Seeing the Hidden Messages of the Seven Thunders

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If I told you earthly things....

Truly, truly, I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, and yet you people do not accept our testimony. If I have told you about earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you about heavenly things?  No one has ascended into heaven except the One who descended from heaven—the Son of Man, John 3:12

Jesus says we have great difficulty even understanding things such as natural thunder, how then are we to understand spiritual?  We know that it is arousing us to attention for nothing grabs our attention the roar of thunder changing the normal course of things and the natural order –and the revelation of the awesome wonders induce us to faith.    

When you understand the mystery of motion in sound and comprehend its true nature and spiritual character, when you realize that it is one of the wonders of Divine wisdom and you discern the great mercy of the Creator towards His creatures-great or small, external or internal-its tied to the Creator’s wish guidance, and Will.

The Seven Thunders are prophetic and to seek their message means we are seeking to acquire wisdom or learn wisdom, which in the primary language means to eat.  As we have seen as we have studied the prophecy of the Seven Thunders is sweet because it comes from God.  Within that sweetness is a bitter message of sin and judgment that requires action on our part, to share its message with othersIniquity cannot be seen by the naked eye, therefore, God sent his roaring thundering voice to send His message that the measure of our iniquity is about full.

How can we discern the Seven Thunders when they are hidden?  They must been seen by the eye, not our eye, but God’s eye.  How is this possible? At Mt. Sinai, the people saw the sound of God.  The fountain of water in scripture denotes eye.  The eye is then linked with to see.

There are three words in the Hebrew that denote perception, "he perceived with his eye":

The first is an intellectual perception not having anything to do with perception by the eye.

We can also view, observe, and contemplate until a thing is understood and includes prophecies, visions, and dreams.  The last, is to perceive mentally or with a figurative understanding. 

Why are the Seven Thunders Hidden?

The subject itself is difficult, subtle, and profound.  It is exceedingly deep, who can find it out?  Ecclesiastes 7:24. 

Instruction should not begin with abstruse and difficult subjects.  In a simile:  He who can swim may bring up pearls from the deep of the sea, he who is unable to swim will be drowned, therefore only such persons as have had proper instruction should expose themselves to the risk.

Physical hardships are an obstacle:  The intelligence of man is a first insufficient; for he is not endowed with spiritual discernment at the beginning, but at first possesses it only in potential, not in fact.  If a man possesses a certain faculty in potential, it does not follow that it must become in him a reality.  The Bible says that not many are wise.  There are many things that obstruct our discernment, and many which keep man away from it.  It is getting increasingly more difficult as the days became filled with physical hardships of man kinds to sufficient prepare and leisure to learn all that is necessary in order to refine ones discernment. 

Digging into deep things of God takes time in His Word: The preparatory studies are of long duration, and man, in his natural desire to reach the goal, finds them frequently too wearisome, and does not wish to be troubled by them (the normalcy bias).  Be convinced that, if man were able to reach the end without preparatory study and spiritual maturity, such studies would not be preparatory but tiresome and utterly superfluous.  Suppose you awaken any person, as in from a sleep, and you say to him, “Do you not desire to know what the heavens are, what is their number and their form; what beings are contained in them; what the angels are; how the creation of the whole world took place; what is its purpose; what is the purpose of life.  He would undoubtedly say, “Yes,” and show a natural desire for true knowledge of these things; but he will wish to satisfy that desire and to attain to that knowledge by listening to a few words from you.  Ask him to interrupt his usual pursuits for a week, until he learn all this, he would not do it, and he would be satisfied and contented with imaginary and misleading notions; he would refuse to believe that there is anything that requires preparatory studies and persevering research.  You however know all these subjects are interconnected; for there is nothing else in existence but God and His works.  We can only obtain knowledge of God through His works; His works give evidence of His existence, and show what must be assumed concerning Him, that is to say, what must be attributed to Him.

God took mans physical constitution into consideration.  It has been proved that the moral conduct is a preparation for spiritual progress.  The Seven Thunders are a topic which not every person is capable of approaching.  For most us, those with age, are the more likely to understand the mysteries of the Seven Thunders.  The flame of youth has passed from them, cooling the heat of confusion of youth.  The aged have a broken and contriteness that moderates and settles their hearts into humility and their temperament is subdued.  It is then, that one is ready to be a fit receptacle for perceiving the messages of the Seven Thunders

Daily interruptions distract us:  Man is disturbed in his intellectual occupation by the necessity of looking after wants of the body, especially of providing for a family.  We fill our lives with unnecessary things and cultivate a great desire for them much to our detriment.  Daily demands are fraught with interruptions, lassitude, and the demand for attention.  The fruit becomes a tarnished knowledge containing a confused mass of true and false ideas.

The Supernatural Thunder

Image:  Wired Magazine

There are eight thunderings in the Book of Revelation.  This is not surprising because it is 7+1 and also eight is the number of renewal. 

Thunderings, voices and thunderclap's proceed from the Throne of God indicating the judgments that are to fall upon the earth indicated in Chapters 6-19 of Revelation.

Greatness and authority are represented by the Throne which is why earthly kings and men use this powerful symbol.  The Throne indicates rank, dignity, and the position of a person for whom it has been made and styled. The Throne also manifests the dwelling place of Light and Glory.  The heavens are called a throne for one who observes them with intelligence suggests Omnipotence of God which as called them into existence and regulates their motions, and governs the sublunary world with beneficial influence, even as they testify to Existence, Essence, and Omnipotence of the One Whim is worthy.  God is not dependent upon having a throne, He is distinct.

It appears as though we have choices that lay before us in regard to the Seven Thunders. Most of you are familiar with the construction of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.  It was built, shaped and formed through patterns.  It is never used when speaking of the qualities of God Almighty.  There is a word in the Hebrew that alludes to the qualities of God, each uses patterns. 

The first outlines things which are perceived by our bodily senses such as their shape and form, And ye make an image the form of some likeness, Deuteronomy 4:16

The second forms our imagination, the impressions retained in our imagination when a shape has ceased from our senses, in thoughts from visions of the night, Job 9:13.

Thirdly, is the true form (essence) of an object, which is perceived only by the intellect and is associated with God, And the similitude of the Lord shall behold, Numbers 12:8, which means, 'he shall comprehend the true essence of the Lord."

Because the word for pattern is used in Scripture to build we can see why God does not want mankind involved with images, for they entangle us in a perversion contrary to our faith in a false reality.  We begin building in our imagination, with our senses, and ultimately vainly conclude in something other than God’s true essence. 


Wisdom hath built her house; she has hewn out seven pillars.  Proverbs 9:1

Lord, how oft shall my brother sins against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?  Matthew 18:21-22

Seven is the number of spiritual perfection and is used as no other number. It comes from the root meaning to be full or satisfied or have enough of, and also, to swear or make an oath.  The generations begin with God and the 77th is Jesus. 

I see a pattern within the Seven Thunders of 7x7 culminating in the Jubilee [50] experience, ultimate freedom for eternity.  Although there are seven thunders there is a branching off from these major thunderbolts, just as with earthly or natural lightening.  One might hear a Thunder of Judgment but it branches out into:

  • Divine Manifestations,
  • Signs and Wonders,
  • Divine anger,
  • War in the Heavenlies upon the Earth,
  • Myriads of Punishments for sins of omission and commission;
  • Supernatural Plagues,
  • Various Judgments within Judgments.

This closing chapter takes place interdimensionally, in heaven, on earth, including the entirety of Creation.  Time and space will increasing become more irrelevant and you will discover yourself in a reality, that is no longer familiar, with what you know.  Heaven is, once again, beginning to touch the earth. 

Seven Thunders

With regard to the Seven Thunders did the prophets use a metaphorical language with no sense of a literal thundering? 

Are the Seven Thunders to be taken primarily literally with vague metaphorical inference, in which case, many peoples such as the Sabateans validate their star-worship and idolatry?

It is my understanding, after careful examination in this Seven Thunder series that the truth lays in between the literal and the metaphorical.

One other consideration that must be noted is that as we enter the Book of Revelation seven churches are described with their attributes and their deficiencies.  Each city is named, and that name bears with it, the attributes and deficiencies. There is a spiritual pattern for these cities.  The Seven Thunders are introduced to us in Revelation 10 with the Sixth Trumpet, why? 

A hybrid merger is taking place between Pergamos and Thyatira. 

Pergamos in Hebrew means fruit, bull, papyrus, or what is swallowed upWisdom or knowledge is likened unto fruit that is swallowed up.    In Greek, it means much marriage, my earth, castle, or stronghold.  It symbolizes the act of marriage and knowing your spouse.

Thyatira in Hebrew means sign of sacrifice, taking away of the sacrifice, sign of balance, resurrection, or sign of what is permittedReplacement or substitution was associated with Thyatira. 

Pergamos is about knowledge while Thyatira involves a taking away of something.  Combining them together and one is taking away knowledge.  The Seven Thunders are sealed and so knowledge is being taken away from the reader.  Specifically, in 10:4, Thyatira in the Hebrew, involves seeking permission, while in the Greek, it involves taking away.  Here, permission to write down was taken away

I also see embedded within these two cities a coming Satanic hybrid seeking the wisdom of God but using it for evil.  The cities and their symbology an earthly marriage that seeks to swallow up God's knowledge by attempting to eliminate [take away] the sacrifice of Jesus and replace it with a demonic form of immortality [represented by another city]. 

This is reflected in the Seven Thunders that sounding forth [knowledge], but John is told not to write them down [but swallowed up, for a time]. 

Thundering Revelation Of Jesus Christ

Image:  Lambert Dolphin

In Revelation 4 the thunderings come as the throne of Jesus is established in the heavenlies.  This chapter is a panorama of the assembly in heaven for that occasion of declaring "Holy, Holy, Holy and that Jesus alone is worthy of all glory and power and for Him all things were created.

In the Aramaic there is a word play going on between Lamb, Say/Speak, and thunder [reama-sword].

In Revelation 6 there were thunderings as when the Lamb opened the seven seals setting free the Four Horses of the Apocalypse to ride, earthquakes, stars falling from heaven, mountains were moved out of their places.  Men hid in caves. 

We must remember that the Fifth Seal was broken because of the souls who had been slain because of the Word of God and because of their testimony.  [This is a whole 6 chapters before the tri-fold Overcoming formula is provided to the reader.]

In Revelation 8 there was silence in heaven before the opening of the seventh seal when angel took the heavenly censer from the fire and cast it upon the earth causing thunders, flashes of lightening, and voices, and an earthquake.  Seven shofar's sounded with more:  hail with fire resulting in a third of the earth green trees, and green grass burned up; mountain of fire cast into the sea turning it to blood and a third of the life in the sea died and also a third of the ships were destroyed; A star from heaven [Wormwood] fell upon the rivers and waterways and turned drinking water bitter and a third of people died from the bitter water.  Next the sun was smitten and a third of the moon and stars did not give light.  The eagle with a tail of blood was seen crying with a loud voice:  Woe, woe, woe

In Revelation 10 Jesus opens a little book, His foot on the land and sea, and roaring like a lion and the Seven Thunders shout their voices.  A legal proceeding takes place in the heavenlies.  When the seventh messenger sounds the Mystery of God will be consummated, as He had told the prophets. 

In Chapter 11 we see the Two Witnesses and when they complete their testimony the Abyss is opened up to make war against them.  When they were resurrected there was a great earthquake.  The Seventh Messenger thunders:  The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Master of Jesus; and He will reign forever.  You should destroy those who destroyed the earth.  At this the Heavenly Temple was opened and the Ark of His Covenant was seen in His Temple and there were flashes of lightening and thunders and voices and yet another earthquake with great hail. 

Jesus is literally the heavenly tabernacle who came to tabernacle [dwell] among us and presently remains a reflection of the Father, the Heavenly Temple, and the living Word, in each of us who chooses to live by the Word of God which brings the Light into this world.  If we want to see the Father who is concealed, we must look to His Son, Jesus.

Recall in Revelation 12, the dragon goes after the offspring of the woman who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus and then in this chapter this is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus.

The Ark contains the Word of the Covenant by which all souls will be judged regardless of their religious persuasion.

In Revelation 14 the Lamb is on Mt. Zion with those sealed unto the Father and great thundering sounding like that of harps and those before the Throne sung a new song.  Worship God and give glory unto Him because the hour of His judgment is come and adore Him Who made heaven and earth, and the sea, the fountains of water.  Babylon falls and those who worship the beast of prey and his image are to a place of eternal smoke of torment with fire and sulfur.

The 144,000 represent a type of people, not literally 144,000. 

10=testimony, 10= Israel of God, 10=reborn in Jesus. 

This is a three-fold testimony representing God as One.  It can be seen that the Ten Commandments according to Legend were two sapphire square cubes from the Throne of God.

Revelation 16:   It is done.  This includes the Seven Cups of Wrath. Malignant sores, sea becomes blood, rivers and fountains become blood, men scorched by fire, darkness and men gnawed their tongues, waters dried up, men gather by three unclean spirits to the kings of the habitable world for the battle of Armageddon.  After which there was a great earthquake such as has never been in all history.  Nations fell, islands fled away, and mountains were not found, and great hail the size of a talent rained upon men, so man blasphemed God because of the hail.

Revelation 19 is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb with heavy thunders declaring:  Amen. Hallelujah.  The final battle that ends beast of prey and the false prophet thrown into the lake of fire and those warring with them slain.

And He is clothed with a white robe dipped in blood [Isaiah]; and His Name is called The Word of God.  And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean were following Him on white horses.  And from His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He might smite the nations; and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty.  Revelation 19:13-15

The Word of God, Rema, the sword-is also expressed as honey which we have explored.

Take Away Seven Nuggets from the Seven Thunders

Once again, we ask,why does God hide within the Seven Thunders?

We were not ready until this generation to see the stark contrast between the depravity of man and His majesty, glory, and might.  Not even in the Days of Noah, which admittedly were bad, was mankind ready to turn their back on God, forsake their humanity voluntarily, and barter away their birthright for a few morsels of lentil stew symbolizing death. We need to allow the Seven Thunders to reverberate within our soul.

It is my prayer that you stand back and view the entirety of this breathtaking moment in history.  Adam and Eve were naive of this time, the Prophets spoke about this time, the Disciples longed for this time, and we are finally here. 

Thunderbolt of Holiness

Bless the Lord, O my soul Psalm 104. 

Begin your personal quest for the hidden messages of the Seven Thunders by searching the ordered and illuminated splendor of the great, magnificent creation.  You will find Jesus in splendor and glory reflected in the world, the abundance of radiance, the myriads of captivating sights, the motion, power, the static, and the dynamic, the greatness and might in the cosmic drama.  From this experience of Divine bursts comes forth a formula for seeing the character of Jesus His attributes, and then expressing thanksgiving and praise [even when one is not musically inclined]:

Holy!  Holy! Holy!

Thunderbolt Spirit of Wisdom

The Spirit of Wisdom testifies that all existence is through Jesus and for Him.

How does the creation search for its Creator?  Where can His glory be found?

It is impossible to prove that the world exists because the demonstrator is and inseparable part of it, so it is impossible to deduce indirectly that God exists because He is the place in which the world has its being.  He surrounds everything, fills everything, penetrates everything, is within everything, and yet is distant from everything.  How can the conditioned prove the existence of the One who sets the conditions?  There is no need for any proof or evidence.  The very existence testifies it is reality and existence.  My Jesus is everything.

Thunderbolt of Understanding

Jesus reveals Himself to you when you are in the grip of a fate cruel as vultures bereft of all hope or vision. 

Our encounter with God at a crucial moment, forestalls our expulsion from God's inheritance, the Creator revealing Himself to us frail creations, which are suspended over the abyss.  This is the secret of the revelation of His glory.  A lofty existence breaks forth and rises, planting comes in wake off uprooting, and destruction opens the door to redemption.  The cycles of time and creation are coming to a conclusion.  All of the insanity and ugliness of life is leading to the ultimate revelation of Jesus Christ and His glory.

Thunderbolt Spirit of Counsel

Take counsel from our Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit, and listen to His thundering voice, even if it is still small voice. 

Just as the rumbling of a natural thunderstorm in the distance you have probably heard the peals of thunder some distance off.  You know what is coming.  The voice of Jesus will lead you to protection and deliverance from the wrath that is to come upon the earth.  He will lead you to abundance and goodness.  You will lack no good thing. 

In the last two series we have seen that some things are not precisely defined.  In the Old Testament there were commandments that were called Chok because they did not seem to make any sense.  We will soon be discovering the God as a Warrior.  When designing military strategies one does not fill in all the details in case the plans should fall into enemy hands.  But be comforted and assured you will have exactly what you need, when you need it.  The Comforter will guide you and direct you along this narrow path. 

Thunderbolt of Might

As the thundering voice roars, listen to the dichotomy between your own personal quest for Jesus and His revelation: He roars Jesus:  King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God is the Creator of the universe, the cause of all that exists, and He sustains all existence.  A world that exists separate from God is impossible.  There is no existence without God and His Son Jesus Christ.  And there is no reality without reliance upon Him. Because of this God negates all other existence.  We rise from dust of nothingness into a human to cleave to our Infinite God.  But we   must eradicate our finite being, our self.  Sometimes that fear of drawing close unto Jesus instills a fear of annihilation, that we must yield all, and that is truth.  The gift of salvation is free and yet it costs everything both for the Deliverer Jesus and the recipient, you and me.  Bend to the roaring might of Jesus: as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Thunderbolt Spirit of Knowledge

Awe is different than fear. I know this awe is the beginning of really knowing my Jesus.

Fear is emotional and instinctual.  Awe is born of the spirit that soars on high. Awe begins with knowledge of inferiority and a sense of shame, and ends in the embrace with Jesus whose essence is spiritual elevation. Awe and love are entwined with one another and the closer I draw to Jesus my self image diminishes, for there is more of Him and less of my self. 

Thunderbolt of Fear of the Lord

I yearn for Jesus and His Revelation with an intrinsic fear [awe] of Him.

You see in your reflections of His two Divine attributes, mercy and justice. We have seen that in His thunders of judgment- God shows compassion, but that my friends, is coming to a conclusion. 

Jesus is about to exert His attribute of Justice.  He is a stern and terrifying Judge, a punisher who demands self-sacrifice, utter subordination, and fulfillment of His Will.  Confronted by the attribute of justice which is manifested in thunderous revelation, we will no longer attempt to draw near to God's presence, but rather try to flee from Him. 

At first, our fear appears to supplant trust and love, but they actually co-exist forming a dialectical tension, for we need both trust and fear to walk with Jesus. 

This concludes our joint effort looking at the secret messages God has provided to us within the Seven Thunders.  Your participation, questions, input, and emails were inspirational, thought provoking, and pure joy!

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Seeing the Hidden Messages of the Seven Thunders


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