; the foundations also of the hills were shaken…He bowed the heavens also and came down…He did fly upon the wings of the wind…At the brightness that was before Him thick clouds passes, hail stones, and coals of fire…The Lord thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave His voice; hail stones and coals of fire.. He shot out lightning's…Then the channels of waters were seen, and the foundations of the world were discovered, Psalm 18:7-15…The voice of the Lord is powerful…The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars…The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire.  The voice of the Lord shaketh the wilderness; the Lord shaketh the wilderness of Kadesh, Psalm 29:4-8…The kingdoms were moved;  He uttered His voice, the earth melted, Psalm 46:6…The waters saw thee; they were afraid:   the depths were also troubled…the skies sent out a sound;  thine arrows also went abroad.  The voice of thy thunder was in heaven; the lightnings lighted the universe: the earth trembled and shook, Psalm 77:16-19 [means universe not world in original language].  Clouds and darkness are around Him…a fire goeth before Him and burneth up His enemies round about…His lightnings enlightened the world:  the earth saw, and trembled.

A thunderbolt, on striking a magnet, reverses the poles of the magnet.  The terrestrial globe is a huge magnet.  A short circuit between it and another celestial body [or force] could result in the north and south magnetic poles of the earth exchanging places.  Immanuel Velikovsky

We should ponder, did this happen during certain biblical events, and is the cycle imminent for the conclusion of time?

The motion of the earth was changed by 'blocking of the course' and went through 'shaking of the revolutions' with 'disruptions of every kind', so that the position of the earth became 'at one time reversed, at oblique, and again upside down,' and 'every way in six directions.'  Plato

"There have been and there will be many and divers destruction's of mankind, of which the greatest are by fire and water…the truth of it [contained in legends] lies in the occurrence of a shifting of the bodies in the heavens which move about the earth, and a destruction of the things on the earth, by fire, which recurs along intervals, Plato, Timaeus 22C-D

For those of you who love a good mystery you could investigate the 'sacred mouse', Assyrians, Hezekiah, and cosmic catastrophe.  I needed to primarily stay focused on the Seven Thunders.

Typically, lightning is usually discharged between two clouds or a cloud and the ground.  But, if, for some reason, the charge of the ionosphere- the electrified layer of the upper atmosphere, should be sufficiently increased, a discharge would occur between the upper atmosphere and the ground, and a thunderbolt would crash from a cloudless sky. ..The crash from a discharge from a cloudless sky sounds like Ta-ra-ka, the name of the Hindu demon who battled planets. Shiva it is said, "deposited his seed in fire" birthing a demon Ta-ra-ka, "who troubles the world." I mention this only because of all the shenanigans at CERN.

The King is in the Field

While the Lord Jesus was in the field among His people, He shared with us His praises and His concerns.  He declares through His prophet John the Revelator that the seven golden lampstands are the seven assemblies of His church.  Jesus is described in power and strength and will be discussed in detail next time in, The Course of Thunder.

Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.  Revelation 1:11

The King Ascends to the Throne

With Revelation 4, Jesus ascends to His Throne at the right hand of the Father.   Royal protocol must is now in effect.  This is a time of awe, judgment, and gathering.  Kingship is difficult concept for a person to comprehend even in countries where kings reside. 

Together we join to coronate Jesus as Lord God, King of the Universe!  We have a choice to accept Him as our absolute authority.  To do so we do not annihilate our own individuality.  On the contrary, we empower our lives.  When we acknowledge Jesus as our King, we simultaneously recognize the nobility within ourselves, the dignity and majesty of having been created in the Divine Image. 

When we accept Jesus as the Supreme King and accept this burden (which means the heaviness of glory) of His sovereignty we have trepidation- but with joy, awe- but the desire to celebrate. 

While the Gates of Repentance are always open, there are consequences for disobedience, and judgment is coming very suddenly.

One way to envision the Seven Thunders as a Golden Lampstand.  There are other ways and layers to understand the Seven Thunders.  The Father is the base, the stem is the Son, and the seven branches are the Body of Christ.  The Golden Lampstand is one (unity), just as He is One, until the end of time:

  • Thunder:  Divine Manifestation
  • Thunder:  Sign and Wonder
  • Thunder:  Divine anger
  • Thunder:  War
  • Thunder:  Punishment
  • Thunder:  Plague
  • Thunder:  Judgment

Preparation for the King

Who does not prepare themselves when they are granted an audience with a King?  You will want all your garments there very best.  Your garment of the Spirit, garment of the soul, garment of your body, garment of the mind and emotions, with any physical adornments befitting this solemn occasion.  One could consider preparing as one would for a wedding.

Faith Lesson:  This very day you have time to choose Jesus as your Savior, repent of wrongdoings, and change whatever He requires you to change.  You will be meeting your King and Bridegroom for all eternity so due diligence is absolutely necessary. 

Setting the Boundary

Since creation, God demarcated distinctions and set boundaries.  They have always been since creation, until recently.  In man's arrogance, he is piercing the fabric of our reality and all sacred boundaries.  Luminaries, stars, the firmament, the light and the dark, plants, animals, and humans and each creation was declared good. 

A voice was heard emanating from the cloud, "Moses, Moses."

Moses answered, "Hineni, Here I am, I am ready." 

Are you ready for Jesus?

See boundary for the people around [the mountain].  Exodus 19:12

This was a sign that neither man nor beast was to go beyond that point.  Some commentators believe that the boundary was a physical barrier while others believe it was just understood.

Psalm 104:9  You set a boundary they cannot overstep…. Jeremiah 5:22…  Do you not fear Me?  Will you not tremble at my presence? 

When I was young I yearned for this time, but in my age and knowing what is transpiring the weight of age bears down.  I cried out unto God, "What place do older people have in this End Day plan?  Many of us are so weary."

Faith Lesson: The elders were tasked with emphasize the boundaries of God.  We have witnessed the seasons of God, His faithfulness, and His provision. We are not deceived by technological trinkets.  We can educate and recognize God's boundaries, rejecting all others. 

...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Thunderous Voice of Creation

One moment God's voice spoke creation into existence.  None of us were witnesses, but creation resonates in our soul and for many its allure is tantalizing.

Faith Lesson:  You have been shown in order to know that God, He is the [only] God.  There is none besides Him.  From heaven, He caused you to hear His voice in order to teach you, and on earth, He showed you His great fire, and you heard His words from the midst of the fire.  Deuteronomy 4:32-36

Thundering at Mt. Sinai

Mt. Sinai was all in smoke.  Exodus 19:18. 

According to Legend, the glory of God descended on the mountain amid fiery flames which turned boulders into glistening crystals. The mountain of Sinai shook and quivered along with all the mountains of the world; the oceans, likes, and rivers took flight. The sky lit up with fiery lightning flashes and the sound of God's Voice traveled around the world.  Thunderbolts shook the earth, smashing mountains and breaking rocks.  Louder and louder grew the sounds, striking fear in the entire world's population.  Mt. Sinai was a global event of cataclysmic proportion. 

All the people could see the sounds and flames miraculously to see what normally can only be heard.  Some people perceived the sounds with their eyes while others perceived the sights with their ears. It was an unparalleled event of synesthesia. 

The entire people shuddered.  The roaring thunder and flashes of lightning were terrifying.  Around the world people's minds were wiped free of all mundane matters, focusing only upon the stupendous event that surrounded them.  The thunder and lightning makes man humble.  It causes a person to recognize his shortcomings, with a proper mindset.  This event was so traumatic that it was indelibly imprinted upon DNA of each one of us, in every single cell of our bodies.  That memory has been passed down from generation to generation of humankind, until today.

Why is today different? Because mankind is being seduced into forsaking being created in the Divine Image, throwing away his birthright of being a human.  So precarious and dangerous is this time in history that if God did not cut it short there would be no flesh left alive.  

God came down to earth to give His Word so that not one person would have excuse and say, "I did not know."

For what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts.…  Romans 1:20

The voice of God breaks the cedars…cleaves with shafts of fire, convulses the wilderness of KadeshPsalm 29:5,7.  The fire emanating from God's voice carved the letters into the Tablets.  The Hebrews fled from the direction of God's Voice but they were unable to pinpoint the direction from which the Voice emanated. The Kadesh encampment represents our journey from the darkness of sin to salvation and in English is called the Sanctuary.  It is an oasis, but it is a spring of Judgment for those who do not partake.   

Legends say that God's Voice broke up into seventy languages representative of the languages of the nations of the world, so all could hear and understand, a symbolic foreshadowing of the gift of the Holy Spirit:

Suddenly a sound like a mighty rushing wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw tongues like flames of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.   And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts 2:2-4

One ancient commentator noted that the sounds the Hebrews heard was God with His legions of angels singing praises to Him and that the lightning flashes were the very angels themselves.  He makes the winds His messengers and the firing flame His attendants.  Psalm 104:4   

At creation God designated the heavens for Himself, and the earth for mankindPsalm 115:16.  The giving of the Bible rescinded this and heaven began touching the earth. 

Faith Lesson:  How much do you love Jesus?  Will you preserve your humanity and keep your Divine Image that Jesus gave His life for when lying signs and wonders manifest into the physical domain as the  supernatural war intensifies?

Holy Darkness?

Moses ascends Mt. Sinai penetrated three barriers-darkness, cloud, and thick cloud.  One of the many reasons for this thick cloud is that God was coming to Moses, Exodus 19:9, and when God speak to Moses face-to-face and the cloud would have a dampening effect so that as a finite human he could endure the hearing of God's voice.

All the people saw the sounds and the flames, the sound of the ram's horn, and the mountain emitting smoke.  The people saw and they moved, and stood far off. 

It came to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound heard, praising and thanking Adonai, and when they lifted their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of song, praising Adonai, saying, For God is good, for God’s loving kindness endures forever, then the house, the house of Adonai, was filled with a cloud; And the priests could not stand and serve because of the cloud; for the manifesting presence of Adonai had filled the house of God. Then Solomon said, Adonai has chosen to dwell in the thick darkness, II Chronicles 5:13-6:1

Darkness can be found is the depths, cave, womb, soil that sprouts seeds, soothing shade, nighttime during which we dream, grow and make long-term memory.  Darkness cannot always be evil as we see God using the thick cloud of darkness as His hiding place.  

Possibly, you have had a supernatural experience in the darkness.  Imagine a dark cave might be is a pathway between the worlds, a liminal zone. It is reminiscent of the notion of a wormhole, “a shortcut connecting two separate points in space and time." A wormhole may connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few feet, different universes, and different points in time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime.” One enters the dark cave and winds up coming out into another level of reality.

Nighttime study brings a thread of loving-kindness into the world. Divine presence can be a sheltering shade. Revelations occur at caves. Bible was received in darkness, it is black ink on white paper. The source of flow is imagined as a burning black coal or a deep spring. Before God said “Let there be light” there was already darkness, the darkness of wisdom, and beyond.

He bent the sky and came down,

Thick cloud beneath His feet.

He mounted a cherub and flew,

Gliding on the wings of the wind.

He made darkness His shelter (hiding place);

Around Him, His tabernacle,

Dark thunderheads, dense clouds of the sky. Psalm 18:10-12

When I was young I used to love to play tent city on laundry day-all bedding was used in the construction project and when completed I would have a snack.  When evening fell, I could be found nestled under all my covers in prayer or listening quietly to my transistor radio.  I did not find that type of darkness alarming. 

Faith Lesson:  As God stretches our tent stakes possibly He is preparing us for this season of darkness, of supernatural power, where we find ourselves. Possibly God is providing for us darkness that will be our hiding place and cover in days of danger.

Testimony that He is God

Behold!  God declares, You are witness that there is none like Me in heaven and on earth.  I am the One and Only, and I revealed Myself in my grandeur and radiance.

One could imagine that an aura of holiness lasted long after this event ended.  The supernatural backdrop of lightning, thunder, darkness, and fire was the setting for holiness, but only that.  The essence was not the pageantry and the trappings; it was about Godliness and the eternal message given there.  Oftentimes we get caught up in the glitter of the background and we are not being sensitive to the true import of whom and what we are meant to be. 

Faith Lesson:  Hearing the Voice of God, whether thunderous or that still small voice, is a part of your spiritual legacy which you can bequeath to your children and their children and unto future generations forever. 

Suddenly!  We have the option of divesting ourselves of our Divine Image and our birthright to become Satan's Accomplice, a non-human node, to be Plugged and Played, in the ghostly Gehinnom prison within  a Web of Things.  God must intervene and He commands the Seven Thunders to come forth.

More insights from the Seven Thunders ahead....

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Songs of the Thunderbolt:  A Call of War

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Prophetic Messages of the Thunder



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