Song of the Thunderbolt: Tribulation Strikes

Psalm 29

Prepare Yourself to Serve the Most High!

  1. The [thundering] Voice of God is upon the waters
  2. The [thundering] Voice of God is in strength
  3. The [thundering] Voice of God is in splendor
  4. The [thundering] Voice of God breaks the cedars
  5. The [thundering] Voice of God cleaves with shafts of fire
  6. The [thundering] Voice of God convulses the wilderness
  7. The [thundering] Voice of God frightens the hinds and strips the forests bare

These are the Seven Voices of God by which He reveals Himself on earth.  They parallel the seven days of Creation, but that has not escaped your perceptive eyes.  It may appear as though we are deviating from the Seven Thunders but we are right on track.  As you know thunder reverberates through the heavens and earth, like boom of of a woofer, and so we are following its trail.  To God be the praise, for His supernatural thunders!

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and entities are speeding up the battlefield for the End Days, God is wanting to provide you access to enter this engagement with His strategic advantages to make wise decisions.  Satan and his augmented intelligence will his enable commanders to focus on the battle with coup d'œil, or the “stroke of an eye,” maintaining situational awareness at their speed.  God is gifting you ultimate speed, agility, and the Omnipresent view for your success for your interdimensional battle.

Advanced adversary technologies will bring future challenges for intelligence gathering, command, communication, mobility, and dispersion. “The guy behind the guy” will need to be conversant in vast amounts of information and quick to act [and with God that is no problem].

Ascribe unto the Lord, O ye mighty, give unto the Lord glory and strength.

Prepare yourself to serve the Most High God!  The Name of God is mentioned 18 times in this Psalm. 

You children of the strong!  You are the children of the Most High!  Yes, you are Children of the Prince!  Your children of officers and nobles!  You Stars and Ministering Angels! You of powerful faith!  You Children of the Lord!  You dwell on the earth your home is in the spiritual plane above the sun and Laws of Nature.  You are not children of nephilim, counterfeiter's, of raw physical strength.  They too, shall one day bow before God, Creator of the forces of all nature.

This Psalm is to awaken within you a feeling of devotion and obedience to the thundering Voice of God, whereby which we can have such a depth of trust that we can overcome our foes and tribulations.

Jesus is speaking to us portray in His glory and invincibility in all-conquering eternity to those who are His faithful children in His Truth.  He is speaking to us through nature, time, and history. 

In this Psalm, Jesus is using His Name which signifies His intimate and personal relationship to you!  You are called upon to realize that the same God Who revealed Himself to us in grandeur and majesty of His presence in both history still reveals His power to us today in all the workings of nature and in the source of history.  It is in accordance with His Will alone, that the powers and forces of nature, continue within their framework of the laws given them when they were created.  It is He Who leads and guides them, so that they can further train and guide each of you. 

Bow down to Him, for He has adorned you with the splendor of holiness. 

With our properly placed loyalty to Him we will someday experience the blessing of peace with can only be found in Him, the Prince of Peace.

We find similar language in Psalm 89:7

Begotten by forces or powers.  It is unthinkable to compare God with earthly forces.  So we must understand this denotation it as endowment with a certain asset or talent.  It may be a call to all those endowed with strength, or so feel they are endowed, to ascribe to the Lord alone, whatever power may be in them.  Whatever forces you may behold and admire, in the days to come or in the world of nature attribute them to Jesus.  We must make clear distinction that our strengths and faculties are dependent upon God and clearly we are not gods. 

Bring to the Lord, ascribe to Him everything that reveals itself to you in greatness and in glory, and all that appears to you indestructible and invincible, and eternal.  Ascribe it to Him, the sole Being Who is in truth: great, glorious and eternal, and Whose work and sovereignty is shown in everything that seems to us lofty, splendid, and mighty. 

Faith Lesson:  Today, I acknowledge that Jesus is personally speaking to me.  I will allow Him to awaken adoration in me and purpose to be solely devoted to Him.  I will bring to Him everything that is within me, and I bow only unto Him. 

Give Glory Unto Him

Image:  Pinterest

Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  We might read this as, [Bring unto the Lord, attribute and ascribe to Him everything that you admire as being endowed with strength.]

Glory and honor and might to God!  Psalms 68:35, Jeremiah 13:16, I Chronicles 16:28

We must be prepared to sanctify and glorify the Name of Jesus. 

Prostrate yourself before the Jesus, in the splendor of holiness.

In solemnity and seriousness, with trembling and with awe, give verbal homage and honor to the Lord, and then quickly, honor the presence of the elder. Leviticus 19:32

Above all, give Him that glory which you render as Jesus.  Let the Name of Jesus prove to your heart and mind His power in your life first and foremost.  Let the Name of Jesus express creation and shape your future with His transfiguring power upon you. 

Yes!  The time has come for the restoration of all things.  Evil has made notice and call it a Metamorphosis, but in the world of Jesus is Transformation [Transfiguration].  Place yourself entirely at His service, be completely devoted and prostrate yourself before Him.  Allow Him to rule over you and transfigure you during these monumental days. 

Faith Lesson:  Yes!  I prostrate myself to the splendor of the holiness of Jesus.  From this day forward, I will allow Him to transform my life, even if I must enter the Refiner's Fire, and I will give thanks to Him.  Today, I will do one small thing that accustoms me to valuing the elders around me.

His Voice Thunders Upon the Waters

Image:  Guardian

The voice of the Lord is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: the Lord is upon many waters.

This term is used exclusive when God is speaking to you.  It is never used in connection with a loud sound occurring in nature, such as thunder which could be ascribed to Him indirectly.  I believe that this is to be understood to mean the voice of the Lord speaking to you through His medium of  His Word and Holy Spirit writing upon your heart.

The Divine Voice is speaking to you to shape your life and is the same Voice which brooded over the waters at the time of Creation with its Let there be-created formed, separated, and arranging all things in the universe.  And if, even today, the peal of thunder still attests to the Lord’s omnipotence in nature, then it is the same God Who rules over the vast bodies of water, and He metes out to us such quantities of water that are best suited for His training and disciplining. 

This refers back to the parting of the Red Sea and the mighty rainwaters needed which are the source of all growth.

The Divine gift of rain preceded by thunderstorms established the ordered regularity of its course, proclaims Him Who still presides over each raindrop that falls upon the earth since the advent of man.  However, it is His decision whether or not you shall indeed receive this rain and whether it will be a blessing or a curse.  This is critical to remember today when weather has been weaponized and modified, He still has the weather in His hands.  He still rules over all the waters.

Echo back to the days of the splitting of the Red Sea where God displayed His awesome power, not in an ordinary thunderstorm but a supernatural event. Look forward to the Millennial Reign of Jesus, when all nations will acknowledge His omnipotence.  Remember, the nations are likened to water because of the serenity they enjoy in this world, but that is on the precipice of changing. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord Jesus, you have ordered both the nurturing rain and the destructive rains in my life for Your purposes.  I count it as good and I count it as preparation for the days ahead.  Thank you.

His Voice is Powerful

The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.

The Voice of the Lord charges you to develop your moral potentialities and harmoniously to ‘perfect’ all your talents and faculties.  This is the same Voice that speaks to you whatever you perceive a show of strength or harmonious beauty in nature.  God’s immutable Will fulfills itself by unfolding strength and beauty in every creature at the same time He sends His Voice to guide and shape your developing human personality.

This is likened unto the second day of Creation when God separated the between the upper and lower waters thus beginning the precipitation cycle.  Rains are often called the might of rain.

Echo back to the giving of the Torah (Bible) at Mt. Sinai when God spoke to His people with thunder, lightning, and through dark clouds.  Legends say two remarkable things:  that the thunder divided into 70 languages alluding to the Tongues of Fire in Acts 2 and also the convening of 70 nations for a predestined apostate Third Temple.  And also:  That the peoples of the world were so terrified at the voice of God that ever-so-briefly their souls left their bodies.  As God thunders His voice confusion ensues leaving room for mass deception and evil spirits to enter the world’s population.

You would think that the thundering voice of God would be fatal but Jesus considers your fragile frame.  God modulates His voice and its intensity in accordance with the capacity of each individual.  His voice emerges to each person commensurate with his strength.  What does this mean? 

  • The elders [old] according to their strength
  • To the young men according to their strength
  • To the children according to their strength
  • To the nursing babies according to their strength
  • The women according to their strength

The verse does not say, with His power, bur rather, with power.  This verse also refers to the Gog and Magog war at which times this same voice of God will be with power to punish the nations with splendor He will protect His faithful children. And do not assume that God spoke differently to each individual that there are many gods.  There is only One. 

The revelation of God's might is likened to a voice,which is invisible and intangible.  God does not mete out punishment with conventional weapons, rather He uses His voice which only the soul and Spirit can perceive.  It has the power to deeply disturb the unworthy hearer, causing mental agitation and sudden collapse. 

One day, in the Millennial Reign, we will recognize God's invincible strength and our own pitiful frailty. 

Faith Lesson:  I am so thankful to you Jesus Who is mindful of my fragile body and yet you destroy my enemies with Your Word.  There is truly no god Like You. 

His Voice in Splendor

God's voice was heard on the third day of Creation when plant growth began to bloom in infinite varieties. It happened again at Mt. Sinai when God appeared as a venerable, merciful old, Ancient of Day's.  Old age is called honor and splendor.  And yet, at the Splitting of the Sea God came as a young, powerful warrior, in strength.

Once again, this is not many Gods, but the One God, in His various forms.

It is from God in His Voice of Splendor that God will destroy His enemies in the Gog Magog war but He will leave His loved ones unharmed.  Thus, this will be true:  His [devastating] voice for our enemies [and salvation] for us. 

Faith Lesson:  It is said that my later days are the Golden Years.  Now that I know that you appeared as the Ancient of Days when you gave the world Your Word, I can be at peace with my aging process, as we enter the End of Days.  You will sustain me! 

His Voice Breaks the Cedars (Proud)

Image by Celeste [tamarack]

The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars; yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars of Lebanon.

Cedars are a metaphor for the kings of the nations and the most powerful of God’s enemies.

God smashed the Philistine host with His voice:  And God thundered at them with a great noise.  I Samuel 9:10.  He slew the army of Sennacherib with His voice, From the voice of God Assyria trembles.  Isaiah 30:32.

God will destroy the powerful men who manipulate food prices and gouge the poor with exorbitant cost and taxes.

There are also clever people adept in all the ways of the world; skilled in all crafts and professions and business affairs.  But they lack one thing.  They do not study the Bible.  They are likened unto a cedar which is tall and mighty but bears no fruit. 

He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young r'emim.

Young animals are exceptionally light on their feet, constantly running and skipping.  The r'emim are wild goats who inhabit these mountains.

Lebanon and Sirion are specific names of mountains alluding to the kings of the nations who will be deposed.

Faith Lesson:  Lord, I know I have cedars in my life.  I repent.  Please break them so they never return.  Let me skip, like one of these baby goats jumping in delight, as I come to Your Word and in prayer.  I beseech You, Re-freshen my First Love.

His Voice Divides the Flames

The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire.

The Voice of God cleaves with shafts of fire as God's wrath will pour down upon His enemies and rending the air asunder, truly a spectacular cataclysm in the physical world. 

This parallels with the fourth day of Creation when God placed the fiery celestial luminaries in the sky. 

The Voice of God demonstrates its creative, shaping, and regulating strength I nature and in your life, but it contains the power for destruction also.  Those, who, like the cedars, will attempt to resist His power, have cause to fear His Voice, for it will destroy them, just as in the realm of nature, the might of the Lord shatters cedars and moves mountains.  The voice speaking to us through the Holy Spirit also strikes thunder like flames of fire, it kindles and flashes like lightning.  It strikes with flames like fireHosea 6:5

The Ten Commandments emerged from God in the form of a blazing fire which etched itself onto the Two Tablets. 

In the soon coming war of God and Magog, God’s wrath will cut into the nations like a fiery bolt of lightning that rends the air asunder

Faith Lesson:  Holy Spirit alight Your flame within me and let mine enemies be scattered.  I stand in awe at You. 

His Voice Convulses the Wilderness

The voice of the Lord shaketh [convulses] the wilderness; the Lord shaketh [convulses] the wilderness of Kadesh.

Causing fear as in the verse, Our hands weaken and pain seizes us, as a woman convulsing in childbirth, Jeremiah 6:24

The word convulsing describes the writhing and convulsing of a woman in labor.  This verse and the next describe the birth of animals on the fifth day of Creation.

In my first article on the Thunderbolt Voice of God we looked at Kadesh, the place of murmuring and complaining and bitter water.  God delivered His people from the bondage of Egypt [narrow, confines] with supernatural events unto a wide open wilderness. 

This is border outpost of the wilderness where the spies were sent out to scout out the Land [of God’s promise].  Had the sin of these emissaries not occurred the people would not have been banished to a 40 year journey where most would perish but the remnant would be trained and matured for its destiny. 

Many view the area as the kingdoms of God's enemies which is worthless as vast, barren wastelands. 

The flat and open without visual obstructions, one can more readily observe the convulsions of the earth there.  I will never forget a cousin of mine describing an terror of an earthquake in Garden Grove, California [near Disneyland-not there at the time].  He was on his way home from school walking on the hot tarred asphalt when the road began to roll like waves in the ocean as the happen upon the shore.  Slowly at first, and then with such intensity, he could no longer stand up. 

Each of you has your own personal “wilderness” experience. 

Kadesh is a metaphor for God’s enemies and their homelands.  Nowhere else in Scripture is the Wilderness [differing from the encampment of Kadesh mentioned. It does have five biblical names:  Tzin(sin), Kedemos, Paran, Sinai,and Kadesh. 

His voice is the instrument of this continued and living process.  The contempt at Kadesh from the Hebrews for this voice resulted in such a harsh decree.  The lesson for you and for myself is complete obedience and devotion which includes being very mindful of what we say.  With our voice we must ensure that we always esteem the Name of Jesus, never with a bad report, grumbling, or murmuring. 

Faith Lesson:  Jesus, I know You are taking me into the wilderness of Tribulation.  I humbly request your guidance, direction, and loving embrace as I stand for You in these days.  I need Your strength Lord.

The Voice of God Makes the Hinds Calve

The voice of the Lord maketh the hinds to calve, and discovereth the forests: and in his temple doth every one speak of his glory.

Hinds are a metaphor of the enemies of God, who are not renowned for their might but for their speed and agility, their swiftness of mounted troops.  Ponder for a moment the talking points for artificial intelligence:  speed and agility, and I would add, legions of demonic spirits as mounted troops. 

Image by Celeste

The Voice of God frightens the hinds and lays the forests bare. The voice of God is a great shaking.  It is translated to bring forth.  God has a conversation with Job about bringing forthThe voice of God's voice is likened to a male raam (goat or gazelle) which is translated as thunder. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord, I am ready for Your shaking and thunder to drive anything that is not of You from me, in Jesus Name. 

God Prepares the Serpent to Strike

For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.  Romans 8:22

It is in the wilderness that mankind will go into the travail of childbirth, spoken of by Jesus.  Your labor is the act of giving birth.  Today the voice of God speaks to us, transforming any state of deprivation, isolation, or danger into birthpangs for a better and truer life.  The Lord still allows the travail which began in the wilderness of Kadesh to continue into our day. 

Knowest thou the time when the wild goats of the rock bring forth, or canst thou mark when the hinds (gazelle-goat) do calve?  This wild goat is heartless towards her young. When she crouches for delivery, she goes up to the top of a mountain, so that the young shall fall down and be killed, and I prepare an eagle to catch it in his wings and set it before her, and if he were one second too soon or too late it would be killed.  I do not confuse one moment with another, and shall I confuse Job with Adversary [Satan]? Or canst thou mark when the hinds do calve? Job 39.

The hind has a narrow womb. When she crouches for delivery, I prepare a serpent which bites her at the opening of the womb or prepares thunder to inducing sharp contractions, and she is delivered of her offspring; and were it one second too soon or too late, she would die. 

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then they will deliver you over to be persecuted and killed, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name.…Matthew 24:7-9 

I would submit to you that Jesus had the hind in mind, for He knew at the time of the End, the serpent strikes the world in the ways enumerated above, to expedite the birth of His Kingdom with His perfect timing. 

Those like hinds who are surefooted, are destined to be terrified and shaken at the thundering voice of the Lord. 

Even while it wrecks havoc upon the forests, a thunderstorm also fulfills the constructive function of helping the hinds calve.  Even while the storm wrecks havoc causing the birth and rains it brings good.  So, too, the voice of God speaks to you with renewed life and new understanding of Himself while it destroys all such forms of life that oppose His will.

God is beginning [the Tribulation] to strip bare the glory [forests] of the nations. Goats [which could be tools of the Tribulation] can girdle a tree causing white steaks which weaken the tree for fierce winds to topple it or allow for a slow and agonizing death.  

All that is the Lord’s, every product of His creation and of His Sovereignty serves to proclaim His greatness and to declare His glory.

Meanwhile, in the heavenly, Sanctuary angelic beings are singing praises to God in the heavens. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord God, pleasure assist me to endure whatever pain must come into my life.  Help me to focus on the good and to always give You thanks in all things. 

Sit in Expectation and Anticipation

The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King for ever.

This language denotes space to sit near, Judges 5:17 or may refer to a goal, to sit in expectation of a person or event [or both] Jeremiah 3:2, Hosea 3:3.

Despite our sometimes wayward ways Jesus never abandons His goals or plan for your life.  Jesus sits unchanged and unshaken upon His throne of His Sovereignty even in the face of the corruption of mankind at the time His rule has endured. 

And so, we return to the Days of Noah, where a generation of men did not believe in God until after the surging Deluge of Water.  They then swiftly acknowledged His Omnipotence.  So, too, today our enemies do not believe in God, nor fear Him, until Judgment Day when they will all declare, God sits enthroned-King Jesus forever!

May you be partakers of the blessed generation who received the revelation of Himself in might of His eternal and unchangeable ways preserving these revelations through perilous times.  Men have two alternatives:

  • Either they submit to the will of God and freely devote themselves to Him.
  • Or else, be irretrievably lost in the course of His rule as it moves on inexorably to bring about fulfillment of His will among men.

The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.

Someday, in the not to distant future we have the promise of peace.  I long for that day. 

The Lord has shown His invincible and changeless power and might of His will and of His standards to all mankind.  Both at the time of the Flood and at Kadesh He demonstrated His Sovereignty to those generations who opposed Him to perish from the earth.  The same God who uproots the wicked allows those who obey His will as revealed to them, to partake in His eternal, invincible strength and majesty. 

Our aspiration should be complete subordination of our will to Jesus.  As you run press in towards the Finish Line you will win true victory over opposing forces and you will be a part in the fruits of victorious perseverance. 

The End Game has always been to stamp the ways of Jesus upon all the relationships of men and women with the eternal brand of His rule.  Those who submit to the will of the Lord shall receive blessing and peace for all their desires and achievements are His even if the whole world stands against them. 

Faith Lesson:  Lord, I am awaiting you with anxious anticipation!

What is striking about this Psalm, is that after these supernatural events begin to reshape the our world paralleling the Days of Creation, this is time when we see the beginning of Psalm 30 which is the Dedication of the Temple, it will be sung at the Third Temple dedication. 

More insights from the Seven Thunders ahead....

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